In a second, Pei Hui, who had returned to the mysterious side, had already disappeared, as if she had never appeared in this air.

In fact, Pei Hui didn’t appear here either. The reason for her appearance here is an illusion and projection of her.
-daoist magic, thousands of miles of magic!
"yeah! Has it recovered to this extent? "
I watched Pei Hui disappear directly before my eyes, and I realized that the "Pei Hui" who had been talking to myself was actually a fake body.
"But you are still affected by the host …"
"Otherwise, you wouldn’t have paid so much attention to a mortal before."
Eyes can’t hide is jealousy and nai xuan never know his impeded tactics must be not to go.
Pei Hui, who struggled to maintain himself, had no good image. Pei Wende had to live and not lose a hair.
"However, you still underestimate Pei Wende after all. He is not the kind of guy who needs our help to live."
When saying this sentence, Xuan never thought that Pei Wende showed that calm and clear after learning about Mandrill.
It’s like knowing all this or being prepared for a similar situation …
Pei Wende didn’t show surprise at all because he revealed the news, but he seemed to be quilted with a lot of information in the process.
Pei Wende’s performance alone will know that the other party is absolutely qualified to be an equal "novice"
"Don’t call Loka. He deserves this name and title."
Chapter 31 A bloody rescue
When Pei Wende arrived at the door of Zhang Tu’s house as quickly as possible, the whole village was already in a strange silence.
Only Zhang Tu, holding a butcher’s knife, stands proudly at his door, smelling amazing Shaqi and blood gas, as if he had fought with something unknown.
"Ahem …"
Being awakened by Pei Wende’s call, Zhang Tu barely looked up and stared at each other for a long time before he recovered.
"Let’s go! You are no match for it! "
There was a butcher who seemed to have done all his strength and could no longer support the forward dumping.
"Uncle? !”
Surprised Pei Wende didn’t even consider too much. He hurriedly held Zhang Tu, who was about to fall on the ground.
At this moment, the intense high temperature spread rapidly from the place where two people contacted.
Pei Wende felt as if he were holding not a person but a burning charcoal fire, which was hot and burning.
Fighting back the burning sensation from both hands, Pei Wende reluctantly put Zhang Tu slowly on the threshold, so that he could have a chance to look at the gate yard.
"These … everyone …"
Pei Wende didn’t realize what Zhang Tu would hold the door until then.
Because Zhang Tu’s family is not a big compound, it is crowded with twenty or thirty people.
At this moment, almost all the living people in Zhangjiacun have gathered at Zhang Tu’s home.
Judging from the state of these villagers, their present state is not right, as if their bodies were disturbed by some evil thing.
"Big Brother!"
Pei Wende was shocked by what happened in front of him. Zhang Chusheng’s slightly crying voice suddenly came from the crack of the door.
Looking around, Pei Wende can vaguely see that a woman is blocking the door of the house by herself, protecting the house Zhang Chusheng.
"Chu Sheng?"
With the back door slowly pushed open and a baby in her arms, Zhang Chusheng stumbled to Pei Wende in three steps and two steps.
"Eldest brother! Please help my sister! "