"Although the immortal emperor ordered immortals not to intervene in the cultivation of immortals, many immortals died at the hands of immortals every year. For one reason or another, I, Li Chengzhu, today, if you are bullied by any immortal, you can come to Acacia to find me."

Boss Li’s eyes stared straight at Luo Sihai’s desk with a strange smile on his face.
Lota Shuai’s face became more ugly. Li Pian-yu looked at Luo Sihai and then at Ye Zhiqiu and closed his eyes after taking a few breaths.
The situation is not so good today. Luo Sihai saw it, and Li Pian-yu also saw it.
This so-called celebration of the first direct promotion of Luo Tianxian in the celestial world has another meaning.
One gave this newly established new strength a chance to snare the most basic personnel.
Boss Li spouted saliva and stars tried to stir up the emotions of the bosses and castellans. When reporters were used to those sensational means stained with yellow-haired stars, Li Chengzhu set up an enemy image with his powerful power and this time, which easily made the blood of these people boil.
Li Chengzhu, the duke of the so-called celestial cities, naturally knows that these people are the lowest level personnel in the fairy hierarchy, just like Gu Linglong at the beginning.
No immortal wants to stay in a city and be troubled by the worldly affairs of the immortals all day long, so he can’t practice quietly. Although he can get a certain reward, the reward is not proportional to the effort.
But there is no shortage of people who can be promoted to high-level immortals in these cities.
Besides, these casters are a big force when they unite
Boss Li knows that if we grasp half of the 4,000 people present, this force will be full of unknown struggles and remain invincible in the future.
Anyone who suspects that Boss Li is evil or selfish can see it, including those bosses who have been ignited to cultivate immortality.
After practicing for hundreds of years, people who are not stupid and excited will also think of what kind of purpose this murderous and acacia patriarch will have if he changes his past arrogance and affability.
If you really want to say that this person has a sense of justice, these most important and lowest-level immortals will not believe it.
Shame on big boss Li, he has opened his sleeves and untied his robe, revealing glistening belly, reflecting and showing color, and some of them have been forced to sweat out of their bodies. Big boss Li wants to carry out the sensation to the end.
From time to time, the female brothers of Hehuan Sect stole a peek at a patriarch’s adult and leaked their hearts in spring.
The bosses asked their own questions, which revolved around the available benefits and the cost.
When you know that you don’t need to pay for justice on your side, you will conditionally fight evil. After that, the leaders are excited and step by step into the condom set by Boss Li.
At this moment, the eyes of these immortal owners are like giants who maintain peace in the immortal world and generally represent justice and light.
When all kinds of questions and mood swings passed, Boss Li was thirsty.
A mind brother hurriedly brought a cup of tea to Li Chengzhu and took a bite to kill it. At the end, he said thank you to his brother with a smile.
The female brother bit his lip with a blush on his face and stumbled off the stage with excitement.
That thank you is habitually said, but the bosses can see some information from it.
How can a Luo Tianxian who is so peaceful to his younger brother be as murderous as he smells?
No matter what purpose he brought, it is a good thing that he will devote himself to maintaining peace in the world of cultivating immortals after the death of Albizia.
The title of Acacia Sect has no longer broken through the whole world of cultivating immortals, and no sect has ever been so loud.
And the Luo Tianxian nature also can’t get any benefits from yourself.
After much thought, the bosses didn’t find anything for Luo Tianxian to covet.
Property? If he wants to, he can take it by force and then return his property to Hehuan Zongmen.
Talent? There are so many talented people in the Acacia Sect that there are countless people who want to join the Acacia Sect to cultivate immortality.
"On the whole," Li Chengzhu made a final summary with a wipe of his mouth. "I, who belong to Acacia Sect, will not let my own people suffer or make my enemy better than even if the enemy is an immortal or a higher immortal, I, Li Chengzhu, are not afraid!"
Boss Li has finally revealed his true purpose, and the masters of the company have sniffed out a little taste.
Everything revolves around the last three words.
Only when one of our own is one of our own, can we really pay conditionally.
But who cares?
All these leaders need to do is get the promise of the patriarch who dares to go against the sky and ask for help. If he can really help them in the most crisis as he said, these leaders will already be grateful to Germany.
"Li Zongzhu, I propose to set up an alliance to cultivate immortals, and Li Zongzhu will lead us all." A voice rang out in the crowd, although it was not big, but it was full of the whole venue.
Boss Li swore that he had never asked for help.
It’s beyond my expectation to achieve such results.
Luo Sihai and Li Pian’s feathers are blue in the face. They know that if they don’t take some measures to make this shameful person agree to come, then all the bottom members of the whole cultivation world can belong to him.
The three major forces in the celestial world dare not boldly woo Jin Xianren, but they can secretly control a sect founder and then control this sect. But who would have thought that there is still a soldier in the celestial world who is not afraid of being punished by the immortals, and his ambition has been recognized by the immortal world?
It all sounds so ironic and crazy now, but it really happened.
The propagandist is also well-known in the field of cultivating immortals, and the strength of his sect theory can also rank among the top ten in the field of cultivating immortals.
Such a person’s sincere shouting of this remark is naturally more frightening than that of others.

"So I still want Li Lincheng Dong to make a fuss about taking 50 gold bars from the gold company." Zhou Zheng pondered that "the kidnapper asked for money and I agreed to give them 50 gold bars and informed his assistant. Then he went to the gold company to take the money, but there was a conflict in the transaction process … You just need to improve the details on this idea."

Seven people nodded his head.
"And you should try to erase Lin Chengdong’s true identity in South Shanghai." Zhou Zheng frowned and said, "You people are amazing. No.57, District 5, is not for nothing. Once he is exposed, I have to die."
"It’s no problem. People in South Shanghai have already done it."
Outdoor room
Qin Yu very discontentedly took the words at Jun Chen and said, "What did we say at the beginning? ! Lin Chengdong handed over the man and you let him go back to South Shanghai safely, but why did you arrange something else for him? "
"I asked over there just now. Chief Huang felt that it was necessary for Lin Chengdong to join and Lin Chengdong people agreed." Chen Junqing replied.
"Put this way to talk to him he can not promise? !”
"Xiaoyu Lin Chengdong is not a koo. He got involved in the bureau and was implicated. There is nothing that can be done." Jun Chen said both truthfully and objectively. "I will inform the person in charge of the seventh district to let him try his best to ensure Lin Chengdong’s safety."
"Work can’t be done for nothing!" Qin Yu knows that it has been forced to reverse Nenglin’s mouth.
"Don’t worry, it’s not difficult for military personnel to meet his personal demands." Jun Chen said with a smile, "You let Lin Chengdong think about his own conditions and I’ll help him."
"That’s it!"
A civilian police officer in the archives room of the South Shanghai Police Headquarters said with a mouse that "once the residence information was deleted, there was no way to restore it."
"It’s been approved and deleted." The leader replied back.
After the civilian police officer nodded, he slowly pressed the delete button.
A pop-up dialog box of successful deletion pops up on the screen.
Lin Chengdong’s identity in South Shanghai is gone …
Chapter 12 Night Talk about Landing Sichuan Mansion
That night, Qin Yu stayed here and didn’t go, but lived in a room with Lin Chengdong alone and drank some wine.
Bed Qin Yu sat cross-legged and peeled peanuts. "You came back this time, and Gu Yan and I felt that you have changed a lot."
"Ha ha" Lin Chengdong drinking beer "wife remarried son didn’t Torre paralysis were dead … I watched off Xiaoyu again. Who do you think this thing can not change?"
"I feel very uncomfortable when I think of when we first met at the South Shanghai School." Qin Yu really felt guilty. "If we hadn’t been so close, your life might not have changed."
"People can’t always look at the past, otherwise they can’t fucking live." Lin Chengdong’s words were flat and waved his head to look at Qin Yu and suddenly asked, "Dude, you said that one day you would find that I have no bottom line and no persistence. Can we still drink like this? Can you still be a good buddy? "
Qin Yu looked at him; "I don’t want you to be like that!"
"Xiaoyu, one day I really want to become that person. I hope … you and Gu Yan don’t ignore me." Lin Chengdong slowly raised his beer like a joke and seemed to be serious. Some said piteously, "Because … I’m really lonely, hehe, and you two are bosom friends after half a generation! Don’t worry, I may become different, but I won’t cheat anyone. "
Qin Yu raised his beer and bumped into his glass. "I don’t know how to persuade you, and I don’t know what your plans are in the future, but one thing remains the same. We are friends and have experienced a lot of things together. I hope you will be well and come out."
"hmm!" Lin Chengdong Qin Yu bumped into a cup and looked at him and said, "You and Gu Yan have been helping me take care of my family for years since I left. I won’t accept this feeling for nothing. I may give you both a big gift one day!"
"I hope you will be well."
"I will be fine, I will be!"
They bumped into a glass and drank it off.
"I wish you all the best in the fifth district!"
They got drunk that night and talked until four or five o’clock in the morning before falling asleep.
Early the next morning, Qin Yu flew to Chuanfu area.
One night later.
Zhou Zheng was out, and Lin Chengdong also arrived at the yard. The head of the seven districts pointed to the three burly young people next to them and shouted at them. "They will go with you and say that they are assistant troubled stablehand who will tell them the points that need attention in a while. After you two go in, these three people will find a reason and leave."
Lao Zhou nodded
"I have arranged people in a food and lodging shop outside the gun location line. They can witness this. You are not worried about your general route. After the firefight in the abandoned water conservancy plant, two gangsters left with Lao Zhou. One of them was injured, but he still wanted to blackmail Lao Zhou for a ransom of fifty gold bars and then a firefight occurred during the transaction …!" The words of the person in charge of the seven districts gave a detailed explanation to the people.
After everyone listened, Lin Chengdong was very careful and said to him, "Don’t forget that I told you that someone fell into the pit in Jin Taizhu for the first time. He is a hidden danger!"

"Good le drink!"

The two of them didn’t continue the topic just now, and talked about gossip for a change.
After drinking for about half an hour, Lin Chengdong felt almost the same and rushed to Xiaoliang and said, "You sit down for a while and I’ll go to the toilet!"
Xiaoliang knew that Lin Chengdong was going to pay the bill, but he didn’t stop nodding and replied, "Hehe, go ahead!"
Lin Chengdong conveniently hit the desktop carry-on bag and pulled out two steps from the inside, then walked towards health.
Xiaoliang sat in situ, drank two mouthfuls of wine and ate two dishes. With the strength of wine, he always deliberately swept to Lin Chengdong to put the table bag. When the latter took the money just now, he saw what was inside and somehow had an impulse in his heart.
I don’t know whether it’s the desire of the heart or the curiosity. Xiaoliang grabbed chopsticks and gently picked a bag.
The bag is very bulging, and Xiaoliang picks it up with chopsticks, revealing five or six stacks of cash inside.
The wine poured in and the lights lit up. Looking at the money in the bag, I paused for a long time and then put the chopsticks away. Then I couldn’t help thinking, What is Lin Chengdong doing now? Seems to be doing well …
At the bar, Lin Chengdong came back after buying the bill and said with a smile, "Come and let’s dry the wine in the cup. Today is almost the same."
"Have you finished buying the bill?" Xiaoliang asked
"Well conveniently bought" Lin Chengdong nodded.
"Oh, I thought I’d invite you today. I’m embarrassed that you always pay the bill."
"It’s all the same, then let you invite me, hehe." Lin Chengdong didn’t look at the handbag and sat down and continued to drink with Xiaoliang.
After Feng Beiying Daya came back, he first called to thank the head of the division and others, and then went to the clinic to hang up the intravenous drip.
After being tossed for two days in a row, Daya was too tired to add medicine, which made him sleepy. He fell asleep in the hospital bed after a while.
At nine o’clock in the evening, the needle had been pulled out. In a daze, he heard a fierce step outside the door. As soon as he turned his side and opened his eyes, he saw the second company commander of Li Ying coming out.
"You two are back." Daya sat up slowly and quipped with a smile. "How did you suffer? !”
"Theway is in the hospital," said Deputy Li Ying directly.
Daya zheng "in the hospital?"
"Beaten" Li Ying nodded and replied "Just sent to the city hospital by the picket!"
"fuck! What are they doing at me to hit Theway? " Fang ass thought it was also a picket. He immediately got into bed and asked, "What about that hospital?"
"221 Hospital!"
"Go and see him by car!" Daya picked up his coat and stepped out the door.
After more than an hour.
Theway, a company commander, was seen in the Daya ward of the surgical inpatient department of the hospital. He suffered from two fractures all over his body and bruised his whole cheek. There was no good place left.
The feelings of comrades-in-arms are different from those of ordinary people. When they are together, it is more than when they are with relatives. If only they rolled over the shop and carried the gun, it would be like brothers.
The fangs at the sight of Theway was so angry on the spot "how fucking electrocuting? To beat people like this? !”
"He … they caught me first and kept asking … if you made a gun at the door of the hotel one day, if you deliberately took the soldiers to where … to clear Qin Yu …!" Theway lay in bed and gasped, "They beat me for a fucking day and a night without telling me!"
The veins stood out suddenly and violently on his forehead.
"What are you than we come out after? Isn’t the regimental headquarters working together? " Li camp deputy asked.
"One day in Tailai Hotel, it’s mainly because we shot me in a row. My mouth is more important. He wants me to bite the battalion commander. I don’t even spit when I die … I always say that it’s a soldier’s spontaneous gun because I don’t know how you said it can kill this." Theway gasped and replied, "So they have been messing with me and have dealt with it according to discipline … Fuck me, I may be stripped, and I may have to be taken to the military waiting court."
"ah? !” Deputy Li Ying asked incredulously, "Is there still a court session?"
"He gave me all the information. I didn’t bite the battalion commander. They couldn’t finish. They could buckle the pot to my head." Theway licked his chapped lips. "Fuck it. Everyone knew that our camp had been the whole party, government and regimental headquarters by default, but it was done by one of our own … OK, I can’t recognize the boss and quit!"
Changing jobs and being forcibly stripped of clothes are two different things. What’s worse, Theway may be sued by the Ministry of Justice. This kind of treatment is equivalent to having recognized that Zhang Wei returned to the place after committing a crime during his service, and the army will not give him any benefits!
As a result of such disgusting treatment, Daya’s mentality was completely blown up. He looked at Theway’s words and said concisely, "… I can find you a good home even if you undress! But this thing is not over! "
Say that finish fangs turned and left the room.
Deputy Li Ying felt wrong and immediately chased out and shouted, "Don’t be impulsive! What are you doing?"
"Fuck you, you can’t be a soldier without this evil spirit!" Daya glared at her eyes and scolded, "The Japanese dog supervision bureau can’t clean up you and I will clean up you!"
"You don’t impulse you get him …!"
"I’ve long wanted to leave without this. Fuck him!" Daya kept stepping towards the ladder.
"I’ll fucking go!" The second company commander also came running.
urban district
Sha Xuan shrugged his eyelids and yawned at Sha Yong and asked, "Which side is going to come? Is the frame so big? "
"Can you sit quietly for a while and keep your mouth shut! Can you close it? !” ShaYong irritable replied.
"Not we have what enemy? Can’t I fucking say a word now? " Sha Xuan is in a hurry.
ShaYong swept his one eye, "how do you like cerebral palsy? ! There are so many people waiting for that person who is no higher than you. What are you trying to force? !”
"You fucking scold me!"

Thirty earth years is not short.

Lin Chongke, an avatar field in Zer exhibition country, is engaged in research and writing the history of the heavens and bringing eternity into the history of Kunlun.
There are also countermeasures in this process.
Every time I get some new knowledge of the heavens, Lin Chong will write a book.
In the process of copying, you can often get some inspiration, which is the truth.
Mastering the only secret means mastering the judgment standard of the top information channels in the heavens. Now every generate inspiration in Lin Chong’s heart may determine the future of Kunlun Xianzong.
I had a sudden change of heart before writing this time.
He has a doubt.
This matter has to be answered by Wan Mizhai.
Lin Chong’s high vision cannot come to Xu Jin where Wan Mizhai is stationed for the time being.
Worried about the ambush of Xu Jin Guo Gao Lin Tianyi.
Lin Chong and Earth Wen are most afraid of the concept of "changing nature into mystery".
So Lin Chong talked remotely through Wan Mizhai, the four-poster god of Kun-class starship.
Four-poster God has the ability of information communication when traveling, which was proved when the life heaven was complete. After the overall rise of human beings, the level of scientific and technological progress has changed with each passing day, and the ability of four-poster God to penetrate has become sharper.
The countermeasures bureau said that the era of soaring and myth is a leap-forward era of progress, and one earth year is often worth several years or even decades.
When the four pillars of God appeared, it was as if Wan Mizhai were alive in front of Lin Chong.
Two people meet in "human"
At present,’ human’ has gradually replaced buzhoushan.
Human-to-human information intermediary
In "human", the countermeasure bureau has arranged a table and two chairs standing on a heavy green hill, where there are green scenery everywhere.
"Wan Daoyou said that you remembered the past when you got the word. At that time, it was not the time to discuss it in detail. Now it is." Lin Chong also invited Wan Mizhai to sit down.
"High contact is too secret?" Wan Mizhai asked.
"It’s too split to achieve the only thing. I heard Li Boyang say," Lin Chong asked, "Is the only thing a concept? Is it the predecessor of Gao? "
"This is the opposite." Wan Mizhai shook his head. "It was the collapse of the Buddha and the birth of the Buddha. At that moment, twenty-four unique spirits were highlighted, and one escape was only twenty-four unique saints."
"What do you mean by doing this too much?" Lin asked curiously.
"One life is two, two lives are three, and three lives are all things." Wan Mizhai said with a smile, "It is the most suitable thing for him to do."
"That’s too late?" Lin chong asked again
"I died in a moment after the birth of the heavens," Wan Mizhai said. "After a short brake, I was followed by been followed for about three moments, and then I don’t know because I have been too degraded."
"Since it is lofty and eternal, it is also eternal. So when it was born, it was too high to be born. So?" Lin chong asked again
"Too is from the only height," Wan Mizhai said.
"The only high? Where is the only height when the century of the Buddha has not collapsed? " Lin Chong doubts.
Wan Mizhai dipped his finger in the tea table and drew a circle from beginning to end.
After the round painting, Lin Chong was shocked. "Tianmen? !”
"I guess so, too." Wan Mizhai said with a serious expression.
It should be serious.
According to Wan Mizhai, the first eternity was transformed from the only height, but now the only height has not yet been born, which means that the only height will inevitably be born, and the heavens will form a perfect circle after the birth of the only height like a swallow-tailed snake.
"End to end and last forever …" Lin Chong whispered. "Is this the goal of the immortals?"
"Are you familiar with Gouchen Tiangong and Ziwei Emperor?" Lin Chongwen
"Unfamiliar" Wan Mizhai shook his head
"You are qualified to strive for high places from Taitai when the celestial beings were born. That’s not your name at that time, is it?" Lin Chong asked again, "Which of the spiritual things that could be transported by heaven and earth in the era of God and Buddha were you?"
"Those memories don’t want to" Wan Mizhai laughed. "Just speak on condition of anonymity for fear of contaminating Gao Er."
Wan Mizhai doesn’t want to talk about it.
"Have you ever seen the only tall figure?" Lin chong asked again
"He looks like a mess and orderly lines. Every line is in order and order. At both ends, the Jade Emperor’s original avenue summoned him from the end of everything. When he saw his 24 top deities, he knew that the end had come …" Wan Mizhai recalled.
Described so clearly, Lin Chong believes that Wan Mizhai’s predecessor should be around the Buddha and the Jade Emperor.
"Tianmensheng only changed his wife’s broken Buddha’s land and bred the heavens and the heavens to regenerate Tianmen …" Lin Chong sneered. "This wishful thinking is so loud."
This is reincarnation.
Once the reincarnation is established, the heavens can last forever and ever.
Wan Mizhai meeting ends.
Lin chong’s countermeasures bureau continued to chat
"The Chinese Emperor is dying," Lin Chong told the Countermeasure Bureau.
"Why do you say that?" Experts expressed doubts that the Vientiane immortal emperor was speculating or predicting that he planned to evolve from a’ third-rate’ to a’ prophet’ after mastering the only secret.
"An eternity is about to be born, and this eternity is born out of Tianmen, which is definitely not what Ziwei follows. There can be an eternal rule, and Ziwei is going to die," Lin Chong said.
"What Wan Mizhai said may not be true," said the Bureau of Countermeasures.
"I know" Lin Chong nodded, not to say that Wan Mizhai intentionally lied, but that Wan Mizhai, after all, was not high enough, but what he saw and heard was not necessarily the truth.
"It’s true that I’m dying. I’ve seen the signs in the Metauniverse," said Lin Chong.
In the metaphysical universe

After completing the formalities, they were very happy to leave the office and turned to the chief of staff next to them and said, "These two people are a little interesting. Less than a month after the establishment of the fucking independent group, five or six hundred troops snowballed faster than when we first came to Sichuan."

"Yes," the chief of staff nodded. "I didn’t expect Dachuan and these two days were born to be suitable for pulling teams."
"Well, look at some young officers who came back from the district and select some with potential. I’m going to put them in an independent regiment. Their troops are too miscellaneous. They need orthodox officers to go in and coordinate and lead the troops in the right direction," said Li Zhanqing.
"Are you going to focus on cultivating bandit groups?"
"The hero doesn’t ask the source. Well done, I will pull him out." Li Zhan said without hesitation.
Half an hour later, the independent regiment regimental headquarters showed a abducted expression and looked at Dachuan and asked, "Why did this approve my deputy head?" I said before that the battalion-level officers were not approved at one time? "
Dachuan took a sip of tea and replied beautifully, "Brother, can’t we eat a bite of rice?" Don’t worry, I promise you that the Ministry will not break its word. "
"Well," especially the bright spot nodded.
"There’s another thing before battalion officers are approved," Okawa said with blinking eyes and bared his teeth. "Didn’t you say that there are still a group of people who may be collected? You help me with this thing. Let’s find a way to implement the independent group full plan as soon as possible. "
You Liang squinted at Dachuan and ground his teeth and said, "I have an idea."
"You are quick to say!" Dachuan nodded with great interest.
"The other party is dumping drugs and tight supplies. When they deliver goods to Sichuan, you can ask some officers to pretend to be people on the ground to find them and detain their goods …" You Liang said very seriously, "They will definitely not do it if the goods are detained. Come and reason. Then you can let the regular troops touch porcelain and charge them with attacking military units … so that they will be shot if they are not incorporated. It’s a great thing to do!"
"What a loss? !” Dachuan thick-skinned also seriously replied, "It’s all Jianghu children who will push others too hard …"
You Liang gas forehead veins stood out suddenly and violently crooked neck looked at him and said, "Dachuan, Dachuan, I finally know what you can do so well in Sichuan."
"I haven’t seen people who are more shameless than you. Do you still have the face of Jianghu children? You’re a comrade-in-arms who fought with you all the time, but you fucking treat me like a fool. "You Liang pointed to Dachuan and said," You don’t pay attention to it, you don’t live in rivers and lakes! "
"Ha ha!" Dachuan smiled. "I wasn’t one of our own at that time, but now we’re all wearing a pair of pants. Don’t say anything about this, Laoyou. Introduce me to a gang that can be incorporated."
"Battalion officers don’t arrange for me, I’m sure I can’t introduce them." You Liang waved his hand and refused.
"If you want to talk so heavily, you may have to reconsider the nature and facts of a Youwei crime …"
"fuck!" Youliang collapse
Qu Yanbei
Feng Lei immediately dialed a number after meeting his friends at the police headquarters and said in a low voice, "That’s a bit of a line. Those two people in the ninth district are not unfamiliar … Just to be on the safe side, let them shut up forever."
"white!" The other party should immediately answer one
At the same time, some military personnel of the foreign affairs department of the regional military intelligence bureau have quietly rushed to the ninth district to prepare for the arrest of the two suspects.
Chapter 243 Three bodies in one room
More than ten o’clock that night
More than 20 workers from the Foreign Affairs Department of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the District secretly arrived in Songjiang, District 9, and were picked up by Ma and Lao.
Ma Laoer of Songjiang conference room of Tuzha Street Military Supervision Bureau asked the district leader gently, "You have confirmed the whereabouts of the suspect, right?"
A major officer in the "not yet" area shook his head and replied, "We have contact with insiders and it is estimated that we will have a reply soon."
Ma Laoer nodded. "Then what do we need to cooperate with?"
"arrest ourselves, but the two people involved are likely to have top political backgrounds, and we need your help when we take them back," said the major officer.
"Good" Ma Laoer immediately replied, "Then just tell me what you need directly."
Both sides shake hands.
Ma Laoer got involved because he received Qin Yu’s words and learned that the old cat was attacked, so he would naturally give help to the district workers within his sphere of influence.
After the exchange, the district workers held a brief meeting in Songjiang conference room.
Jiuqu Fengbei
Feng Lei called Lv Fang. He is a special military intelligence officer. Feng’s troops have formal positions, but the level of logistics department is equivalent to regimental cadres
Lv Fang is a very low-key person in the ninth district. He usually doesn’t show mountains and rivers, but his hands have manipulated a large number of military personnel to do some things that are not allowed to be seen.
The two suspects are Lv Fang’s former Fengbei private law firm and Lv Fang’s inspiration. He appreciates them very much, but now that he has spoken, he has to abandon these two lovers.
There is a street named Bran Avenue in the south gate area of Fengbei City, which runs through the whole gate area almost horizontally. The buildings here are also European-style, and the people here are European immigrants. The Chinese privately call it foreigner street here.
Most of the residents in foreigner street are prominent people of European origin. Simply speaking, this is a rich area. You can live here either as an official of the nine district government agencies or as a businessman.
The two main suspects were arranged by Lv Fang, because the nine districts have promulgated special protection laws for the European population. If the general law enforcement agencies want to investigate and arrest people here, they must first say hello to the European Association, and they will first come forward to assist the law enforcement agencies in their work.
The nine-district government issued this kind of protection law because of the European population, which belongs to ethnic minorities and the nine-district is a multi-ethnic region. If you want to completely integrate, you must take care of all the emotions of the suspects, so it is difficult to infiltrate the general law enforcement units and military personnel.

"Brother Jianlou!"

Simon Cher of Yunqi River has rushed to the past in utter amazement.
At this time, Qingyun platform has already dissipated in the dark night, and one of them is slowly collecting the sword and returning to the sheath.
Looking down, he looked down and refused to disdain Yun Jian Building. "Although you and your brother are a word difference, it is a world of difference!"
Obviously, the cold thousand means that although the Yun Jian building can also display the dust of the sword, it has not been perfected after all, and the south of Yun Jian is different from the world
Yun Jian Building was seriously injured. I heard that it was blood and blood that sprayed a mouthful of congestion and then resented syncope!
Leave anxious Cher and glare at Yunqi River.
Han Qian won. He not only defeated the sword of the same order to repair the Yun Jian Building, but also deterred the quartet from trying to benefit everyone.
Now, he has been qualified as a top performer by virtue of his strength
And the cold thousand Yun Jian building has pushed the competition for Qingyun list to a climax, which also made him fight for Qingyun platform enter a key stage
Compared with the face of strong strength, it is too cold to practice, and natural reason has chosen two Qingyun platforms that are relatively good at bullying it.
Mozhuang is not weak now because of his feet and hands at the end of the world. After defeating several tempters, he stabilized the fifth Qingyun Tower. This … did not make people think.
After all, the disciples’ understanding of Mozhuang is just an academic dude, and now they don’t have much spiritual strength, and they don’t think this brother can last long.
But it’s just luck that off the charts is standing still.
And the fourth Qingyun Tower is worthy of a hundred miles of Changfeng. After defeating the full moon and the jade, the Lord has firmly established Qingyun Tower.
Although there are tentative challenges, one person can shake the position.
At this time, the competition for Qingyun Taiwan can be described as the situation gradually.
Wood Yan evil three people covers an area of most people will challenge this past dynasties Qingyun competition is also mostly the case, after all, although these three people this method blessing gas capacity, but that one by one are condensation star dzogchen! And the physical strength is the vigor, and it’s all full of nuclei … What do you think? It’s all bad.
Therefore, this is also the reason why Qingyun leaders can generally successfully stay in the Qingyun list twice in a row, and it is also the only special thing that Yanyu Pavilion gives Qingyun leaders the second competition!
After all, the real purpose of Qingyun List is to rescue Qian Shan Yuhai. If a generation of Qingyun leaders who are familiar with Qian Shan Yuhai are eliminated, once the new Qingyun leaders enter the battlefield of Qian Shan Yuhai, it means that everything is strange!
This doubt will increase the risk of fall and failure, so almost every generation of top performers will be born with a generation of top performers.
Just like the goddess Bai Lianxing is living in two worlds.
Nowadays, except for Luo Yu, Long Qiu Fei Huang, Wei You, Yu Jie and Jia Nan, almost all of the remaining practitioners have taken the stage to challenge.
That is to say, in addition to these people, there are already people who can shake the remaining three Qingyun platforms.
Of course, not to mention’ full of energy’, powerful Muyan evil three people.
Chapter 511 Qingyun Feixue to Munan Feimo Yu
The second day of Qingyun competition has already ended.
The six leaders were born when Qingyun competed for the second day.
That is to say, there are just over two hours left before the end of the competition for Qingyuntai.
At this moment, the six people in Antai will survive this short period of less than three hours, and they can proudly stand at the peak of Qingyun and be blessed by the fate of mountains and seas, which makes Tian Junjie look forward to.
However, the more intense the competition is at the last moment, the more it is beyond everyone’s imagination.
The most surprising thing is that instead of choosing Mo Zhuang and others who are relatively easy to deal with, Na Guying Zongyu Barrier chose to challenge Ning Xing dzogchen’s epiphyllum and Wei Shang!
This really makes people feel confused, and there are many people who sneer at it.
I don’t blame everyone for this. What strength do you have? Don’t you have points? Actually go to challenge Ningxing dzogchen Wei, which is humiliating and different?
But what is even more shocking is that the yoga male saint has stepped into the Qingyun platform of Yanfeixue!
Gu yingzong, the two cattle walkers, really made everyone unable to understand. Are you crazy to say that Gu yingzong is crazy?
However, after the Yun Jian Tower War, Han Qian once again defeated Wei You, and like Yunjian Tower, he defeated the magical power of sealing the ring at night.
This doubt has raised people’s awareness of cold thousand a lot.
At this moment, Wei You is depressed and drooping his head and comes to Luo Yu and others. Luo Yu asks, "Have you found anything?"
"found? Hi ~ "Wei You scratched his head and thought for a moment, then said," It’s dark, and you can’t see the gods as if they were suppressed by a cold chill … How could the Great Sage be defeated if it weren’t for this? "
Los feather lost in thought.
Beside Longqiu Feihuang doubt try to say "doubt? Are you trying to seize this station? Can be on the stage … "
Feather slightly shook his hand and he looked at the nearby Taiwan cold thousand muses, "I think … what’s wrong with this cold thousand is not white at the moment."
As he said this, he looked thoughtfully at the eye. You are hurting me. I went to the Jade Barrier to see a display array, a hundred flowers folding fan to sacrifice the fire spell. It is a good fight, but it also has its own offensive and defensive.
While the Qingyun Terrace in the Swallow Flying Snow House is unusually quiet.
He ….. It’s said that Qingyun contended for the position of male and female, but at the moment, Yan Feixue actually played chess with the yoga male saint!
Such a violation of the picture is surprising to everyone.
Luo Yu saw it and looked back at the side of Longqiu Feihuang. He mused, "At the moment, the situation is getting better and better. Although it occupies one, it consumes a lot of money. The Feihuang Shaozhu can take over the stage."
"It’s the right way to look at me." Emperor Longqiu had already made a hasty ceremony and turned away.
At this time, Baicheng looked at the back of the flying emperor in Longqiu and worried, "Will it be too early for the flying emperor to go on stage at this time?"

"No outsiders sit down, Xiaofei." Shen Wanzhou waved his hand with great vigor.

"Well" Shen Fei bent down to sit.
"There’s something you need to do." Shen Wanzhou looked at Shen Fei and said flatly.
Chapter 231 Blind date
Yan Bei bie yuan
Because Wu Di and his party arrived very late, it was not very convenient to travel with Qin Yu and others, so everyone sat in the living room and chatted for a while, so that the host prepared some supper and had a simple meal.
When eating, Wu Di’s performance has been a little obvious. He has been pulling the old cat to sit with him and Zheng Yazhong, while the old cat Cheng cares about Hu Lie and doesn’t seem to find anything unusual
After the dinner, it was already past 11 o’clock in the middle of the night. Because there were still things to do, Wu Di and others got up and left for the next villa to rest.
After going back
Zheng Ya immediately went into his room to wash, while Zheng Gan sat on the sofa in the living room and asked Wu Di, "Did you tell them?"
"I told Xiaoyu," Wu Di replied lazily, smoking a cigarette.
"What does Mr. Qin mean?" Zheng gan face seriously asked
"He didn’t object," Wu Di answered truthfully, "but he can’t arrange the blind date between the old cat and his peers. If the old cat doesn’t have any different opinions, the two sides will try to get in touch with each other."
"That means Mr. Qin doesn’t object?"
"Well, he didn’t say anything against it," Wu Di nodded. "But we can’t make decisions about it. It’s up to them."
"My sister’s personality is also quite stubborn." Zheng Gan rubbed his face with some fire. "If it weren’t for my mother and I had to let her estimate, she wouldn’t be able to accept any blind date."
"Why don’t you ask her?" Wu Di tried to answer the question.
Zheng Gan scratched his head. "Ok, I’ll go to her and ask you to go to bed early."
"Well, I went." Zheng Gan got up and pointed to the floor.
"You go ahead. I’ll sleep after smoking this cigarette." Wu Di nodded.
Two minutes later, Zheng Gan knocked on his sister’s door, and his face showed shame. Laugh.
Shi Zhengya has changed her pajamas, removed her light makeup and applied a light gel mask to her white cheeks.
"Why?" Zheng Ya asked 1
Zheng Gan stepped into the room and asked, "What do you think?"
"How about what?" Zheng ya replied gracefully.
"Just … just introduce that to you. What do you think of him?" Zheng gan asked a little nervously
Zheng Ya glanced at his younger brother, but calmly replied, "What can you see when you just come into contact? It’s okay. He looks okay, but … but he’s just too talkative. He said he didn’t look like the chief of police headquarters when he was eating. "
"You don’t understand this," Zheng Gan immediately persuaded. "The old cat worker is very capable. He pulled up the Sichuan police system by himself. In other words, Mr. Qin said that he took the least handling and did the most practical things. Don’t look at the old cat’s willingness to joke with us. That’s because all the people sitting at the table are old friends and he likes people, but in fact, he has a good personality. At the beginning, Songjiang police system was also a famous gun barrel conference, and he and Feng Yunian dared to swear."
Zheng Ya sat in front of the dressing table and lightly answered "Well"
"Why didn’t you respond if I didn’t say so much?" Zheng gan is a little worried.
Zheng Ya slowly turned her head and asked with a smile, "Do you want to sell me so much?"
Zheng Gan heard this stupid "what selling? This word is too cold-blooded. "
"Do you think I can’t see political marriage?" Zheng ya no hurry no slow tunnel
"Not really," Zheng Gan immediately explained. "It’s really interesting to strengthen the relationship with the Sichuan government at home, but I also think that the old cat is in good condition, both in family background and education and social status."

"What else do you want to ask? I want to return it. "

Lu Yao’s voice is dull.
Lu Chen leng didn’t realize that this is a virtual arena. If the other party loses and doesn’t want to continue playing, he can surrender at any time.
Lu Chen stopped the way and kindly pulled Lu Ao up, and also separated some vitality and blood from each other’s healing. "Don’t worry, since I can’t remember the battle, why don’t I show you a picture?"
But in the eyes of the off-site audience, Lu Chen can be called unkind. At this time, the mysterious blood blessing face is covered with magic lines, which is really ferocious.
However, Liu Chen’s state in Lu Yan’s eyes seems to be … quite kind at this time.
"Was it ever like this?"
Lu Ming frowned after watching Liu Chenfang’s memory screen. This is a flash, and outsiders can’t see Lu Chenfang’s memory.
Lu Ming was lost in thought. "That is to say, I was originally from that world, but I was dragged in by a fairy when I was in great trouble when I was young?"
Lu Chen nodded. "Is that it?"
Lu Ming shook his head slowly with one hand on his forehead. "I can’t remember that my subconscious told me that God’s blood is dangerous. The body is the source of evil and can’t be contaminated any more, otherwise it will lead to a big mistake of legal redemption."
After sitting in the sand for a moment, he sighed, "Maybe it’s not necessarily that I helped me erase some memories when I was aware of my mysterious blood. Those memories may be that I took the initiative to apply for erasure."
Liu Chenwen frowned, but he didn’t consider the possibility that spending some original coins can help me do these things and erase some bad memories if the seeker wants. What is a piece of cake for me?
But why did Lu Ming do this because his hometown failed in the end? The failure to reverse the tragedy made Wu Shenshan annihilate Lu Yi, and the inability to accept it directly erased his memory?
Lu Chen feels that he should not be there, right? It seems to him that Lu Ming should not be such a coward, and he should have experienced those things long ago when he was pulled in. Didn’t he come back strong and become a powerful pioneer?
What the hell is going on?
Chapter one thousand six hundred and ninety-one The truth virtual pioneer
Lu Chen contacted Chuhang through the group frequency, and probably said it again and got a reply in a short time.
"Brother Liu, if you don’t ask him, you can’t ask the result. If you erase his memory, it must be irreversible. Even if your roots are strong, even if you face others, you can’t get it back. Because it will be cut off by the fairy."
Chu Hang said
"What about the truth? Some of his words make me very interested. Maybe I don’t know something about my hometown. I always feel itchy. "
Liu Chen frowned and said that he had wasted so much effort just to come to Lu Ming for the truth, but he didn’t want to let the battle come to an end without results.
"I probably already know the truth, but I don’t think Brother Lu should ask him to come back."
Chuhang suggested.
"What’s the truth? Why don’t you ask him?"
Lu Chen is puzzled.
"If Brother Lu has to ask, just ask a question to Lu Hua."
Chu Hang paused and said, "Where have his teammates gone?"
Liu Chen leng, then a chill rose behind him and there was a creepy feeling.
He looked at the front of Liu Wei and opened his mouth without asking for export.
After a long silence, it was not until Lu Ming got up and adjusted her manners and put on new fighting that she broke the silence.
"If there is no problem, I will leave the new world and start. Congratulations to Emperor Wudi on becoming the new chief."
Lu Ming said lightly that although he saw Lu Chen’s memory playback, he didn’t feel much, just like watching others, which is difficult for him to bring in.

Ye Xiao thoughtfully intervened for a long time and answered, "The political ecology of the seven districts and districts is different. The forces sent here are very balanced. They want to make the Chen family have no chance of winning, so they didn’t come forward to protect Xu Hanshan. So they took the initiative to take a step back. In the same way, the Chen family now wants to monopolize, and it is very difficult to continue to make it. Otherwise, the situation is out of control. Several factions’ pre-war is not good for the Chen family who are now accumulating strength."

"Thorough" Lao Li nodded in agreement. "I didn’t expect that Boss Ye is not only a good hand in managing the ground, but also very sensitive to politics."
"I don’t know anything about politics." Brother Owl waved his hand. "It’s just that I have more contacts with people in South Shanghai in recent years and I’ve seen some things."
"The Chen family to emulate commander gu summit words let’s attitude …!" Xu Yan tried to ask 1
"It’s impossible to happen again in the seven districts." Ye Xiao stepped in and answered, "Our position has been decided. We are entrenched in the seven districts of Sichuan Province, keeping up with the pace of family. Even if there is a decisive battle, there is no family nod. We can’t participate too deeply. Just like the original district war, Chen didn’t have the face to support Gu. The regional problem needs our own department to solve the external force. Forced intervention will cause many chain reactions. For example, if you are in the nine districts, they will definitely not do it. If you put on a pair of pants with Chen and try your best to help Completely into a dish of Chinese food. "
Xu Yan slowly nodded "reasonable"
"Forget all this shit. We should consider letting Qin Laohei worry about himself." Ye Xiao smiled. "Come on, let’s have a drink!"
At this point, everyone smelled a toast and drank it with a smile.
After talking about big things, everyone’s attitude became much more casual. The old cat couldn’t help but ask, "I heard that there is Qiying in this matter?"
"yes!" Ye Xiao nodded. "This little boy was called from the ninth district and has been helping the Hsu family to make suggestions. I have several little brothers who died."
The old cat is silent
Ye Xiao saw that he was worried and said bluntly, "Old Cat, we have something to say. I will ask Li Ge to come back to the negotiating table. If it becomes you, you can’t intercede. I must do it."
"… Qi also has no choice." The old cat sighed and replied, "The second child told me that the party and government in the ninth district tied him up and got a woman, and he gave birth to a child around him."
Ye Xiao ate a mouthful of food "my brother have a choice? In a word, they have to work with guns and give their lives to our undead opponents. Instead, they have fallen into the hands of traitors … Wang Zhuyu let snipers shoot four or five times, and the body can’t be put together. Does he have a choice? "
The old cat is right
"I also want to stay in Qi Songjiang for the longest time and have contacts with many people," Ye Xiao said lightly. "So if he is asked to come back, I will handle him in South Shanghai so that everyone will not be entangled."
Old Li Bai Ye Xiao means "Alas, this is life! Forget it. Don’t talk about it. Talk about snacks. "
Words here, there would be no talk about March, and they talked about the recent situation in Sichuan and South Shanghai.
After the banquet.
Ye Xiao immediately went out of South Shanghai and took a bus to a warehouse near the pier outside the area to meet the mourners and others.
Ye Xiao in the dark room pointed to the funeral and asked, "How are you hurt?"
"I’m honest, it’s no big deal." Sorrow scratched his head and asked tentatively, "Eldest brother, if this area is over, we won’t hide in Sichuan."
"Don’t have to go to Chuanfu" Ye Xiao shook his head. "Hu Fei and the king have a lot of influence. You don’t know if anyone in the layer will take this as a way to hide from Ann."
Mourning and sighing a little "mainly … we are not familiar with the Sichuan government … I don’t know if I can adapt to this."
"What’s wrong with you little bachelor?" Ye Xiao looked at the words of mourning and said concisely, "I have arranged your work for you."
"What job?" Ask few questions.
"Qin boss side when the guards" Ye Xiao lightly replied.
Lost less stupid "oh eldest brother you don’t do this arrangement? It’s so boring to work around …! "
"Are you stupid?" Exhibition nan couldn’t help scolded 1 "how many people want to talk to a side? Who can do this job? Your big brother is giving you a chance! "
Maybe it’s because of personality problems or similar head shapes. Brother Xiao likes this loss very much, and it’s time to give him a chance because of his bright performance in this incident.
"That’s settled. Are you going to take the dough figurine to Sichuan House?" Ye Xiao got up and said.
I’m almost crying when I’m in mourning. "Think about it, big brother!"
Ye Xiao didn’t take a reason he stretched out his hand and took out a cellular phone and dialed Qin Yu number "I recommend a young guard for you? People are smart and clean, and no one in the family is a caring little bachelor, which is suitable for you! "
Qin Yu blinked and said, "Oh, boss Ye, do you have to arrange everyone around me now?"
"Why can’t you arrange it?"
"Ha ha what kind of person?" Qin Yu asked with a smile
"Is to do Hu Fei and Wang Zhu that child" Ye Xiao truthfully answered.
"Hero," Qin Yu thought. "Send it to me!"
Chapter 1624 Unloading the post of recorder
Qin Yu Yanbei’s day as a recorder is coming to an end after the conflict between South Shanghai temporarily subsided.
Recently, Gu Taian visited every city in the district, and the public view appeared frequently. Every day, he either presided over a meeting or delivered a speech. Along the way, the situation in the district has been much more stable. Fortunately, the party and government forces and the college forces have completely followed his pace. In addition, all the media in the district have rendered and hinted that it is time for Gu Taian to take over some forces in the future political structure.
In this issue, Qin Yu got enough pictures and political resources for Gu Taian as a recorder, but he can’t always occupy this pit to block others’ way. After he shipped it to Sichuan, he was ready to slip away.
Working around the real bosses is not at all self-sufficient, that is to say, some people can’t understand anything except social intercourse and entertainment every day, and they have to ponder over big things, which makes people feel too tired and far less comfortable than Sichuan government as a handsome prince.
Three days later.
Qin Yu found an opportunity to hint to Gu Taian that he wanted to go home, and the latter didn’t stop nodding and replied, "It’s better to go back to Sichuan and there are a lot of things waiting for you to deal with your old ass with me, and it’s really a bit unprofessional."
Qin Yu was overjoyed when he heard this. "I’m worried about Sichuan House. I’ll do a good job when I go back."
Gu Taian sat on the sofa and shrugged his eyelids and commented, "This political stage is a big dye vat. You stay with me for a few days, and the recorder is average, but the flattering skills can be improved a lot."
"Hey hey" Qin Yu a smile.
"I don’t care about Chuanfu." Gu Taian took a sip of tea and looked up at Qin Yu and said, "But for the situation of the seven districts, you should know that you can’t be too far away or too deep."
Qin Yu thought carefully about "I understand the first palm"
"Well," Gu Taian woke up from point to point and didn’t talk about business. Instead, he chatted with Qin Yu about the family.
Qin Yu buttered up after leaving the headquarters and went to see his father-in-law. This is a blood thigh. What’s more, if you don’t kiss up at the moment?

Xie Yuan’s angry star aggregates escaped from the maser uncontrollably, causing some instruments around to short-circuit and catch fire.

No wonder he is so angry.
After all, Xie Miao is his only child. Xie Yuan is the only one. Now Xie Miao has been cut off from his spine. This is going to ruin his foundation!
"Who did it!" Xie Yuanda roared, and the iron fist rattled, and the small stars around the storm fist continued to explode!
Xie Hong shook his head with a face of shame. "Xie Miao passed out and his people didn’t see each other’s looks. We don’t even know whether it’s a man or a woman."
"Now wait for Xie Miao to wake up and ask him if he saw the murderer."
Xie Yuan hummed, "Don’t dare to hurt my son, let me know who is always trying to kill him!" "
Xie Hongshen said, "Old three, calm down. It’s even not that simple. Xie Miao was assassinated when he arrived at the floor. Obviously, this person came for him to share the meeting yesterday. I told you that Xie Miao had a conflict with someone. Do you remember?"
Xie Yuan Zheng: "Do you mean that this is the Tianyang Institute today?"
Xie Hong smiled wryly. "He does have this motive, but I don’t think he has this strength. Xie Miao has a rank of 4 sublimation, and that’s rank 2. Even if he has advanced to this big game, the information hasn’t been updated yet, that’s rank."
"In that case, he played Xie Miao team around and hit Xie Miao hard, which is almost impossible unless …"
"Unless what?" Xie yuan asked
Xie Hongshen said, "Unless he entrusts it with a high-level strong person, he is backed by Yunjia. This may be because it is not too wasteful."
Xie Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he said, "Yes, even if Yunjia is willing to contribute, it’s hard to see how a rank 4 can easily hit Xie Miao. It’s not a rank 6 or a rank 7. The problem is that the strong can’t afford it?"
"Ten thousand steps back, even if they can afford it, please let the strong hand waste Xie Miao. This is too waves."
"That’s what I thought" Xie Hong nodded "by …"
At the end of the voice, suddenly there was an earth-shattering explosion outside, and the impact of the explosion shook the main account. Xie Gu brothers Zheng hurriedly rushed out of the main account.
I saw the flames billowing in the distance, and the smoke was everywhere, and it turned into a sea of fire.
"That direction!" Xie Hong facial expression, a change, even owed to greet Xie Yuan kung fu, and swept past like lightning.
Xie yuanli knows that something big is happening, so hurry up.
Just when Xie Gu brothers were running, a figure crept into the medical tent not far away.
The preliminary diagnosis of tent Xie Miao has come out, and the spine and nerves have been cut off. It is impossible to cure him with the equipment and manpower here.
The family doctor was so worried that his eyebrows would be broken. Suddenly, a nurse exclaimed. He couldn’t help but say, "What are you yelling for? Get something ready quickly to do everything you can."
The nurse pointed to the doctor’s back. "There is someone behind you!"
The family doctor just looked back and saw a shadow in front of him, and then the whole person lost consciousness after a heavy meal.
It is a slap in the face.
The two nurses screamed and ran out of the tent. The man ignored them and went straight to the first aid cabin.
The lights of the first aid cabin show that this person is surrounded by thick black fog. Who is it if it is not Tianyang?
He quietly followed Xie Hong to the family stronghold. With the cover of black fog, Xie Jia’s defense was quietly infiltrated. First, he created a little chaos behind him and gave Xie Jia a surprise. This came here.
The mask boy calmly took out Xie Liu’s golden gun and hit the first aid capsule with the muzzle against Xie Miao’s forehead.
Maybe life is threatened. Xie Miao’s eyes opened when he was stimulated by the crisis, and suddenly he saw a shadow next to him. The man also pointed a gun at himself.
This perfect golden pistol looks familiar to Xie Miao. It suddenly occurred to me that this is not Xie Liu.
Look at this man Xie Miao suddenly turned white and Xie Liu died by his hand.
He was about to roar loud when his forehead suddenly shook violently. Xie Miao felt a burning heat drilling into his head, but with that burning heat, it turned cold and finally fell into vain.
Collect the gun and leave the account.
The family doctor woke up when Yang Yang left. He finally got up and suddenly smelled something burning.
Looking back, I was shocked.
There’s a fire in the emergency room! The family doctor quickly brought a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, and when he looked inside, the fire extinguisher fell to the ground
Xie Miao in the first aid cabin has been burned beyond recognition and was shot in the forehead. Now even with the black star fort nanotechnology, it can’t be saved.
Xie Gu stronghold on the other side of the fire burning road figure is busy putting out the fire and even Xie Gu brothers came to nobody’s attention.
Seeing that the tent in front of us was on fire, Xie Hong turned pale and lost his way. "It’s over, it’s over, we’re miserable."
Xie Yuan quickly asked, "What is this?"
Xie Hong grabbed her hair and cried, "It’s a material warehouse. There are food, medicine, weapons and other things piled up in it. Our big Billy will fall behind its family and maybe leave before!"
Xie Yuan immediately caught a guard passing by and roared, "What’s going on? What material warehouse will explode!"
The guard looked pale and murmured, "I’m not sure, Third Master. I heard the explosion and came to help put out the fire. I really don’t know …"
"Waste!" Xie Yuan pushed the guard down and roared again and again. "Doesn’t anyone know how the warehouse was bombed?"
A tall guard came running trembling. "Third Master and Fourth Master, I saw someone throwing grenades at the warehouse, but the fog around him was so thick that I couldn’t see him clearly."
Xie Hong Zheng "You said you couldn’t see him clearly?"
Xie Yuan suddenly cried, "Mom, that person is not Xie Miao, but wants to make us Xie Gu. He seriously injured Xie Miao to find a chance to sneak into our stronghold and blow up the material warehouse, so that we can leave before!"
Today, it’s doomed that Xie Gu will fall into disaster. Before the fire in the material warehouse here was put out, the family doctor came running again and shouted, "Grandpa four! Master Xie Miao master he had an accident. "
This is really a wave after wave.
Xie Gu brothers exchanged glances with each other and then turned like a whirlwind and rushed towards the medical tent.
Xie Yuan was the first to rush into the tent and saw the blackened first aid cabin at a glance, and then saw his son’s body. Xie Yuan couldn’t help but let out a roar!
Without saying anything, he crashed out of the tent and rushed outside the stronghold.
But outside the stronghold, there are four passages in the corridor of the base. Where do you know where the murderer went? Xie Yuan went around several times in vain and finally returned to the stronghold in frustration.
Xie Hong stupefied at the body in the first-aid cabin for a long time and didn’t return to absolute being until he noticed Xie Yuan’s aura.
Xie Yuan’s face is as heavy as water. If he wants to do something, he will leave the stronghold again.
Xie Hong quickly stopped him. "Where are you going, Lao San?"
Xie Yuan went on the rampage and shouted, "Where else can I go? Of course, I went to Yunjia to call that Tianyang Xiaozai!"
Xie Hong shook his head. "No, this matter hasn’t been found out yet. Don’t make a rash move. People can easily sneak into our stronghold. It must be a master. He destroyed our materials and killed Xie Miao. It’s very likely that he wanted to frame Yunjiamu for provoking a fight between our two families. Do you think a rank of two can plan such a thing?"
"Although he has a motive, I don’t think he can do such a thing. In my opinion, we’d better call the eldest brother and the second child back quickly and discuss it first. We should take care of ourselves, whether to let the fortress family transport a new batch of materials or buy supplements from its family."
"Besides, it’s not too late for you to avenge Xie Miao when you check the identity of the murderer."
Xie Yuan knows that what he said makes sense. Chloe’s eyelids are killed. Ask this tone to make him swallow.
In the end, Xie Yuanda made a piercing scream with clenched fists, which only slightly relieved the evil spirit in his chest.
Chapter 232 Re-acquisition node
The dark fog surged and the sky in the corridor of the base felt that the body star had a sense of fullness and sublimation.
He knew that he must have been promoted, but now is not the time to stop the inspection. After all, he just killed and set fire to his family’s lair. If he doesn’t run fast, it will be in big trouble for Xie’s family to find it.
Follow Xie Miao into the stronghold and lose two hellfire grenades in Tianyangchao’s material warehouse. These grenades are not only powerful, but also release chemical flames after the explosion, regardless of any fireproof cloth.
If the fire area is isolated from time to time, even Xie Gu strongholds will have to be burned down.