This line of people is the special forces led by General Hawke!

When I was in contact with general Hawke
Mark said …
Death belongs to Mark!
Technology belongs to Hawke!
Although this marvel universe has reached a certain level of technology, it can restrain its ability to some extent.
Technology is a foreign thing after all!
Mark is lazy, even if he plunders so much technology, what’s the point?
Stop it. Can a black technology company crush Stark Industries with greater market value?
"Damn this crazy!"
In the ship, Scarlett looked at the inexplicable collapse of the ice floe base and bit her teeth and said, "We demolished it without even getting a database?"
"Stop complaining. This guy never said that he would wait until we came. Fortunately, General Hawke asked us to leave overnight …" The cover girl next to him shrugged her shoulders and said after adjusting the autopilot!
Dress yourself in a diving suit and heavy artillery at the back. Du said with a dark face, "What’s the temperature of this water? I’m afraid of cold!"
"Our diving suit has a thermostat!" Scarlett took over the control of the ship, took a look at the rapidly collapsing ice floe base and said without looking back, "We are rescuing this base’s science and technology database, and the general is very interested in the nano-worm missile data."
"white!" Du, a heavy artillery, glanced at the water breathing mask. Duke, who joined their team only yesterday, and the umbrella line nodded …
Just then!
At this moment, with the completion of Create’s work, 16 iron pillars supporting the most basic ice floe base are instantaneous like being distorted vigorously and making teeth sour.
Crashing into two pieces!
Moment after the whole ice floe base lost its support, it instantly tilted 90 degrees to the right …
As deep as possible, the sea water poured through several broken glasses and directly submerged all the soldiers controlled by nano-insects in the base!
"Ah …" Washed from side to side by the sea, the medical officer Rexley came out of the water and gave a disgusting cry.
But although the cry is full of strength, it still can’t change the fact that he is like an ant in this deep water!
Pushed aside by the seawater, Rex directly slammed into a raised iron wall …
Rex grabbed the raised iron wall as if he had caught the last straw.
Where his eyes are, the nano-soldier army he worked so hard to build is just like a wreck drifting with the raging sea!
"Mark Louis! ! !”
Eyes bloodshot Rex looked up at the cave on the ground and let out a piercing scream!
One second!
It’s another surge, and the sea is on the way, which will directly affect Rex’s physical strength. Rex is directly involved in the sea and runs towards another section!
At this moment, Rex still can’t believe that Mark dares to be so decisive!
After he got the knowledge of bald doctor and stole his sister.
Whenever he is ready to dedicate his sister to McCullen, Mark’s magical figure will always appear in his mind on time …
It seems that even he doesn’t know what he took from his sister Anna. Although she controlled it, she didn’t do anything out of line
Is to prevent Mark from getting away with it when he kills him one day!
But …