See exhausted most of the spirit force after offering ninety-nine sword mans Luo Yu has a wrought iron fan of cutting, and once again spilled fourteen shock wave Xuan mans straight spirit force exhausted before offering the dragon ridge pike body qi and blood churning and kicking up to the sky!

Such a three-game combo can be described as one go. Who can stop it?
Ninety-nine sword mans bear the brunt of the purple fire giant blade bombardment together with the roar of heaven and earth.
Daodao Jianmang collapsed in the semi-flaming purple fire.
The defensive purple fire mantis broke through the layers of swords and awns, but it also fell apart and appeared. It was pushing the giant blade purple Yan people with one hand.
At the moment, his eyes are suddenly and violently open and his mind is trembling!
His body condensed nine layers of the strong to blow this ninety-nine firm but gentle silver mans solved!
But before he was surprised, fourteen dark black firm but gentle waves were spilled around Luoyu’s rotating iron fan ghosting.
Ka ~ bang!
The purple gladiator blade in the spiritual order in front of his palm was scattered and cracked in fear!
The mysterious light of the iron fan suddenly appeared in front of us, and Shangdao Jianmang instantly strangled three places in the abdomen of Ziyan people.
Although there is a purple fire inscription to protect the body, it is difficult to reach a sharp moment.
Lotus flower at first half!
Yan Yan still kept his eyes in awe. He didn’t come to scream at all. He had been torn apart by Daojian Mang, and the inscription of purple fire in vitro.
Looking at the people who have been like blood in front of them, they are generally repelled and rolled back to the purple people.
Luo Yu Guan supported his gun in the middle of the game and roared, "Come to death ~!"
The three-foot spear in the front section of the Dragon Ridge is wrapped in Gangfeng Dragon Swirl and instantly penetrated the chest of Ziyan people!
The lotus flower is as long as rain and fog.
Fang Luoyun saw that Luoyu’s body was shaken, and his feet were now screaming. Xuanlongying swung his gun into a circle and picked Ziyan people to the half.
But before a moment, the dragon’s ridge pike has split and severely lashed the purple inflammation person’s abdomen.
It was not until this time that Ziyan people screamed in despair!
At this time, Yan Yan has smashed Luo Yu towards the ground but didn’t stay for half an hour. He has stepped on Xuanlongying’s huge body and pushed hard to fill it, and like a meteor, he stabbed Yan Yan with his dragon gun in his hands.
In the middle of the pike, once again, the purple people bombarded the earth with screams and screams.
Earth-rock splash, blood and fog.
Los feather hands holding a gun overlooking the eyes suddenly and violently open that face pain almost twisted ZiYan gnashing asked "old man, I have long wanted to dismember you ten thousand pieces! Did you ever think about this when you forced Elder Lu? "
Purple Yan people are covered in red, especially since they grind their teeth and bleed. "You are guilty of sin! Shanhai University, who doesn’t want you to soar in the Five Elements? You ….. Even if you kill the elder, can you resist my family? I dare to assert that once the old lady dies, your identity will be exposed! "
Los feather eyebrows slightly wrinkled but for a moment’s eyes was cold mountain flashing.
Xiao Luoyun immediately shouted at him, "Old thief! Dare to be arrogant when you are dying? "
"Immortality had to die crazy? Ha ha ha ~ "
Looking at coughing and laughing, Luo Yu, a mad Chinese man, hummed.
He grabbed the other side’s unkempt purple hair crown, knelt down with a horizontal sword and sealed his throat. "Today I beheaded this old thief to comfort Elder Lu!"
Xiao Luoyun clenched his fists and glared at him. He laughed wildly, but Yan Yan should drink "Kill!"
Luo Yu should "kill ~!"
Poof ~
Ask the heavenly sword, the silver awn, and the blood splashes five steps, and the madness coughs and laughs suddenly, and everything is quiet again.
Luo Yun beside him finally showed a happy smile after glancing at each other.
Picked up the bloody head in his hand and held it high and laughed in the forest.
Chapter 427 Send the gate to chase the rocks.
Penglai Forest, the Secret Land of the Red Thunder Zun Tomb.
Shortly after Luo Yu’s efforts to slay the Purple Yan people, a shocking news came from all the clansmen’s families.
That iron fan of Tsing Yi, Bu Niuming, is exactly the five elements of Zongdao Yan’s life with soaring skills!
Obviously, your family learned through some special means that Ziyan people had been killed by Luoyu and that Luoyu’s strength had made them feel that Luoyu was not what it used to be. It was by no means that the three of them could be easily captured.
And now it’s been three hours since entering Penglai forest.
But in this short period of three hours, the number of 576 monks who entered Penglai Lin has dropped by less than 300! Nearly half of those who lost their lives can see that Penglai forest is by no means as blessed as the Taoist priest said.
Of course, it is also because almost everyone knows that if they want to kill each other, they can get the red Dan. Killing each other and adding flowers and grass to become the embodiment of bamboo servant Penglai Lin has become another soul-seeking place.
However, compared with the Red Ray Venerable Master, there are two other choices in the hearts of the practitioners at this moment, that is, to stay and leave!
Choose to save your life from nature; But if you risk your life to stay, you have two choices. One is naturally the red thunder honour person; This second is the Luo Yu Ascension.
At the moment, it is close to the bamboo forest in the vast waters.
There is an altar-shaped rock building standing high in the middle of the mountainside, and a triangular star gate stands in the middle of it. The shimmering glow and brilliance of Xiaguang are faintly showing the desert style of Shazhou.
Obviously, this stargate is exactly what the guide said to be the gateway to the outside world.
There is a star monk who heard the news and wanted to leave from now on. After all, if you have a chance, you have to have a life to take it, right? Thousands of people have little chance to enter the country, but now there are only three hundred left, which really makes many people retreat.