Clea’s charming body trembled and immediately returned to normal, and her face was flat. "I secretly got in close contact with Yunruo today and found that Yunruo really had strong energy fluctuations, but later she found out that she had lunch."

Male zheng look a little nervous busy way "if not aware of your body energy? Wrong novel network many words "
Clea shook her head and said, "I hid it well. Her mind is not on this side. I don’t think I found it."
Claria paused and added, "In terms of energy intensity alone, if there should be at least a B level, and you know that she was really an ordinary person three years ago, I found that her energy control is very good. It depends on the situation, just like practicing for more than ten years, which can rule out sudden awakening of power or artificial work."
Male one leng said, "Isn’t it true that China’s super almighty has mastered cloning technology? I have to report it to the Bishop immediately. If it is true, that would be terrible. By the way, you must keep an eye on Yunruo these days. If you watch her contact with people, oh, and you should change it to protect her now. Don’t let people hurt her. I will go and see her if I have." The male suddenly flashed a soft charm in his eyes.
Clea suddenly laughed. "You’d better not go to see her."
The man looked stunned and shouted, "What do you mean?"
Claria said lightly, "It’s normal that you didn’t know these things when you just arrived in Z last night. If you live with your boyfriend now, wouldn’t it be boring for you to go? And I learned today that if you should have had it with your boyfriend," Claria flashed a sarcastic smile at her mouth.
Male smell speech look a tight quiver "you say? How can she not love herself so much? "
When Clea heard this, her eyebrows slightly wrinkled and she said, "I didn’t expect that a holy warrior, Fario, would be so distressing to a woman. But when you courted Ruoruo in college, she refused without mercy. Now people are with people they like, and there is nothing with you. You can say that she doesn’t love herself."
Fario’s chest fluctuated sharply, his hair became bluer, and suddenly his eyes flashed. "What about living with my boyfriend?"
Clea didn’t make a scene at the moment. He thought a little and exclaimed, "Don’t mess around. If your boyfriend is a very ordinary boy, don’t mess around, or the China law enforcement team will deal with you and the Vatican will not protect you. If you hate your generation more."
Fario sneered. "You’re nervous. I didn’t say anything about the man."? I mean, I won’t give up if if. Well, there are several masters of underwater power coming this afternoon. Ask Jerry to lead them to Taihu Lake for exploration. "
Clea looked at him and nodded silently.
The second volume Chapter 52 Solicit
The second volume Chapter 52 Solicit
Stuart Night took good care of his injury in Rick Fang. The hospital inspection report said that he could be discharged in three or two days. Stuart Night Heart Rick Fang urged him to go back to school to learn and pick himself up when he was discharged.
After Rick Fang returned to school, he was naturally questioned by Shuaike and others about the specific situation of saving lives. Where have you been these days? Are you communicating with beautiful women? Rick Fang looked at Shuaike and others with enthusiasm and strength, and his scalp was numb and numb. It was not that he didn’t answer, nor that he actually saved Stuart’s night in Rick Fang. If Yunruo accidentally learned from the newspaper that Rick Fang saved Stuart’s night, it was that Yunruo was in bed and her mind was occupied by another thing at that time. Rick Fang answered her casually and she couldn’t remember.
It’s the picture of Yan Shuaike and others asking what comes next that makes Rick Fang very resistant to the stalemate. Help came to the counselor Sun Lu, who was ordered to call Rick Fang to the principal’s office, to solve the problem of Rick Fang.
"Principal Rick Fang’s classmate has arrived." Sun Lu led Rick Fang to the office and reported to an old man sitting at his desk with a full aroma. After that, he nodded to Rick Fang and left the door without extra trouble.
Fang Xuli looked at an office in the middle of the office. In addition to the principal, there were three people, a middle-aged man of about forty years old sitting opposite the principal. It was also peaceful when he looked at it. It was in his eyes that he stood behind the middle-aged man with a look that made people look a little uncomfortable. Two men in ordinary clothes were of medium height, but Rick Fang saw that the seemingly ordinary body contained not weak energy.’ It turned out that the level of the yogi was not high.’
"The headmaster, this is Rick Fang’s classmate, right?" The middle-aged population inquired.
"Yes," the headmaster nodded and said to Rick Fang, "Rick Fang, let me introduce you. This is Li, director of the Ministry of National Security, who has been waiting for you here for three days."
Rick Fang casually’ Oh’ looked dull and surprised. The headmaster secretly wondered that Director Li’s face had changed color. He was a very vain person. The attitude of this young man was very sloppy. After listening to his position, he didn’t have any respect. It was really hateful and he didn’t take the initiative to ask himself what he had come for. This little guy must have been fighting with a little martial arts. He looked at his file (in fact, Director Li was browsing the eyes. Rick Fang was in the school public security bureau file. He wouldn’t be such a little guy. Spend effort), that is, a small frog at the bottom of a well in an ordinary township has little knowledge. It is no wonder that he has attracted you to see how I can tidy up. You think of this, Director Li. Hey hey, a smile said, "President Hu, I have a face-to-face conversation with Rick Fang, which involves confidentiality."
Director Li held a long tone, and President Hu nodded in his heart and said lightly, "Well, Rick Fang, you talk to Director Li, and I still have some things to deal with."
Director Li didn’t get up and just sat there with a big smile, nodding at will and motioning with his hand, saying, "President Hu is busy."
President Hu got up and left. Rick Fang’s impression of Director Li was so bad that he turned against the guest and ordered the principal to walk away. This kind of bossing made Rick Fang very uncomfortable.’ Now officials are really arrogant.’
Director Li looked at Rick Fang carefully at this time and said with a smile after a long time, "It is true that Fang’s classmates showed their talents in downtown ten days ago to save the Fang group Stuart Night?"
Rick Fang nodded at random and saw that Director Li didn’t give up his seat at all. In his heart, he said with a smile, "Director Li, if you don’t mind, I want to sit and talk."
Director Li’s complexion has changed again. The general governor has to be polite when he sees him, and others are arrogant. Even those senior government officials have to do that if they don’t ask each other to sit down in front of him. It’s unexpected that this young man is so bold. At this moment, two bodyguards behind Director Li will reprimand and export. Director Li will raise his hand to stop their actions and suppress their dissatisfaction. He smiled at each other and said, "Okay, please" and pointed to the opposite principal’s seat.
Rick Fang smiled to pull a chair to sit light way "I don’t know director li to find me? Isn’t that right? Commend me for being brave? Wrong novel network many words "
Director Li ha ha smiled. "Rick Fang really loves to joke. That’s something for other departments." Director Li suddenly stopped and stared at Rick Fang. "I’m interested in recruiting talents, especially powers or practitioners."
Rick Fang slightly one leng will know that it must be that he showed his kung fu when saving Stuart night, which attracted the attention of these guys. Director Li at this time is ha ha a smile. "Rick Fang, do you know that if we hadn’t put pressure on the media, the specific situation of saving people would have been known by passers-by? Alas, for so many years, you are the first person who dared to openly display power in the street." Director Li shook his head repeatedly and seemed to admire Rick Fang’s courage, but his eyes were full of ridicule.
Rick Fang’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, but there was no answer. Director Li added, "Let’s put it straight. Our department specializes in exploring and absorbing talents like you. Now welcome you into our big family."
Rick Fang suddenly felt a little puzzled when the government added such an organization. Was it because Rick Fang was linked to the power research institute? thought silently for a while, but Director Li saw that he didn’t speak and mistook him for agreeing. Ha ha a smile. "Now I’ll appoint your representative in Z, and I’ll send you treatment. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely make you rich and famous. Of course, before that, I’ll take you back to the Ministry for a month-long training in school."
Rick Fang one leng busy way "wait, director li I think you are misunderstood, I didn’t say to join your department".
Li, director of the smell speech zheng to react face a heavy way "?" Tone is extremely unhappy.
Rick Fang ignored his face and smiled faintly. "I’m not interested in joining the organization, whether it’s the Alliance Democratic League (a small super-almighty organization created by Lu Xuantian) or the Institute of Power or your organization. I don’t like being bound and want to live happily." Rick Fang’s tone is plain and free and easy.
Director Li was surprised’ Yi’ and looked at Rick Fang’s way. "I didn’t expect you to know the alliance of these organizations." Then cold hum a drink a way. "You are good at martial arts, don’t you just want to be so ordinary for life? Besides, it is an ideal for all young people to work for the government. Don’t you want the country to contribute to national glory? I, the Chinese nation, have risen again to exert our own strength. "Although this is mostly reprimanded, it is also very firm and impassioned. The two young bodyguards behind him also flashed a look in their eyes. They were moved by these words at the beginning, and now they always sound excited.
Director Li finished speaking in one breath, and a touch of red appeared on his face. Obviously, he was also very excited. Rick Fang listened to Director Li’s speech with a light smile. At the end, he looked at Director Li and asked with a smile, "Is it necessary to join a government department to be considered a national effect?"