Heaven and earth witnessed Fuxi, the leader of the congenital ten thousand nationalities, making a covenant, and willing to be the first to give orders to pacify the congenital fierce beasts together.

With the establishment of the Covenant, the mysterious and unpredictable river of fate has undergone drastic changes.
The tributary belonging to the long river of Terran destiny suddenly flows rapidly, and at the same time, the tributary of Wan nationality’s fate flows to Terran.
The fate of all ethnic groups has grown stronger and stronger, just like the return of hundreds of rivers to the sea, which has made the fate of all ethnic groups stronger and stronger, gradually surpassing the largest tributary of the long river of destiny.
At this moment, the symbol of Terran’s fate suddenly soared, changing from the previous five colors into hundreds of millions of colors, which looked like a dazzling light from a distance.
At the moment, the Terran’s luck is skyrocketing!
And the fate has skyrocketed, and at the same time, the fate has been fed back.
Almost at the same time, hundreds of Terran Jin Xian were promoted to Taiyi Jin Xian, which greatly increased the Terran heritage.
Friar Yu Xuanxian, Godsworn Fairy, has not become Godsworn Fairy Road, and his promotion is not counted.
There is also a half-step-old Luo Jinxian who finally took the key step by step and became a Luo Jinxian.
This world is the same as the sky.
of course
These are not the most noticeable.
The most noticeable thing is Fuxi.
It is his Terran fortune blessing who directly entered the realm of quasi-holy dzogchen in the mid-quasi-holy period and became the highest magical power in the wild.
At this moment, I am in awe of Fuxi, and I am even more awed by the congenital family.
The deepest source of Gaotiandi has gradually condensed into a water-drop treasure with the gathering of clear light from Fuxi, which is respected by all ethnic groups.
This thing is wrapped around with a strong breath of heaven and earth, and there are several mysterious Taoist patterns looming. It seems that you can see the changes of the Avenue of Evolution of Heaven and Earth from it.
It is the same as heaven, shining with inexplicable luster, interweaving the trajectory of fate, which seems to affect everything.
This is destiny!
Belong to the destiny of the protagonist of heaven and earth!
If the destiny is to be integrated into the Terran destiny, it means that the Terran has become the protagonist of heaven and earth.
It’s a pity that the destiny has just been bred, far from being mature, and it is the destiny that is ready to be cooked. Now, the Terran is doomed to accept the destiny.
All this needs to wait until the Terran becomes stronger and stronger.
Destiny Terran’s breath phase
The stronger the Terran, the faster the destiny condenses.
The Covenant has been established in Fuxi, and it is not polite to directly draw experts from the congenital ten thousand families to form an army to practice the array law.