"In a few days, I can let my mother live at home all the time, but I can’t go to school if I lose my wine." Yang Yulu sobbed and was totally different from just now.

"Are you a student?" Haikui looked at Yang Yulou in surprise. At this time, she sobbed and fell with her chest, but Haikui was not in the mood to enjoy such beautiful scenery at this time, and she could not afford a trace of blasphemy.
"I’m a college student. I’ve been a freshman at Fugang University for a year and I want to go back to school for months." Yang Yulu cried and answered Haikui’s question. She was really at a loss at this time.
Fugang University? Haikui leng didn’t expect to be an alumnus, but look at her age, she is really only about 2012 years old.
This thing is done
Now he is even more in a dilemma, but she is also very pitiful, but what will she think of herself if she takes out the wine herself? What will she think of herself after going to Fugang University, both of which are in the same school? She can’t admit that she can’t take it out if she dies.
Haikui’s face was a problem, and he told himself that he couldn’t hand over the wine at this time.
"I’m Fugang University, too. I’ll go to school tonight. I’ll help you find a way to come with me tonight." Haikui said to Yang Yulu with sincere face.
Yang Yulu raised his eyelids and wait for a while looked at the boy who looked smaller than himself.
Haikui turned to the three men and said, "Let me see your boss when I bought these wines. I told him to tell me where Yang Chen lives."
The three people came to worry that the wine was lost, and their responsibility was also great. I didn’t expect someone to come out and be happy for a while, but one of them went to call the boss.
Another said, "Yang Chen lives in Chuansi Road and usually hangs out in the massage room in the foot washing city or makes out with some pheasants. Yingying knows what he said."
As he spoke, the man turned around and ran wildly to the second floor to find a woman who was a little scared. This woman was the one who had just been naked in the lounge like them
At this time, they all forgot what the sudden identity of Haikui was. Millions of drinks were lost, and it was a common cause.
"How much did Yingying tell this brother about impotence?" The man pushed Yingying.
"I don’t know," Sky said with a bitter face that she couldn’t remember at the moment.
"Ma, haven’t you been fucked by that boy several times? How can you contact without words?" The man was furious.
"Oh, yes," said Yingying Nuo Nuo.
"Take it out quickly," the man shouted. "You’ll be out of your mind if you don’t do it for a while!"
Call the sky female dare not refute rummaging through the Yang Chen dialect.
"Found it." He found out the Yang Chen dialect and handed it to the man beside him. The man hurriedly handed it to Haikui.
Haikui glanced at his astonishment, and his name was Yang Ju.
"When I asked Yang Ju, did I mean that he was very big there?" Haikui looks up and asks
Yingying’s face looked better at this time and she was not shy. She shook her head and said, "Without him, there is a small antonym, so that even if others see it, they will not report it."
"Oh, so that’s it." Haikui’s heart andao startled me. If that little guy is too old, I will help him to waste it.
Chapter 91 Go to dinner
Haikui handed the words to Yingying. He also knew that these people in the bar were used to watching eroticism. There was nothing to hide from her and said, "Call him about sex."
Sky eyes instantly stare big as if they didn’t understand.
Yingying looks ordinary but has a good figure, and her height is about 1.65 meters, which also belongs to that kind of figure.
"Just ask him to come to the bar. Of course, his brothers can also ask them to come. Just say that you have several sisters waiting," Haikui said flatly.
"Bah, rogue" Yang Yulou heard Haikui invite a man named Chen Yang, who couldn’t bear to spit lightly. At this time, her eyes were still in tears and her face was reddish, and it was very lovable.
Haikui looked back at her a little dull. This beautiful woman is really killing me, but she just said that she is still the eldest daughter of Huanghua. Is this place complete? Haikui was very interested in her at the moment.
"That this brother", the man who called the bar boss, had finished talking with the boss and shouted to Haikui.
Haikui took back his reluctant eyes and gave him a friendly smile and said, "Call me Kuishao."
"Oh, Kui Shao, our boss said to come at six o’clock." The man said with a flattering smile.
Haikui: Oh, it’s still early to take out a cellular phone and watch it.
"Go ahead and make an appointment with Yang Chen at 7: 00 p.m." Haikui looked up at Yingying and said.
Yingying called Yang Chen according to Haikui’s meaning, and said, "Brother Yang, I’m Yingying … Well, I miss you too … Call your brothers to the group P later."
She finished the phone call quickly and then looked up at Haikui.
Haikui got goose bumps all over when she talked, and she said, "Okay, I’ll come over at six o’clock tonight. Now I’m going to eat, and I’m telling you to be careful to get sick."
Those people are all white. What does he mean? Shan Shan didn’t speak.
"Are you going to eat?" Haikui turned to look at Yang Yulu.
Yang Yulu stopped crying at this time, but his face was red and his eyes were swollen. He looked at Haikui and said, "Where is the mood to eat so much wine? At least I have to work here for five years to pay it off."
Haikui laughed. "I told you this wine. When I buy it, if you believe me, you will go to dinner with me. I will arrange it. If you plan to go to Fugang with me, I promise you will come with me later."
Haikui said with a strong self-confidence.
Yang Yulu gawked at Haikui, a little boy who looked better than himself. The confident and smug smile at the corner of her mouth made her at a loss for a moment, and she didn’t know whether to believe it or not.
"So you still want to stay here?" Haikui look unchanged asked
"Who wants to stay here? I don’t want to go to dinner with you. I believe you once. If you lie to me, you are a complete rogue bastard." She gnashed her teeth and looked at Haikui.