Mr. Suoye took more than a dozen people to the ancestral grave to burn paper and incense and kowtow. "May the ancestors show their spirits and seek all the best …!"

Chapter 133 Laojin Happy Life
At 12 o’clock in the morning, Jin Taizhu arrived at the door of the house by bus and got drunk from the car.
"Come and pick me up at half past ten in the morning," Jin Taizhu explained with his tongue banged at the driver next to the car.
"Let’s keep two people?"
"No, it’s safe here." Jin Taizhu waved. "You go."
After the two exchanged three cars, they left along the original road, while Jin Taizhu took a step and rang the doorbell at home.
After a while, Mrs. Kim pushed the door in her pajamas and asked in Korean, "Why is it so late again?"
"Entertainment" People outside Jin Taizhu talk a lot, but when they get home, they cherish words like gold. It is not easy for him to reach this age, and his desires are gradually declining. However, he is deeply mired in the mud and it is difficult to quit. Every day, his mental stress is great.
Mrs. King immediately asked Jin Taizhu to sit in the small chair at the door and help him take off his clothes and shoes.
"I’m going to take a bath upstairs." Jin Taizhu muttered, holding the wall and getting up, I’m going to the bedroom upstairs.
Mrs. King took the dirty clothes and shoes to the laundry and prepared to call the nanny to clean them.
"By the way," Jin Taizhu suddenly stopped the stairs and asked back, "Did you call me back today for something?"
"Oh, there was a visitor at home today. He said that he was General Manager Park and sent two gold bars." Mrs. Kim immediately responded, "I want to attend the Tianfeng Summit and ask you for help."
Jin Taizhu drank a little and recalled it for a long time and asked, "Who’s General Park?"
"He said you knew."
"I know? I don’t have 10,000, but there are thousands. How can I know where to go? "Jin Taizhu held the handrail of the stairs." Didn’t he say which company he was? "
"I didn’t say it, but I kept my business card secretly. Why don’t I contact him one day?" Mrs. King asked.
"Stupid woman summit day is coming. What money do you charge indiscriminately?" Jin Taizhu reprimanded slightly discontentedly, "Don’t be so greedy and get me into trouble."
Mrs. King pursed her lips and didn’t dare to say anything.
"Give him a call and return the gold bars." Jin Taizhu didn’t think much about it. There were too many people who wanted to give him gifts and leave because of Iraq. This kind of thing also happened from time to time. He reprimanded him for two sentences and then stepped downstairs.
late night
Jin Taizhu washed his bed for nothing and got ready for bed.
Next to Mrs. Jin, she stabbed an old golden waist with her finger. "Did you miss me, Oba?"
Jin Taizhu’s hair stood up. "I’m a little tired."
"I miss you …!" Mrs king put her arm around him.
Jin Taizhu hesitated for a long time, got up and hit the bedside table and took out a small stick from the inside. "Come on, hurry up."
"You hate it!"
"I’m too drunk to keep up with my physical strength." Jin Taizhu leaned in and played.
"Buzz …!"
Strange sound
More than ten o’clock the next morning.
Ye Xiao in Nanmu area of Sichuan Province just finished talking and Lao Qi quickly came in "Someone is coming".
Ye Xiaowen looked back. "Is there someone coming across?"
"Yes, a dozen cars stopped in the north just now," Lao Qi said with a frown. "The road was blocked."
"Go to the north to see" Ye Xiao replied and walked outside.
About half an hour later, Ye Xiaozhan Nan Laoqi took more than 20 people to the first and second floors on the north side of Nanmu Life Town and looked out.
More than a dozen cars in the old road have become more than two dozen all-in-one off-road pickup trucks with swinging weapons.
"What do you mean, people don’t fucking move when they come?" Put a young man frown scolded 1.
"It’s crazy to close the door." Zhan Nan said with a black face.
"Do you know which side this is?" Ye Xiao blunt old qi asked
"It should be around the capital," replied Lao Qi’s back hand. "It may be to come and step on the spot."
Ye Xiao was silent for a long time. "Step on a fucking point B, Lao Qi, let people come over!"
"Good" old qi raised his arm and shouted with a walkie-talkie.
There were more and more people on the other side of the road, but they didn’t make a move
Yishi hotel
In front of Zhou Zhengjing, I arranged a suit face expression and asked Lin Chengdong, "Did I tell you what to do in person?"
"Didn’t tell me let’s run with people after the gunshot" Lin Chengdong sat on the sofa and answered.
"Ha ha, the man who was sent here to shoot people didn’t even know if he could go back and let us run with him." Zhou Zheng turned around and said succinctly, "Let’s follow the way I told you."
Lin Chengdong looked up "a little risky."
"Kobayashi believes that I will die if I run with people in one sentence!" Zhou Zheng said somberly, "But there is still a chance to come there according to our agreement."
"Are you so pessimistic about this matter?" Lin chengdong asked

His soul-stabbing pike with ShaQi is pointing to the rushing son’s good baby. "Bah ~ where are you from?" Is there any reason to rob by car? Hum ~ My master wants to find a mount for cattle and beasts for a long time, but he doesn’t send it as soon as possible, so he will kill a soul hunting gun! "

How can you show weakness when you see each other so arrogant when you suddenly wake up?
Seeing a good baby is not to be outdone, but also wants to find some momentum. "It turns out that the pavilion wants to be a cow and a beast. It’s just that we need to ride a black horse … It’s not as good as taking the equivalent exchange according to the rules, and it hurts the gas."
Obviously, this good baby is pretending to pass by evil forces and wants cattle and beasts in exchange for each other’s black riding monsters.
"Exchange …?" The bearer first one leng seems to be some material.
Then he secretly said, "Oh, do you really want a cow and beast to change to a black ride?"
As soon as this remark fell, I smelled that the quiet car had come, and the man coughed lightly!
People looked suspiciously at the car curtain to cover the car, and the demons turned sharply to think about it
I’m afraid that this group of people are rare and unique. I’m afraid it’s unusual to be a rickshaw man. I’m not sure which way will pass the strong one.
Is this cow and beast so rare that black riding can be compared? I don’t know … Are they really going to change or are they cheating?
As this person thinks, there are a lot of mixed forces in the ghost gate and the mountains of Wan Li are intertwined, so all forces can get a rare one-horned ox and beast mount and feel complacent, which shows their identity!
The cow and beast, this ghost gate, Sichuan is not only hard to find money, but also hard to ask for it.
How can you be a general celebrity if you can drive a car with an ox cart?
Obviously, when I grew up watching cows and beasts grow up, my good baby didn’t think of this. Because cows and beasts, their water curtain cave Xia heart is not a rarity at all.
There are always people robbing them along the way, and one of them must have seen this cow and beast and doubted their identity.
But who knows … Get this rare one-horned ox and beast in Ghost Gate!
If they knew that cattle and beasts were so precious and scarce, they would have been happy.
But at the moment, the good baby is still ignorant.
It’s like people who live by the sea are used to eating seafood, but seafood is rare to land people, especially when the roads are blocked and the traffic is inconvenient.
At the moment, the good baby seems to be impressed by his wise proposal. He has proudly said, "Nature and nature are the so-called strong local strongmen. Now that you have passed your treasure, we have to respect three points, so you rob me of cattle and beasts, and I rob you of black riding, which neither weakens your prestige nor loses our fairness and rationality."
The man a listen to some not letter in my heart.
But the smell of the car gently coughed again.
Good baby smells Luo Yu as if coughing, but when Luo Yu has something to say, she takes credit as if asking lightly, "Is this business like me?"
Los feather nai wry smile seems to be some strength "you … you really do a good job …!"
Good Eva and Paopaoer turned to look at the bearer as soon as they listened to the flowers and stopped listening to Luo Yuwen.
Seeing Paopaoer’s thumbs up, he couldn’t wait to draw back. "Did you hear that my family agreed to this deal?"
When I heard this, I saw the sincerity in the eyes of the two men, and the man held the gun and solemnly admired, "Sure enough, there are people outside the thief. It’s really admirable!"
Said he also don’t forget to hand in the direction of the carriage a ritual way "one is the soul hunting gun of the elders of Luo Cha Gate thirty miles ahead. Tong Yuan was so generous and grateful today that he dared to ask your name …"
It doesn’t take a moment after a hasty ceremony.
The elder Tong Yuan of Luo Cha Gate rushed across the cattle and beasts without looking back and left his magnificent mount and a bag of solid soul stones.
Good Eva two people see that Tong Yuan leave is relieved to reveal a happy smile.
Paopaoer is happily tying the frame to recognize the Lord and riding black, while Haowa is proud with the Tong Yuan stone bag. "Gee … Look at this. It’s called wisdom."
Then he came to the front of the frame and boasted through the curtain, saying, "Did you all see Gong Yingying?" The man also left a lot of soul stones … "
See the car for a long time without any response. The baby is puzzled and pulls the curtain.
See around by sitting bully wave son swim ying ying is squinting at him with a straight face is very angry.
While Luo Yu is sitting in the innermost place, holding the sleeping Anu in one hand and holding his heavy forehead in the other, which is quite nerve-racking and sad.
Seeing this good baby, she was shocked to understand, "What’s wrong with your head?"
Luo Yu took a deep breath and sighed with depression in his heart. "Good baby, this business is not suitable for you … Let’s just say it’s a little overqualified."
Good Eva when los feather kua he immediately scratched his head hey hey laugh.

"Didi Lingling!"

When the bell rang, Qin Yu immediately picked it up. "Hey, commander!"
"It’s estimated that it’s almost over. Are you ready to chat with Pu Blind?" Gu Taian Audio started.
Chapter 1766 cocktail party
The main force of the first fleet in the fifth district, Waigang, unleashed heavy artillery and violently attacked Pu’s offensive zone to cover the evacuation of Wu Junsheng rebels like no money.
Three 570,000-ton troop carriers near the port entered the dock to meet the evacuation of Wu Junsheng rebels.
At the moment, the South Shanghai Fleet has not yet arrived in the war zone, and there is no support on the sea surface of Sopu, and the existing firepower can’t reach others. The fleet can try its best to avoid the enemy’s sea fire and clean up from the surrounding area, and Wu rebels have not yet run out.
After four hours of fierce fighting between the enemy and the enemy, the war drew to a close.
After paying a painful price, the new government forces in Wu Junsheng left the old triangle area by troop carrier.
In this battle, there were nearly 40,000 rebels in Wu Junsheng. However, after Puxing committed suicide, some anti-war troops of the Yugoslav capital brigade turned their backs on Pu, and less than 20,000 people actually participated in the war.
After two days of fierce fighting, there were less than 20,000 troops, more than 1,000 people died, nearly 10,000 people were defeated, the prisoners were disarmed, and finally they boarded the ship and fled, leaving more than 7,000 people, which was a terrible scene.
After the troop transport ship left the port, the first fleet of Area 5 quickly evacuated under the cover of it.
The next day, the South Shanghai Fleet arrived near the mouth of the river and symbolically chased the waters of Area 5. After seeing each other’s deep-rooted love war, they could finally retreat.
In addition to Gu Chen’s gains in Chuanfu District, the cheapest thing in this Pu War was that the General Political Department of the Seventh District Army Department opposed Pai Cheng in World War II.
They did send out the navy, but after a circle along the estuary, they removed it, burning a little oil roots inside and outside, but in the end they got 10% shares from Han Sanqian without his investment.
This is the first time that the anti-Chen forces in Area 7 have taken advantage of the salt island problem, but there is nothing to defend Qin Yu’s side. Because the South Shanghai fleet is not moving, Area 5 will definitely not go and the war will continue.
All I can say is that the military and political officials in the seventh district are not given away for nothing. Too fucking will seize the opportunity.
As soon as the rebels in Wu Junsheng fled from the old triangle, there would be no oil and water to take. Qin Yu and Teng Pang added up, and they all felt that it was not good for their troops to wander around. They immediately transferred their troops back to three san.
Three days later.
Pu blind after finishing the finishing work immediately met Qin Yu Gu Yan Teng Pang and other 20 "friendly" main officers.
The old triangle area won the battle, and everyone must be flattered by it. They immediately returned to the appointment with pleasure.
Saturday noon
Menghan town martial law Qin Yu Gu Yan Teng Pang and others each sat in a whole Yugoslav capital regiment surrounded by generals and military vehicles.
Qin Yu, a car colleague, looked at wearing a school coat and licked his sentence with alacrity. "Big brother, you look a little head-on now!"
"Ha ha! After the battle in the old triangle, Gu Yan Teng is fat. They are all halo-added. It’s not good for this old dog to hang a lieutenant." Qin Yu said sourly. "What about me? I followed up with a lively army establishment or division rank and didn’t go … There was a Mao head meaning. "
"That’s not the same. Gu Yan is the commander-in-chief of the northwest, and he will be sooner or later," Daya said with a smile. "But he’s too fierce again, and you’ve actually ascended the throne. This rank establishment is nothing. If you really want a birthright, why don’t you just declare independence?"
Qin Yu waved his hand, "It’s still early to leave that step."
"Then you can endure it, hehe." Daya replied naively.
Pu deliberately let the "friendly" group show up in front of the local people. The speed of the motorcade was arranged according to the process of receiving the regional delegation, and it took more than 40 minutes to go to the office building.
The main generals of the Houpu Command of the People’s Car came out to meet the people of the Office of the Old Triangle Area Autonomy.
A list of complicated and boring reception etiquette will not describe what happened at the reception dinner after the meeting between the people’s offices in the afternoon.
More minutes late.
The host of the gathering hall of the civil affairs office shouted softly, "Welcome the commander-in-chief of Pu Corps to speak!"
A burst of enthusiasm in the palm of your hand, Pu blindly dressed in the commander’s army, although not tall, but with a strong aura, stepped into the venue and waved at everyone.
Qin Yu Gu Yan whispered around him, "Commander Pu is still quite elegant!"


Suddenly, I saw the wind Zichen here, even if it was a star fiend, I didn’t have a moment’s shock, but soon he reacted and made a fist directly towards the wind Zichen.
For Feng Zichen, the Star Devil has a deep memory, especially since he got out of trouble from the bad mountain, but he suffered several big losses in succession.
Three points of the true spirit, he has already had two true spirits destroyed by the wind Zichen, which makes the plan of the star fiend come to an end before the universe is planned.
In addition, because the true spirit was destroyed, the strength of the star fiend was not affected, and it fell from the original top chaotic fiend level to the first-class level.
Feng Zichen’s hand has suffered so much. Can the Star Devil not hate him?
If you can’t see the wind, Zichen will be fine.
But now, when he woke up, he suddenly found that he had missed his enemy so much that he appeared in front of him.
This feeling is really expressive.
Joy, grief, hatred …
Maybe both!
All kinds of emotions flow in the heart of the star fiend, and finally all of them are transformed into the fiercest anger, which is vented by killing a word.
"Come on!"
See the stars fiend that a punch from the wind zichen not shine at the moment directly Pangu Taoist body for boxing to meet.
Two punches stand for the winner!
Is the star fiend lost to the wind zichen was severely hit to fly out and fall away toward the outside world.
At the same time, there are terrorist forces from the place where the two men fought and swept away in all directions.
Suddenly, the mountains collapsed and the earth overturned … There was fire, water and wind surging wildly, interweaving with marginal destruction.
This is a sign that heaven and earth can’t bear this force and will soon collapse.
Yu Wei alone makes this world unbearable and has a tendency to collapse. I don’t know whether the world is too weak or the wind is too strong.
Maybe both!
The situation of heaven and earth can’t be concealed from the wind. Zichen felt that he shook his head and waved patiently.
Suddenly a drop of purple and golden blood flew out of his fingertips and fell towards the world.
The purple blood fell with mysterious fluctuations, and the rules of numbers blossomed from his body and quickly merged into that world.
The trend of collapse day by day has been contained, and the destructive force that is raging everywhere has disappeared with it. Some rules of heaven and earth have emerged and are slowly repairing the broken void.
The world is slowly returning to its original state!
Is it because of my own reasons that this world is almost broken? How can Zichen sit back and watch it go to destruction?
Therefore, he had to force a drop of Jingxue to repair this broken world.
At this time, Feng Zichen really realized the meaning of the sentence that destruction is far easier than creation.
He was the driving force to destroy the world, but he was forced to force a drop of Jingxue to repair the world. There is no difference between them.
"Grass!" (noun a plant)
"If I can’t get the star fiend today, I will lose a lot."
Dark scold a wind Zichen rushed to the star fiend who fell outside the world. This drop of JingXie loss is counted as his body.
Zichen, who jumped into the wind, came to the star fiend, and before he could get a firm foothold, he was blasted out with one punch, and then he flew out far away again.
This place is still too close to the world. If they are really desperate to go shopping, the aftermath will definitely destroy the world if they are so close.
This kind of situation is that Feng Zichen is absolutely not allowed to happen.
Star fiend, he wants the world. Let’s call it the world of stars. So does he.
We must pull the battlefield far to the point of Fabo Star World.
Boom Boom Boom
Feng Zichen’s crazy offensive, fighting and retreating, finally came to an unknown time when I don’t know how far away from the world of stars.
Here, Feng Zichen can finally be sure that the destructive power generated by their struggle will not reach the world of stars.
So he is relieved.


Shan’ an sideline
Teng fat sit command car grind scold a way "Mahler Gobi Chen what do you mean? Want to fight? !”
Chapter DiErSiYiWu Jun Chen to.
Teng’s fat mentality is really cracked because he received an order from Governor Gu to personally dispatch and was ready to clean up all obstacles, but he didn’t expect to be intercepted by Chen halfway.
What exactly does Chen mean by cutting a bar horizontally at this time?
Teng Pang looked down at the adjutant next to the command vehicle and handed him a flat-headed frown and asked, "Where did their regiment come from?"
"It was a sudden forward insertion around Jiangzhou," the chief of staff said with a frown. "And they made the light rail train so that it could reach the interception site before our department."
"The end of the light rail train is Jiangzhou. How did they board the bus around Jiangzhou? Isn’t this bullshit? " Teng fat frown drink asked
"I didn’t get on the bus in Jiangzhou, but bypassed Jiangzhou and then arrived at the scheduled place." The words of the chief of staff explained in detail that "I didn’t figure it out why I went this way."
Teng Pang paused for a long time and immediately made a decision. "There are still three or four hours away from the conflict-torn area in Texas, so I can’t afford to delay you. Ma Xiang, the position of our division headquarters, asked them to make way for me quickly, and the frontier troops immediately observed the arrangement of Chen troops and prepared for the storm."
The chief of staff knows Teng Pang’s character and that it is hard for the teachers to resist what the old governor said. He is going to be impatient. That’s really daring to rush Chen Huo.
But the current military and political environment is not the same as before. If you really want to hug the fire, it will be a big thing.
The chief of staff hesitated and said, "Do teachers want to report to the old governor? After all …! "
When they were communicating, a security officer suddenly shouted, "Commander Chen Jun Chen, the teacher, is here."
Teng fat dazed a immediately said "good ask him to come over"
Anxiously waiting for about five minutes, three military vehicles stopped by the road, and Jun Chen marched over in a school coat. "Long time no see, Lao Teng!"
"Long time no see, Commander Chen" Teng Pang held out his palm.
After the two sides shook hands, Teng Pang couldn’t come to the other side to catch up with the past. Seeing the mountain, he asked, "Commander Chen, I urgently need to enter Texas to quell the chaos. Your troops Chen want the horse to make way for me, or there will be changes in Texas when it is delayed."
Chen frown replied, "I’m here to tell you this thing. First of all, I really didn’t know that any troops would bypass Jiangzhou and suddenly come forward here to block your marching route, but I’ve been involved in communicating with the floor. I flew here specially to tell you not to cause unnecessary military conflicts on impulse. When I finish this matter."
Teng Pang looked down at his watch. "Our department is the closest unit to the battle site. Now you can ask me to do anything, but I can’t wait any longer because I can’t come."
"You let me communicate with the layer first-I promise to give you a satisfactory answer."
"How long will it take?"
"It won’t be long. Half an hour at most. What do you think?"
"Not for half an hour, Commander Chen. Can you talk here and I’ll listen to the results?" Teng Pang didn’t give in because of Jun Chen’s identity, but kept urging him.
"I’m waiting for news now." Jun Chen also looked down at his watch. "So I can fly to the headquarters now and get there in 20 minutes at most. Can I call you when I arrive?"
Teng fat pause for a long time "ok, I’ll wait for you for twenty minutes"
"Good, that’s it." Jun Chen held out his hand again.
Teng Pang held his hand and said with an expression, "We are allies. I hope that at this moment, we can continue to fight side by side in the United front instead of parting ways or tit for tat."
"I think the same as you" Jun Chen nodded heavily.
After the communication between the two, Jun Chen rushed to the airport by car and flew away quickly.
After people left, Teng Pang considered for a long time and ordered again, "Continue to arrange according to my deployment just now."
"Yes!" Chief of staff nodded.
"Didi Lingling!"
Just then the bell rang, Teng Pang got into the car and pressed the answer key "Hello, Governor!" "
"Teng Fat, don’t give me foolhardy when your head is hot." Governor Gu coughed two times and ordered seriously. "The current situation can’t be changed. Things will be completely out of control. You wait for my order right now."
"Your body …?" Teng fat some worry.
"I … I’m all right" Gu Taian back.
"I know, Governor!"
"That’s it"
Say that finish two people ended the call.
Yanbei sanatorium
Gu Taian sat wearily and gasped, "Chen’s involvement in their attitude also shows this … so try calling Lim again and let the troops in Lincheng enter Texas."
The staff thought for a while and answered, "Lincheng troops will be slow to get there."
"I know that letting Lincheng go is the end," Gu Taian continued to order. "Give Wang Zhou’s army all troops stationed near Texas an order that they are not allowed to make a move. Military forces should cooperate with the special operations brigade."
"Yes" the staff officer nodded.
"… Chen Chen" Gu Taian sighed "Don’t go to the opposite!"
After the Dezhou Special Operations Brigade captured Yilian Mountain, the scope contracted and moved closer to Baishantou of Mengxi.
After a large number of soldiers entered, they built a military defense area in situ and prepared to wait for reinforcements.

Laughing and laughing, the man shed tears.

How can you not cry?
At the beginning, they left the Terran, away from the wild world because the Terran was in danger of extinction.
The Protector couldn’t bear it, and Ren Huang had to use his great powers to send them to another plane.
However, although they left, the impression that the Terran was about to become extinct was deeply imprinted on their minds, and they were constantly worried about the Terran situation when they came to the world.
Therefore, they all practice hard and dare not slack off at all, because whenever they are free, the sight of Terran being slaughtered by demon race will automatically emerge in their minds, which makes them sleepless at night.
Hatred of the demon race and worry about the compatriots have completely melted the motivation of these Terran Tianjiao, forcing them to strive to gain enough revenge power as soon as possible during their cultivation period.
With hate in your heart, progress is naturally extremely fast.
Almost not many years later, these Terran Tianjiao people have set foot on the realm of Taiyi Jinxian, but they are born with defects in the vast world, which makes them prove that the road is extremely difficult, and almost all of them are stuck in the realm of Taiyi Jin Xian.
It’s a long time to break through revenge, which is even more distant. These Terran Tianjiao are almost desperate.
But then the wind zichen came!
This is different from a bolt from the blue for those Terran Tianjiao.
Followed by a series of ecstasy.
They associate a lot of things with Feng Zichen’s arrival.
Ren Huang incident
Doesn’t that mean terran is also a matter?
After knowing this, the Terran Tianjiao are naturally happier than they are.
That kind of feeling is not white if you haven’t experienced national destruction and death.
God bless the terran
Has not been destroyed by the demon race.
A wave of the earth shook the clouds around the man, and then he rose and flew in the direction of Tianzhu Mountain.
Ren Huang has a letter to him. Why can’t he go?
At the same time, a middle-aged man suddenly paused when he was talking to a friend in a small town located in Bianhuang, and then saw him cry.
"What’s the matter with you?"
Seeing this, his friend around him hurriedly asked.
This is the frontier of the former world of Xuan and Huang, and it is also the forefront of fighting against congenital fierce beasts.
Yes, with the arrival of chaos fiend, there is also a congenital fierce beast disaster in the world.
In order to protect their own world, those innate monsters spontaneously gathered together to repel the innate fierce beasts and built a line of defense in their birthplace.
This Tianjiao, named Yu Terran, is a deity stationed here.
Yes, it may be to protect the world, but it is more important to be stationed here to improve your strength.
After all, fighting, especially life and death, is the fastest way to increase strength.
"What’s the matter with you?"
"Is there a curse?"
Seeing that he didn’t answer, his friend was more worried and gave birth to a bad guess.
At this time, Yu Fang was full of apologies and said to friends around him.
"You have something to leave for. Let’s meet by destiny."
Said the danger figure disappeared in situ before everyone could reply.
There are several spirits in the original Star World of Xuanling Valley. Here lies a powerful family of famous wind makers.
At the moment, the bodhi old zu Fenghua, who had already fallen in the smell, suddenly appeared and looked at the distance with a face of excitement.
Such a scene

Wang Zong hesitated for a long time and then asked directly, "We people alone can’t do it. What if we really get out of control?"

"If we do a good job, we really can’t get the main force to enter the arena." Wang Zongtang replied briefly, "Xiaoyu has already prepared."
"That’s fine," Wang Zong nodded and waved his hand at the five-room man. "Don’t be blocked here and get ready!"
At about two o’clock in the afternoon, Ruan Jingshan, Director Geng Qiuxin and others went to the city to announce the details of the case to the public.
Thousands of people on both sides of the street gathered spontaneously to see what the police station would give you.
This time, it’s not just the people in Pingdao District, the black block of Xinyuan District. Most of them are living in a relatively difficult life. Songjiang’s life is not stable, and ordinary people have both Yuanyuan District and Jiangnan District.
In front of the media building, military pickup trucks, armed off-road explosion-proof high-pressure water jets, and thousands of police officers and security personnel were on alert with live ammunition.
There are dark clouds in the sky, and the scene is very noisy, which is somewhat depressing.
More than a dozen living villages near Xinxiang, the south exit of Songjiang, also came to a large number of people. They surrounded themselves with vigilance or watched the live broadcast on the LCD wall of the SAR or watched the media reports with their mobile phones, which was neither noisy nor noisy.
The supervisor in charge of the afternoon shift in the lobby kept wiping sweat and communicating with the police station. "At least thousands of people came spontaneously and blocked the outside door. If we can’t hold it down, we may be able to maintain order."
There is no exaggeration in this statement. Wu Wenqun and others are the backbone of the Wangs’ Three Rooms. The living village outside the area has an extraordinary influence. In addition, at present, the police station has detained hundreds of leaders, so after the video of their abuse was exposed, the living village outside the area naturally bombed relatives, families, clansmen and interests allies, and all of them put pressure on the outside.
At 2: 30 pm, the police station press conference was officially held.
The secret chief of Fengbei Police Headquarters frowned and said, "Miller can’t be punished in Songjiang, but he can be suspended, but people must come back. You must remember that there are nearly two million white people in the ninth district and they are social elites. If this matter is not handled well, once European-funded enterprises go on strike, what will be the consequences?" !”
Chapter 114 Huge waves shoot Songjiang
The lobby on the first floor of the publicity department
Hundreds of journalists from hundreds of media outlets have been seated in the audience.
Director Ruan Jingshan Geng Qiuxin has been protected by four or five leading police officers at the police station and walked to the rostrum.
Director Xin helped the receiver and smiled at Ruan Jingshan and said, "Mayor Ruan, would you like to say something first?"
"I’m here to attend the speech on behalf of the people, so I won’t talk about it," Ruan Jingshan said with a wave of his hand. "Get down to business as soon as possible so that the media and people can understand this matter."
"Well," Xin nodded nervously, wiped his hands and sweated, looked up at the media and said, "The press conference will take about two hours. You can go to our midway if you need convenience. Try not to be interrupted."
Some people in Taiwan echoed the laughter and applause, while others looked at the leader’s silence coldly.
Director Xin talked a few words with everyone in an attempt to narrow the distance between himself and the media, but the effect was not very satisfactory. Songjiang is responsible for this, but the government is more responsible for paying taxes to you, and all kinds of decrees have been coordinated, but you don’t even have the ability to deal with emergencies. Why do you still listen to your chatter?
Director Xin talked about the topic. "First of all, it is true that all the arrested suspects are actually involved in and directing the riots. They are the leaders and backbones who have plunged Songjiang into a panic and chaos situation. We have carried out two large-scale arrests in accordance with the orders of the North Police Headquarters and achieved great success. At present, about 45 suspects have truthfully admitted their criminal facts. Our police station has not violated the law to arrest people marching in Koo. All actions are based on legal basis and have regular procedures. It is also to maintain the stability of Songjiang. In the second video, it was exposed that Deputy Director Miller has been ordered to be suspended by the North General Administration and the police supervision department also intervened in this matter two hours ago. Currently, it is under investigation …! "
"Don’t pull this miller how didn’t come? !” A young man at Sudden Station got up to drink and asked, "He is the party. Why didn’t he come?"? He killed three suspects in Songjiang who have not yet been tried. Why should he be transferred back to Fengbei General Administration? This is in accordance with the provisions of that law? "
Director Xin leng one.
"There will be Songjiang to ten thousand security company members who have law enforcement? If so, who gave them benefits? Songjiang government or Fengbei government? Do they really have the qualities of police officers in arresting and controlling workers? Can they beat these? ! If the security guards arrest or control the demonstrators during the period, causing casualties, how should the judiciary and the existing laws determine the responsibility? ! Can they not accept legal sanctions? " Another middle-aged woman also got up and HeWen replied.
As soon as the words started, two media reporters did not know which one sent out a soul query, and every word was hidden!
"His mama didn’t come to the press conference and what’s the point? ! Torture is a fact. Do you have any power to announce the suspect population? ! That’s the way to play and abuse. Everyone will do what you say, right? Who dares to kill directly without admitting it? Who won’t compromise! " A middle-aged man in the corner seat got up and pointed to the Taiwan leader and scolded, "Songjiang can prove that you people can be useless if you make this bear!" Why don’t you go and see how many small businesses in Singapore have suffered from the parade for three days? ! Why didn’t you hit Tai Ji Chuan Miller at this time? ! What? "
"Everybody be quiet!" Mayor Nguyen looked up at the old Singen and asked, "Which media are you?"
"You don’t care which media I am," the middle-aged man shouted directly. "No one listens to your blind BB to let the client Miller come here! Today we are coming for him! "
Next to the four police officers immediately came up with guns, and the live picture was instantly cut to the rostrum and the sound was quiet.
"Get up!"
"Don’t move!"

He is familiar with the road here, even with his eyes closed, he can pass a steep plank road without going wrong.

A mountain valley appears, and several paddy fields are surrounded by a stone house, and bamboo pipes are connected to form a canal. Spring water is drawn from the edge of the cliff to irrigate the stone house in the field. Planting pine on the left side of the stone house and planting cypress on the right side. After the house, several acres of tea trees are green, oily, green, gorgeous and fresh.
Gu Zhen walked to the front of the stone house and said respectfully, "Master ACTS has come to see you."
But there is no response in the room.
He pushed the door and saw the rest of the stone couch and table. He was a little disappointed and said, "It seems that the master has left."
At this time, I heard a familiar voice, "Gu Zhen, didn’t I tell you that we should never meet again in this life?"
Gu Zhen couldn’t help turning around and looking back, there stood in front of him a man with a green cloth gown of 40-year-old, washed white and a hoe basket, tall and thin, with a little cinnabar mole on his left eyebrow. Although it is not handsome, it is not handsome, but it is not stained with any earthly turbidity.
This is his master.
Gu Zhen said, "I don’t forget that the master told me that there are some things I need to come back to find the master."
Tsing Yi people sighed and said, "It seems that this is all a natural meaning. Do you believe in reincarnation?"
Gu Zhen suddenly felt a little cold when he heard this sentence, as if the world had become so strange, but the familiar faces of Tsing Yi people had also become unfamiliar, and the earthly world suddenly became elusive.
Gu Zhen said, "Even if there is reincarnation, I don’t want it to happen. I have my own body, my own body and my own memory to form a complete self. If reincarnation keeps the same memory, it’s not me after all."
Tsing Yi people sighed, "What’s the matter if I am not? I told you not to come back until you were dead, and you refused to listen to anything."
-dividing line-
Lu gradually is at a loss at the moment, and his mood is not calm because of the faint dusk of a boat.
Think about how much she has suffered in the past three years, and take a look at her again.
In the early spring night, it gets dark earlier and the boat goes downstream without realizing that the lights are dim. Looking back, it has long been a dark night, and the night wind blows gently.
After a long journey, the two sides of the strait suddenly became busy and lively. The boatman was a man wearing Tsing Yi. He laughed. "Liu Xiaoge, these two shores are famous for selling gold caves in Qinhuai. I think that Li Yishan’s’ smoke cage, cold water, moonlight sand, night parking near Qinhuai restaurant; Businessmen don’t know how to subjugate their country and hate singing backyard flowers across the river.’ That’s where it is.’
Lu gradually said, "Big Brother, this poem is really good, but I have never heard of it."
The ferryman burst into laughter and entered another touching world through a small boat in Shuikou. In front of the misty water, there was a painting boat left in the world, which was not far away from the high Nanjing wall.
According to this tall and majestic impregnable wall, it was built at the expense of Shen Wansan, the richest man in the world. Even so, Shen Wansan didn’t escape Zhu Yuanzhang.
And I don’t know how much material and human resources it took, but Cao Guogong and Li Jinglong ordered the Yongle Emperor to enter the city, so that his inheritance was destroyed from now on.
Of course, all Lu gradually knew about these things was that he saw a girl with a gown sweeping the floor like a fairy on the bow deck of the original boat in front of him, but she was not the person he missed so much.
The ferryman stopped the boat and led the landing gradually. The original came behind the girl. Lu gradually wondered, "Eldest brother, didn’t you say that Miss Yao is here?"
The woman whispered, "Are you Lu gradually?"
The sound is cold and clear, like a cold spring hitting jade. Although it is somewhat cold, it is also better than pleasing to the ear.
Lu gradually felt a little ashamed when he heard such a fairy sound. "I … just … yes," he stammered.
The woman gave a sloped smile and then said lightly, "I know you are an important person in Yao Qing’s heart. You will meet her later, but I have something to ask you."
Lu gradually hesitated, "What is it?"
The woman sighed leisurely and said, "What is the origin of the extraordinary master who walked with you before? I ask myself, I almost lost to heaven, but I can’t grasp it better than him. That’s all. I don’t know what martial arts he practiced, but I can’t see it. Can you answer my question?"
Chapter 40 Wind and rain
It suddenly occurred to Lu that this girl was up to no good to Li Zhenren.
He knew that he was stupid. Even Yao Qing, he couldn’t do anything to betray Li Zhichang. If Yao Qing’s face and habits were clearly described by the other party, and Gu Zhen knew each other, he would never come so casually.
Because I don’t know that he met Gu Zhen, he was very close and believed in him.
Lu was silent, and he was only silent.
After a while, the woman added, "This first spring rain is coming."
Good rain knows the season when spring occurs, and it sneaks into the night with the wind to moisten things, fine fields, fine trails and clouds, and the black river boat is on fire, and the flowers in the red and wet places are heavy in Jinguan City.
Although it is a rainy scene in Qinhuai, it is not inferior to Chengdu.
Spring rain is like a cow’s capillary needle and smoke water. Gradually, I feel that my body is changing from real to virtual, and I can vaguely see the misty lights in Qinhuai.
The rain turns into a mystery, and finally Tianshui meets in the vast world.
A downpour of oblique wind and drizzle turned the lights into thousands of lights.
Lu gradually felt surprised and could not help but exert his hand to mend the sky. Although there were many raindrops, they were not as fast as others, but how could he grasp the shape of smoke and water? Finally, his feet showed a pool of water.
The woman slowly turned around and the veil was covered with jade, which made it even more misty and dreamy.
A slender and beautiful body, she has a moving body, but a pair of water-cutting and clear eyes is colder than this cold spring.
Lu gradually realized that it was the wind and rain that didn’t wet her clothes and didn’t touch her jade hair like dark clouds and light ink.
Such a beautiful woman shouldn’t appear in the world, even if it’s ups and downs, how can she have the heart to destroy this beauty?
The female faint sighed, "I didn’t expect that your robbery was actually a day-robbing hand, and I also thought that he would teach you martial arts moves. So how can the world’s moves be wonderful? He doesn’t want you to do other moves."
Lu gradually realized that the storm just now was no accident. Maybe she was testing his martial arts.
He said frankly, "Girl, let me meet Miss Yao Qing. If you tricked me into coming here, I’m leaving now."
Qingyue sounds leisurely from the Suzaku Bridge in front, saying, "If you want to know my martial arts foundation, you will come to me directly, and you will have to find a fish to find this small one."
Hearing this, the girl sighed, "It came so quickly."
She also said to Lu, "Yao Qing will meet your old friends in the cabin."
After that, she curled up her socks and lit up the vast smoke and water, pointing out circles and circles of ripples, and the whole person slipped to Suzaku Bridge.
The rain flowed around her and didn’t stay for a minute. She was invisible and the wind and rain swept over her hair.
In a moment, Suzaku Bridge suddenly appeared in her sight. After thousands of years of wind and rain, the bridge was abandoned several times and crossed the Qinhuai River. In the misty rain, it became very unreal.

"OK, no problem"

"That’s it"
After communication, Qin Yu sent Jiang Xiaolong’s words to Lin Chengdong.
About two minutes later, Guo Hui stepped to the front of the third floor and shouted, "The floor has reached a consensus that we agree that you should leave and the vehicles …"
"I want three cars, ten automatic rifles and a thousand rounds of ammunition," Lin Chengdong shouted and answered.
"no problem"
"Your helicopter has to retreat five kilometers, and the ground personnel have to retreat two kilometers." Lin Chengdong continued, "We can’t see you from the south side."
Guo Hui described Lin Chengdong’s words intact to the major officer, who nodded with a gloomy face.
After the communication between the two sides was completed, Lin Chengdong waited for about five minutes and saw three pickup trucks enter the hospital.
"Withdraw!" Zhou Zheng Lou shouted one
Zhongrenwen Lima building
The rescue mission to Moganbi is a veteran of the military intelligence department, who has sufficient experience in danger judgment.
When the people evacuated, there was not a piece from three floors, but Lin Chengdong took two people out of the car for a distance first, and then Zhou Zheng and other talents covered their heads with coats. Everyone gathered together and quickly left the main building.
This is because we are afraid that the enemy will hide the sniper’s sudden shooting at ourselves, cover up the bust, and then put the man in the suit in the crowd, so it can be highly safe.
After everyone rushed out of the third floor, the troops surrounded by the Red Scarf Army also withdrew, and then Zhou Zheng and others pulled the suit man and roared off.
After leaving Moganbi, the three cars drove in the direction of Baku for about three hours, and finally the war zone saw the motorcade at the parking fork.
This is General Temba’s hand. There are about three or four hundred men coming.
After the three cars stopped, Lin Chengdong returned on foot with two hostages in his car.
On the back side of the road, the Red Scarf Army also chased the major officer before carrying Xu Wen.
The two gangs held guns and looked at each other. Lin Chengdong Zhou Zheng’s mentality was very stable. He replaced the hostages with the other party and quickly evacuated.
In the crowd of the Red Scarf Army, Guo Hui looked at Lin Chengdong and his heart was filled with unwillingness, while the latter pulled Xu Wen back and glanced at him with extremely cold eyes.
It was this glance that made Guo Hui completely uneasy and felt like he was being stared at by a murderer
Baku city
Jiang Xiaolong rubbed his hands at General Tengba and asked, "General, I take the liberty to ask how did you get the Red Scarf Army to agree to release the hostages?"
"The strength of this land is the first factor that determines the outcome of the negotiations," replied Tengba, spreading his palm. "I told him that if he didn’t agree, I would attack Moganbi. The Red Scarf Army has just seized a part of the area, and there are many problems that haven’t been solved. It’s as simple as not wanting us to have a war."
Jiang Xiaolong heard this, and his heart andao Ma owed this favor, which is not so good.
Chapter 224 Tengba conditions
More than four o’clock in the morning
They flew back to Baku and Xiaolong personally came out to meet them.
"Thank you, Boss Jiang!" Lin Chengdong held out his palm very sincerely.
"Hehe, we are old friends. It’s just easy." Jiang Xiaolong is a delicate person with a very sweet speaking style. "General Tengba’s chief of staff has arranged the medical room for everyone to have a rest first."
"Good" Lin Chengdong nodded his head.
"Thanks, brother!" Exhibition nan also rushed Jiang Xiaolong dozen hello.
"Oh, don’t say that," Jiang Xiaolong waved and said, "Let’s go!"
Zhou Zheng is very embarrassed at the moment. His head is covered with dust and debris, and his skin is exposed with many wounds. But he still observes Jiang Xiaolong very carefully and says, "Silly, I think this man is not simple."
Lin Chengdong turned his head. "What’s the matter?"
"Mom, isn’t it strange that he is a broker who eats everywhere? If you want to say that he was a famous person with a surname in the three major districts, it is also reasonable, but I have never heard of such a person in this circle half a generation ago. "Zhou Zheng said low," I don’t believe he can get this scale without political background or strong financial support behind him. "
"Now who hasn’t got a secret yet?" Lin Chengdong replied in a low voice. "But according to the previous events, he didn’t have any malice towards the Sichuan government, which is enough."
"No offense, but I think he is a little too close to us."
"Li Lai Bai" Lin Chengdong lightly replied.
"Unfavorable and more illogical" Zhou Zheng shook his head.
"The war in the three major areas is over, but his play in this kind of business has been limited," Zhou Zheng analyzed rationally. "To put it bluntly, he can’t lick us, but if he has business in the four areas, he won’t come forward to help us. What do you think is the most important thing for military brokers?"
Lin Chengdong understood that "the most important thing is that he has no political stance."
"I don’t offend anyone who you are and I can talk to anyone so that I can do business well. Even if there is a political background behind me, it is impossible to easily reveal that this is the rule of this line." Zhou Zheng nodded and replied, "But isn’t it strange that he offended several of us?"
Lin Chengdong carefully thought about it and slowly answered "reasonable"
"Watch out for him" Zhou Zheng’s words woke up briefly
Lin chengdong nodded his head.
That night
General Temba’s chief of staff arranged a medical room for everyone to deal with trauma, and several rooms with good environment were set aside in the backyard of the general’s office for them to rest.
(early) morning
Lin Chengdong was consoling Xu Wen when he suddenly heard a knock at the door outside.
"Who is it?"
"Brother Dong is my Jiang Xiaolong"
Lin chengdong got up and quickly came to the door and pulled the door.
"Is your sister-in-law better?" Jiang Xiaolong asked with a smile
"Yeah, much better."
"Then let’s have breakfast together? I just have something to talk to you about. "
"Good" Lin Chengdong reached for his coat and shouted back, "Xiaowen, let’s have breakfast together."

Compared with other Lingnan cities of his time, Guangzhou is undoubtedly the biggest one.

Chaozhou, Meizhou and Huizhou were inhabited by southern ethnic minorities for a long time before the Tang Dynasty. After thousands of years of population migration and the management of the Pearl River Delta region in the Northern Song Dynasty, the region gradually developed in the cultural direction.
A large number of people from the Central Plains and the south of the Yangtze River crossed the Wuling area and settled in Lingnan for refuge, mainly in Chaozhou and Huizhou, which brought great changes to the population structure in this area and also brought many positive changes to local production, life and cultural broadcasting.
At present, the population of these States is quite large, and the gap between production and lifestyle and the northern part of Lingbei is not large, and there is no shortage of material life.
Of course, class contradictions are the same.
The arrival of the army means that the feudal patriarchal lifestyle of the landlords has come to an end, and of course they will resist
In fact, in the process of the whole army’s destruction of the Song Dynasty in the south, the landlord’s armed attack on the army was far more intense than Song Jun’s attack on the army, and the threat and loss caused by Song Jun and Song officials to the army was almost negligible.
In the process of Su Yonglin’s south, a total of five cities insisted on defending their lives, and a county magistrate organized troops to fight to the death. In addition, they fought desperately, all of them were landlords and tyrants, and officials of armed groups ignored their heads and fled. They didn’t dare to fight against the army.
This also gave the army an excellent reason to thoroughly clean up the place and thoroughly liquidate the landlord’s powerful family.
All the way to the south, the army helped the grass-roots organizations of the Renaissance Association to do a lot of things, and it was almost not a problem to eradicate the remaining kittens from the powerful local landlords and strongmen.
Su Yonglin entered Guangzhou City on December 17th, Hongwunian.
At the same time, the whole Guangnan East Road was almost occupied by the army, and the local Song official forces had collapsed, and a few landlord forces were still fighting hard, but it was only a matter of time before they were completely destroyed.
When Su Yonglin decided to sit in Guangzhou for a while
Guangzhou Su Yonglin met Zhao Yucheng, who led the troops, and also met Lin Jingchun, the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Finance, Yu Xingyan and his financial management team.
After years of study and experience in armed struggle, Zhao Yucheng has become an excellent political worker and military cadre with rich experience in struggle. He belongs to political and military affairs and has a very strong ability to grasp both hands.
Because I haven’t seen Zhao Yucheng for many years, I miss Su Yonglin very much. I should lead my army to bypass Guangzhou and meet his troops in Zhaoqing, and completely solve the landlord’s armed forces. However, he still took two days to rush to Guangzhou in the hope of meeting Su Yonglin.
In fact, Su Yonglin’s brother Su Yonglin is very concerned about Zhao Yucheng’s education, and it is also very difficult to test him. In fact, Zhao Yucheng has lived up to Su Yonglin’s test and expectation.
Su Yonglin hoped that he could take Jiangnan West Road, and he really took Jiangnan West Road to make it a big province in Jiangxi. Zhao Yucheng played a decisive role in the whole struggle.
In addition to his contribution to the revolution, Zhao Yucheng also single-handedly selected Xu Tong, who was very young at that time, as a major military general to resist many people’s doubts about him, so he made Xu Tong create one military miracle after another and made Su Yonglin love him.
In various senses, Zhao Yu Chengdu is an important achievement of Su Yonglin’s revolution.
When I saw Su Yonglin from a distance outside Guangzhou, Zhao Yu’s achievements could not help but turn over with excitement. The horse trotted all the way to Su Yonglin and went to the crowd to kneel and salute.
"I will meet the chairman at the end!"
Su Yonglin helped Zhao Yucheng up with a smile.
Zhao Yucheng’s face, which I haven’t seen for years, has lost its childish color.
The immature young man who once tried to launch land reform by himself is no longer a mature revolutionary, a revolutionary who was reborn after betrayal and disillusionment.
"It was a good battle. Did you encounter any obstacles all the way south?"
"What’s the obstacle? It’s just a gladiator’s arm as a car. It’s just a group of wishful thinking people who want to stop the revolutionary tide and they will die. "
Zhao Yucheng laughed. "I haven’t seen the chairman’s posture more magnificent for years, and I will be very happy to see it at the end."
"This kind of disgusting words should not be called" general "or" chairman ".
Su Yonglin patted Zhao Yucheng on the shoulder with a smile. "Let’s go. I’m ready for a banquet and I’m waiting for you."
Zhao Yucheng walked over and followed Su Yonglin into Guangzhou, Guangzhou, and had a good invitation-only dinner.
"Since I have come to the seaside, I have to eat standard seafood once. Guangzhou people are good at cooking seafood, and the taste is different from that of Jiangnan people who often eat seafood. I like this taste very much."
Su Yonglin personally peeled a sea crab tongs and handed them to Zhao Yucheng. Zhao Yucheng laughed so hard that he could hardly keep his eyes open. Then he took them and ate them like a dragon’s liver and chicken’s marrow.
At the end of a pile of civilian military commanders, watching Zhao Yucheng with great envy seems to be very yearning for Su Yonglin to peel the meat for him personally.
It is no wonder that Su Yonglin’s actual status can do this. It is really a great honor for the genus, which makes him more happy than any reward.
Most of them also know Zhao Yucheng’s special position, but nothing can appease the hearts of civilian military commanders. Su Yonglin frequently raised his glasses to thank the civilian military commanders for their efforts in the great revolutionary cause and everything they have paid for the great reunification war.
Several civilian military commanders with the greatest contribution were named by Su Yonglin and then went over to raise their glasses in person.
It’s a pleasure for everyone to drink and eat seafood together.
After a full meal, Su Yonglin personally arranged their accommodation and went to the military camp outside the city to inspect the soldiers’ accommodation, which was warmly welcomed by the soldiers.
After a period of inspection, Su Yonglin accompanied Zhao Yucheng back to Guangzhou City. At this time, it was dusk, but Su Yonglin did not want to rest, so he took Zhao Yucheng to the Guangzhou Tower and looked at the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky in the distance.
"A time when you talked alone or a few years ago, when you left for Jiangnan West Road, you have been busy reorganizing the army in Jiangxi since the success of the revolution, and you haven’t come back to see me, but I miss you very much."
"I miss Uncle Yuting too."
When they were alone, Zhao Yucheng didn’t shout anything about the chairman or the general, and called it the name of the period of the Guangfu Army.
"From the end, you are the only one who calls me like this."
Su Yonglin patted Zhao Yucheng on the shoulder with a smile. "Actually, I’m three years older than you, but you always feel a little strange calling me uncle."
"Generation relatives call themselves just because they don’t look at their age. There is a newborn child in the old clan, but the generation is too high to be scary. It is my grandfather, but I am about ten years older than him.