All these gains are powerful, but now they can be compensated?

Everyone suspected that it was a dream. What’s more, they slapped themselves to see if it was a dream.
A sweet but illusory dream
Burning pain shows that the other person’s hands are not light, but they are not satisfactory.
Because what they are about to get is enough for them to forget these tiny pains.
When everyone is happy and reveling, only China and other countries in the group are not happy. On the contrary, there are some heroes who are sad and relaxed.
This makes people around you gradually feel excited and force themselves to think about what Zhang Lan is so generous.
No one in the field is a fool.
A fool can’t be where he is.
But after a little thinking, they were horrified to find that no matter how to calculate the blue target, it seemed to be
This conclusion is like a pot of cold water poured to make everyone hot and their hearts instantly cold.
Obtaining these materials and technologies is certainly encouraging, but what’s the point of wanting these things if the country is gone?
It’s like making money for yourself and working for others.
Even if what you earn is of the same quality, there are differences.
Is it possible to refute?
A careless well is their field.
At that time, it was still a lively scene, and the needles were audible.
Zhang Lan is quietly waiting for the field. When everyone thinks clearly, they all stop quietly and look at themselves and wait for themselves to continue to speak.
At this time, the fate of someone in the place or the fate of all countries on earth is in Zhang Lanzui’s hands.
They dare not resist head-on, and can expect others to resist like Yasui, or Zhang Lan suddenly relents.
Typical ostrich idea
"Ha ha, why are you all quiet?" Zhang Lan shrugged his shoulders. "Or are you awake?"
No one answered, so quiet, a pair of eyes staring at Zhang Lan
If it were anyone else, it would really be impossible to hold this needle field.
Seeing that no one answered himself, Zhang Lan also got up with a smile, and the sacred clothes of gold emerged in pieces, and the fighting spirit was awe-inspiring.
The relaxed tone is like talking about parents, but it makes the people who eat melons stunned and sit down from their positions before the live broadcast.
"Then I declare that there are three countries from the present earth, the Philippines and Japan [Dawn Empire]!"
-"Is there any objection?"
Words are simple, but with people resisting pressure.
Is there any objection?
People look left and right, but no one is born.
It’s not that they are too timid or have no self-improvement, but that there is no idea rising in the hearts of all people-if it is this man above their heads, they are willing to be ministers!
This idea has no reason to suddenly take root in the depths of people’s minds
Seeing the scene, no one refuted Zhang Lan’s smug smile. The kaleidoscope in his eyes stopped spinning rapidly, and a little blood flowed out of it.
At the same time, controlling and modifying the thinking of thousands of people is still the most elite thinking of thousands of people on earth, even he is a little hard.
Just wear the sacred clothes to cover up your ugliness.
Before the live broadcast, we must let everyone on earth know that this is the independent consent of each country, not others forcing everyone.
This is about whether the future implementation will occupy the commanding heights of truth.
After all, it’s all literati who can’t seize other people’s countries just because of it, right?
What’s the difference between that and robbers!
"So everyone has no objection, right?"
-"In that case, I hereby issue the first order that the earth is forbidden from fighting at this moment! All wars, regardless of the cause, will be killed once they are discovered! "
-"Article 2 All those who are interested in defending the earth should go to their own government departments to register, and all of them will be arranged for training."
-"Finally, I hope that we can repel Thanos’s first touchstone on this planet destroyer!"
Three days have passed since the great reunification of the earth.