Looking at the people leaving the back, Shennong was so excited that he seemed to see the Terran on the top of the universe.

A moment later, Shennong’s excitement calmed down.
"It’s a coincidence that they came."
"In this way, the allocation of the Sunday Temple will be put on hold for the time being, and it’s not bad anyway."
"It’s important to go to the underworld now."
Due to the sudden arrival of the crowd, Shennong had to give up the assignment of the Sunday Temple and go to the underworld first.
When the mind moved, Shennong went to the direction of the underworld.
However, Shennong went to the underworld with the help of Xuanqing instead of feng du’s ghost emperor.
In the underworld
Shennong visited all the high masters of the underworld, such as Xuan Ming Zuwu, feng du Ghost Emperor and Styx Zu, and then returned to the wild.
And this time,
When I visit people again,
It’s almost a hundred years old
Kunlun mountain foot
The ancestral home of the East!
On weekdays, it is quiet than the sacred place of Xiandao. At this time, it is a vast gathering of people.
Such a big noise naturally alarmed the saints and brothers in the Jade Palace in Kunlun Mountain.
It is reasonable to say that so many people gather at the foot of Kunlun Mountain, which disturbs the Saints Dojo and easily pollutes the nearby inspiration.
In this case, the saint brother should expel all of them, but he is more proud than the saint brother on weekdays, but now he dares to show his face to everyone, let alone expel him.
They’re scared!
Because the people gathered here are the heads of the ten thousand families in Shennong, Ren Huang
Not to mention their strength is that the forces behind them are enough to stop the sage brother.
Even if all ethnic groups join hands as saints, they will give in, not to mention their brothers, otherwise it will inevitably lead to a great blow from humanity.
If the sage brother dares to expel all the people, he will be killed by all the people, and Yuan Tianzun can’t find an excuse to take revenge.
"This is where my ancestral veins in the East are located, and it’s also when I want to rearrange my veins."
Shennong at the foot of Kunlun Mountain said to the crowd
As the name suggests, the ancestral vein of the East is the source of all the veins in the East. It is natural to comb the veins from the source.
Laibuzhoushan should be a more suitable place than Kunlun Mountain. After all, it is the ancestral vein of the whole wilderness and Kunlun Mountain is the ancestral vein of the East.
It’s a pity that the ancestral vein of the flood was broken after the collapse of the mountain. Otherwise, heaven and earth would not have happened, and it would be easier to change from the congenital era to the acquired era
"What are we going to do?"
Feel the kunlun mountains looming SAN wei all difficult some guilty to shennong press a way in succession.
"Look, everyone!"
Smile, Shennong’s hand is lifted, and a map of the vast expanse of land is offered.
Suddenly, the border rhyme spread out and slowly formed a stalwart figure in front of everyone.
Pangu virtual shadow!
"Have you seen the meridians of the ancestors and gods?"
"It is what we will do next to comb the vast and desolate veins into this shape against the meridians of the ancestors."
Pointing to Pangu virtual shadow body meridians Shennong explained to all.
"It’s really a big deal!"
When they saw this, they were all shocked. They couldn’t help thinking of this legal person.
As soon as they came to their senses, they left their feelings behind and hurried to observe Pangu’s meridians and collaterals and branded them in their hearts.
Heaven and earth are easier.
Degeneration of ten thousand blood vessels
Heaven and earth is born ShaQi diffuse in fairy road gradually decline.
However, the decline of Xiandao is different from that of Shenmo Daodao, which is a sign of prosperity because of the gradual return of blood to ancestors.
If you want to maintain your own innate blood, you must cultivate the magical way. The new generation of ten thousand families have no choice but to abandon the fairy way and specialize in the magical way to restore their own innate blood.
At this time, it is very important to cultivate the classics of God and Magic Road.
Therefore, every supernatural being can set off a bloody battle after being born, attracting several masters to compete.
It can be seen
The magic road is precious.
And Pangu’s Collateral Diagram is a high-level ancient book of God’s Magic Road. Now it is so swaying in front of everyone’s eyes. Is there any reason why they are not moved?
Naturally, we should try our best to remember.
Shennong did not stop this.
For one thing, it can’t be stopped
Secondly, this move can enhance the prosperity of Shenmo Road.
Third, the Pangu Collateral Map revealed in the flood and flood map is still different from that in Zichen Pangu Collateral Map.
He is more humble.
After many improvements, Feng Zichen’s Pangu Meridian Diagram has already approached perfection, far from being comparable to this one.
And if you want to rely on a pair of Pangu meridians, you want to drown the Terran.