Sumo put away her bag, took a deep breath and galloped away toward the snowy ridge without hesitation.

Chapter one thousand nine hundred Fairy Array Broken
The evil wolf army and the goshawk help hundreds of troops to attack the fairy array in turn. It has been seven days and seven nights!
At first, this fairy array was indestructible, but the constant impact of hundreds of troops consumed the energy of Yuan Lingshi in the eyes of all the large arrays of fairy array, and it also decreased sharply.
The brilliance of the fairy array is much dimmer than the original one.
Every impact of the army will make the fairy array shake.
After seven days of self-cultivation, Yue Hao’s abdominal wound has been bandaged to stop bleeding.
Although he is still a legal person, he has recovered his ability to act.
Yue Hao and Xia Qingying looked at the army outside the snow ridge with a dignified look.
The two people know best in their hearts, but once the Yuan Lingshi in this array is exhausted and the fairy array is broken, it is the end of the snow ridge!
There is no spare stone in the snow ridge.
Even if there are two people who don’t know how to replace Tathagata.
This fairy array won’t last long!
Xia Qingying clenched Yue Haoda’s hand.
Two people don’t have to say much in the eye to have empathy.
Even if they die, they will die together!
"Eldest brother, almost all the major forces came, but none of them dared to come out and fight against the Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang."
Shen Fei sighed.
In the past seven days, the powerful forces of Longyuanxing, such as Scorpio Gang and Zhenleitang, have arrived in Fengxueling one after another.
And come here are the leaders of major forces!
Scorpio Sect Leader Zhenlei Hall Leader Dreadwind Gate Leader Xuanyin Mountain Leader Skyfire Hall Leader Xuanguang Gate Leader came in person.
However, neither the Scorpio Sect Leader nor the Thunder Hall Leader nor the leaders of other forces brought many people with them.
Most of them brought hundreds of people.
This has shown their attitude.
These Wang and Tang lords didn’t intend to help Fengxueling when they came to the root, but they came here to watch the excitement.
Some people may still have some thoughts of fishing in troubled waters and throwing stones into the well!
Yuehao shook his head slightly. "They don’t dare but don’t want the strength of major forces. If Qi Xin joins forces with the wolf army and the goshawk gang, how can they resist?"
"But they are all worried that the two major rogue wars will weaken their strength and no one wants to come out."
Kaka, Kaka!
Suddenly, the barriers around the snow ridge burst into waves, and cracks appeared on the surface, spreading and expanding rapidly!
Fairy array is about to break!