Xie Yiming probably heard the noise, too. He gently flattened me out of bed, and I covered my thin quilt again and quietly got into bed.

I opened my eyes and saw that Xie Yiming took out a long black rope wrist from his pocket and went straight to the window to lift the curtain to note the situation.
It’s an emergency. I can’t pretend to sleep anymore
I rolled over the bed and was taken out of my backpack. The soul-eating whip gripped my palm.
Xie Yiming turned to look at me and pointed at my feet, indicating that I should tread lightly and not disturb Lou Meishan.
At this time of the building, I came to Meishan and slowly opened the door of the first house. I went to the window and saw that Meishan was out of the first house and the door was walking in the direction of the old well in the courtyard, carrying a black bag in my hand.
I stared at Meishan and watched him take out seven candles from a black bag in front of his old well. A bowl of white rice was actually ready to start the ghost sacrifice.
I am surprised to look at Yi-ming xie, whose forehead is tight knit at the moment.
When Meishan began to light candles, Xie Yiming took me flying upstairs.
The footsteps of Xie Yiming and I shocked Meishan. When Xie Yiming and I arrived at the main door, Meishan was trying to lock the main door.
Xie Yiming and I were very fast. Xie Yiming knocked down Meishan directly, but failed to lock the door and didn’t let Meishan lock the door.
Yi-ming xie took me to the yard and kicked Meishan just lit a candle.
Meishan surly looked at me and Xie Yiming clenched fists.
"Meishan, tell me the reason why you did this." In the face of such Meishan, I can no longer call out that grandpa felt that his amiable face was too disgusting.
"Is it because of the teacher elder sister? She’s involved in koo and still stubborn. Even if she’s scared out of her wits, she deserves it." I’ll continue to pronounce when Meishan doesn’t talk.
Now that I’ve torn my face, I’ll just put it straight and stop hiding it.
Meishan began to get emotional after my last pronunciation.
Meishan shook his finger and pointed at me, saying that I had never thought that Mei Dai was a poor girl when I saw his daughter’s mistake.
Meishan said that he knew that when his daughter’s ghost school was noisy, he really didn’t have any extra thoughts.
He wants to find a master. After his daughter’s ghost avenges her, she will cross over for his daughter so that her daughter can stop being a lonely ghost and reincarnate as soon as possible.
But it was the master who told him that if he could find a body in which his daughter was born at the same time in the same month and the same second, then when the soul of the body owner left the bone on the seventh day after his death, the master would have a way to let his daughter return to life.
He has asked the master to meet his daughter, and her daughter has agreed to return the body to life.
As soon as he got everything ready and was full of hope for life again, the master couldn’t attract his daughter’s soul on the seventh day.
The master finally told him that his daughter’s soul had been frightened out of her wits by someone.
All these days, he has been looking for who did it to his daughter. Today, he knows that I did it to his daughter.
Meishan shouted at me at the top of his lungs that his daughter had been separated for 20 years, and he finally waited until the time when his daughter could be reunited. It was me who made him fall in love again.
I listened quietly as Meishan complained and frowned at me. What kind of shame was the master in his mouth and where did Meishan get the standard body?
Looking for a body born in the same month, the same day and the same second is really a secret skill. On the seventh day after the body died, it was reborn.
However, due to various conditions, which are too harsh and too negative, few people will actually do such spells.
I want to find such a body to talk about.
Meishan said he was ready, so by what means did he force the man to die and return his body to himself?
Meishan’s appearance at the moment is crazy and violent, and the situation is exactly the same when the ghost of a handsome senior sister is provoked, which reminds me of Wang Dalang’s previous statement that dragons, dragons, phoenixes and mice can make holes.
The crazy and violent nature of the ghost of the handsome senior sister turned out to be a family legacy.
I look on coldly. Meishan looks like it at the moment, and there is no waves in my heart.
When Meishan was emotional and accused me, Xie Yiming had removed the heavy manhole cover and put the black long rope at the wrist into the well.
After the black long rope entered the well, it quickly returned to Xie Yiming’s wrist. Xie Yiming shook his head at me and told me that there was nothing in the well.
Xie Yiming told me to wait for him to return to the second floor in a minute, and quickly took his backpack to pull me straight out of Meishan’s house to stay in Meishan, and a neurotic person in the pestle complained to me.
"Xie Yiming, I seem to be in trouble again." When I left Meishan’s house, Xie Yiming and I walked the streets in the dead of night, and I felt depressed.
What do you mean by a wave of unrest, and what do you mean by double whammy? I have a deep understanding at the moment.
"Nothing will resist." Xie Yiming took my hand with a shallow smile.
"It’s hard to do this easily, but it’s not too annoying." Glancing at Xie Yiming’s face and laughing, I admitted that I was depressed.
I seldom complain, even if I do, I will complain a few words in my heart and never tell anyone, because complaining is useless