Combined with the emperor’s second brother ordered Adakang to make three judgments.

Ji Xinghe can quickly increase the gas level
Ji Xinghe reached the realm of controlling armor with qi.
Ji Xinghe is likely to gain the true gift power.
If Ji Xinghe doesn’t die, it is possible for the Federation to master the power of Qi, so that the empire can have the extraordinary power of Qi. Marquis, dukes, barons and members of the royal family lose their greatest advantage.
As far as the federal social system is concerned, a large number of mecha are likely to gain air power, and it is difficult to gain an advantage in the battle with the federal mecha even if the anti-Xinghe squad mode is used to form the imperial mecha corps.
It can give the big noble mecha to civilian orangutans to drive, and it is possible for the emperor’s second brother to do the same, but they will not give the air power to the imperial civilians.
Kill Ji Xinghe!
Adakang’s heart is struggling. Who can be white?
But it finally made the decision that it would use nuclear weapons to kill Ji Xinghe.
It doesn’t want to see the federal change stronger than whether it hopes to achieve it.
Tungsten-steel alloy is likely to bear nuclear weapons, and tungsten-steel-gold is more likely to bear it.
The specific difference depends on where the nuclear weapon exploded. How far is the mecha made of these two metals from the central area of nuclear weapons?
A drive against Ji Xinghe, a nuclear weapon, was made of tungsten-steel alloy, and the mecha escaped from the center of the nuclear explosion, which was seriously damaged.
This time, the distance between the star and the moon is very close to that between the tungsten steel and gold and the tungsten steel alloy.
If the nuclear weapon is detonated, the Marquis can kill Ji Xinghe, and there is a certain hope that Ji Xinghe will be captured if Ji Xinghe can survive.
"Ready to put …"
Adakang was about to give an order when he suddenly froze because he came back from the front battlefield and saw something that had destroyed his plan to capture Ji Xinghe alive.
A huge metal box fell from the sky and smashed 50 meters away from Ji Xinghe.
It looks more like a fortress, because it is called the final fortress.
It also has a name-there must be no other gods except Ji Xinghe.
Chapter 46 Because I’m afraid of death
As the fort was finally released by the prescient Tu Yuan, a sudden explosion occurred around Ji Xinghe, where the main force of the empire and the Federation continued to attack and explode with long-range fire.
The defensive war in the theater of Base 5 finally won.
Li Han smashed four Marquis armour and successfully annihilated the Imperial Mecha Corps with the mecha soldiers in the theater of No.5 base, and then directly crossed the still-fighting Ji Xinghe and rushed to the main force of the Empire.
Did Ji Xinghe and Li Han finish the situation or failed to break Prince Adakang’s armour?
The reason is simple. He doesn’t want to break his own mecha.
I don’t want to break the first mecha made of tungsten steel and gold in the Federation. Before the Federation, I did seize a lot of weapons made of tungsten steel and gold, but these weapons were not suitable for recycling to create a tungsten steel and gold mecha belonging to the Federation.
Reheating will have some influence on the performance parameters of tungsten steel, gold and tungsten steel alloy, and how many weapons made of tungsten steel and gold can give the Federation a great advantage in mecha warfare?
You know, even if the independent group of Ji Xinghe had 300 mountain-cutting mechs, the ultra-high configuration failed to complete 300 pieces of tungsten, steel and gold to build weapons. Most mountain-cutting mechs made weapons are characteristic melee weapons.
For example, Ji Xinghe used to wear chain serrated knives, high-frequency vibration mecha epee, high-temperature armor-piercing combat knives and so on.
This is also the reason why the comprehensive performance is equivalent to the fact that the Imperial Marquis A can’t beat the Imperial Marquis A when being driven by the independent regiment mecha, and it is not necessarily possible to win in the face of some earl A.
The anti-Xinghe squad was able to suppress the number of mecha and the comprehensive performance at a disadvantage. Ten independent groups cut mountains and more than 200 federal mecha fought because their weapons were made of tungsten, steel and gold.
Of course, now these weapons made of tungsten, steel and gold have become independent weapons.
The capture of the western theater has given the independent regiment hundreds of weapons made of tungsten, steel and gold.
At present, there is no problem with the number of people in the independent regiment.
Prince Jia, who is already in a semi-blind state, was once again fallen by Ji Xinghe. Its cameras have all been broken, and it can rely on radar detection equipment to form external information images.
This information shows that you can still play in the face of the federal system mecha or some super-class mecha
But the problem is that it faces the stars and the moon.
Ji Xinghe returned the control to Xingyue, who practiced the mecha wrestling skills.
Anyway, Wang Zijia’s defense is very strong, and it won’t cause any damage if he falls for thousands.
"It’s really easy to use force."
Ji Xinghe changed the teaching mode again, and his students at this time can be said to be the smartest in the world.
Memory is the basic ability, and the mental arithmetic ability is strong enough to make human despair.
"But now it looks really simple," said Xingyue while practicing. "I need to judge its strength and direction, and then my strength can influence it, so that I can achieve the effect of leveraging force and unloading force."
This is the reason why a thousand miles is lost. Although the battle distance of the mecha is very close to the root, it is not a thousand miles away, but the influence of the stars and the moon has produced the opponent’s attack and defense, and so on. All intentions will deviate from the intention change
"The only problem is that I don’t have the same fighting consciousness as you. I can build a mathematical model for the imperial mecha before I can make a prediction accuracy based on the analysis. When facing the conventional imperial mecha, it is very high, and when facing the earl imperial mecha, it will drop significantly."
Xingyue told her problem, but Ji Xinghe couldn’t solve it.
The so-called mathematical model is to express a mathematical structure in a general or approximate way by referring to the characteristics or quantity of a certain thing system in mathematical language.
Simply put, it is a kind of pre-judgment mechanism established by the mobile habits displayed by all imperial mecha in the battle process in the huge database held by Xingyue.
That is experience.
However, mathematical models refer to those mathematical structures that reflect specific problems or specific things, which can be expressed quantitatively or qualitatively, but must be expressed quantitatively.
This also means that when the imperial mecha driver’s law is quantitatively expressed and the freedom consciousness is made to maneuver which does not conform to the mathematical model, the accuracy of the star-moon prediction mechanism will be greatly reduced.
be similar to
When Ji Xinghe was born, a mathematical model can be established based on big data to analyze and judge the personal consumption trend, so as to achieve accurate advertising push.
Search for a diamond ring and you will receive advertisements from wedding photography companies, wedding companies, honeymoon trips, hotels and other aspects.
Watching small videos about cars all day will get advertisements from car dealers.
And so on, most cases can be accurate and effective, but a few cases make big data misjudged.

Dozens of people on both sides of the grand staircase of the hotel crowded into the building and exhibited a gun battle that was almost desperate.

The military personnel in the three major areas prepared to charge for three times, but they were all beaten by the other side. It took only a few seconds for four or five soldiers to rush in front and be screened.
"Damn it!" The head of the district action team immediately turned around and shouted, "Don’t throw mines. They have an explosion-proof shield, a gun and a Grenade launcher."
Voice down three young people end gun touched.
"Rush out of the bunker and face each other’s defensive area, give me three hits" shouted the captain of the action team.
After hearing the order, the three men did not hesitate to grind their teeth and rushed out of the corner of the stairs.
"Dadada …!"
The square gun was fierce, and one of the three people was immediately beaten into a sieve. Before he fell down, his mouth was bleeding and his right hand grabbed the handrail of the stairs and shouted, "Fight!"
"Bang bang!"
Two dull guns and square Grenade launchers spewed long flames and ammunition into the building.
The explosion rang, and three security guards were killed on the spot with explosion-proof shields on the stairs. The building trembled and the walls were cracked, and the rubble fell like a rainstorm.
Yao Jingzhong and others saw that the building was hit by a gap and immediately attacked with a gun.
Jin Taizhu, at the entrance of the hall on the third floor, glanced at the building and immediately shouted, "Evacuate the guests quickly and let them go to the private room on the third floor."
After hearing this, the peripheral security guards immediately turned around and shouted, "Mr. Jin can’t leave without lights. When people get separated, our security guards can’t distinguish gangsters and protect guests."
"Fart don’t run here to die? !” An old man in the house immediately got up and hid behind his bodyguard and urged, "Let’s go!"
In this case, if one person wants to run, it will cause a fierce chain reaction. Most of the guests have panicked and ran to the side door, the small door, the podium and the workers’ door.
Jin Taizhu gritted his teeth in the crowd and said to a security guard, "Zhou Zheng and his assistant are in the lobby. Please take someone to find them and catch them for me."
Security personnel one leng "catch them? !”
"They are likely to be gangsters," Jin Taizhu replied in a hurry.
Chapter 1336 The general trend talks about human nature?
On the third floor corridor, Zhou Zheng sweated his forehead and glanced around at Lin Chengdong and said, "Brother, I’ll give you a hard task. You find a dog leg around Jin Taizhu to lead him."
"I have a few hardships!" Lin Chengdong looked at him cautiously and scolded, "Laojin probably already doubted you. Why don’t you let me lead you?"
"This his mama all what time? When we slept together for so long, you and I were not United? "
"Don’t sayno. We have to be together."
"… I fucking!" Zhou Zheng was about to reply when he vaguely saw a light at the corner of the corridor.
Lin chengdong was nervous and sweaty, so he reached out and touched his waist because he was Zhou Zheng’s assistant and was qualified to enter with a gun.
"Is Lao Zhou Lao Zhou?" The middle-aged man who often gives advice to Jin Taizhu shouted with a hand barrel.
Zhou Zheng eyes a bright motioning with his hand shouted, "what the fuck happened? Why is the building shot and the lights are black? !”

After that, Li Chu came outside and took out the acupuncture needle from his backpack, and then asked Dad Ding for some white wine to sterilize the needle.

Ding Qiunan’s hands are shaking with needles, and her husband’s eyes are a little flustered.
Li Chu smiled and squeezed her hand. "Don’t worry if you are not nervous."
"Can Xiao Chu Nannan tie it?" Ding Ma is also a little worried.
"Mom, you can rest assured that it is because there is no problem that I let Qiu Nan plunge you both into peace of mind."
Say that finish and encouraged a daughter-in-law to walk out of the back room.
Ding Dad has also been paying attention to the movement in the back room. Seeing Li Chu coming out, he is also worried about watching him.
"Dad, don’t worry. Qiu Nan is fine."
Ding Qiunan pricked a needle for others for the first time or pricked a needle for his mother. His palms were sweating and his hands were shaking a little.
But when she heard the sound of Li Chu’s assurance, she seemed to give Ding Ma a needle as soon as she calmed down and went smoothly.
After the tie, she hurried out and took Li Chu to one side, carrying Ding Da himself and pointing out the place where she tied it. She was still a little worried that she had tied it in the wrong place.
"Don’t worry, you’re doing well at it." Li Chu smiled and touched the daughter-in-law’s little face.
"Oh, what are you doing!" Ding Qiunan blushed when her husband touched her face in front of her father and ran into the back room.
Dad Ding turned his head to one side and said nothing when he saw nothing.
"Qiu Nan, look at your watch and twist the needle every five minutes," said Li Chuda.
After that, he sat down in the chair and said to Ding Dad, "Dad, mom, it’s true that it’s a disease, but it’s not a disease. Everyone will have both men and women when they get old, but men generally don’t show women a little."
"At ordinary times, you and Jianguo should follow her as much as possible, and try not to make my mother angry. If you have nothing to do, talk to her and say something on your mind. Don’t let her entertain foolish ideas and it will pass soon."
Hearing Li Chu’s words, Ding Dad and Ding Jianguo nodded.
Dad Ding realized how reassuring it is to have a doctor at home this time.
Half an hour passed quickly until Ding Qiunan got the needle.
I don’t know if it’s psychological or really so. Ding Ma feels that her lower abdomen doesn’t have that kind of falling pain, and her waist is much easier.
Ding Ma smiled and said, "Nannan Xiaochu’s medical skill is really amazing."
"Of course, Mom, other departments in the hospital are looking for him if they have any problems."
Ding Qiunan’s eyes are full of admiration for her husband, that is, she didn’t know when she didn’t work together before she was proud, and she didn’t deeply understand her man’s influence in the hospital until she went to work in the hospital.
Don’t say that she was pregnant and had a baby this time, and she took nearly a year off. Who can do that?
At ordinary times, the owners of those departments in the hospital greeted her with a smile because she was Li Chu’s daughter-in-law.
No one in the hospital has long said anything about Li Chu’s age.
Carrying Ding Ma Li Chu told his daughter-in-law again.
"Qiu Nan, you can tell our mother later that her monthly affairs may be irregular in the past few months, and sometimes the length will change. These are normal and let her not worry."
Ding Qiunan nodded. "Do you have anything else?"
"Nothing. I told my dad and Jianguo that my mom would drink medicine to recuperate this stage and it would be fine soon."
With Li Chu, Ding Qiunan is relieved of her mother’s health.
Holding two children who have woken up, the family sat in the shade of the door and chatted.
Because we have agreed on the way forward today, Ding, Mom and Dad are relieved of heavy pressure, and the afternoon is full of laughter.
Even Ding Jianguo sneaked out to play Ding Ma didn’t care about him.
At noon, after dinner at home, a family of four took Xiao Hei to take a bus from Seimi Zhang and went home.
Li Chu is wiping his daughter-in-law’s hair in the living room in the evening.
When I came back, I was busy with two people. First, I gave two children a bath, and then I washed all three dogs.
Ding Qiunan was too tired to move a finger after taking a bath for herself.
After drying her hair, Li Chu took her daughter-in-law to bed and took a shower herself.
When he came out of the bed after washing, he would have slept soundly for a long time.
Xiaohei also slept on the bed. Since the two puppies lived in the nest, he has been sleeping in the bedroom. Ding Qiunan also sewed a pad for him.
Li Chu didn’t have a bed to rest. He turned and went to the room to sort himself out in various stages of renal failure patients, and took out the indications to prepare a summary.
God, the patient’s examination data should come out. If it is consistent with his own judgment, he will be ready to hand in this report when the data is filled in.

There was another riot at the auction house, and the ghost monks at the scene of the horse took action to call friends to find Sun Hao’s need for ghost milk and lotus.

Ghost milk and lotus are the specialties of ghost domain, but most of the ghost kings have never heard of these two things.
But if you think about it, you know that if these two things are so easy to get, people will not exchange them for the extremely clever ghost.
Sun Hao is not in a hurry. The trading desk is quietly looking forward to it.
It is self-evident that the extremely spiritual ghost can greatly increase the speed of cultivation for ghost repair, and its value is immeasurable especially for new ghost repair heirs.
It is difficult for ghosts to cultivate their children, and every child is very precious. If there are extremely spiritual children paving the way, they will probably pave the way for practicing Tongtian Avenue.
Sun Hao is full of confidence in this barter because he knows the extreme importance of extremely clever ghosts to ghost practice.
The auction house is not in a hurry. For the auction house, the higher the value of the things auctioned here, the bigger the auction house is. I didn’t expect that there would be a ghost today, or we would have started advertising long ago. There are more than just a few monks here.
However, after the appearance of the ghost, the auction house has quickly spread the news, depending on whether several big customers are interested in it.
Extremely clever ghosts stir kangbashi’s new ghost town. It takes less than the auction house to make tea. Several ghost kings come in a hurry, and two of them are very peak like Yunyew. After the ghost king came in, the ghost repair in the auction house got up and handed over to the two ghost kings.
Two peak ghost kings, one surnamed Kang and the other surnamed Ba, are the representatives of two families in kangbashi’s new ghost town. Zhongkang Fu Wang is directly the current Lord of kangbashi’s new ghost town, and Ba Yu Wang is also the owner of Ba Jia’s family. Their identity and strength are all different. When they arrive, they suspect that the specifications of this auction have risen by an unknown amount.
King Kang Fu first spoke loudly and said, "A thousand years of dripping Yin wears away the stone for thousands of years, and the milk is really a rare spirit in my ghost domain. The whole ghost domain is afraid that there will be nine deep and remote ghost domains before it can be produced …"
Jiuyou Ghost Domain! The ghost practitioners at the scene talked together.
Jiuyou Ghost Domain is a ghost domain where Jedi ghosts dare not go. It is too dangerous. The ghost milk comes from Jiuyou Ghost Domain, so the ordinary ghost king is not qualified to set foot in it at all.
King Kang Fu spoke and shocked the scene.
Not to be outdone, King Ba also quickly said, "Bihe gives birth to a beautiful spring, and the fresh lotus is a treasure of all ages, even if there is a dead pool, it is possible to pick it."
Dead pool! On-site ghost practitioners are talking again.
Fallen leaves can sink in the dead pool, and the ghost of the dead spring can invade and dissolve. It is also a ghost domain Jedi. At first glance, it is quite difficult to get a lotus.
Finally, I learned the exact news of the ghost milk lotus. Sun Hao was a little relieved in his heart. Finally, he made a real effort. His face smiled indifferently. Sun Hao said, "There is a ghost milk or lotus here that can be exchanged immediately."
Two peak ghost king looked at each other, Kang Fu Wang body momentum up to Sun Hao pressure.
Sun Hao stood unmoved and indifferent.
Cloud yew cold hum a momentum together rushed Kang Fu Wang hit Sun Hao front hit a ring.
Kang Fu Wang accidentally looked at Sun Hao and then accidentally looked at Yunyew and laughed. "It turned out that it was no wonder that Luo Cha Fairy entourage could come up with the ghost to barter." When laughing, the body momentum was a little loose, and then he said, "I have no ready-made ghost milk to exchange, but our Kang family can send someone to lead you to Jiuyou Ghost Domain to get the ghost milk."
It’s a good idea for Sun Hao to move in his heart.
King Kang Fu’s voice just fell on the other side, and King Ba took the words very rudely and said, "There are nine ghost dragons guarding the ghost milk in Jiuyou Ghost Domain, but it’s the ration of nine ghost dragon cubs. Hahahaha, can you take it if you say so?"
Sun Hao slightly one leng in my heart.
In the past two days, there are nine ghost dragons in the catch-up knowledge. Nine ghost dragons are the top creatures in the ghost domain. An adult ghost dragon is not a ghost emperor, but it is not Sun Hao who can compete now. If what King Ba said is true, it is quite difficult to get ghost milk.
King Ba Fu satirized King Kang Fu for a few words, but before King Kang Fu spoke, he quickly said, "There is indeed a lotus friend in the nether world. If you agree with me, your family is willing to take you to pick the lotus …"
Kang Fu Wang also smiled at this moment and said, "Is it so easy to go in? I’m afraid you’ve already been turned into a pool of blood before you see the lotus. "
These two people are tit-for-tat, but Sun Hao has come for nothing. Even these two things are quite rare (~ ~).
Chapter five hundred and fifty Yellow pool
Laughed at by King Kang Fu, King Ba said with confidence, "This is not the case that the duke is worried that if I dare to go out and pick lotus, I won’t shoot at you. Although the water is terrible, it’s not impossible for my friends to choose me to trade. My family naturally has the means to let you get the lotus."
Sun Hao can’t help but move in his heart. Two things are as rare as each other. If you can change to the same thing first, it’s not bad. Ma Sunhao nodded and agreed to exchange.
Kang Fu Wang interrupted Sun Hao with a wave of his hand and said loudly and quickly, "Ha, ha, ha, you have the means, don’t I have the means?" Little friends want you to agree to exchange with me. My Kang family naturally has the assurance to help you change back to ghost milk. "
"You", King Ba, was interrupted by King Kang Fu when he saw that he was about to get the ghost. He couldn’t help but blow his nose and stare at King Kang Fu with great anger.
Kang Fu Wang also showed no weakness to stare.
Both of them are rubbing their hands, and they don’t like the upcoming war.
Sun Hao gave Yunyew a wink. Yunyew stood up and got up. A shock shook the opposing momentum of the two demons. A jade bottle flew past Sun Hao in his hands.
Sun Hao took the jade bottle lang’s nonsense in one hand. "I want the ghost milk and the lotus, and I want both. My Lord doesn’t want the two kings to argue, but there is another’ Luo Cha Baodan’ that can also exchange the ghost milk or the lotus."
Luo Cha Baodan? This is pure nonsense.
Yunyew, a panacea in South China, is a rare commodity, but it is not very big. It is a yang-attribute elixir refined from Jiuyang Dan, and its function is to drive away cold toxin, yin, yang, blood circulation and granulation.
Sun Haoyin asked Yunyew to come up with this panacea because Sun Hao found that the Yang-attribute panacea in the ghost domain is of high value, but I just don’t know if this Yang-attribute panacea will be of high value.
Seeing that the two ghost kings are contending, Sun Hao simply asked Yunyew to take out a Jiuyang Dan, which is called "Luo Cha Baodan", in exchange for ghost milk or lotus.
The auction house immediately hired another appraiser to begin to identify the so-called "Luo Cha Baodan" in Sun Hao’s hand. Moments later, the Appraisal Normal University announced that "the value of the rare myogenic cast in Baodanyang, Luo Cha is incalculable enough to match the hidden lotus".
On-site ghost repair is another burst of discussion. It’s even unimaginable that Luo Cha Fairy was born and brought such Baodan with him.
Luo Cha Baodan Sun Haoyi took out two extremely rare treasures, both of which were quite rare enough to exchange the ghost milk lotus.
To this Sun Hao, I vaguely feel that the ghost land environment is very different from that of the southern mainland, and the value of many materials is very unequal. Although Jiuyang Dan is a rare commodity in the eastern and western southern continents, its value will not be so high.
Sun Hao really wants to know if he can benefit from the secret passage of the small white fox to and from the ghost domain and the southern mainland, so he must earn a lot of money from reselling business.
Extremely clever ghost Luo Cha Baodan
I want both of these things.
Both of these things are priceless, and the ghost has more stamina, but it will not help the family or individuals much for the length of time.
Luo Cha Baodan, but not Luo Cha Baodan, can quickly help the Ghost King to complete the physical recasting of the family and add a fighting force. However, Luo Cha Baodan is a one-time event, and in the long run, it may not be more promising than the extremely spiritual ghost monk.
And as far as the cultivation of younger brothers is concerned, the value of the extremely clever ghost is even greater.
One is to focus on the long-term and the other is to focus on the present.
Two ghosts, Lord Wang, look at me. I look at you. You hesitate for a while.
Sun Hao is in no hurry to wait quietly.
A moment later, the two householders made a choice according to their own needs.
The overall strength of the Kang family is stronger than that of the Ba family, and there are direct descendants who have just chosen to exchange ghost milk, while the Ba family is slightly weak and there is no suitable younger brother to cultivate and choose to exchange lotus.
Because neither of the two companies had any physical hands, there was no deal on the spot. The auction house witnessed that the two sides reached a trading intention. The Kangba two companies promised to lead Sun Hao and Yun Yeshu to collect the hidden lotus, and Sun Hao also promised to make a deal after they got them.
The auction officially ended shortly after Sun Haotai’s foreign body.
Back in the ghost shop, Brother Ghost King has come to the Kangba family to discuss the details of the operation.
Sun Hao believes that if it weren’t for Yunyew’s Luo Cha status and the peak ghost king Kangba, it would be hard to say whether the two families were so accommodating.

There are some chicken ribs.

Does the hierarchy mean anything to him?
Less Liu Yuan feels this ability to him.
That’s nowhere.
In the second ability, ghost road
Liu Yuan is even more confused.
Because the ghost truth is equivalent to the spell in the mage.
In the world of death, the gods of death display ghosts.
Relying on the special casting method of pressure
And although this world has spiritual power,
Can you cast a ghost in this world?
Liu Yuan is very skeptical about this.
However, Lu Yuan was informed.
After inheriting from the blue dye template to the principle of being in the ghost road
His eyes lit up in an instant.
Accord to that information obtained in the template
The way most death release ghosts is by sin.
Yes, build a special operation
at this point
It’s not much different from a mage casting spells by singing.
And that method used by mage to cast spells are not only singing.
There is another way.
That is the direct characterization of spirit.
And this kind of characterization method
Nature can also be transported to ghost roads.
Otherwise, why would there be a method of "singing and breaking the abandonment" in the world of death?
Liu Yuan’s eyes began to get brighter and brighter at the thought of this.
Because he thought he had thought of it.
For example, let yourself cast a ghost way.
That is, through the spirit, we can directly construct the ghost Dao operation.
This will cast a ghost way.
And this process is not much different from French writing.
So I want to come to Aizen Institute to have such outstanding ghost power.
Maybe he is superior to him in law strength.
It is also very big.
As soon as this idea appeared,
Liu Yuan was completely excited.
So he was excited to try his mind.
If your idea can really succeed.
Then he suspected that he had mastered a new way of fighting.
For his strength will also have a huge rise.
Because Liu Yuan, he still holds a bug-level ability.
That’s from Naruto, the shadow avatar.
Lu Yuan’s former battle rarely made a shadow.
First, because his main abilities are fencing and Kirin Dao.
Shadow busy although can copy his fencing.
But there’s no way to copy the unicorn knife.
And the shadow doppelganger also has one of the biggest weaknesses, that is, it will break at the touch.
But if Liu Yuan can master the ghost road,
The shadow busy … Is no longer able to help him practice auxiliary skills!

This line of people is the special forces led by General Hawke!

When I was in contact with general Hawke
Mark said …
Death belongs to Mark!
Technology belongs to Hawke!
Although this marvel universe has reached a certain level of technology, it can restrain its ability to some extent.
Technology is a foreign thing after all!
Mark is lazy, even if he plunders so much technology, what’s the point?
Stop it. Can a black technology company crush Stark Industries with greater market value?
"Damn this crazy!"
In the ship, Scarlett looked at the inexplicable collapse of the ice floe base and bit her teeth and said, "We demolished it without even getting a database?"
"Stop complaining. This guy never said that he would wait until we came. Fortunately, General Hawke asked us to leave overnight …" The cover girl next to him shrugged her shoulders and said after adjusting the autopilot!
Dress yourself in a diving suit and heavy artillery at the back. Du said with a dark face, "What’s the temperature of this water? I’m afraid of cold!"
"Our diving suit has a thermostat!" Scarlett took over the control of the ship, took a look at the rapidly collapsing ice floe base and said without looking back, "We are rescuing this base’s science and technology database, and the general is very interested in the nano-worm missile data."
"white!" Du, a heavy artillery, glanced at the water breathing mask. Duke, who joined their team only yesterday, and the umbrella line nodded …
Just then!
At this moment, with the completion of Create’s work, 16 iron pillars supporting the most basic ice floe base are instantaneous like being distorted vigorously and making teeth sour.
Crashing into two pieces!
Moment after the whole ice floe base lost its support, it instantly tilted 90 degrees to the right …
As deep as possible, the sea water poured through several broken glasses and directly submerged all the soldiers controlled by nano-insects in the base!
"Ah …" Washed from side to side by the sea, the medical officer Rexley came out of the water and gave a disgusting cry.
But although the cry is full of strength, it still can’t change the fact that he is like an ant in this deep water!
Pushed aside by the seawater, Rex directly slammed into a raised iron wall …
Rex grabbed the raised iron wall as if he had caught the last straw.
Where his eyes are, the nano-soldier army he worked so hard to build is just like a wreck drifting with the raging sea!
"Mark Louis! ! !”
Eyes bloodshot Rex looked up at the cave on the ground and let out a piercing scream!
One second!
It’s another surge, and the sea is on the way, which will directly affect Rex’s physical strength. Rex is directly involved in the sea and runs towards another section!
At this moment, Rex still can’t believe that Mark dares to be so decisive!
After he got the knowledge of bald doctor and stole his sister.
Whenever he is ready to dedicate his sister to McCullen, Mark’s magical figure will always appear in his mind on time …
It seems that even he doesn’t know what he took from his sister Anna. Although she controlled it, she didn’t do anything out of line
Is to prevent Mark from getting away with it when he kills him one day!
But …

Although the quasi-saint also knows that the female brother is koo, it is obviously calculated by others, but now he has won the reputation of western teaching, but he has to kill it

Compared with the reputation of western teaching, she is still too light to live and die alone.
Besides, dying of western religion is the honor of being a western brother.
Sacrificing her to protect the western Christian name presumably means that the younger brother will feel honored rather than resentful when he knows it.
Wow …
A high-powered force is quietly emerging, and it is coming. The fake Yao Ji completely obliterates her without leaving a trace. Is it the past or the future?
However, if you are prepared, will Zichen Haotian let the quasi-saints obliterate the fake Yao Ji in front of them?
Then their play is not in vain?
I saw that when that force was about to come to the fake Yao Ji, an equally vast force emerged around and evolved into Qionglou Yuyu and Tiangong Temple for 33 days …
In a blink of an eye, a magnificent heaven appears and reflects the heavens and the earth, firmly guarding the fake Yao Ji.
Although the quasi-saint is strong, facing the wind, Zichen and Haotian are also capable of joining hands with him.
All he did was to break the two men’s joint defense and erase the fake Yao Ji.
"Damn it!"
At this time, where can the quasi-saint fail to understand that the two emperors in heaven obviously have already noticed his plan to put this joint hand in hand to play him
After this, the quasi-saint stopped making moves, but walked to the sage’s side.
It is inevitable that the false Yao Ji’s identity will be exposed. The first thing he should do now is to discuss with the sage to minimize the impact.
Picture back to Taoshan!
"Uber still doesn’t show its true colors?"
Seeing the true Yao Ji didn’t answer Yang Jian’s anger at that time, offering up the third eye is a divine light shot to return to its original shape.
But seeing Yang Jian offering the Eye of the Heaven really made Yao Ji suspect even more angry.
Boy, this fake thing is really enough, but even the eye of heaven can imitate it
Then I saw the true Yao Ji’s forehead suddenly appeared with a divine pattern, and Yang Jian’s forehead and eye generally shot a divine light at the same time, and Yang Jian shot a divine light and slammed it together.
Two identical divine lights collided and burst, causing terror waves to break through layers of clouds.
When it’s all over, it turns out …
Regardless of the outcome!
Two shekinah unexpectedly offset at the same time.
"Eye of the Sky?"
"How do you have an eye?"
I noticed that the real Yao Ji’s forehead was exactly the same, and Yang Jian’s face was full of incomprehension and shock.
Not only he, but also the great avatar who noticed this matter looked blank. Isn’t this innate treasure unique? How can there be two identical innate treasures?

Suddenly Shifeixuan saw that there seemed to be a brilliant red sun rising in the wind and rain, and the last ray of dark light before Li was swept away. Heaven never gave birth to a husband, and this sword was deep, which was the ray of Guang Xiao that cut through the night.

A sword from all the villages gives birth to a disease, and the target is directed at Shi Feixuan’s chest. This is a kind of legal metaphor, and it is also the first time that Shi Feixuan gives birth to an irresistible emotional situation in his heart. This sword is actually similar to another peerless swordsman.
It’s just that the sword of Qiao Qiao ruo Zhuo has abandoned the number. There should be no sword potential pointing at people’s hearts. The autumn wind and autumn rain are more sad than the autumn wind and autumn rain.
Shifeixuan took this sword in vain and clearly, and she could still feel that the tip of Chang Jian was cold, firm but gentle, indifferent and affectionate. At this moment, 30 strokes of swordsmanship flowed from her heart, and the first four strokes of swordsmanship were transformed by her. This move included heaven and earth, and she had the strongest pressure of life and death in swordsmanship so far. Shifeixuan integrated what she had learned, which was rare for her talent. Even if there was no Li Zhichang, she could take the other side of swordsmanship further in a few days.
But even so, it’s still impossible to resist Li Zhichang’s main sword move beyond Ci Hang Jing Zhai’s previous dynasties. It seems to pierce the heavens and the earth. The sword Chang Jian and the color sword finally meet for the first time. The color sword let out a moan. Shi Feixuan failed to stop this sword after all, but Li Zhichang won this move and did not pursue it with a folding fan from his right rear side.
Li Zhichang took back the sword backhand sword, folded the fan and crossed the sword, and two people shook Li Zhichang at the same time. This seemingly simple sword contains nine subtle changes. It is impossible for him to defeat Shifeixuan without making efforts. Therefore, at this time, his true qi is not extremely strong and it is difficult to make hasty efforts, but he can judge the timing when he plays Shifeixuan, and people will not be weak.
Therefore, this sword seems to be an understatement, but it contains a very wonderful sword truth. However, it can’t be completely defeated. People teach Li Zhichang to give birth to a stream of talents in this world. People also feel that there is an unspeakable feeling that he has never met ten fans who can stop him from going to his opponent since he debuted. Whether it is a magic giant or a right way, three or five fans often defeat him.
This time, if he hadn’t seen this woman, he would never have done such a sneak attack. He wanted to stop the other side, so he advised this brother not to be enemies with this fairy figure. However, the other side changed his mind with a sword, which is rare in the subtle world, and the strength of one just and one soft attacked his meridians and stirred his true spirit like a knife.
Road flyover haha laughed. "Cihang Sword Canon is really wonderful, and it is really a stunning figure. The little girl has been trapped in the world of mortals since she has this door, and her interest has been exhausted today."
The Taoist priest in white was surprised to be able to fight him with a flash of disease, but he still spoke with great style. He was born a natural and unrestrained person, and it was the same with Wushu. Even if he was killed before he died, he would still be drizzly and not be embarrassed like ordinary people.
The Taoist priest’s behavior is very much in line with his temper. He said, "I don’t want to find a place to have a drink until I meet you."
Road flyover smiled and pulled out from the meeting between the two men as if a light smoke had melted into the sorrow wind and drizzle, and the sword had been sheathed in white and watched Li Zhichang disappear in the mountains.
Shifeixuan said, "Thank you for your help. Feixuan thanked me."
Fair in white "That brother doesn’t seem to have a heart to kill, even if I am immortal, it won’t matter."
Shifeixuan sighed leisurely, "I don’t know how many masters are so powerful, and I don’t know how long it will take to calm down the disputes between heaven and earth." Shifeixuan’s feelings came from her heart. Although she didn’t know Li Zhichang’s thoughts, there was another variable in the disputes between heaven and earth.
Although Li Zhichang didn’t reach the level of master master master like Zhu Yuyan in Yin Dynasty, he just owed the temperature. That’s why Shi Feixuan felt that Li Zhichang suddenly came out of the terrible door. This person may go further and challenge Ning Dodge. Maybe three years or five people will definitely reach Ning Dodge. This is Shi Feixuan’s intuition.
Besides, Li Zhichang’s swordsmanship is not like that of ordinary door masters, but rather like the white swordsman who appeared in the South China Sea five years ago.
Ci Hang Jing Zhai Zhi Kuang Fu Tian It is natural for this world’s masters to have a detailed network. Five years ago, a white swordsman appeared in the South China Sea, but he became a famous master in less than half a year. At the same time, the man took over the South China Sea and influenced the South China Sea Islands to build a tall city, calling himself the Lord of Baiyun.
Over the past few years, Lord Baiyun has become another enemy in the south since the lack of Song Dynasty. However, the two masters of Lingnan in Song Dynasty can live in peace, and the swordsmanship of Lord Baiyun is also very fast, and it is very indifferent from the news.
Li Zhichang is the same. Who would have thought that Li Zhichang would suddenly try his hand with Shi Feixuan in a spring breeze conversation, and the indifference in swordsmanship was also the only moment in Shi Feixuan’s life when Shi Feixuan almost wanted to take out the power released by Choi.
The fourth chapter is famous
If the most important thing in Wulin recently is not that the affectionate public servant Shi Feixuan, the most outstanding person in Jing Zhai of Bai Cihang, traveled with the Three Gorges, then it should be that the story of Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, the eternal mystery, is revealed. Unfortunately, the most important thing in Jianghu recently is that Shi Feixuan, the most outstanding person in the history of Jing Zhai of Ci Hang, has just made his debut and the Three Gorges encountered the first fierce fight. Although the affectionate public servant Xi Bai was rescued, the swordsman who was praised as the top five swordsman in the contemporary era was still slightly injured. This move of carrying Jing Zhai of Ci Hang and Shi Wei and choosing a gentleman between heaven and man cast a shadow
Although Shi Feixuan’s demeanor is extraordinary, it’s a hindrance for Youzi to travel with the affectionate duke Xibai for three days after his injury, but Ci Hang Jing Zhai is mysterious and beyond measure, but it has already lifted a corner. Li Zhichang, who dares to fight with Shi Feixuan, is naturally secretly guarded by the Taoist master of Shi Feixuan, who is jealous of Ci Hang Jing Zhai’s position in the Wulin. Even if the contemporary fasting master Brahma Qinghui has never respected his mouth, there are several Taoist masters who are willing to help.
However, during this period, Li Zhichang had a rather unsettled life. In January, he met twenty-five masters, with the exception of one. Until today, he dared to challenge Li Zhichang with a sword. Less and less, from wanting to capture Li Zhichang Shi Xian most, to now, several masters want to capture Jian Xian. Li Zhichang’s hand passed a trick, but it happened in just one month.
And Li Zhichang, who is a great swordsman, has also been praised as one of the three great masters, who can be compared with the evil king of Yin. The peerless master is Li Zhichang Baita, who is still far from Zhu Yuyan after Yin, let alone unpredictable. Shi Xuan has not been a master of series like Du Fuwei and the four major valve masters this month. This is also due to intentional Li Zhichang’s minor injuries. It is said that Shi Feixuan has doubled his worth, but after all, he is a loner. Most of the masters of this level are famous and shocking, and it is impossible for him to provoke Li Zhichang.
Ci Hang Jing Zhai Bai Dao Wulin is highly respected, but those who are interested in fighting for the sky are both potential allies or future enemies. No hegemon will run around in vain until the ownership of Choi and Ci Hang Jing Zhai is decided. Of course, they will not deliberately go against Ci Hang Jing Zhai.
In January, Li Zhichang, the world of Datang, was little known, and at the same time, it was slowly understood that the general situation of this world now was even more surprising for Ye Gucheng to come five years earlier than him. Li Zhichang was even more surprised than this side, and Li Zhichang was not sure whether Ye Gucheng had become a first-class figure among the three great masters. However, since two years ago, no one in Wulin dared to challenge Lord Baiyun, and in the past two years, Feixian Island in the South China Sea has never been out of Ye Gucheng. Even though Ye Gucheng had many brilliant achievements four or five years ago, it was quickly forgotten or deliberately forgotten.
Li Zhichang is located in a mansion with a row of more than ten tables against the wall. People enjoy a group of guests, and Li Zhichang doesn’t climb the friendship and enjoy wine and food alone. Since then, the owner of the mansion has never revealed that Li Zhichang is a Xu person, so these guests don’t know that this person is the most famous sword fairy in the rivers and lakes. The world is very strong. After Li Zhichang entered the alchemy, he drank clean water in January and absorbed the essence of heaven and earth. In January, he washed himself like glass, but he looked like a man of 30 years old. The younger he looks like a young man in his mid-twenties, the more profound his skill is, the less his hair will grow, and the essence of heaven and earth will wash away his skin, and even a pore will be hard to detect.
However, no one can find the uniqueness of Li Zhichang, and his realm is high. It seems that he usually eats and drinks, but he is meticulous and delicious.
There are three people sitting in a group of sour branch chairs on the side of the hall, but the rest of the guests can reach them but don’t surround them and leave messages for them.
A man with a white hair and a strong bearing is in rags. Although he is sitting, he still makes people feel his majestic figure.
The other man wears a gown with stars and frost on his temples to let people know that he is old, but his appearance is middle-aged, and he is elegant and romantic, giving people a feeling of otherworldly.
Sitting and talking with these two people is like a big official. The middle-aged man is very imposing and gives a bad impression on the child prodigy.
Middle-aged people are not blind, but also an able person. Guests hate Li Zhichang’s rudeness. Because of the owner’s reasons, all prominent people don’t go to reprimand them. However, middle-aged people perceive that Li Zhichang is unusual. If others see Li Zhichang eating and drinking, they will blame him for not being polite. However, this official sees Li Zhichang eating, but he is fascinated. When Li Zhichang eats vegetables, he is very quick. His hands are like arms. When he chooses vegetables at will, his strength is very precise, like a precision machine, and Li Zhichang eats fast, but it is not. Eating a certain kind of food, he picks different foods every time he drops chopsticks. The distance can always be caught for a long time, and after he picks out the food, the food sample does not appear incomplete, which shows the strangeness of Li Zhichang’s food and drinking.
Middle-aged people talk to the two people next to them, but they can’t stop looking at Li Zhichang. He always likes to make friends with strange people. When he sees Li Zhichang’s uniqueness, he can’t help thinking. As before, this man chatted with two colleagues. Although he is good at dancing, he still talks and laughs with them.
The elegant old man laughed. "It’s too hard for a general to be single-minded. You have to be careful if you want to get to know that one. Although he is powerful, he is also a big trouble."
The official looks like a middle-aged man embarrassed and laughs. "The young man who loves to make friends most in his life has a special behavior, but he has made the old man laugh."
The old man in rags and the seemingly middle-aged Confucian scholar are both serious people, and they don’t want to offend them even if they are respected by the official.
The former is called "Yi Min of Huangshan Mountain", Ouyang Xiyi is the first person of the top master Xuanmen who has been famous for at least 40 years, and Ning Dodge is a martial arts figure of the same age who retired many years ago. This trip is to visit the owner of the house occasionally.
In the old Confucian scholars, Wang Tong, the owner of this house, is a contemporary Confucian scholar. On the theory of martial arts, he is also among the first-class masters of Zhai Rang, Dou Jiande, Du Fuwei and Ouyang Xiyi.
Wang Tong said with a smile, "I know that General Wang has always liked young Junjie and elegant people. If you don’t come to my office this time, you are afraid that the general will not be willing to come to me."
Shi Qingxuan is a famous woman whose flute skills shocked the contemporary world. It is said that she has always lived in seclusion. Not many people can appreciate her flute sounds, but if it were not for Wang Tong, a learned scholar, others would not move him. Most of the hundreds of guests in this hall are also rushing for the name of Shi Qingxuan, even eating and drinking Li Zhichang is no exception.
The middle-aged official’s name is Wang Shichong, but he is also an important official in the Sui court. There are several masters in the court who can compete with the four major valve masters. Even Wang Tong has to pay more attention to him. The articles in troubled times are worthless, and Wang Tong can’t find a happy place in Dongping County unless he is well-versed in martial arts and knows friends all over the country.
Wang Shichong flatters, "If you don’t pass the old Qing Xuan, who else will you sell when you return to the East? It’s a pity that people still don’t come to be kind and never pursue one hand to count on it, but you haven’t returned to the East for a long time." Wang Shichong’s words flatter Wang Tong and flatter Yang Guang, the emperor of the Sui Dynasty in Jiangdu, expressing his thoughts on the emperor of the Sui Dynasty, no matter how hard it is to be an official, but it’s already the top of the world to be a man. He is a conference semifinal from the western regions, not a family background, and he can
Wang Tong laughed. "It’s taken a long time for the general to flatter the old man. I’ll tell you his identity. It’s up to the general to make friends or make his own decision."
Wang Shichong said, "But please tell the old man."
Wang Tongdao said, "That man is Li Zhichang, the most famous sword fairy in the Jianghu recently."
Wang Shichong not only creeps out, "I didn’t expect him to be old, so I have to make friends with this man." Not to mention how high Li Zhichang’s martial arts are, but Li Zhichang’s courage is also one of the best in this river’s lake in recent 20 years. The only person who dares to plunder Ci Hang Jing Zhai is bold, but Kuang Ci Hang Jing Zhai has an important weight in competing for the sky, and Ci Hang Jing Zhai doesn’t know how many potential forces there are in the white road, let alone the three great masters, Yi Ning Dodge, and Ci Hang Jing Zhai, who are separated from Buddhism.
And Li Zhichang incredibly dare to say a bold word to Shifeixuan, but even though it makes Li Zhichang famous, it also makes many people secretly rejoice, but at the same time, they dare not make friends with him. Wang Tong actually openly invited Li Zhichang into the house, not afraid to offend Cihang Jingzhai, and even Wang Shichong had to admire his verve.

Clea’s charming body trembled and immediately returned to normal, and her face was flat. "I secretly got in close contact with Yunruo today and found that Yunruo really had strong energy fluctuations, but later she found out that she had lunch."

Male zheng look a little nervous busy way "if not aware of your body energy? Wrong novel network many words "
Clea shook her head and said, "I hid it well. Her mind is not on this side. I don’t think I found it."
Claria paused and added, "In terms of energy intensity alone, if there should be at least a B level, and you know that she was really an ordinary person three years ago, I found that her energy control is very good. It depends on the situation, just like practicing for more than ten years, which can rule out sudden awakening of power or artificial work."
Male one leng said, "Isn’t it true that China’s super almighty has mastered cloning technology? I have to report it to the Bishop immediately. If it is true, that would be terrible. By the way, you must keep an eye on Yunruo these days. If you watch her contact with people, oh, and you should change it to protect her now. Don’t let people hurt her. I will go and see her if I have." The male suddenly flashed a soft charm in his eyes.
Clea suddenly laughed. "You’d better not go to see her."
The man looked stunned and shouted, "What do you mean?"
Claria said lightly, "It’s normal that you didn’t know these things when you just arrived in Z last night. If you live with your boyfriend now, wouldn’t it be boring for you to go? And I learned today that if you should have had it with your boyfriend," Claria flashed a sarcastic smile at her mouth.
Male smell speech look a tight quiver "you say? How can she not love herself so much? "
When Clea heard this, her eyebrows slightly wrinkled and she said, "I didn’t expect that a holy warrior, Fario, would be so distressing to a woman. But when you courted Ruoruo in college, she refused without mercy. Now people are with people they like, and there is nothing with you. You can say that she doesn’t love herself."
Fario’s chest fluctuated sharply, his hair became bluer, and suddenly his eyes flashed. "What about living with my boyfriend?"
Clea didn’t make a scene at the moment. He thought a little and exclaimed, "Don’t mess around. If your boyfriend is a very ordinary boy, don’t mess around, or the China law enforcement team will deal with you and the Vatican will not protect you. If you hate your generation more."
Fario sneered. "You’re nervous. I didn’t say anything about the man."? I mean, I won’t give up if if. Well, there are several masters of underwater power coming this afternoon. Ask Jerry to lead them to Taihu Lake for exploration. "
Clea looked at him and nodded silently.
The second volume Chapter 52 Solicit
The second volume Chapter 52 Solicit
Stuart Night took good care of his injury in Rick Fang. The hospital inspection report said that he could be discharged in three or two days. Stuart Night Heart Rick Fang urged him to go back to school to learn and pick himself up when he was discharged.
After Rick Fang returned to school, he was naturally questioned by Shuaike and others about the specific situation of saving lives. Where have you been these days? Are you communicating with beautiful women? Rick Fang looked at Shuaike and others with enthusiasm and strength, and his scalp was numb and numb. It was not that he didn’t answer, nor that he actually saved Stuart’s night in Rick Fang. If Yunruo accidentally learned from the newspaper that Rick Fang saved Stuart’s night, it was that Yunruo was in bed and her mind was occupied by another thing at that time. Rick Fang answered her casually and she couldn’t remember.
It’s the picture of Yan Shuaike and others asking what comes next that makes Rick Fang very resistant to the stalemate. Help came to the counselor Sun Lu, who was ordered to call Rick Fang to the principal’s office, to solve the problem of Rick Fang.
"Principal Rick Fang’s classmate has arrived." Sun Lu led Rick Fang to the office and reported to an old man sitting at his desk with a full aroma. After that, he nodded to Rick Fang and left the door without extra trouble.
Fang Xuli looked at an office in the middle of the office. In addition to the principal, there were three people, a middle-aged man of about forty years old sitting opposite the principal. It was also peaceful when he looked at it. It was in his eyes that he stood behind the middle-aged man with a look that made people look a little uncomfortable. Two men in ordinary clothes were of medium height, but Rick Fang saw that the seemingly ordinary body contained not weak energy.’ It turned out that the level of the yogi was not high.’
"The headmaster, this is Rick Fang’s classmate, right?" The middle-aged population inquired.
"Yes," the headmaster nodded and said to Rick Fang, "Rick Fang, let me introduce you. This is Li, director of the Ministry of National Security, who has been waiting for you here for three days."
Rick Fang casually’ Oh’ looked dull and surprised. The headmaster secretly wondered that Director Li’s face had changed color. He was a very vain person. The attitude of this young man was very sloppy. After listening to his position, he didn’t have any respect. It was really hateful and he didn’t take the initiative to ask himself what he had come for. This little guy must have been fighting with a little martial arts. He looked at his file (in fact, Director Li was browsing the eyes. Rick Fang was in the school public security bureau file. He wouldn’t be such a little guy. Spend effort), that is, a small frog at the bottom of a well in an ordinary township has little knowledge. It is no wonder that he has attracted you to see how I can tidy up. You think of this, Director Li. Hey hey, a smile said, "President Hu, I have a face-to-face conversation with Rick Fang, which involves confidentiality."
Director Li held a long tone, and President Hu nodded in his heart and said lightly, "Well, Rick Fang, you talk to Director Li, and I still have some things to deal with."
Director Li didn’t get up and just sat there with a big smile, nodding at will and motioning with his hand, saying, "President Hu is busy."
President Hu got up and left. Rick Fang’s impression of Director Li was so bad that he turned against the guest and ordered the principal to walk away. This kind of bossing made Rick Fang very uncomfortable.’ Now officials are really arrogant.’
Director Li looked at Rick Fang carefully at this time and said with a smile after a long time, "It is true that Fang’s classmates showed their talents in downtown ten days ago to save the Fang group Stuart Night?"
Rick Fang nodded at random and saw that Director Li didn’t give up his seat at all. In his heart, he said with a smile, "Director Li, if you don’t mind, I want to sit and talk."
Director Li’s complexion has changed again. The general governor has to be polite when he sees him, and others are arrogant. Even those senior government officials have to do that if they don’t ask each other to sit down in front of him. It’s unexpected that this young man is so bold. At this moment, two bodyguards behind Director Li will reprimand and export. Director Li will raise his hand to stop their actions and suppress their dissatisfaction. He smiled at each other and said, "Okay, please" and pointed to the opposite principal’s seat.
Rick Fang smiled to pull a chair to sit light way "I don’t know director li to find me? Isn’t that right? Commend me for being brave? Wrong novel network many words "
Director Li ha ha smiled. "Rick Fang really loves to joke. That’s something for other departments." Director Li suddenly stopped and stared at Rick Fang. "I’m interested in recruiting talents, especially powers or practitioners."
Rick Fang slightly one leng will know that it must be that he showed his kung fu when saving Stuart night, which attracted the attention of these guys. Director Li at this time is ha ha a smile. "Rick Fang, do you know that if we hadn’t put pressure on the media, the specific situation of saving people would have been known by passers-by? Alas, for so many years, you are the first person who dared to openly display power in the street." Director Li shook his head repeatedly and seemed to admire Rick Fang’s courage, but his eyes were full of ridicule.
Rick Fang’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, but there was no answer. Director Li added, "Let’s put it straight. Our department specializes in exploring and absorbing talents like you. Now welcome you into our big family."
Rick Fang suddenly felt a little puzzled when the government added such an organization. Was it because Rick Fang was linked to the power research institute? thought silently for a while, but Director Li saw that he didn’t speak and mistook him for agreeing. Ha ha a smile. "Now I’ll appoint your representative in Z, and I’ll send you treatment. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely make you rich and famous. Of course, before that, I’ll take you back to the Ministry for a month-long training in school."
Rick Fang one leng busy way "wait, director li I think you are misunderstood, I didn’t say to join your department".
Li, director of the smell speech zheng to react face a heavy way "?" Tone is extremely unhappy.
Rick Fang ignored his face and smiled faintly. "I’m not interested in joining the organization, whether it’s the Alliance Democratic League (a small super-almighty organization created by Lu Xuantian) or the Institute of Power or your organization. I don’t like being bound and want to live happily." Rick Fang’s tone is plain and free and easy.
Director Li was surprised’ Yi’ and looked at Rick Fang’s way. "I didn’t expect you to know the alliance of these organizations." Then cold hum a drink a way. "You are good at martial arts, don’t you just want to be so ordinary for life? Besides, it is an ideal for all young people to work for the government. Don’t you want the country to contribute to national glory? I, the Chinese nation, have risen again to exert our own strength. "Although this is mostly reprimanded, it is also very firm and impassioned. The two young bodyguards behind him also flashed a look in their eyes. They were moved by these words at the beginning, and now they always sound excited.
Director Li finished speaking in one breath, and a touch of red appeared on his face. Obviously, he was also very excited. Rick Fang listened to Director Li’s speech with a light smile. At the end, he looked at Director Li and asked with a smile, "Is it necessary to join a government department to be considered a national effect?"

See exhausted most of the spirit force after offering ninety-nine sword mans Luo Yu has a wrought iron fan of cutting, and once again spilled fourteen shock wave Xuan mans straight spirit force exhausted before offering the dragon ridge pike body qi and blood churning and kicking up to the sky!

Such a three-game combo can be described as one go. Who can stop it?
Ninety-nine sword mans bear the brunt of the purple fire giant blade bombardment together with the roar of heaven and earth.
Daodao Jianmang collapsed in the semi-flaming purple fire.
The defensive purple fire mantis broke through the layers of swords and awns, but it also fell apart and appeared. It was pushing the giant blade purple Yan people with one hand.
At the moment, his eyes are suddenly and violently open and his mind is trembling!
His body condensed nine layers of the strong to blow this ninety-nine firm but gentle silver mans solved!
But before he was surprised, fourteen dark black firm but gentle waves were spilled around Luoyu’s rotating iron fan ghosting.
Ka ~ bang!
The purple gladiator blade in the spiritual order in front of his palm was scattered and cracked in fear!
The mysterious light of the iron fan suddenly appeared in front of us, and Shangdao Jianmang instantly strangled three places in the abdomen of Ziyan people.
Although there is a purple fire inscription to protect the body, it is difficult to reach a sharp moment.
Lotus flower at first half!
Yan Yan still kept his eyes in awe. He didn’t come to scream at all. He had been torn apart by Daojian Mang, and the inscription of purple fire in vitro.
Looking at the people who have been like blood in front of them, they are generally repelled and rolled back to the purple people.
Luo Yu Guan supported his gun in the middle of the game and roared, "Come to death ~!"
The three-foot spear in the front section of the Dragon Ridge is wrapped in Gangfeng Dragon Swirl and instantly penetrated the chest of Ziyan people!
The lotus flower is as long as rain and fog.
Fang Luoyun saw that Luoyu’s body was shaken, and his feet were now screaming. Xuanlongying swung his gun into a circle and picked Ziyan people to the half.
But before a moment, the dragon’s ridge pike has split and severely lashed the purple inflammation person’s abdomen.
It was not until this time that Ziyan people screamed in despair!
At this time, Yan Yan has smashed Luo Yu towards the ground but didn’t stay for half an hour. He has stepped on Xuanlongying’s huge body and pushed hard to fill it, and like a meteor, he stabbed Yan Yan with his dragon gun in his hands.
In the middle of the pike, once again, the purple people bombarded the earth with screams and screams.
Earth-rock splash, blood and fog.
Los feather hands holding a gun overlooking the eyes suddenly and violently open that face pain almost twisted ZiYan gnashing asked "old man, I have long wanted to dismember you ten thousand pieces! Did you ever think about this when you forced Elder Lu? "
Purple Yan people are covered in red, especially since they grind their teeth and bleed. "You are guilty of sin! Shanhai University, who doesn’t want you to soar in the Five Elements? You ….. Even if you kill the elder, can you resist my family? I dare to assert that once the old lady dies, your identity will be exposed! "
Los feather eyebrows slightly wrinkled but for a moment’s eyes was cold mountain flashing.
Xiao Luoyun immediately shouted at him, "Old thief! Dare to be arrogant when you are dying? "
"Immortality had to die crazy? Ha ha ha ~ "
Looking at coughing and laughing, Luo Yu, a mad Chinese man, hummed.
He grabbed the other side’s unkempt purple hair crown, knelt down with a horizontal sword and sealed his throat. "Today I beheaded this old thief to comfort Elder Lu!"
Xiao Luoyun clenched his fists and glared at him. He laughed wildly, but Yan Yan should drink "Kill!"
Luo Yu should "kill ~!"
Poof ~
Ask the heavenly sword, the silver awn, and the blood splashes five steps, and the madness coughs and laughs suddenly, and everything is quiet again.
Luo Yun beside him finally showed a happy smile after glancing at each other.
Picked up the bloody head in his hand and held it high and laughed in the forest.
Chapter 427 Send the gate to chase the rocks.
Penglai Forest, the Secret Land of the Red Thunder Zun Tomb.
Shortly after Luo Yu’s efforts to slay the Purple Yan people, a shocking news came from all the clansmen’s families.
That iron fan of Tsing Yi, Bu Niuming, is exactly the five elements of Zongdao Yan’s life with soaring skills!
Obviously, your family learned through some special means that Ziyan people had been killed by Luoyu and that Luoyu’s strength had made them feel that Luoyu was not what it used to be. It was by no means that the three of them could be easily captured.
And now it’s been three hours since entering Penglai forest.
But in this short period of three hours, the number of 576 monks who entered Penglai Lin has dropped by less than 300! Nearly half of those who lost their lives can see that Penglai forest is by no means as blessed as the Taoist priest said.
Of course, it is also because almost everyone knows that if they want to kill each other, they can get the red Dan. Killing each other and adding flowers and grass to become the embodiment of bamboo servant Penglai Lin has become another soul-seeking place.
However, compared with the Red Ray Venerable Master, there are two other choices in the hearts of the practitioners at this moment, that is, to stay and leave!
Choose to save your life from nature; But if you risk your life to stay, you have two choices. One is naturally the red thunder honour person; This second is the Luo Yu Ascension.
At the moment, it is close to the bamboo forest in the vast waters.
There is an altar-shaped rock building standing high in the middle of the mountainside, and a triangular star gate stands in the middle of it. The shimmering glow and brilliance of Xiaguang are faintly showing the desert style of Shazhou.
Obviously, this stargate is exactly what the guide said to be the gateway to the outside world.
There is a star monk who heard the news and wanted to leave from now on. After all, if you have a chance, you have to have a life to take it, right? Thousands of people have little chance to enter the country, but now there are only three hundred left, which really makes many people retreat.