The iron ear elders smell heart suddenly "hitched".

Just now, he was killed by dark means, so naturally he saved his life; Secondly, kill two birds with one stone to get rid of the big-eyed husband. Isn’t Quanren Cave his own opinion in the future?
Obviously, Lingtong Lao not only saw his own thoughts, but also pointed out something.
Thinking of this, he suddenly looked surprised at the front, but his mouth was slightly tilted, and the old boy suddenly woke up!
It turns out that this smiling tiger is going to annex my spring cave. I’m still dreaming of the cave master, but I don’t know that I was calculated by this little old man! Now that the cave owner has gone to Quanren Cave, people can resist this day. It is better for Lingtong to be old and know the time.
Thinking of this, he made a decisive decision and sighed again and again, "Ah ~ iron ears are really overwhelmed!" In the future, I hope that the cave master will look at the chivalrous mutual affection and take care of me a lot. It is my spring man who has set up a cave, and he is always second-minded. "
When the Spring Man Cave Heroes saw that their only elder had defected, the Lingtong old man knew that he could save the day and drank as he wanted.
In this way, the clever boy nodded slightly with satisfaction. "Very good!"
Laughing, he accepted the spring man’s cave and the clever boy’s old ambition was full of laughter and looked at the swimming Yingying.
He looked at the trembling hand holding the sword and smiled gently. "The cave master once saw Brother Jian when he was young, but you are so sharp and beautiful that people can’t help but cherish it … You and I have once met and turned to the cave master?"
"abandon the dark vote?" You Yingying sarcastically held a sword. "It’s a joke. How did the old toad at the bottom of the cave know that there was someone behind the scenes? Will I vote for you, an old man in the wilderness, after my teacher came out of the Kendo Sect and stayed with the virgin Qingyun? "
This sarcasm can’t be put on even if the child is always loving and hypocritical.
He drank "ungrateful little bitch!" But what do you know … is a little! "
With a wave of his big sleeve, the five-color cone hanging behind him suddenly trembled and exploded, and the five-color halo was shot out one after another and pointed to the key points everywhere
You Yingying knew that she was defeated by this time, and she had tried her best to delay it until now.
However, seeing the five cones coming at me, she was deeply convinced that she had tried her best to compete and avoid it, so she was determined to blow herself up.
But at this critical moment, there was a ghosting image in front of her.
The ghosting image is seven feet long, illusory as a charm, and the silver hair of the British body is swaying like the wind, which is very elegant and free and easy.
This illusory ghosting is just a matter of time. Raise your hand and draw a circle, and then five bright swords will appear.
Five-cone vs. Five-sword had a good time, and they didn’t give in to each other. They were sharp-edged and harsh, and for a while they were deadlocked.
You Yingying felt that this illusory figure looked very familiar, but she heard the old boy visiting the opposite day. "Are you? The owner of Drilling Wind Xiaoyou Cave has finally waited for you. "
Suddenly heard the word "drill wind", she suddenly woke up "Luo ……!"
At the same time, a steady palm has pressed her shoulder to force the body to be violent!
Surprised and turned to see Luo Yu on his back!
Her shocked eyes glanced back and forth in front of her, and the old five-color cone was deadlocked, and there were feathers on her side.
Surprised and speechless, "You … He … This?"
Bearer is just arrived in los feathers.
He smiled and said, "It’s me."
You Yingying then pointed to the illusory figure in front of Luo Yu. "Then he … him?"
Before Luo Yu’s illusory ghost has turned around and winked, she smiled. "Let’s talk about life after the emergency, but you can temporarily call me an unknown, handsome enemy and intelligent pair … the great spirit of the world."
"Well …" You Yingying looked at Luo Yu, who was having a headache. "This … is what you said?"
Luo Yu Nai nodded and swam with a smile. "Hey, it’s funny."
When he heard that he had won the praise of a lovely person, he immediately got excited. "Haha ~ Luo Xiao heard that no one knows that you should learn more about appreciating Da Ling Zun. It’s really stupid to break your heart …"
When the words were not finished, they annoyed the old boy who was left hanging.
In a flash, the five-color steel cone god Mangda swung five swords towards the half-hearted ghost.
It’s despicable to see this little old man actually take advantage of his sister’s chatting kung fu to make a surprise attack!
True spirit statue immediately angry "children! Have no martial ethics’s great spirit is angry …! "
After saying his word, the shadow of the great spirit has been strangled and broken by a five-color steel cone!