You can hear a rag in the cloth bag. The speed of the ordinary dragon has reached the extreme. Finally, the ordinary cloth is the head of the real dragon and rushes to the edge of the cloth bag at the same time.
Black-and-white mask on the outside of Gankun bag. Male eyes can’t be checked and shrunk. His speed still can’t keep up with the constant flying speed of bag impact.
Finally, Bu Pingfan tore the cloth bag like a piece of paper, and his hand was torn.
"No …"
The black-and-white masked man suddenly disappeared, and his speed was unprecedented. He wanted to grab the Gankun bag cloth without completely destroying it.
At this time, a real dragon covered with red flames rushed out of the dry Kun bag. This is a bloody inflammation that eats the magic, and the virtual shadow of energy is also a big trick.
Black-and-white masked man put all his thoughts into Kun’s bag. He disdains ordinary killing tactics.
It’s a pity that he was still a step behind. He tore the dry Kun bag and rushed out of it. His figure gradually became bigger when he was exposed from several inches. Finally, he became the same and suddenly held a cloth piece similar to a cloth bag in his hand.
"mom! Are you always trapped by this rag? It’s a shame … "Cloth ordinary heart angry, he casually threw the dry bag to the red dragon over there.
Suddenly a fire broke out, and this dry Kun bag was completely burned by the ordinary cloth.
As early as the ordinary cloth tore this bag apart, it lost its spirituality and was no longer protected by magic. It was completely incinerated by fire.
The black-and-white masked man went crazy to bombard the ordinary cloth when he saw the dry Kun bag burned out. He hit the ordinary cloth with a crushing breath.
He rushed out and suddenly his body became bigger, just like a huge Peng bird. All its feathers were black, and it was so big that it spread its wings and covered the whole sky and the earth.
Cloth ordinary escape quickly by his display, the real dragon has been gathered to those fine magic flash also rushed into his body.
Now he is like a stray dog whose home can be returned to, and he can’t hide anywhere. Peng bird can’t attack him as fast as this Peng bird.
"Can’t you really escape from its spreading distance without shrinking navigation?"
A wing can cover the sun, making the cloth feel cold on the back and the hair stand on end.
"What are you? How can you have this skill? "
Bu Pingfan also questioned this Peng bird, but this Peng bird couldn’t finish it. He just hit a fan, and a hurricane that was even more terrible than a category 10 hurricane suddenly rushed out to Bu Pingfan and swept away.
The wind and cranes swept across the sky. As soon as this hurricane appeared, the heavens and the earth reversed. There was a trace of the laws of heaven and the earth in it, otherwise a hurricane could not be turned upside down like this.
The hurricane whirled rapidly, sweeping the high mountains and dense forests, even rolling up the soil.
Cloth ordinary roots can’t escape the impact of this force. Cloth ordinary is like a sand.
"Navigation without shrinking can’t get out of its attack range"
Cloth ordinary looked at the huge Peng bird that covered the sun and was surprised. At the same time, the screen next to Yuan God was ready to enter the name of a place for navigation.
Before Bu Pingfan could respond, he was suddenly swept up by the hurricane, and he couldn’t move in the hurricane vortex, let alone prepare for navigation and escape.
As soon as he screamed, the huge black Dapeng bird suddenly flapped its wings and took the hurricane off completely. Finally, it took the ordinary body of the cloth and photographed it directly for thousands of meters before stopping sliding.
Cloth touched the place and set off a big pit. All the mountains around Wan Li were destroyed, and the earth and stone splashed to form a huge pit covering the sky.
Cough cough cough.
Cloth ordinary all the way by that force cling to general could not move.
"This is the gap? Can’t you really defeat a Mahayana realm cultivator in the middle of the fit? "
His eyes are dim, and this kind of trauma is very fatal. Ordinary people have been killed hundreds of times, but ordinary cloth is rough and rough, so let him carry the blow. He keeps coughing up blood and his brain keeps trying to find ways.
"Fit mid-term Mahayana realm cultivate immortality who arrived almost what? Why can’t I beat him? "
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Resurrection
The giant Dapeng bird keeps spinning like a giant eagle looking for its prey chicken.
Bu Pingfan, a small prey, has been badly hurt, and it is difficult to move. It is also embedded in a huge rock and its action is blocked.
"The owner’s adult is some kind of creature, and the chance of hitting it hard is slim. Besides, you don’t understand the laws of heaven and earth, and it is difficult to drive some laws."
Ji Xiantong said that this is the ordinary cloth. At present, it has not mastered the power, and it is relatively poor for the ordinary man with black and white mask in front.
"The law of force? Cloning a doppelganger will make the law force? Then put the clone in two places at once and the elf-eating beast out to kill this black and white masked man together. "
Cloth ordinary told Ji Xian Tong to release the cloned member and devouring the elves and beasts together.
A long whistle, a flash, a torn figure, a virtual appearance, a cloth ordinary party, this is a black and white mask man
He is almost crazy now, and there is no discipline to say that he attaches great importance to that dry bag.
"Give me my bag! Return my land … "
Yelling and screaming, black and white mask, the man’s face is almost distorted. He didn’t expect that his dry Kun bag turned out to be a paradise, and there was another aura in it that was close to the spiritual world.
This is one of the reasons why he didn’t step into the spiritual world with the dragon and tiger creatures.
Moreover, he still has enemies in the spiritual world. He can practice with this cave and seize the opportunity to break through the bottleneck and create a true fairy, so that he can swim in the sky and wander outside things.
The sudden appearance of the black-and-white masked man brought great surprise to Bu Pingfan. He was also watching the black-and-white masked man in high school. He didn’t expect that he would appear next to him less than 100 meters away!
"Life! You die without pity … "
Black-and-white masked man seems to kill red-eyed black Dapeng bird, and his eyes are blown clean, which is the essence of anger and annihilates the ordinary cloth.
He has now put aside everything about ordinary cloth and baby, so he will be so determined, otherwise he wouldn’t be so rude and play against the rules.
Cloth ordinary was wrapped in a naked shirt and then fell into a state of immobility again. He was imprisoned and couldn’t make any effort.
(of the tongue) click
Cloth ordinary collapsed again with his back to the ground. The black-and-white mask man has instilled his strength into it. He wants cloth ordinary to die anyway, which is a big kill.
Boom a cloth of ordinary body sticking to the surface and flying backwards, splashing thousands of layers of flying sand, leaving stones, mud and dust rolling.
The Mahayana realm is far more powerful than this. Bu Pingfan has suffered from bloody nose and mouth and many fractures in his body. Fortunately, he had already emerged the equipment for killing immortals, otherwise his body would be torn apart.
Cloth ordinary body has been flying backwards against the surface of the earth, crashing and collapsing all the bottom strata along the way, blasting out a gully with a size of 100 meters, which is almost a sci-fi area, and the earth is distorted.
"[Full Blood Resurrection], [Full Blood Resurrection], [Full Blood Resurrection] …"