"So I still want Li Lincheng Dong to make a fuss about taking 50 gold bars from the gold company." Zhou Zheng pondered that "the kidnapper asked for money and I agreed to give them 50 gold bars and informed his assistant. Then he went to the gold company to take the money, but there was a conflict in the transaction process … You just need to improve the details on this idea."

Seven people nodded his head.
"And you should try to erase Lin Chengdong’s true identity in South Shanghai." Zhou Zheng frowned and said, "You people are amazing. No.57, District 5, is not for nothing. Once he is exposed, I have to die."
"It’s no problem. People in South Shanghai have already done it."
Outdoor room
Qin Yu very discontentedly took the words at Jun Chen and said, "What did we say at the beginning? ! Lin Chengdong handed over the man and you let him go back to South Shanghai safely, but why did you arrange something else for him? "
"I asked over there just now. Chief Huang felt that it was necessary for Lin Chengdong to join and Lin Chengdong people agreed." Chen Junqing replied.
"Put this way to talk to him he can not promise? !”
"Xiaoyu Lin Chengdong is not a koo. He got involved in the bureau and was implicated. There is nothing that can be done." Jun Chen said both truthfully and objectively. "I will inform the person in charge of the seventh district to let him try his best to ensure Lin Chengdong’s safety."
"Work can’t be done for nothing!" Qin Yu knows that it has been forced to reverse Nenglin’s mouth.
"Don’t worry, it’s not difficult for military personnel to meet his personal demands." Jun Chen said with a smile, "You let Lin Chengdong think about his own conditions and I’ll help him."
"That’s it!"
A civilian police officer in the archives room of the South Shanghai Police Headquarters said with a mouse that "once the residence information was deleted, there was no way to restore it."
"It’s been approved and deleted." The leader replied back.
After the civilian police officer nodded, he slowly pressed the delete button.
A pop-up dialog box of successful deletion pops up on the screen.
Lin Chengdong’s identity in South Shanghai is gone …
Chapter 12 Night Talk about Landing Sichuan Mansion
That night, Qin Yu stayed here and didn’t go, but lived in a room with Lin Chengdong alone and drank some wine.
Bed Qin Yu sat cross-legged and peeled peanuts. "You came back this time, and Gu Yan and I felt that you have changed a lot."
"Ha ha" Lin Chengdong drinking beer "wife remarried son didn’t Torre paralysis were dead … I watched off Xiaoyu again. Who do you think this thing can not change?"
"I feel very uncomfortable when I think of when we first met at the South Shanghai School." Qin Yu really felt guilty. "If we hadn’t been so close, your life might not have changed."
"People can’t always look at the past, otherwise they can’t fucking live." Lin Chengdong’s words were flat and waved his head to look at Qin Yu and suddenly asked, "Dude, you said that one day you would find that I have no bottom line and no persistence. Can we still drink like this? Can you still be a good buddy? "
Qin Yu looked at him; "I don’t want you to be like that!"
"Xiaoyu, one day I really want to become that person. I hope … you and Gu Yan don’t ignore me." Lin Chengdong slowly raised his beer like a joke and seemed to be serious. Some said piteously, "Because … I’m really lonely, hehe, and you two are bosom friends after half a generation! Don’t worry, I may become different, but I won’t cheat anyone. "
Qin Yu raised his beer and bumped into his glass. "I don’t know how to persuade you, and I don’t know what your plans are in the future, but one thing remains the same. We are friends and have experienced a lot of things together. I hope you will be well and come out."
"hmm!" Lin Chengdong Qin Yu bumped into a cup and looked at him and said, "You and Gu Yan have been helping me take care of my family for years since I left. I won’t accept this feeling for nothing. I may give you both a big gift one day!"
"I hope you will be well."
"I will be fine, I will be!"
They bumped into a glass and drank it off.
"I wish you all the best in the fifth district!"
They got drunk that night and talked until four or five o’clock in the morning before falling asleep.
Early the next morning, Qin Yu flew to Chuanfu area.
One night later.
Zhou Zheng was out, and Lin Chengdong also arrived at the yard. The head of the seven districts pointed to the three burly young people next to them and shouted at them. "They will go with you and say that they are assistant troubled stablehand who will tell them the points that need attention in a while. After you two go in, these three people will find a reason and leave."
Lao Zhou nodded
"I have arranged people in a food and lodging shop outside the gun location line. They can witness this. You are not worried about your general route. After the firefight in the abandoned water conservancy plant, two gangsters left with Lao Zhou. One of them was injured, but he still wanted to blackmail Lao Zhou for a ransom of fifty gold bars and then a firefight occurred during the transaction …!" The words of the person in charge of the seven districts gave a detailed explanation to the people.
After everyone listened, Lin Chengdong was very careful and said to him, "Don’t forget that I told you that someone fell into the pit in Jin Taizhu for the first time. He is a hidden danger!"

"What else do you want to ask? I want to return it. "

Lu Yao’s voice is dull.
Lu Chen leng didn’t realize that this is a virtual arena. If the other party loses and doesn’t want to continue playing, he can surrender at any time.
Lu Chen stopped the way and kindly pulled Lu Ao up, and also separated some vitality and blood from each other’s healing. "Don’t worry, since I can’t remember the battle, why don’t I show you a picture?"
But in the eyes of the off-site audience, Lu Chen can be called unkind. At this time, the mysterious blood blessing face is covered with magic lines, which is really ferocious.
However, Liu Chen’s state in Lu Yan’s eyes seems to be … quite kind at this time.
"Was it ever like this?"
Lu Ming frowned after watching Liu Chenfang’s memory screen. This is a flash, and outsiders can’t see Lu Chenfang’s memory.
Lu Ming was lost in thought. "That is to say, I was originally from that world, but I was dragged in by a fairy when I was in great trouble when I was young?"
Lu Chen nodded. "Is that it?"
Lu Ming shook his head slowly with one hand on his forehead. "I can’t remember that my subconscious told me that God’s blood is dangerous. The body is the source of evil and can’t be contaminated any more, otherwise it will lead to a big mistake of legal redemption."
After sitting in the sand for a moment, he sighed, "Maybe it’s not necessarily that I helped me erase some memories when I was aware of my mysterious blood. Those memories may be that I took the initiative to apply for erasure."
Liu Chenwen frowned, but he didn’t consider the possibility that spending some original coins can help me do these things and erase some bad memories if the seeker wants. What is a piece of cake for me?
But why did Lu Ming do this because his hometown failed in the end? The failure to reverse the tragedy made Wu Shenshan annihilate Lu Yi, and the inability to accept it directly erased his memory?
Lu Chen feels that he should not be there, right? It seems to him that Lu Ming should not be such a coward, and he should have experienced those things long ago when he was pulled in. Didn’t he come back strong and become a powerful pioneer?
What the hell is going on?
Chapter one thousand six hundred and ninety-one The truth virtual pioneer
Lu Chen contacted Chuhang through the group frequency, and probably said it again and got a reply in a short time.
"Brother Liu, if you don’t ask him, you can’t ask the result. If you erase his memory, it must be irreversible. Even if your roots are strong, even if you face others, you can’t get it back. Because it will be cut off by the fairy."
Chu Hang said
"What about the truth? Some of his words make me very interested. Maybe I don’t know something about my hometown. I always feel itchy. "
Liu Chen frowned and said that he had wasted so much effort just to come to Lu Ming for the truth, but he didn’t want to let the battle come to an end without results.
"I probably already know the truth, but I don’t think Brother Lu should ask him to come back."
Chuhang suggested.
"What’s the truth? Why don’t you ask him?"
Lu Chen is puzzled.
"If Brother Lu has to ask, just ask a question to Lu Hua."
Chu Hang paused and said, "Where have his teammates gone?"
Liu Chen leng, then a chill rose behind him and there was a creepy feeling.
He looked at the front of Liu Wei and opened his mouth without asking for export.
After a long silence, it was not until Lu Ming got up and adjusted her manners and put on new fighting that she broke the silence.
"If there is no problem, I will leave the new world and start. Congratulations to Emperor Wudi on becoming the new chief."
Lu Ming said lightly that although he saw Lu Chen’s memory playback, he didn’t feel much, just like watching others, which is difficult for him to bring in.

Ye Xiao thoughtfully intervened for a long time and answered, "The political ecology of the seven districts and districts is different. The forces sent here are very balanced. They want to make the Chen family have no chance of winning, so they didn’t come forward to protect Xu Hanshan. So they took the initiative to take a step back. In the same way, the Chen family now wants to monopolize, and it is very difficult to continue to make it. Otherwise, the situation is out of control. Several factions’ pre-war is not good for the Chen family who are now accumulating strength."

"Thorough" Lao Li nodded in agreement. "I didn’t expect that Boss Ye is not only a good hand in managing the ground, but also very sensitive to politics."
"I don’t know anything about politics." Brother Owl waved his hand. "It’s just that I have more contacts with people in South Shanghai in recent years and I’ve seen some things."
"The Chen family to emulate commander gu summit words let’s attitude …!" Xu Yan tried to ask 1
"It’s impossible to happen again in the seven districts." Ye Xiao stepped in and answered, "Our position has been decided. We are entrenched in the seven districts of Sichuan Province, keeping up with the pace of family. Even if there is a decisive battle, there is no family nod. We can’t participate too deeply. Just like the original district war, Chen didn’t have the face to support Gu. The regional problem needs our own department to solve the external force. Forced intervention will cause many chain reactions. For example, if you are in the nine districts, they will definitely not do it. If you put on a pair of pants with Chen and try your best to help Completely into a dish of Chinese food. "
Xu Yan slowly nodded "reasonable"
"Forget all this shit. We should consider letting Qin Laohei worry about himself." Ye Xiao smiled. "Come on, let’s have a drink!"
At this point, everyone smelled a toast and drank it with a smile.
After talking about big things, everyone’s attitude became much more casual. The old cat couldn’t help but ask, "I heard that there is Qiying in this matter?"
"yes!" Ye Xiao nodded. "This little boy was called from the ninth district and has been helping the Hsu family to make suggestions. I have several little brothers who died."
The old cat is silent
Ye Xiao saw that he was worried and said bluntly, "Old Cat, we have something to say. I will ask Li Ge to come back to the negotiating table. If it becomes you, you can’t intercede. I must do it."
"… Qi also has no choice." The old cat sighed and replied, "The second child told me that the party and government in the ninth district tied him up and got a woman, and he gave birth to a child around him."
Ye Xiao ate a mouthful of food "my brother have a choice? In a word, they have to work with guns and give their lives to our undead opponents. Instead, they have fallen into the hands of traitors … Wang Zhuyu let snipers shoot four or five times, and the body can’t be put together. Does he have a choice? "
The old cat is right
"I also want to stay in Qi Songjiang for the longest time and have contacts with many people," Ye Xiao said lightly. "So if he is asked to come back, I will handle him in South Shanghai so that everyone will not be entangled."
Old Li Bai Ye Xiao means "Alas, this is life! Forget it. Don’t talk about it. Talk about snacks. "
Words here, there would be no talk about March, and they talked about the recent situation in Sichuan and South Shanghai.
After the banquet.
Ye Xiao immediately went out of South Shanghai and took a bus to a warehouse near the pier outside the area to meet the mourners and others.
Ye Xiao in the dark room pointed to the funeral and asked, "How are you hurt?"
"I’m honest, it’s no big deal." Sorrow scratched his head and asked tentatively, "Eldest brother, if this area is over, we won’t hide in Sichuan."
"Don’t have to go to Chuanfu" Ye Xiao shook his head. "Hu Fei and the king have a lot of influence. You don’t know if anyone in the layer will take this as a way to hide from Ann."
Mourning and sighing a little "mainly … we are not familiar with the Sichuan government … I don’t know if I can adapt to this."
"What’s wrong with you little bachelor?" Ye Xiao looked at the words of mourning and said concisely, "I have arranged your work for you."
"What job?" Ask few questions.
"Qin boss side when the guards" Ye Xiao lightly replied.
Lost less stupid "oh eldest brother you don’t do this arrangement? It’s so boring to work around …! "
"Are you stupid?" Exhibition nan couldn’t help scolded 1 "how many people want to talk to a side? Who can do this job? Your big brother is giving you a chance! "
Maybe it’s because of personality problems or similar head shapes. Brother Xiao likes this loss very much, and it’s time to give him a chance because of his bright performance in this incident.
"That’s settled. Are you going to take the dough figurine to Sichuan House?" Ye Xiao got up and said.
I’m almost crying when I’m in mourning. "Think about it, big brother!"
Ye Xiao didn’t take a reason he stretched out his hand and took out a cellular phone and dialed Qin Yu number "I recommend a young guard for you? People are smart and clean, and no one in the family is a caring little bachelor, which is suitable for you! "
Qin Yu blinked and said, "Oh, boss Ye, do you have to arrange everyone around me now?"
"Why can’t you arrange it?"
"Ha ha what kind of person?" Qin Yu asked with a smile
"Is to do Hu Fei and Wang Zhu that child" Ye Xiao truthfully answered.
"Hero," Qin Yu thought. "Send it to me!"
Chapter 1624 Unloading the post of recorder
Qin Yu Yanbei’s day as a recorder is coming to an end after the conflict between South Shanghai temporarily subsided.
Recently, Gu Taian visited every city in the district, and the public view appeared frequently. Every day, he either presided over a meeting or delivered a speech. Along the way, the situation in the district has been much more stable. Fortunately, the party and government forces and the college forces have completely followed his pace. In addition, all the media in the district have rendered and hinted that it is time for Gu Taian to take over some forces in the future political structure.
In this issue, Qin Yu got enough pictures and political resources for Gu Taian as a recorder, but he can’t always occupy this pit to block others’ way. After he shipped it to Sichuan, he was ready to slip away.
Working around the real bosses is not at all self-sufficient, that is to say, some people can’t understand anything except social intercourse and entertainment every day, and they have to ponder over big things, which makes people feel too tired and far less comfortable than Sichuan government as a handsome prince.
Three days later.
Qin Yu found an opportunity to hint to Gu Taian that he wanted to go home, and the latter didn’t stop nodding and replied, "It’s better to go back to Sichuan and there are a lot of things waiting for you to deal with your old ass with me, and it’s really a bit unprofessional."
Qin Yu was overjoyed when he heard this. "I’m worried about Sichuan House. I’ll do a good job when I go back."
Gu Taian sat on the sofa and shrugged his eyelids and commented, "This political stage is a big dye vat. You stay with me for a few days, and the recorder is average, but the flattering skills can be improved a lot."
"Hey hey" Qin Yu a smile.
"I don’t care about Chuanfu." Gu Taian took a sip of tea and looked up at Qin Yu and said, "But for the situation of the seven districts, you should know that you can’t be too far away or too deep."
Qin Yu thought carefully about "I understand the first palm"
"Well," Gu Taian woke up from point to point and didn’t talk about business. Instead, he chatted with Qin Yu about the family.
Qin Yu buttered up after leaving the headquarters and went to see his father-in-law. This is a blood thigh. What’s more, if you don’t kiss up at the moment?

Compared with other Lingnan cities of his time, Guangzhou is undoubtedly the biggest one.

Chaozhou, Meizhou and Huizhou were inhabited by southern ethnic minorities for a long time before the Tang Dynasty. After thousands of years of population migration and the management of the Pearl River Delta region in the Northern Song Dynasty, the region gradually developed in the cultural direction.
A large number of people from the Central Plains and the south of the Yangtze River crossed the Wuling area and settled in Lingnan for refuge, mainly in Chaozhou and Huizhou, which brought great changes to the population structure in this area and also brought many positive changes to local production, life and cultural broadcasting.
At present, the population of these States is quite large, and the gap between production and lifestyle and the northern part of Lingbei is not large, and there is no shortage of material life.
Of course, class contradictions are the same.
The arrival of the army means that the feudal patriarchal lifestyle of the landlords has come to an end, and of course they will resist
In fact, in the process of the whole army’s destruction of the Song Dynasty in the south, the landlord’s armed attack on the army was far more intense than Song Jun’s attack on the army, and the threat and loss caused by Song Jun and Song officials to the army was almost negligible.
In the process of Su Yonglin’s south, a total of five cities insisted on defending their lives, and a county magistrate organized troops to fight to the death. In addition, they fought desperately, all of them were landlords and tyrants, and officials of armed groups ignored their heads and fled. They didn’t dare to fight against the army.
This also gave the army an excellent reason to thoroughly clean up the place and thoroughly liquidate the landlord’s powerful family.
All the way to the south, the army helped the grass-roots organizations of the Renaissance Association to do a lot of things, and it was almost not a problem to eradicate the remaining kittens from the powerful local landlords and strongmen.
Su Yonglin entered Guangzhou City on December 17th, Hongwunian.
At the same time, the whole Guangnan East Road was almost occupied by the army, and the local Song official forces had collapsed, and a few landlord forces were still fighting hard, but it was only a matter of time before they were completely destroyed.
When Su Yonglin decided to sit in Guangzhou for a while
Guangzhou Su Yonglin met Zhao Yucheng, who led the troops, and also met Lin Jingchun, the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Finance, Yu Xingyan and his financial management team.
After years of study and experience in armed struggle, Zhao Yucheng has become an excellent political worker and military cadre with rich experience in struggle. He belongs to political and military affairs and has a very strong ability to grasp both hands.
Because I haven’t seen Zhao Yucheng for many years, I miss Su Yonglin very much. I should lead my army to bypass Guangzhou and meet his troops in Zhaoqing, and completely solve the landlord’s armed forces. However, he still took two days to rush to Guangzhou in the hope of meeting Su Yonglin.
In fact, Su Yonglin’s brother Su Yonglin is very concerned about Zhao Yucheng’s education, and it is also very difficult to test him. In fact, Zhao Yucheng has lived up to Su Yonglin’s test and expectation.
Su Yonglin hoped that he could take Jiangnan West Road, and he really took Jiangnan West Road to make it a big province in Jiangxi. Zhao Yucheng played a decisive role in the whole struggle.
In addition to his contribution to the revolution, Zhao Yucheng also single-handedly selected Xu Tong, who was very young at that time, as a major military general to resist many people’s doubts about him, so he made Xu Tong create one military miracle after another and made Su Yonglin love him.
In various senses, Zhao Yu Chengdu is an important achievement of Su Yonglin’s revolution.
When I saw Su Yonglin from a distance outside Guangzhou, Zhao Yu’s achievements could not help but turn over with excitement. The horse trotted all the way to Su Yonglin and went to the crowd to kneel and salute.
"I will meet the chairman at the end!"
Su Yonglin helped Zhao Yucheng up with a smile.
Zhao Yucheng’s face, which I haven’t seen for years, has lost its childish color.
The immature young man who once tried to launch land reform by himself is no longer a mature revolutionary, a revolutionary who was reborn after betrayal and disillusionment.
"It was a good battle. Did you encounter any obstacles all the way south?"
"What’s the obstacle? It’s just a gladiator’s arm as a car. It’s just a group of wishful thinking people who want to stop the revolutionary tide and they will die. "
Zhao Yucheng laughed. "I haven’t seen the chairman’s posture more magnificent for years, and I will be very happy to see it at the end."
"This kind of disgusting words should not be called" general "or" chairman ".
Su Yonglin patted Zhao Yucheng on the shoulder with a smile. "Let’s go. I’m ready for a banquet and I’m waiting for you."
Zhao Yucheng walked over and followed Su Yonglin into Guangzhou, Guangzhou, and had a good invitation-only dinner.
"Since I have come to the seaside, I have to eat standard seafood once. Guangzhou people are good at cooking seafood, and the taste is different from that of Jiangnan people who often eat seafood. I like this taste very much."
Su Yonglin personally peeled a sea crab tongs and handed them to Zhao Yucheng. Zhao Yucheng laughed so hard that he could hardly keep his eyes open. Then he took them and ate them like a dragon’s liver and chicken’s marrow.
At the end of a pile of civilian military commanders, watching Zhao Yucheng with great envy seems to be very yearning for Su Yonglin to peel the meat for him personally.
It is no wonder that Su Yonglin’s actual status can do this. It is really a great honor for the genus, which makes him more happy than any reward.
Most of them also know Zhao Yucheng’s special position, but nothing can appease the hearts of civilian military commanders. Su Yonglin frequently raised his glasses to thank the civilian military commanders for their efforts in the great revolutionary cause and everything they have paid for the great reunification war.
Several civilian military commanders with the greatest contribution were named by Su Yonglin and then went over to raise their glasses in person.
It’s a pleasure for everyone to drink and eat seafood together.
After a full meal, Su Yonglin personally arranged their accommodation and went to the military camp outside the city to inspect the soldiers’ accommodation, which was warmly welcomed by the soldiers.
After a period of inspection, Su Yonglin accompanied Zhao Yucheng back to Guangzhou City. At this time, it was dusk, but Su Yonglin did not want to rest, so he took Zhao Yucheng to the Guangzhou Tower and looked at the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky in the distance.
"A time when you talked alone or a few years ago, when you left for Jiangnan West Road, you have been busy reorganizing the army in Jiangxi since the success of the revolution, and you haven’t come back to see me, but I miss you very much."
"I miss Uncle Yuting too."
When they were alone, Zhao Yucheng didn’t shout anything about the chairman or the general, and called it the name of the period of the Guangfu Army.
"From the end, you are the only one who calls me like this."
Su Yonglin patted Zhao Yucheng on the shoulder with a smile. "Actually, I’m three years older than you, but you always feel a little strange calling me uncle."
"Generation relatives call themselves just because they don’t look at their age. There is a newborn child in the old clan, but the generation is too high to be scary. It is my grandfather, but I am about ten years older than him.

What kind of result will you face when you return to South Shanghai? Qi is very clear in his heart that Chu Yexiao has no feelings with him. This forced VIP must be to kill him.

Is there really no way out?
Is it really different in such a big world?
You don’t have to find a way!
At this time!
Qi Xin’s mentality has changed dramatically again. He knows that there is no savior in his world and that no one can help himself! He wants to live on his own and can’t be a chess player as before.
He need a chance, a chance to live for a while!
March bowed their heads in the car after a long silence suddenly looked up at the co-pilot male "you call ShaYong tell him I still have! It is in Jin Taizhu! "
The co-pilot man suddenly turned his head. "You’re not naive enough to decide your fate by putting a fake message, are you?"
"… I know my situation," replied Qi, clutching his right hand tightly.
The co-pilot sportswear man thought for a while before he took out his cell phone and dialed Sha Yong’s number.
late night
Sha Yong, a private club in Songjiang, frowned and asked, "Is he afraid of talking nonsense?"
"I woke him up and lied to us. It’s meaningless." The other party replied softly, "I don’t think he is a lie."
"Jin Taizhu? !” ShaYong slowly got up and gently analyzed, "Qi once worked with Ma Laoer’s five districts to know some news about this. It’s normal! However, Qi has been missing for so long. Can Qin Yu be unguarded? "
"This is really hard to say." The other party shook his head.
Shayong House took two steps back and forth. "All right, let him go for a day. I’ll go back to Fengbei one day and talk to him."
"Well, then I won’t take him back to the hospital and find a place to live directly? What do you think? "
"Look at him to death" ShaYong woke up.
"Don’t worry, I won’t let him lose it if I lose it."
"Okay, that’s it!"
With that, the two ended the call. Shayong turned his head to look at Shen Yin playing with his mobile phone and said, "That Qi said that he still has cards in his hand in Jin Taizhu."
Shen Yin took a sip of red wine pie mouth should way "he has a fart card! He worked with Ma Laoer’s fifth district. The living have been missing for so long now. Can Qin Yu have no defense? I guess his cards are some urgent news. "
"I’d better meet him first," said Sha Yong after thinking. "There’s no harm in trying!"
"Well," Shen Yin nodded. "Have a drink!"
"I can’t drink any more." ShaYong bent down and sighed and said, "Recently, my brothers and sisters are not very good at some moves in Sichuan. My master doesn’t like me … I’ve been jumping on my right eyelid for a month, and I always feel like I’m going to get cleaned up."
"Listen to your destiny as best you can," said Shen Yin, holding up his glass in anger. "Come and drink!"
same evening
Sha Yong took Qi to an apartment in the city. He was kept looking at the dark night outside like a sculpture.
Can’t let others go with the rhythm …
A sound echoed in the bottom of my heart.
Early the next morning
Qin Yu, a little tired, came from the second floor and looked at the living room and asked fiercely, "Are you finished practicing?"
It’s abnormal to get up at 5: 30 every morning on time and then have breakfast after an hour and a half of morning exercise for so many years.
"Ah, finished practicing" Cha Meng nodded.
"What about the little funeral?" Qin Yu asked smoothly.
"Haven’t you got up yet?" Cha Meng said with a smile.
"It’s getting faster. Haven’t you got up yet?" Qin Yu said, "This guard is a bit too fairy."
"I told him to go to bed early last night. He has been fiddling with his mobile phone and probably fell asleep very late," Cha Meng replied smoothly.
"This is a soldier. How can I get used to it?" Qin Yu went to the door of Cha Meng’s room, stretched out his hand and pushed the door through a gap. He saw that the mourner was snoring with his ass pursed. "Why hasn’t his hair been cut yet?"
"Hehe, he said that he has stayed for several years and has feelings." Cha Meng replied with a smile.
"Go and get the massage!"
Five minutes later, Qin Yu gently pressed the bereaved head with his left hand and pushed it with his right hand to shovel the bereaved head into a sand monk!
Lost less woke up in a daze cried in surprise and shouted "teachers teachers what are you doing? !”
"I’ll shave your head!" Qin Yu bent down to grab the funeral and shovel it.
In a hurry, he pushed Qin Yu and said, "Teacher, please let me cut it myself!"
Qin Yu’s left hand clasped his wrist and held it against him. He dropped the sheets directly, and pressed his hand to scold him while shaving his hair. "Can I beat you with this physique? Do you give me back as a guard?" ! Get up at four o’clock in the morning and push the barbell for me! Practice hard with your aunt Meng! "
In the living room, Lin Nianlei listened to Cha Mengfang and shouted, "Get up early to kill pigs?"
The baby dining table mutters and whispers, "Ma Ma, I want to eat Nai Nai!"
The room is full of laughter and the family is happy.
Zone 5
Lin Chengdong and Zhou Zheng, who were secretly laid out by Jin Taizhu, moved forward for a long time, but they also came into operation with strong purpose, and they were ready to do something about Yandao.
The combination of these three people is very strange. They are all middle-aged men who are ruined by salt island. Xiaoqi privately calls them "middle-aged and elderly The Avengers"
A new wind storm is brewing.


The moonlight cone poked into Yang Yong’s body with affection, and he gradually became quiet, stared at his eyes and swallowed his breath.
In the dark, Lin Chengdong sat in the cave with a bloody cone and said nothing.
I don’t know how long after the emotional breakdown, crying out of the cave is more than piercing.
After about an hour, Lin Chengdong dragged two bodies with his face callous and came to the cave to dig soft soil and bury them slowly.
Everything is done. Lin Chengdong lit a cigarette by the sea and looked at the international sea like looking for the direction of home.
The seabird hiding in the ice suddenly jumped out. It limped and panicked, and the slippery ice fled to the sea.
In the moonlight, two other seabirds swooped down from a high altitude, and their long mouths kept pecking at the solitary species …
Bite the trapped bucket and bleed profusely.
Lin chengdong looked blankly at the three birds like sculptures and watched quietly.
The lame bird ran and couldn’t run away, but the two groups of the same kind were finally pecked and covered in blood and died on the ice.
Two seabirds landed, one on the left and one on the right, and both sides of the same kind pecked at it crazily, eating flesh and blood …
"… I want to live and go back" Lin Chengdong looked at them and said simply.
Songjiang City Hospital Bi Pang lay in bed swearing, "I’m sure I’ll get him back to Fengbei and sentence anyone who can’t fucking talk so that you can do it."
Chapter 19 Back to Black Street
Liu Duichang, the compound of the defense third squadron, personally came to pick up a horse and chatted with him next to the second car
"Brother, it’s really not that I don’t help," Liu Duichang said in a low voice, smoking a cigarette. "Wei Kungan is a construction company, and the old Bi family found a roll call to get him. You said I didn’t catch him, but now this man has been detained, so I can’t talk to him personally."
"yes, I know your difficulty."
"If you had told me earlier that Wei Kun and you had it, I wouldn’t have been able to arrest him." Liu Duichang sighed and said, "You also know that when I returned to our army, I let the Military Supervision Bureau fix it because of my position. Now my grandmother doesn’t love my uncle, and I don’t dare to offend anyone."
"What do you think?" Ma Laoer said after thinking, "You let me take Wei Kun away, and then you report to the face that the superintendent of black street came to your place, and you can’t help it."
Liu Duichang zheng, "I say it’s no problem because the defense, after all, is not caught by the three major judicial institutions, but it’s also for you to deal with … but it’s not easy for people here in the black street to get it. Can you cope with it?"
"There is another case." Ma Laoer knows the ground very well. "Just say that there is also a case in the black street of Wei Kun. Go back here and investigate how you can explain it to Lao Bi."
Liu Duichang smell some hesitation.
Ma Laoer stretched out his hand and pulled the door from the co-pilot and took a prepared black plastic bag and stuffed it directly into the coat pocket of Liu Duichang Army to "drink tea"
"That’s not what I mean …"
"Fuck, you can’t be busy for such a long time." Ma Laoer smiled. "It’s not too much. Anyway, that’s what it means. Reward your brothers."
Liu Duichang shirked a few words and immediately replied with a smile, "Brother, if I want to hand over people, you have to live for me. Otherwise, it will be very uncomfortable for me to face accountability."
"I’ll ask the black street to send you a procedure later, and you can sign it to ensure that there is no problem." Ma Laoer replied very rigorously
"I am white."

Combined with the emperor’s second brother ordered Adakang to make three judgments.

Ji Xinghe can quickly increase the gas level
Ji Xinghe reached the realm of controlling armor with qi.
Ji Xinghe is likely to gain the true gift power.
If Ji Xinghe doesn’t die, it is possible for the Federation to master the power of Qi, so that the empire can have the extraordinary power of Qi. Marquis, dukes, barons and members of the royal family lose their greatest advantage.
As far as the federal social system is concerned, a large number of mecha are likely to gain air power, and it is difficult to gain an advantage in the battle with the federal mecha even if the anti-Xinghe squad mode is used to form the imperial mecha corps.
It can give the big noble mecha to civilian orangutans to drive, and it is possible for the emperor’s second brother to do the same, but they will not give the air power to the imperial civilians.
Kill Ji Xinghe!
Adakang’s heart is struggling. Who can be white?
But it finally made the decision that it would use nuclear weapons to kill Ji Xinghe.
It doesn’t want to see the federal change stronger than whether it hopes to achieve it.
Tungsten-steel alloy is likely to bear nuclear weapons, and tungsten-steel-gold is more likely to bear it.
The specific difference depends on where the nuclear weapon exploded. How far is the mecha made of these two metals from the central area of nuclear weapons?
A drive against Ji Xinghe, a nuclear weapon, was made of tungsten-steel alloy, and the mecha escaped from the center of the nuclear explosion, which was seriously damaged.
This time, the distance between the star and the moon is very close to that between the tungsten steel and gold and the tungsten steel alloy.
If the nuclear weapon is detonated, the Marquis can kill Ji Xinghe, and there is a certain hope that Ji Xinghe will be captured if Ji Xinghe can survive.
"Ready to put …"
Adakang was about to give an order when he suddenly froze because he came back from the front battlefield and saw something that had destroyed his plan to capture Ji Xinghe alive.
A huge metal box fell from the sky and smashed 50 meters away from Ji Xinghe.
It looks more like a fortress, because it is called the final fortress.
It also has a name-there must be no other gods except Ji Xinghe.
Chapter 46 Because I’m afraid of death
As the fort was finally released by the prescient Tu Yuan, a sudden explosion occurred around Ji Xinghe, where the main force of the empire and the Federation continued to attack and explode with long-range fire.
The defensive war in the theater of Base 5 finally won.
Li Han smashed four Marquis armour and successfully annihilated the Imperial Mecha Corps with the mecha soldiers in the theater of No.5 base, and then directly crossed the still-fighting Ji Xinghe and rushed to the main force of the Empire.
Did Ji Xinghe and Li Han finish the situation or failed to break Prince Adakang’s armour?
The reason is simple. He doesn’t want to break his own mecha.
I don’t want to break the first mecha made of tungsten steel and gold in the Federation. Before the Federation, I did seize a lot of weapons made of tungsten steel and gold, but these weapons were not suitable for recycling to create a tungsten steel and gold mecha belonging to the Federation.
Reheating will have some influence on the performance parameters of tungsten steel, gold and tungsten steel alloy, and how many weapons made of tungsten steel and gold can give the Federation a great advantage in mecha warfare?
You know, even if the independent group of Ji Xinghe had 300 mountain-cutting mechs, the ultra-high configuration failed to complete 300 pieces of tungsten, steel and gold to build weapons. Most mountain-cutting mechs made weapons are characteristic melee weapons.
For example, Ji Xinghe used to wear chain serrated knives, high-frequency vibration mecha epee, high-temperature armor-piercing combat knives and so on.
This is also the reason why the comprehensive performance is equivalent to the fact that the Imperial Marquis A can’t beat the Imperial Marquis A when being driven by the independent regiment mecha, and it is not necessarily possible to win in the face of some earl A.
The anti-Xinghe squad was able to suppress the number of mecha and the comprehensive performance at a disadvantage. Ten independent groups cut mountains and more than 200 federal mecha fought because their weapons were made of tungsten, steel and gold.
Of course, now these weapons made of tungsten, steel and gold have become independent weapons.
The capture of the western theater has given the independent regiment hundreds of weapons made of tungsten, steel and gold.
At present, there is no problem with the number of people in the independent regiment.
Prince Jia, who is already in a semi-blind state, was once again fallen by Ji Xinghe. Its cameras have all been broken, and it can rely on radar detection equipment to form external information images.
This information shows that you can still play in the face of the federal system mecha or some super-class mecha
But the problem is that it faces the stars and the moon.
Ji Xinghe returned the control to Xingyue, who practiced the mecha wrestling skills.
Anyway, Wang Zijia’s defense is very strong, and it won’t cause any damage if he falls for thousands.
"It’s really easy to use force."
Ji Xinghe changed the teaching mode again, and his students at this time can be said to be the smartest in the world.
Memory is the basic ability, and the mental arithmetic ability is strong enough to make human despair.
"But now it looks really simple," said Xingyue while practicing. "I need to judge its strength and direction, and then my strength can influence it, so that I can achieve the effect of leveraging force and unloading force."
This is the reason why a thousand miles is lost. Although the battle distance of the mecha is very close to the root, it is not a thousand miles away, but the influence of the stars and the moon has produced the opponent’s attack and defense, and so on. All intentions will deviate from the intention change
"The only problem is that I don’t have the same fighting consciousness as you. I can build a mathematical model for the imperial mecha before I can make a prediction accuracy based on the analysis. When facing the conventional imperial mecha, it is very high, and when facing the earl imperial mecha, it will drop significantly."
Xingyue told her problem, but Ji Xinghe couldn’t solve it.
The so-called mathematical model is to express a mathematical structure in a general or approximate way by referring to the characteristics or quantity of a certain thing system in mathematical language.
Simply put, it is a kind of pre-judgment mechanism established by the mobile habits displayed by all imperial mecha in the battle process in the huge database held by Xingyue.
That is experience.
However, mathematical models refer to those mathematical structures that reflect specific problems or specific things, which can be expressed quantitatively or qualitatively, but must be expressed quantitatively.
This also means that when the imperial mecha driver’s law is quantitatively expressed and the freedom consciousness is made to maneuver which does not conform to the mathematical model, the accuracy of the star-moon prediction mechanism will be greatly reduced.
be similar to
When Ji Xinghe was born, a mathematical model can be established based on big data to analyze and judge the personal consumption trend, so as to achieve accurate advertising push.
Search for a diamond ring and you will receive advertisements from wedding photography companies, wedding companies, honeymoon trips, hotels and other aspects.
Watching small videos about cars all day will get advertisements from car dealers.
And so on, most cases can be accurate and effective, but a few cases make big data misjudged.

There are some chicken ribs.

Does the hierarchy mean anything to him?
Less Liu Yuan feels this ability to him.
That’s nowhere.
In the second ability, ghost road
Liu Yuan is even more confused.
Because the ghost truth is equivalent to the spell in the mage.
In the world of death, the gods of death display ghosts.
Relying on the special casting method of pressure
And although this world has spiritual power,
Can you cast a ghost in this world?
Liu Yuan is very skeptical about this.
However, Lu Yuan was informed.
After inheriting from the blue dye template to the principle of being in the ghost road
His eyes lit up in an instant.
Accord to that information obtained in the template
The way most death release ghosts is by sin.
Yes, build a special operation
at this point
It’s not much different from a mage casting spells by singing.
And that method used by mage to cast spells are not only singing.
There is another way.
That is the direct characterization of spirit.
And this kind of characterization method
Nature can also be transported to ghost roads.
Otherwise, why would there be a method of "singing and breaking the abandonment" in the world of death?
Liu Yuan’s eyes began to get brighter and brighter at the thought of this.
Because he thought he had thought of it.
For example, let yourself cast a ghost way.
That is, through the spirit, we can directly construct the ghost Dao operation.
This will cast a ghost way.
And this process is not much different from French writing.
So I want to come to Aizen Institute to have such outstanding ghost power.
Maybe he is superior to him in law strength.
It is also very big.
As soon as this idea appeared,
Liu Yuan was completely excited.
So he was excited to try his mind.
If your idea can really succeed.
Then he suspected that he had mastered a new way of fighting.
For his strength will also have a huge rise.
Because Liu Yuan, he still holds a bug-level ability.
That’s from Naruto, the shadow avatar.
Lu Yuan’s former battle rarely made a shadow.
First, because his main abilities are fencing and Kirin Dao.
Shadow busy although can copy his fencing.
But there’s no way to copy the unicorn knife.
And the shadow doppelganger also has one of the biggest weaknesses, that is, it will break at the touch.
But if Liu Yuan can master the ghost road,
The shadow busy … Is no longer able to help him practice auxiliary skills!

Another bag

"Xiaoxu is becoming more and more popular, and I don’t know how Yun’s girl is elsewhere. I heard Yun ‘er say that Rick Fang seems to have forgotten everything about the past. "The speaker is about forty years old and looks ordinary. He is wearing a set of ordinary clothes, but he has an unspeakable temperament that gives people the feeling of being as noble as wearing a dragon robe emperor."
Day punishment impressively accompany beside him at the moment with a smile, "the door Lord rest assured that Rick Fang is very fond of school sister. His eyes have forgotten some things before, but I think it will be remembered in time."
Middle-aged male nai smiled and said, "Come to think of it, isn’t he already married?" Do you want me to thank Tianzun’s daughter for being a concubine to Xiaoxu? Hey, if you really want to be a concubine, you should also be a wife. If Yunruo is a concubine, alas, Yuner has been a stubborn man since childhood. Although Rick Fang is good, it is not necessary … Hey. "
Another bag
"Is it … is it Rick Fang?" Talking without skipping words is a man in black who looks ordinary to the extreme, and a Rick Fang sound somehow has a vibrato.
"That’s good. You can send someone to meet him immediately and tell him that we can pay the price, money and beauty if we don’t pursue the matter before."
"China is going to have such a super player, and his skill should not be in the world. No one has ever reached this level for thousands of years." Another black dress person suddenly looked at the eye hole in front of him with fear and muttered, "If I had known, I wouldn’t have touched him even if I had given me 100 million yuan."
At first, the men in black were dejected and said, "It’s the most important thing to regret what happened and keep the inheritance of our ancestors. Everything else is called."
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-two
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-two
The guest introduction alone took up nearly two hours, and Rick Fang also got some gains from this lengthy introduction. The leaders of the China Supernatural Sect are all here, including Chu Ziran, Xie Tianzun, the leader of the two largest schools of good and evil in China, and the contemporary householders. Of course, these stamping and stamping can cause the earthquake in the world of Supernatural. Supernatural people are accompanied by those rich people. It seems that they have accumulated a lot of wealth in running the Supernatural Sect for many years, and their power has been deeply rooted among ordinary people, which is hard to shake.
And the appearance of Kang Wu together made Rick Fang feel very familiar. The middle-aged man turned out to be Yang Tianxing. He was the famous China textile giant Su Ying’s son-in-law. Before Su Ying’s only daughter Su Qianfei got married, there was a small advertising company that was also colored. Since Su Qianfei got married, he worked in Su Ying’s "far-reaching textile" industry for five years, and he jumped from ordinary marketing staff to Southeast Asian marketing director. Those who initially recognized Yang Tianxing climbed high and high with nepotism, after seeing Yang Tianxing’s ability and means. I also have to admit that Yang Tianxing is really a business genius. After more than ten years, Yang Tianxing climbed higher and higher. Su should rely heavily on him, while Su should have Su Qianfei, a daughter. Many people think that Su Ying will be the helm of the far-reaching textile group after a hundred years. Sure enough, Su Ying retired four years ago because of his growing old age. He handed over the handsome position of the far-reaching textile group to his son-in-law, Yang Tianxing, who was in high spirits, and took drastic reforms and far-reaching textiles to lead him. Great progress has indeed been made. This year, the overall strength of the Far-reaching Group ranks 20 in China, and Su Ying often laments to some old friends that he should not be a vegetarian. If he abdicated a few years earlier, Far-reaching might have already entered the top 15. This shows how much Su appreciates Yang Tianxing.
Rick Fang knew Yang Tianxing because his father, Fang Chen Yang Tianxing, had some friendship. Each of them was going to hold a horse race at the Fangtuan’ Yangyang Manor’. Yangyang Manor was built by Xu Yu when Rick Fang was eleven years old, and it took four years to complete. This large manor, which covers an area of 5,000 mu and is named by Rick Fang’s nickname, is a veritable green ecological garden with trees and bamboos swaying and large wild shrubs. Wild berry forest towering giant trees have small artificial lakes with beautiful scenery, among which, there are many kinds of fish swimming in the wide lake, such as swans, geese, wild ducks, mandarin ducks and other birds. In the center of the lake, there are nearly 100 acres of reeds inhabited by wild egrets, gray egrets manor with hills and wetlands, and small grassland pastures with several wild animals, such as sika deer, peacock, golden pheasant, turkey, guinea fowl and yak. Camels and other manors have also raised nearly 10,000 white king pigeons. When you look around the manors, you can see green grass, birds singing, flowers singing, and clear water as beautiful as flowers. It seems to be a beautiful paradise. It is refreshing to be in it, and Xu Yu specially built an ancient castle in the center of the manors. All the furniture in the castle is carved from rosewood. There are basketball courts, football fields, swimming pools, shooting ranges, artificial hot spring racing tracks and so on, as well as Rick Fang practice rooms, treasures, calligraphy and painting rooms. Small herb farms and so on. There are 20 world famous cars with a total value of more than 100 million yuan in private castles in Rick Fang, and Xu Yu bought a helicopter for Rick Fang. Unfortunately, the car or the plane is good, and Rick Fang can try to have fun in the manor. It is not negotiable for Xu Yu to discipline and drown each other.Sometimes even Fang Chen has some Nai Manor. There is a private jet worth 600 million yuan, more than a dozen luxury yachts and a horse farm covering an area of 200 acres. There are more than 20 world-famous horses in it. The most expensive one is a purebred German horse named Deliang, which costs 16 pounds. This manor has never been open to the outside. The Rick Fang family’s manor maintenance staff can occasionally invite some friends to visit the manor. According to experts’ estimates, even Xu Yufang’s private castle in Rick Fang has never entered the manor. The total value of this manor is at least 5 billion yuan, and it is said that this non-profit manor needs 20 million yuan to maintain every year, so it has always been low-key and always likes public welfare undertakings. Fang Chen and his wife have also become the poorest and most extravagant rich people in the year because of this manor. Some media criticized the rich people who spent 100 million yuan on antiques, famous horses, yachts or private jets. Some people speculated that this manor was given by Xu Yu to receive secret training abroad. This is because there are rumors that Fang’s mysterious group will officially appear when he turns 20.
Speaking of Fang Chen, Yang Tianxing raced every year, and Yang Tianxing’s father-in-law Su should give Yang Tianxing two bloody BMWs. In the first three years, Yang Tianxing won every year. Later, when Rick Fang was fifteen years old, he occasionally tamed a divine horse in the mountains, but he couldn’t recognize the legendary mustang, Xiao Rick Fang, who was so proud that he rode home all the way and happened to meet his father, Yang Tianxing, who was defeated in horse racing. Yang Tianxing laughed and said,’ Lao brothers let you run 100 meters first’ Deliang’ and we can still beat you like a bloody BMW This annoyed Rick Fang, who passed by, personally joined forces with a horse in just a short distance of one kilometer, and even pulled a bloody BMW. At that time, the local Xu was more unruly than few people except his family, and no one could see it in his eyes. I couldn’t believe Yang Tianxing threw a sentence,’ Is this a bloody BMW? Shame’ then twist a head away from the Yang Tianxing SAO half to death to see Rick Fang riding a horse into the castle, curious and rushed to inquire about the identity of this handsome guy riding Fang Chen Xu Yuxiao explained that this was his own two meanings.
Rick Fang also knows that Yang Tianxing likes to deal with stars in the literary and sports circles, and he has a large share of shares in several national A football clubs. Jiaxing Company is a film and television organization. In recent years, it has swept through the national cinema films with fantasy blockbusters, modern documentaries, and New Year comedy blockbusters, such as Thieves in the Land, and achieved great success with skillful business operations. His box office is almost 1/ of that of China Film Department. 4. Most of Jiaxing’s contracted artists have become famous rapidly. Qiao Qiaoqiao and Zhang Ziyu have become rich and powerful since they became contracted artists of Jiaxing Company. Jiaxing strongly encouraged them to become famous in just a few years, and Yang Tianxing, the boss behind Jiaxing’s scenes, became a paparazzi to chase the interviewees and became one of the richest people with the highest media exposure because of the true and false scandals of many popular actresses.
After the introduction of the guests, the conference was officially held first. The speeches of famous speakers from all over the world were the same. To put it bluntly, one side had support from the other side, but all of these speakers were tongue-tied and very provocative.
However, they said that although they are good, most of the guests who are the primary donors are not interested in whispering. Some people who know each other through the package phone will naturally get thirsty after chatting for a long time, so the staff will be busy and busy opening drinks and drinks.
Rick Fang has become the most popular person. He is mostly a woman, and many of them ask him how old he is. Are you interested in coming to his company to help him feel those eyeing eyes? Rick Fang is very impatient. After every time, he flies around and provokes Feng yehliu Jia and others to laugh. People say that beautiful women will be harassed. It turns out that harassment of handsome guys is more forbearing.
Rick Fang also went to Yunruobao for a while. Unfortunately, he was called away by Kangwu without saying a few words, and Kangwu told him that he couldn’t wake up for a long time. "Your mother in Xiaoxu gave you a small identity a week ago. Hehe, your parents asked me to say hello to you this time. By the way, the two of them will visit you in a few days. Hehe, I heard that many big families will come to marry us as soon as your small identity is announced. Hehe, congratulations."
Kang Wu is a fellow countryman and comrade-in-arms of Rick Fang. He is 67 years old. During the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam, Rick Fang’s grandfather Fang Kang once saved his life twice. After retiring from the army, Kang Wu returned to his hometown and went to the county seat to run a small restaurant. His life was good, but his family was not rich when he came. Rick Fang’s grandmother later became seriously ill. Since then, medicine has never left his mouth every day, and it has become a veritable medicine jar. Fortunately, it has been more difficult for his family to get help at noon. Later, when he went to high school, local officials dropped out of school Afternoon, I was scolded, and then I independently took on Fang Chen’s high school, which is a university study. With his help, Fang Chen was able to finish the university smoothly. After graduating from Fang Chen’s university, I wanted to start a business. First of all, I opposed recognizing the rabbit cub. I didn’t know that things were difficult, so I still ran a company in this family. Once I lost my money, I sold your father and mother, and you didn’t pay off your debts. At that time, Xu Yu’s father was dead set on his precious daughter, but he didn’t understand and didn’ He said that if Xu Yu had to marry Fang Chen, he wouldn’t recognize the daughter himself. When Fang Chen was at his wit’s end, Kang Wu sold his small restaurant and gave it to Fang Chen with a total of 150,000 pieces of savings. When he mobilized Fang Kang, it was a compromise. He asked his grandfather to tell his grandmother that he borrowed 50,000 pieces of Xu Yu’s mother secretly gave her 200,000 pieces, so that the dream of Fang Chen Xu Yu’s company could be realized. Now Fang’s group has a super-rich Fang Chen Xu Yu.
Fang Chen thanked the company for its improvement, and then gave Kangwu, the corresponding share in farming in the countryside, a firm. Kangwu insisted that he didn’t say that he owed two lives to the Fang family. He was repaying a debt of gratitude. If he wanted money, he didn’t repay it. Fang Chennai invited Kangwu to help the company. At first, Kangwu didn’t agree to recognize his poor cultural background and helped the Fang Chen. Later, Fang Kang, the head of the logistics department, reluctantly made a fist fight. In his spare time, he always went to the Fang group to find Kangwu to play chess. Xiao Rick Fang always came to
Kang Wu smiles like an old fox. Fang Xu is not in a good mood.’ Why does mom still like to joke with me so much? It’s agreed that I won’t reveal my identity until I graduate from college. Now it’s okay. If the old couple come to CZ again, maybe I won’t continue my normal college life.’
Rick Fang is depressed, but he hasn’t had a chance to complain that the phone is ringing again and again.
"Miss four, if you don’t, don’t tell me to excuse me first." One by one, Su Xue poured a glass of Margaux red wine for four people and Rick Fang politely left.
Hearing Rick Fang’s address Qiao Qiao Qiao frowned and said, "To tell the truth, I really don’t like your address."
Rick Fang smell speech one leng looking at the arch eyebrows stand upright Qiao Qiao Qiao smiled and said, "Please forgive me if I call you disgust, but according to the etiquette course, our staff must call you ladies or ladies."
"But I hate this name, you must change it." Qiao Qiao Qiao cold tunnel and three people know that she is deliberately finding fault. Qiao Qiao Qiao is a narrow-minded person who likes to show off and considers herself beautiful. Living in a big flower palm like her, walking on the road at ordinary times will cause traffic congestion. Those fans’ fanatical expressions make her feel limited and Rick Fang has been spinning his eyes in the glass bottle since he came in. He didn’t really look at her at all. The more humble he is, the more he feels despised. It happened that Rick Fang is a handsome guy.
"Then please forgive the girl." Rick Fang also knows that this big star is deliberately finding fault at the moment. He has always had no affection for this gossip-ridden star because of the politeness of the base or the unchanging spirit. He changed his mind with a smile.
"Girl? How do I feel as if I’m calling those country girls? "Qiao Qiao Qiao sneered and changed to a bossy gesture, and snorted," Keep changing until I’m satisfied. "
Rick Fang also feels a little annoyed at the moment. It’s not that he has no experience in dealing with women. The women around him have always respected him, loved him or spoiled him. Since childhood, there is really no woman who has spoken ill of him. Although there are deliberate difficulties, it’s just that he is playing with the little girl’s temper and coquetry, which makes him feel loved, but the so-called actress makes him feel disgusted to the extreme. This quality is really disgusting, and he will be idolized by several fans.
Zhang Ziyu beside Qiao Qiao Zhang Jingya is looking at Qiao Qiao Qiao Rick Fang with a lively look at the moment, while Su Xue looks at Rick Fang with a little smile in his mouth. If he tries to resolve Qiao Qiao Qiao’s pressing step by step, his eyes occasionally glance at Qiao Qiao Qiao, but he reveals a thick sarcasm.
Rick Fang gave me a sneer at the corner of her mouth without looking at Qiao Qiao Qiao coldly. "I’m sorry, miss, but your request for our method has not affected your interest. I hope you can have a good mood for a while. Goodbye."
Rick Fang slightly bowed and immediately turned away in Qiao Qiao Qiao’s unbelievable glassy eyes.
"This is … this is attitude? I want to complain about him, and I must let him know that I have sinned against him. "Qiao Qiao Qiao reacted with clenched fists and said maliciously.
"This little guy also dare to be so arrogant and must give him a lesson." Zhang Jingya also fanned the flames.
Su Xue chuckled at the moment. "If I were you, I wouldn’t talk like this."
"Huh?" Qiao Qiao Qiao Zhang Jingya qi qi leng, the two of them, especially Qiao Qiao Qiao, although won Yang Tianxing’s favor, has always been used to being bossy, but they have a strange fear of Su Xue, because no one in Jiaxing Company dares to confront Su Xue, even when Su Xue just entered Jiaxing and was not famous, those workers who are greedy for sex and the directors have never dared to go too far with Su Xue, regardless of that moment beside Su Xue, Yang Tianxing showed his favor to Su Xue on various occasions. Love is enough to stop all the guys who are plotting against her. No matter whether Su Xue is Yang Tianxing, Qiao Qiaoqiao dare not offend her. "Cher, what do you mean?"
Su Xuewang doesn’t look at her calmly. "He’s not something you can offend. I advise you not to touch the stone with eggs. You’d better pray that things won’t be known by Boss Yang today, or your star career will be over."
Regardless of Qiao Qiao Qiao and others heard Su Xuexue’s words, they were surprised and inexplicable. Rick Fang frowned and returned to the wicket. He hasn’t set the intercom to ring inside. Feng Yeyin "Brother, come here quickly. I am in package 14."
Feng Yeyin has a hard-to-suppress anger, and there is a nervous and slightly sobbing female Rick Fang. She walked quickly in the past, and there are still more than ten meters away from the 14 packages. Then she saw Feng Ye glaring at several people on the sofa in front of the coffee table, while Li Lulu was at a loss to see tears surging behind her. Among the five people sitting on the sofa, he was an ordinary-looking man of about thirty years old. At the moment, he was hugging a coquettish woman and a man with his hands exposed in his arms. Thin about the woman who giggled and laughed and picked up the glass to feed the man. The other three young people, two men and one woman, were in their twenties and thirties. Rick Fang looked at it carefully, but it was Zheng. One person next to the evil ghost man turned out to be a beautiful woman next to Xu Ruolong in Yuantouzhu. Seeing that Yang Le was somewhat similar, Rick Fang looked a little strange and looked at Feng Ye Li Lulu. The woman’s eyes were radiant with sympathy and pushed her side. Xu Ruolong frowned and shook her body, which was quite impatient.
Rick Fang knew from the guest introduction that Xu Ruolong was the spokesman of Xu Shi, the richest man, and Rick Fang also knew that Xu Shi was his uncle who rarely met. He owned 11% of the shares in the Fang Group, and he set up the Jindu Group in Zhejiang, which is the largest nylon curtain manufacturer in Asia and the second largest in the world. Unfortunately, Xu Yu has always had a bad opinion of this brother who is very talented in business, saying that he is too ambitious and does business by hook or by crook. Rick Fang also learned about Xu Ruo from Kangwu. Dragon is Xu Shi’s only child, that is, his cousin is Xu Ruolong, who grew up in Zhejiang. They have never met each other. Although Xu Ruolong is Xu Shi’s representative, he seems to have a much higher status as a slut in the crowd than Xu Ruolong.
And Feng Ye is sitting on the other side of the slutty man at the moment. A blond man theorizes that the sound insulation effect of this bag is quite good. If it is not Rick Fang’s ear, others will stick their ears on the walls of the bag and even can’t hear the sound.
"Beauty asks her brother for help. Hey, hey, look at your sample. My brother is having an affair with you. Even there are not a few." Huang Fa-nan’s ambiguous semantic flow and a pair of thieves’ eyes looked at Feng Ye’s exquisite and enchanting figure and finally stopped at Feng Ye’s plump and proud look. yin’s profanity is not a good thing.
"Hum, I have to let my brother break your smelly mouth." Feng Ye looked at Huang Fa-nan maliciously and finally fixed his eyes on the slutty man. "And you bastard."
That has been beside the female male smell speech with a position in the eye, and that to smile happily blond male smell speech also changed his face, and slapped him towards Feng Yeyu’s face and said, "How dare you scold us?"
Huang-haired man moves faster than he does with his hand, which indicates that his skill is not weak. Rao is Feng Ye’s martial arts at present, and he doesn’t see that the palm of Huang-haired man suddenly has a low voice in his eardrum when he is about to fall to Feng Ye’s face.’ How dare you!’
The sound is low and inaudible, but the blond man is like a lightning strike, and his body trembles. The palm force slips three inches from Feng Ye’s face, and his face is red like a drunk. He staggered and sat down on the sofa and immediately leaned against the wall.
The sudden change made everyone panic. Xu Ruolong changed his face and looked at Feng Ye with a sullen face. "You witch, did you use magic?"
As Rick Fang gently pushed the door and came in, Feng Ye also came back and turned to see Rick Fang’s face beaming and cheering. He ran to embrace Rick Fang and looked at the sofa. A few people smiled and said, "You don’t want to see how bad my brother is? Don’t you see it now? What’s the matter? I haven’t let you down yet. "
Feng Ye’s demonstration seemed to stare at several people. Xu Ruolong looked at Rick Fang and said, "Are you?"
Xu Re-long immediately attached to the dissolute man’s ear and whispered, "Cheng Gong, he is Rick Fang." When this statement came out, Cheng Gong’s face changed.

The iron ear elders smell heart suddenly "hitched".

Just now, he was killed by dark means, so naturally he saved his life; Secondly, kill two birds with one stone to get rid of the big-eyed husband. Isn’t Quanren Cave his own opinion in the future?
Obviously, Lingtong Lao not only saw his own thoughts, but also pointed out something.
Thinking of this, he suddenly looked surprised at the front, but his mouth was slightly tilted, and the old boy suddenly woke up!
It turns out that this smiling tiger is going to annex my spring cave. I’m still dreaming of the cave master, but I don’t know that I was calculated by this little old man! Now that the cave owner has gone to Quanren Cave, people can resist this day. It is better for Lingtong to be old and know the time.
Thinking of this, he made a decisive decision and sighed again and again, "Ah ~ iron ears are really overwhelmed!" In the future, I hope that the cave master will look at the chivalrous mutual affection and take care of me a lot. It is my spring man who has set up a cave, and he is always second-minded. "
When the Spring Man Cave Heroes saw that their only elder had defected, the Lingtong old man knew that he could save the day and drank as he wanted.
In this way, the clever boy nodded slightly with satisfaction. "Very good!"
Laughing, he accepted the spring man’s cave and the clever boy’s old ambition was full of laughter and looked at the swimming Yingying.
He looked at the trembling hand holding the sword and smiled gently. "The cave master once saw Brother Jian when he was young, but you are so sharp and beautiful that people can’t help but cherish it … You and I have once met and turned to the cave master?"
"abandon the dark vote?" You Yingying sarcastically held a sword. "It’s a joke. How did the old toad at the bottom of the cave know that there was someone behind the scenes? Will I vote for you, an old man in the wilderness, after my teacher came out of the Kendo Sect and stayed with the virgin Qingyun? "
This sarcasm can’t be put on even if the child is always loving and hypocritical.
He drank "ungrateful little bitch!" But what do you know … is a little! "
With a wave of his big sleeve, the five-color cone hanging behind him suddenly trembled and exploded, and the five-color halo was shot out one after another and pointed to the key points everywhere
You Yingying knew that she was defeated by this time, and she had tried her best to delay it until now.
However, seeing the five cones coming at me, she was deeply convinced that she had tried her best to compete and avoid it, so she was determined to blow herself up.
But at this critical moment, there was a ghosting image in front of her.
The ghosting image is seven feet long, illusory as a charm, and the silver hair of the British body is swaying like the wind, which is very elegant and free and easy.
This illusory ghosting is just a matter of time. Raise your hand and draw a circle, and then five bright swords will appear.
Five-cone vs. Five-sword had a good time, and they didn’t give in to each other. They were sharp-edged and harsh, and for a while they were deadlocked.
You Yingying felt that this illusory figure looked very familiar, but she heard the old boy visiting the opposite day. "Are you? The owner of Drilling Wind Xiaoyou Cave has finally waited for you. "
Suddenly heard the word "drill wind", she suddenly woke up "Luo ……!"
At the same time, a steady palm has pressed her shoulder to force the body to be violent!
Surprised and turned to see Luo Yu on his back!
Her shocked eyes glanced back and forth in front of her, and the old five-color cone was deadlocked, and there were feathers on her side.
Surprised and speechless, "You … He … This?"
Bearer is just arrived in los feathers.
He smiled and said, "It’s me."
You Yingying then pointed to the illusory figure in front of Luo Yu. "Then he … him?"
Before Luo Yu’s illusory ghost has turned around and winked, she smiled. "Let’s talk about life after the emergency, but you can temporarily call me an unknown, handsome enemy and intelligent pair … the great spirit of the world."
"Well …" You Yingying looked at Luo Yu, who was having a headache. "This … is what you said?"
Luo Yu Nai nodded and swam with a smile. "Hey, it’s funny."
When he heard that he had won the praise of a lovely person, he immediately got excited. "Haha ~ Luo Xiao heard that no one knows that you should learn more about appreciating Da Ling Zun. It’s really stupid to break your heart …"
When the words were not finished, they annoyed the old boy who was left hanging.
In a flash, the five-color steel cone god Mangda swung five swords towards the half-hearted ghost.
It’s despicable to see this little old man actually take advantage of his sister’s chatting kung fu to make a surprise attack!
True spirit statue immediately angry "children! Have no martial ethics’s great spirit is angry …! "
After saying his word, the shadow of the great spirit has been strangled and broken by a five-color steel cone!