Although the quasi-saint also knows that the female brother is koo, it is obviously calculated by others, but now he has won the reputation of western teaching, but he has to kill it

Compared with the reputation of western teaching, she is still too light to live and die alone.
Besides, dying of western religion is the honor of being a western brother.
Sacrificing her to protect the western Christian name presumably means that the younger brother will feel honored rather than resentful when he knows it.
Wow …
A high-powered force is quietly emerging, and it is coming. The fake Yao Ji completely obliterates her without leaving a trace. Is it the past or the future?
However, if you are prepared, will Zichen Haotian let the quasi-saints obliterate the fake Yao Ji in front of them?
Then their play is not in vain?
I saw that when that force was about to come to the fake Yao Ji, an equally vast force emerged around and evolved into Qionglou Yuyu and Tiangong Temple for 33 days …
In a blink of an eye, a magnificent heaven appears and reflects the heavens and the earth, firmly guarding the fake Yao Ji.
Although the quasi-saint is strong, facing the wind, Zichen and Haotian are also capable of joining hands with him.
All he did was to break the two men’s joint defense and erase the fake Yao Ji.
"Damn it!"
At this time, where can the quasi-saint fail to understand that the two emperors in heaven obviously have already noticed his plan to put this joint hand in hand to play him
After this, the quasi-saint stopped making moves, but walked to the sage’s side.
It is inevitable that the false Yao Ji’s identity will be exposed. The first thing he should do now is to discuss with the sage to minimize the impact.
Picture back to Taoshan!
"Uber still doesn’t show its true colors?"
Seeing the true Yao Ji didn’t answer Yang Jian’s anger at that time, offering up the third eye is a divine light shot to return to its original shape.
But seeing Yang Jian offering the Eye of the Heaven really made Yao Ji suspect even more angry.
Boy, this fake thing is really enough, but even the eye of heaven can imitate it
Then I saw the true Yao Ji’s forehead suddenly appeared with a divine pattern, and Yang Jian’s forehead and eye generally shot a divine light at the same time, and Yang Jian shot a divine light and slammed it together.
Two identical divine lights collided and burst, causing terror waves to break through layers of clouds.
When it’s all over, it turns out …
Regardless of the outcome!
Two shekinah unexpectedly offset at the same time.
"Eye of the Sky?"
"How do you have an eye?"
I noticed that the real Yao Ji’s forehead was exactly the same, and Yang Jian’s face was full of incomprehension and shock.
Not only he, but also the great avatar who noticed this matter looked blank. Isn’t this innate treasure unique? How can there be two identical innate treasures?