Suddenly Shifeixuan saw that there seemed to be a brilliant red sun rising in the wind and rain, and the last ray of dark light before Li was swept away. Heaven never gave birth to a husband, and this sword was deep, which was the ray of Guang Xiao that cut through the night.

A sword from all the villages gives birth to a disease, and the target is directed at Shi Feixuan’s chest. This is a kind of legal metaphor, and it is also the first time that Shi Feixuan gives birth to an irresistible emotional situation in his heart. This sword is actually similar to another peerless swordsman.
It’s just that the sword of Qiao Qiao ruo Zhuo has abandoned the number. There should be no sword potential pointing at people’s hearts. The autumn wind and autumn rain are more sad than the autumn wind and autumn rain.
Shifeixuan took this sword in vain and clearly, and she could still feel that the tip of Chang Jian was cold, firm but gentle, indifferent and affectionate. At this moment, 30 strokes of swordsmanship flowed from her heart, and the first four strokes of swordsmanship were transformed by her. This move included heaven and earth, and she had the strongest pressure of life and death in swordsmanship so far. Shifeixuan integrated what she had learned, which was rare for her talent. Even if there was no Li Zhichang, she could take the other side of swordsmanship further in a few days.
But even so, it’s still impossible to resist Li Zhichang’s main sword move beyond Ci Hang Jing Zhai’s previous dynasties. It seems to pierce the heavens and the earth. The sword Chang Jian and the color sword finally meet for the first time. The color sword let out a moan. Shi Feixuan failed to stop this sword after all, but Li Zhichang won this move and did not pursue it with a folding fan from his right rear side.
Li Zhichang took back the sword backhand sword, folded the fan and crossed the sword, and two people shook Li Zhichang at the same time. This seemingly simple sword contains nine subtle changes. It is impossible for him to defeat Shifeixuan without making efforts. Therefore, at this time, his true qi is not extremely strong and it is difficult to make hasty efforts, but he can judge the timing when he plays Shifeixuan, and people will not be weak.
Therefore, this sword seems to be an understatement, but it contains a very wonderful sword truth. However, it can’t be completely defeated. People teach Li Zhichang to give birth to a stream of talents in this world. People also feel that there is an unspeakable feeling that he has never met ten fans who can stop him from going to his opponent since he debuted. Whether it is a magic giant or a right way, three or five fans often defeat him.
This time, if he hadn’t seen this woman, he would never have done such a sneak attack. He wanted to stop the other side, so he advised this brother not to be enemies with this fairy figure. However, the other side changed his mind with a sword, which is rare in the subtle world, and the strength of one just and one soft attacked his meridians and stirred his true spirit like a knife.
Road flyover haha laughed. "Cihang Sword Canon is really wonderful, and it is really a stunning figure. The little girl has been trapped in the world of mortals since she has this door, and her interest has been exhausted today."
The Taoist priest in white was surprised to be able to fight him with a flash of disease, but he still spoke with great style. He was born a natural and unrestrained person, and it was the same with Wushu. Even if he was killed before he died, he would still be drizzly and not be embarrassed like ordinary people.
The Taoist priest’s behavior is very much in line with his temper. He said, "I don’t want to find a place to have a drink until I meet you."
Road flyover smiled and pulled out from the meeting between the two men as if a light smoke had melted into the sorrow wind and drizzle, and the sword had been sheathed in white and watched Li Zhichang disappear in the mountains.
Shifeixuan said, "Thank you for your help. Feixuan thanked me."
Fair in white "That brother doesn’t seem to have a heart to kill, even if I am immortal, it won’t matter."
Shifeixuan sighed leisurely, "I don’t know how many masters are so powerful, and I don’t know how long it will take to calm down the disputes between heaven and earth." Shifeixuan’s feelings came from her heart. Although she didn’t know Li Zhichang’s thoughts, there was another variable in the disputes between heaven and earth.
Although Li Zhichang didn’t reach the level of master master master like Zhu Yuyan in Yin Dynasty, he just owed the temperature. That’s why Shi Feixuan felt that Li Zhichang suddenly came out of the terrible door. This person may go further and challenge Ning Dodge. Maybe three years or five people will definitely reach Ning Dodge. This is Shi Feixuan’s intuition.
Besides, Li Zhichang’s swordsmanship is not like that of ordinary door masters, but rather like the white swordsman who appeared in the South China Sea five years ago.
Ci Hang Jing Zhai Zhi Kuang Fu Tian It is natural for this world’s masters to have a detailed network. Five years ago, a white swordsman appeared in the South China Sea, but he became a famous master in less than half a year. At the same time, the man took over the South China Sea and influenced the South China Sea Islands to build a tall city, calling himself the Lord of Baiyun.
Over the past few years, Lord Baiyun has become another enemy in the south since the lack of Song Dynasty. However, the two masters of Lingnan in Song Dynasty can live in peace, and the swordsmanship of Lord Baiyun is also very fast, and it is very indifferent from the news.
Li Zhichang is the same. Who would have thought that Li Zhichang would suddenly try his hand with Shi Feixuan in a spring breeze conversation, and the indifference in swordsmanship was also the only moment in Shi Feixuan’s life when Shi Feixuan almost wanted to take out the power released by Choi.
The fourth chapter is famous
If the most important thing in Wulin recently is not that the affectionate public servant Shi Feixuan, the most outstanding person in Jing Zhai of Bai Cihang, traveled with the Three Gorges, then it should be that the story of Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, the eternal mystery, is revealed. Unfortunately, the most important thing in Jianghu recently is that Shi Feixuan, the most outstanding person in the history of Jing Zhai of Ci Hang, has just made his debut and the Three Gorges encountered the first fierce fight. Although the affectionate public servant Xi Bai was rescued, the swordsman who was praised as the top five swordsman in the contemporary era was still slightly injured. This move of carrying Jing Zhai of Ci Hang and Shi Wei and choosing a gentleman between heaven and man cast a shadow
Although Shi Feixuan’s demeanor is extraordinary, it’s a hindrance for Youzi to travel with the affectionate duke Xibai for three days after his injury, but Ci Hang Jing Zhai is mysterious and beyond measure, but it has already lifted a corner. Li Zhichang, who dares to fight with Shi Feixuan, is naturally secretly guarded by the Taoist master of Shi Feixuan, who is jealous of Ci Hang Jing Zhai’s position in the Wulin. Even if the contemporary fasting master Brahma Qinghui has never respected his mouth, there are several Taoist masters who are willing to help.
However, during this period, Li Zhichang had a rather unsettled life. In January, he met twenty-five masters, with the exception of one. Until today, he dared to challenge Li Zhichang with a sword. Less and less, from wanting to capture Li Zhichang Shi Xian most, to now, several masters want to capture Jian Xian. Li Zhichang’s hand passed a trick, but it happened in just one month.
And Li Zhichang, who is a great swordsman, has also been praised as one of the three great masters, who can be compared with the evil king of Yin. The peerless master is Li Zhichang Baita, who is still far from Zhu Yuyan after Yin, let alone unpredictable. Shi Xuan has not been a master of series like Du Fuwei and the four major valve masters this month. This is also due to intentional Li Zhichang’s minor injuries. It is said that Shi Feixuan has doubled his worth, but after all, he is a loner. Most of the masters of this level are famous and shocking, and it is impossible for him to provoke Li Zhichang.
Ci Hang Jing Zhai Bai Dao Wulin is highly respected, but those who are interested in fighting for the sky are both potential allies or future enemies. No hegemon will run around in vain until the ownership of Choi and Ci Hang Jing Zhai is decided. Of course, they will not deliberately go against Ci Hang Jing Zhai.
In January, Li Zhichang, the world of Datang, was little known, and at the same time, it was slowly understood that the general situation of this world now was even more surprising for Ye Gucheng to come five years earlier than him. Li Zhichang was even more surprised than this side, and Li Zhichang was not sure whether Ye Gucheng had become a first-class figure among the three great masters. However, since two years ago, no one in Wulin dared to challenge Lord Baiyun, and in the past two years, Feixian Island in the South China Sea has never been out of Ye Gucheng. Even though Ye Gucheng had many brilliant achievements four or five years ago, it was quickly forgotten or deliberately forgotten.
Li Zhichang is located in a mansion with a row of more than ten tables against the wall. People enjoy a group of guests, and Li Zhichang doesn’t climb the friendship and enjoy wine and food alone. Since then, the owner of the mansion has never revealed that Li Zhichang is a Xu person, so these guests don’t know that this person is the most famous sword fairy in the rivers and lakes. The world is very strong. After Li Zhichang entered the alchemy, he drank clean water in January and absorbed the essence of heaven and earth. In January, he washed himself like glass, but he looked like a man of 30 years old. The younger he looks like a young man in his mid-twenties, the more profound his skill is, the less his hair will grow, and the essence of heaven and earth will wash away his skin, and even a pore will be hard to detect.
However, no one can find the uniqueness of Li Zhichang, and his realm is high. It seems that he usually eats and drinks, but he is meticulous and delicious.
There are three people sitting in a group of sour branch chairs on the side of the hall, but the rest of the guests can reach them but don’t surround them and leave messages for them.
A man with a white hair and a strong bearing is in rags. Although he is sitting, he still makes people feel his majestic figure.
The other man wears a gown with stars and frost on his temples to let people know that he is old, but his appearance is middle-aged, and he is elegant and romantic, giving people a feeling of otherworldly.
Sitting and talking with these two people is like a big official. The middle-aged man is very imposing and gives a bad impression on the child prodigy.
Middle-aged people are not blind, but also an able person. Guests hate Li Zhichang’s rudeness. Because of the owner’s reasons, all prominent people don’t go to reprimand them. However, middle-aged people perceive that Li Zhichang is unusual. If others see Li Zhichang eating and drinking, they will blame him for not being polite. However, this official sees Li Zhichang eating, but he is fascinated. When Li Zhichang eats vegetables, he is very quick. His hands are like arms. When he chooses vegetables at will, his strength is very precise, like a precision machine, and Li Zhichang eats fast, but it is not. Eating a certain kind of food, he picks different foods every time he drops chopsticks. The distance can always be caught for a long time, and after he picks out the food, the food sample does not appear incomplete, which shows the strangeness of Li Zhichang’s food and drinking.
Middle-aged people talk to the two people next to them, but they can’t stop looking at Li Zhichang. He always likes to make friends with strange people. When he sees Li Zhichang’s uniqueness, he can’t help thinking. As before, this man chatted with two colleagues. Although he is good at dancing, he still talks and laughs with them.
The elegant old man laughed. "It’s too hard for a general to be single-minded. You have to be careful if you want to get to know that one. Although he is powerful, he is also a big trouble."
The official looks like a middle-aged man embarrassed and laughs. "The young man who loves to make friends most in his life has a special behavior, but he has made the old man laugh."
The old man in rags and the seemingly middle-aged Confucian scholar are both serious people, and they don’t want to offend them even if they are respected by the official.
The former is called "Yi Min of Huangshan Mountain", Ouyang Xiyi is the first person of the top master Xuanmen who has been famous for at least 40 years, and Ning Dodge is a martial arts figure of the same age who retired many years ago. This trip is to visit the owner of the house occasionally.
In the old Confucian scholars, Wang Tong, the owner of this house, is a contemporary Confucian scholar. On the theory of martial arts, he is also among the first-class masters of Zhai Rang, Dou Jiande, Du Fuwei and Ouyang Xiyi.
Wang Tong said with a smile, "I know that General Wang has always liked young Junjie and elegant people. If you don’t come to my office this time, you are afraid that the general will not be willing to come to me."
Shi Qingxuan is a famous woman whose flute skills shocked the contemporary world. It is said that she has always lived in seclusion. Not many people can appreciate her flute sounds, but if it were not for Wang Tong, a learned scholar, others would not move him. Most of the hundreds of guests in this hall are also rushing for the name of Shi Qingxuan, even eating and drinking Li Zhichang is no exception.
The middle-aged official’s name is Wang Shichong, but he is also an important official in the Sui court. There are several masters in the court who can compete with the four major valve masters. Even Wang Tong has to pay more attention to him. The articles in troubled times are worthless, and Wang Tong can’t find a happy place in Dongping County unless he is well-versed in martial arts and knows friends all over the country.
Wang Shichong flatters, "If you don’t pass the old Qing Xuan, who else will you sell when you return to the East? It’s a pity that people still don’t come to be kind and never pursue one hand to count on it, but you haven’t returned to the East for a long time." Wang Shichong’s words flatter Wang Tong and flatter Yang Guang, the emperor of the Sui Dynasty in Jiangdu, expressing his thoughts on the emperor of the Sui Dynasty, no matter how hard it is to be an official, but it’s already the top of the world to be a man. He is a conference semifinal from the western regions, not a family background, and he can
Wang Tong laughed. "It’s taken a long time for the general to flatter the old man. I’ll tell you his identity. It’s up to the general to make friends or make his own decision."
Wang Shichong said, "But please tell the old man."
Wang Tongdao said, "That man is Li Zhichang, the most famous sword fairy in the Jianghu recently."
Wang Shichong not only creeps out, "I didn’t expect him to be old, so I have to make friends with this man." Not to mention how high Li Zhichang’s martial arts are, but Li Zhichang’s courage is also one of the best in this river’s lake in recent 20 years. The only person who dares to plunder Ci Hang Jing Zhai is bold, but Kuang Ci Hang Jing Zhai has an important weight in competing for the sky, and Ci Hang Jing Zhai doesn’t know how many potential forces there are in the white road, let alone the three great masters, Yi Ning Dodge, and Ci Hang Jing Zhai, who are separated from Buddhism.
And Li Zhichang incredibly dare to say a bold word to Shifeixuan, but even though it makes Li Zhichang famous, it also makes many people secretly rejoice, but at the same time, they dare not make friends with him. Wang Tong actually openly invited Li Zhichang into the house, not afraid to offend Cihang Jingzhai, and even Wang Shichong had to admire his verve.