Another bag

"Xiaoxu is becoming more and more popular, and I don’t know how Yun’s girl is elsewhere. I heard Yun ‘er say that Rick Fang seems to have forgotten everything about the past. "The speaker is about forty years old and looks ordinary. He is wearing a set of ordinary clothes, but he has an unspeakable temperament that gives people the feeling of being as noble as wearing a dragon robe emperor."
Day punishment impressively accompany beside him at the moment with a smile, "the door Lord rest assured that Rick Fang is very fond of school sister. His eyes have forgotten some things before, but I think it will be remembered in time."
Middle-aged male nai smiled and said, "Come to think of it, isn’t he already married?" Do you want me to thank Tianzun’s daughter for being a concubine to Xiaoxu? Hey, if you really want to be a concubine, you should also be a wife. If Yunruo is a concubine, alas, Yuner has been a stubborn man since childhood. Although Rick Fang is good, it is not necessary … Hey. "
Another bag
"Is it … is it Rick Fang?" Talking without skipping words is a man in black who looks ordinary to the extreme, and a Rick Fang sound somehow has a vibrato.
"That’s good. You can send someone to meet him immediately and tell him that we can pay the price, money and beauty if we don’t pursue the matter before."
"China is going to have such a super player, and his skill should not be in the world. No one has ever reached this level for thousands of years." Another black dress person suddenly looked at the eye hole in front of him with fear and muttered, "If I had known, I wouldn’t have touched him even if I had given me 100 million yuan."
At first, the men in black were dejected and said, "It’s the most important thing to regret what happened and keep the inheritance of our ancestors. Everything else is called."
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-two
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-two
The guest introduction alone took up nearly two hours, and Rick Fang also got some gains from this lengthy introduction. The leaders of the China Supernatural Sect are all here, including Chu Ziran, Xie Tianzun, the leader of the two largest schools of good and evil in China, and the contemporary householders. Of course, these stamping and stamping can cause the earthquake in the world of Supernatural. Supernatural people are accompanied by those rich people. It seems that they have accumulated a lot of wealth in running the Supernatural Sect for many years, and their power has been deeply rooted among ordinary people, which is hard to shake.
And the appearance of Kang Wu together made Rick Fang feel very familiar. The middle-aged man turned out to be Yang Tianxing. He was the famous China textile giant Su Ying’s son-in-law. Before Su Ying’s only daughter Su Qianfei got married, there was a small advertising company that was also colored. Since Su Qianfei got married, he worked in Su Ying’s "far-reaching textile" industry for five years, and he jumped from ordinary marketing staff to Southeast Asian marketing director. Those who initially recognized Yang Tianxing climbed high and high with nepotism, after seeing Yang Tianxing’s ability and means. I also have to admit that Yang Tianxing is really a business genius. After more than ten years, Yang Tianxing climbed higher and higher. Su should rely heavily on him, while Su should have Su Qianfei, a daughter. Many people think that Su Ying will be the helm of the far-reaching textile group after a hundred years. Sure enough, Su Ying retired four years ago because of his growing old age. He handed over the handsome position of the far-reaching textile group to his son-in-law, Yang Tianxing, who was in high spirits, and took drastic reforms and far-reaching textiles to lead him. Great progress has indeed been made. This year, the overall strength of the Far-reaching Group ranks 20 in China, and Su Ying often laments to some old friends that he should not be a vegetarian. If he abdicated a few years earlier, Far-reaching might have already entered the top 15. This shows how much Su appreciates Yang Tianxing.
Rick Fang knew Yang Tianxing because his father, Fang Chen Yang Tianxing, had some friendship. Each of them was going to hold a horse race at the Fangtuan’ Yangyang Manor’. Yangyang Manor was built by Xu Yu when Rick Fang was eleven years old, and it took four years to complete. This large manor, which covers an area of 5,000 mu and is named by Rick Fang’s nickname, is a veritable green ecological garden with trees and bamboos swaying and large wild shrubs. Wild berry forest towering giant trees have small artificial lakes with beautiful scenery, among which, there are many kinds of fish swimming in the wide lake, such as swans, geese, wild ducks, mandarin ducks and other birds. In the center of the lake, there are nearly 100 acres of reeds inhabited by wild egrets, gray egrets manor with hills and wetlands, and small grassland pastures with several wild animals, such as sika deer, peacock, golden pheasant, turkey, guinea fowl and yak. Camels and other manors have also raised nearly 10,000 white king pigeons. When you look around the manors, you can see green grass, birds singing, flowers singing, and clear water as beautiful as flowers. It seems to be a beautiful paradise. It is refreshing to be in it, and Xu Yu specially built an ancient castle in the center of the manors. All the furniture in the castle is carved from rosewood. There are basketball courts, football fields, swimming pools, shooting ranges, artificial hot spring racing tracks and so on, as well as Rick Fang practice rooms, treasures, calligraphy and painting rooms. Small herb farms and so on. There are 20 world famous cars with a total value of more than 100 million yuan in private castles in Rick Fang, and Xu Yu bought a helicopter for Rick Fang. Unfortunately, the car or the plane is good, and Rick Fang can try to have fun in the manor. It is not negotiable for Xu Yu to discipline and drown each other.Sometimes even Fang Chen has some Nai Manor. There is a private jet worth 600 million yuan, more than a dozen luxury yachts and a horse farm covering an area of 200 acres. There are more than 20 world-famous horses in it. The most expensive one is a purebred German horse named Deliang, which costs 16 pounds. This manor has never been open to the outside. The Rick Fang family’s manor maintenance staff can occasionally invite some friends to visit the manor. According to experts’ estimates, even Xu Yufang’s private castle in Rick Fang has never entered the manor. The total value of this manor is at least 5 billion yuan, and it is said that this non-profit manor needs 20 million yuan to maintain every year, so it has always been low-key and always likes public welfare undertakings. Fang Chen and his wife have also become the poorest and most extravagant rich people in the year because of this manor. Some media criticized the rich people who spent 100 million yuan on antiques, famous horses, yachts or private jets. Some people speculated that this manor was given by Xu Yu to receive secret training abroad. This is because there are rumors that Fang’s mysterious group will officially appear when he turns 20.
Speaking of Fang Chen, Yang Tianxing raced every year, and Yang Tianxing’s father-in-law Su should give Yang Tianxing two bloody BMWs. In the first three years, Yang Tianxing won every year. Later, when Rick Fang was fifteen years old, he occasionally tamed a divine horse in the mountains, but he couldn’t recognize the legendary mustang, Xiao Rick Fang, who was so proud that he rode home all the way and happened to meet his father, Yang Tianxing, who was defeated in horse racing. Yang Tianxing laughed and said,’ Lao brothers let you run 100 meters first’ Deliang’ and we can still beat you like a bloody BMW This annoyed Rick Fang, who passed by, personally joined forces with a horse in just a short distance of one kilometer, and even pulled a bloody BMW. At that time, the local Xu was more unruly than few people except his family, and no one could see it in his eyes. I couldn’t believe Yang Tianxing threw a sentence,’ Is this a bloody BMW? Shame’ then twist a head away from the Yang Tianxing SAO half to death to see Rick Fang riding a horse into the castle, curious and rushed to inquire about the identity of this handsome guy riding Fang Chen Xu Yuxiao explained that this was his own two meanings.
Rick Fang also knows that Yang Tianxing likes to deal with stars in the literary and sports circles, and he has a large share of shares in several national A football clubs. Jiaxing Company is a film and television organization. In recent years, it has swept through the national cinema films with fantasy blockbusters, modern documentaries, and New Year comedy blockbusters, such as Thieves in the Land, and achieved great success with skillful business operations. His box office is almost 1/ of that of China Film Department. 4. Most of Jiaxing’s contracted artists have become famous rapidly. Qiao Qiaoqiao and Zhang Ziyu have become rich and powerful since they became contracted artists of Jiaxing Company. Jiaxing strongly encouraged them to become famous in just a few years, and Yang Tianxing, the boss behind Jiaxing’s scenes, became a paparazzi to chase the interviewees and became one of the richest people with the highest media exposure because of the true and false scandals of many popular actresses.
After the introduction of the guests, the conference was officially held first. The speeches of famous speakers from all over the world were the same. To put it bluntly, one side had support from the other side, but all of these speakers were tongue-tied and very provocative.
However, they said that although they are good, most of the guests who are the primary donors are not interested in whispering. Some people who know each other through the package phone will naturally get thirsty after chatting for a long time, so the staff will be busy and busy opening drinks and drinks.
Rick Fang has become the most popular person. He is mostly a woman, and many of them ask him how old he is. Are you interested in coming to his company to help him feel those eyeing eyes? Rick Fang is very impatient. After every time, he flies around and provokes Feng yehliu Jia and others to laugh. People say that beautiful women will be harassed. It turns out that harassment of handsome guys is more forbearing.
Rick Fang also went to Yunruobao for a while. Unfortunately, he was called away by Kangwu without saying a few words, and Kangwu told him that he couldn’t wake up for a long time. "Your mother in Xiaoxu gave you a small identity a week ago. Hehe, your parents asked me to say hello to you this time. By the way, the two of them will visit you in a few days. Hehe, I heard that many big families will come to marry us as soon as your small identity is announced. Hehe, congratulations."
Kang Wu is a fellow countryman and comrade-in-arms of Rick Fang. He is 67 years old. During the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam, Rick Fang’s grandfather Fang Kang once saved his life twice. After retiring from the army, Kang Wu returned to his hometown and went to the county seat to run a small restaurant. His life was good, but his family was not rich when he came. Rick Fang’s grandmother later became seriously ill. Since then, medicine has never left his mouth every day, and it has become a veritable medicine jar. Fortunately, it has been more difficult for his family to get help at noon. Later, when he went to high school, local officials dropped out of school Afternoon, I was scolded, and then I independently took on Fang Chen’s high school, which is a university study. With his help, Fang Chen was able to finish the university smoothly. After graduating from Fang Chen’s university, I wanted to start a business. First of all, I opposed recognizing the rabbit cub. I didn’t know that things were difficult, so I still ran a company in this family. Once I lost my money, I sold your father and mother, and you didn’t pay off your debts. At that time, Xu Yu’s father was dead set on his precious daughter, but he didn’t understand and didn’ He said that if Xu Yu had to marry Fang Chen, he wouldn’t recognize the daughter himself. When Fang Chen was at his wit’s end, Kang Wu sold his small restaurant and gave it to Fang Chen with a total of 150,000 pieces of savings. When he mobilized Fang Kang, it was a compromise. He asked his grandfather to tell his grandmother that he borrowed 50,000 pieces of Xu Yu’s mother secretly gave her 200,000 pieces, so that the dream of Fang Chen Xu Yu’s company could be realized. Now Fang’s group has a super-rich Fang Chen Xu Yu.
Fang Chen thanked the company for its improvement, and then gave Kangwu, the corresponding share in farming in the countryside, a firm. Kangwu insisted that he didn’t say that he owed two lives to the Fang family. He was repaying a debt of gratitude. If he wanted money, he didn’t repay it. Fang Chennai invited Kangwu to help the company. At first, Kangwu didn’t agree to recognize his poor cultural background and helped the Fang Chen. Later, Fang Kang, the head of the logistics department, reluctantly made a fist fight. In his spare time, he always went to the Fang group to find Kangwu to play chess. Xiao Rick Fang always came to
Kang Wu smiles like an old fox. Fang Xu is not in a good mood.’ Why does mom still like to joke with me so much? It’s agreed that I won’t reveal my identity until I graduate from college. Now it’s okay. If the old couple come to CZ again, maybe I won’t continue my normal college life.’
Rick Fang is depressed, but he hasn’t had a chance to complain that the phone is ringing again and again.
"Miss four, if you don’t, don’t tell me to excuse me first." One by one, Su Xue poured a glass of Margaux red wine for four people and Rick Fang politely left.
Hearing Rick Fang’s address Qiao Qiao Qiao frowned and said, "To tell the truth, I really don’t like your address."
Rick Fang smell speech one leng looking at the arch eyebrows stand upright Qiao Qiao Qiao smiled and said, "Please forgive me if I call you disgust, but according to the etiquette course, our staff must call you ladies or ladies."
"But I hate this name, you must change it." Qiao Qiao Qiao cold tunnel and three people know that she is deliberately finding fault. Qiao Qiao Qiao is a narrow-minded person who likes to show off and considers herself beautiful. Living in a big flower palm like her, walking on the road at ordinary times will cause traffic congestion. Those fans’ fanatical expressions make her feel limited and Rick Fang has been spinning his eyes in the glass bottle since he came in. He didn’t really look at her at all. The more humble he is, the more he feels despised. It happened that Rick Fang is a handsome guy.
"Then please forgive the girl." Rick Fang also knows that this big star is deliberately finding fault at the moment. He has always had no affection for this gossip-ridden star because of the politeness of the base or the unchanging spirit. He changed his mind with a smile.
"Girl? How do I feel as if I’m calling those country girls? "Qiao Qiao Qiao sneered and changed to a bossy gesture, and snorted," Keep changing until I’m satisfied. "
Rick Fang also feels a little annoyed at the moment. It’s not that he has no experience in dealing with women. The women around him have always respected him, loved him or spoiled him. Since childhood, there is really no woman who has spoken ill of him. Although there are deliberate difficulties, it’s just that he is playing with the little girl’s temper and coquetry, which makes him feel loved, but the so-called actress makes him feel disgusted to the extreme. This quality is really disgusting, and he will be idolized by several fans.
Zhang Ziyu beside Qiao Qiao Zhang Jingya is looking at Qiao Qiao Qiao Rick Fang with a lively look at the moment, while Su Xue looks at Rick Fang with a little smile in his mouth. If he tries to resolve Qiao Qiao Qiao’s pressing step by step, his eyes occasionally glance at Qiao Qiao Qiao, but he reveals a thick sarcasm.
Rick Fang gave me a sneer at the corner of her mouth without looking at Qiao Qiao Qiao coldly. "I’m sorry, miss, but your request for our method has not affected your interest. I hope you can have a good mood for a while. Goodbye."
Rick Fang slightly bowed and immediately turned away in Qiao Qiao Qiao’s unbelievable glassy eyes.
"This is … this is attitude? I want to complain about him, and I must let him know that I have sinned against him. "Qiao Qiao Qiao reacted with clenched fists and said maliciously.
"This little guy also dare to be so arrogant and must give him a lesson." Zhang Jingya also fanned the flames.
Su Xue chuckled at the moment. "If I were you, I wouldn’t talk like this."
"Huh?" Qiao Qiao Qiao Zhang Jingya qi qi leng, the two of them, especially Qiao Qiao Qiao, although won Yang Tianxing’s favor, has always been used to being bossy, but they have a strange fear of Su Xue, because no one in Jiaxing Company dares to confront Su Xue, even when Su Xue just entered Jiaxing and was not famous, those workers who are greedy for sex and the directors have never dared to go too far with Su Xue, regardless of that moment beside Su Xue, Yang Tianxing showed his favor to Su Xue on various occasions. Love is enough to stop all the guys who are plotting against her. No matter whether Su Xue is Yang Tianxing, Qiao Qiaoqiao dare not offend her. "Cher, what do you mean?"
Su Xuewang doesn’t look at her calmly. "He’s not something you can offend. I advise you not to touch the stone with eggs. You’d better pray that things won’t be known by Boss Yang today, or your star career will be over."
Regardless of Qiao Qiao Qiao and others heard Su Xuexue’s words, they were surprised and inexplicable. Rick Fang frowned and returned to the wicket. He hasn’t set the intercom to ring inside. Feng Yeyin "Brother, come here quickly. I am in package 14."
Feng Yeyin has a hard-to-suppress anger, and there is a nervous and slightly sobbing female Rick Fang. She walked quickly in the past, and there are still more than ten meters away from the 14 packages. Then she saw Feng Ye glaring at several people on the sofa in front of the coffee table, while Li Lulu was at a loss to see tears surging behind her. Among the five people sitting on the sofa, he was an ordinary-looking man of about thirty years old. At the moment, he was hugging a coquettish woman and a man with his hands exposed in his arms. Thin about the woman who giggled and laughed and picked up the glass to feed the man. The other three young people, two men and one woman, were in their twenties and thirties. Rick Fang looked at it carefully, but it was Zheng. One person next to the evil ghost man turned out to be a beautiful woman next to Xu Ruolong in Yuantouzhu. Seeing that Yang Le was somewhat similar, Rick Fang looked a little strange and looked at Feng Ye Li Lulu. The woman’s eyes were radiant with sympathy and pushed her side. Xu Ruolong frowned and shook her body, which was quite impatient.
Rick Fang knew from the guest introduction that Xu Ruolong was the spokesman of Xu Shi, the richest man, and Rick Fang also knew that Xu Shi was his uncle who rarely met. He owned 11% of the shares in the Fang Group, and he set up the Jindu Group in Zhejiang, which is the largest nylon curtain manufacturer in Asia and the second largest in the world. Unfortunately, Xu Yu has always had a bad opinion of this brother who is very talented in business, saying that he is too ambitious and does business by hook or by crook. Rick Fang also learned about Xu Ruo from Kangwu. Dragon is Xu Shi’s only child, that is, his cousin is Xu Ruolong, who grew up in Zhejiang. They have never met each other. Although Xu Ruolong is Xu Shi’s representative, he seems to have a much higher status as a slut in the crowd than Xu Ruolong.
And Feng Ye is sitting on the other side of the slutty man at the moment. A blond man theorizes that the sound insulation effect of this bag is quite good. If it is not Rick Fang’s ear, others will stick their ears on the walls of the bag and even can’t hear the sound.
"Beauty asks her brother for help. Hey, hey, look at your sample. My brother is having an affair with you. Even there are not a few." Huang Fa-nan’s ambiguous semantic flow and a pair of thieves’ eyes looked at Feng Ye’s exquisite and enchanting figure and finally stopped at Feng Ye’s plump and proud look. yin’s profanity is not a good thing.
"Hum, I have to let my brother break your smelly mouth." Feng Ye looked at Huang Fa-nan maliciously and finally fixed his eyes on the slutty man. "And you bastard."
That has been beside the female male smell speech with a position in the eye, and that to smile happily blond male smell speech also changed his face, and slapped him towards Feng Yeyu’s face and said, "How dare you scold us?"
Huang-haired man moves faster than he does with his hand, which indicates that his skill is not weak. Rao is Feng Ye’s martial arts at present, and he doesn’t see that the palm of Huang-haired man suddenly has a low voice in his eardrum when he is about to fall to Feng Ye’s face.’ How dare you!’
The sound is low and inaudible, but the blond man is like a lightning strike, and his body trembles. The palm force slips three inches from Feng Ye’s face, and his face is red like a drunk. He staggered and sat down on the sofa and immediately leaned against the wall.
The sudden change made everyone panic. Xu Ruolong changed his face and looked at Feng Ye with a sullen face. "You witch, did you use magic?"
As Rick Fang gently pushed the door and came in, Feng Ye also came back and turned to see Rick Fang’s face beaming and cheering. He ran to embrace Rick Fang and looked at the sofa. A few people smiled and said, "You don’t want to see how bad my brother is? Don’t you see it now? What’s the matter? I haven’t let you down yet. "
Feng Ye’s demonstration seemed to stare at several people. Xu Ruolong looked at Rick Fang and said, "Are you?"
Xu Re-long immediately attached to the dissolute man’s ear and whispered, "Cheng Gong, he is Rick Fang." When this statement came out, Cheng Gong’s face changed.