He sat on the black dragon and also condensed a Yuan Shen hermetic.

Two Yuan gods’ occult skills are destroyed together, and the scourge hits together!
In the middle, Lei Guang arc crackled and rang.
Although the scourge of God is strong, the occult arts of Yuan God, who is strong for more than two generations, are gradually disintegrating.
The first statue of Dragon Riding Half-ancestor looked sarcastically and sneered, "Is that all?"
His smile didn’t disappear, but suddenly he froze and his look changed!
See that dispersed LeiGuangZhong unexpectedly flashed a blue sword mans towards his eyebrows slay the past instantly!
The Soviet-Mexican outbreak is not just a whip to destroy the gods.
There is also a violet sword against the Yuan God!
The Dragon Riding Half-Ancestor stared at his eyes in a hurry, and once again, he suggested that generate, a god of terror, wanted to block the violet sword.
Green mountain flashed
Violet sword directly to the dragon half-ancestor generate trance knowledge into this person’s eyebrows.
Kill him with one sword!
The half-ancestor of the Dragon Rider wore armor without any scars, but his life breath quickly passed away and his eyes dimmed.
One side of this man’s head fell from the black dragon!
This is the danger of Yuan Shen’s rivalry.
A little carelessness is the death of the Yuan God!
Su Mo can kill the dragon riding half-ancestor, except that the whip and violet sword are powerful. More importantly, the dragon half-ancestor knows nothing about Su Mo.
Plus this person’s contempt for Su Mo ended in this ending.
The black dragon perceives the master’s fall and bursts into a roar. It’s crazy and generally collides with Su Mo!
The second dragon riding half-ancestor has also arrived.
It’s like three and a half ancestors of the strong at the same time to have a spent force Su Mo to launch a fierce offensive!
Su Mo relied on his posture to turn around and finally slowed down. He was swept in the chest by a pike and flew out directly!
His thigh was also bitten by the black dragon, a piece of flesh and blood dripping with blood!
Su Mo fell heavily all over his bones and muscles.
At this time, the colorful cave once again had a change.
The third dragon riding half-ancestor rushed out!
Su Mo struggled to get up and his heart sank.
Can’t stop it!
God mainland is far stronger than he imagined!
Long Huang himself at this time, the dragon ancestors closed their practice, and even he couldn’t sense what connection was established.
He can now call Wu Daozun.
But even if he disturb budo statue now, he can’t come!
It will take at least a few days for Wudao Zun to get to Kunlun Market. At that time, I am afraid that the protoss would have stepped over Kunlun Market and entered the wild!
"Worm, you kill my master, and I will let you taste my dragon anger!"
The black dragon spat and stared at the fierce eyes, staring at Su Mo’s mouth with dark sticky dragon saliva flowing.
The black dragon suddenly opened its mouth and spewed a horrible black flame deep in its throat and swept away towards Su Mo!
If it is normal, Su Mo has several means to deal with it.
He can break the black flame with a bow and an arrow.
But at this time, he didn’t even have the strength to break the bow.
Seeing that this flame is about to come, Su Mo’s side of the black dragon suddenly flashed a ghostly figure!