Suddenly, even Su Li was surprised.

Only to see that with the "Luo Cha" ring, the original closed security door was suddenly hit a gap from the inside.
The door was hit from the inside.
Su Li was shocked that he was going to swing out his fist and stopped. A statue of six-armed demon appeared around his body immediately.
He never thought that there seemed to be something in the security door, and when he was about to destroy it, the door was actually hit from the inside.
Don’t … There are people in it?
The mind moves, and the six-armed demon’s virtual shadow stretches out a virtual shadow-shaped palm and inserts it into the crack of the door, and pulls it out to pull the security door.
He was greeted by the door with a happy face.
At the door is a woman in her thirties wearing an apron and holding a spatula in one hand. It seems that she was just cooking in the kitchen when she heard knocking at the door. The door didn’t even put a spatula in her hand.
There was a bright light in the living room, and a little girl was riding a children’s twister. At the moment, her beautiful eyes were open and she turned to look at him.
"Dad!" The little girl shouted at him.
The woman "Zhong Min" gave him a white look and took a step back to make way for him to come in and complained, "Why did you forget to bring your key again? Come in quickly. "
Su Li still frowned slightly.
In this way, the stars are scattered in the building, and there will be two living people, one big and one small, in any house. They look like ordinary people and they are born here.
How can they call themselves loyal people? Dad?
Besides, it’s been so long since the flood. How can it still be open here? How is this light bright?
"Peep at the symbol pattern" immediately launched an instant to capture this female data and a message appeared in my mind.
"Law peeps without information"
Look at the little girl playing in the living room, and there is no information.
There is a possibility that this big and small female roots will not
"Who is playing tricks?" Su Li’s black-and-white canopy appeared on his head, and the third talent was launched together with the "third eye". This black-and-white energy surged and rushed into the door, and it enveloped the whole living room in an instant.
The original bright living room suddenly went out, but the woman in front of her was not affected at all. Let this energy pass through her body, but in Su Li’s "third eye", she has become a virtual shadow, which is not real.
"So that’s it." Su Li muttered softly and went through the female virtual shadow.
I just saw this scene myself. Maybe it happened in this room once. Once the owner of this house came home without a key, and the hostess was busy in the kitchen. She heard knocking at the door and came to give him the door with a spatula in one hand.
Their daughter is playing on a twister in the living room.
What a happy and warm family of three.
But that was a long time ago, and now nothing.
In his third eye, the living room is dark and dilapidated and full of dust. Because it is soaked in water, it has become very humid and full of musty smell.
Su Li looked back at his "third eye" and the hostess was still full of expectation. She looked at him and seemed to be waiting for his response.
"Who is d give me out-"
Su Li once again gave himself a third talent by drinking low, and ordered that all this could never happen at present. There must be some force behind it that triggered it.
As he read the third talent, he formed a series of python-like black and white points of rolling energy
In the harsh sound, the living room was damaged, and it was immediately drilled into one huge hole after another, followed by these black and white pythons gathered together and blasted into the living room with ceramic tiles.
"Boom", a tile floor immediately collapsed, and the black and white python went all the way to break several floors, and there was a sharp scream in the white spray spilled from the floor.