Thirty earth years is not short.

Lin Chongke, an avatar field in Zer exhibition country, is engaged in research and writing the history of the heavens and bringing eternity into the history of Kunlun.
There are also countermeasures in this process.
Every time I get some new knowledge of the heavens, Lin Chong will write a book.
In the process of copying, you can often get some inspiration, which is the truth.
Mastering the only secret means mastering the judgment standard of the top information channels in the heavens. Now every generate inspiration in Lin Chong’s heart may determine the future of Kunlun Xianzong.
I had a sudden change of heart before writing this time.
He has a doubt.
This matter has to be answered by Wan Mizhai.
Lin Chong’s high vision cannot come to Xu Jin where Wan Mizhai is stationed for the time being.
Worried about the ambush of Xu Jin Guo Gao Lin Tianyi.
Lin Chong and Earth Wen are most afraid of the concept of "changing nature into mystery".
So Lin Chong talked remotely through Wan Mizhai, the four-poster god of Kun-class starship.
Four-poster God has the ability of information communication when traveling, which was proved when the life heaven was complete. After the overall rise of human beings, the level of scientific and technological progress has changed with each passing day, and the ability of four-poster God to penetrate has become sharper.
The countermeasures bureau said that the era of soaring and myth is a leap-forward era of progress, and one earth year is often worth several years or even decades.
When the four pillars of God appeared, it was as if Wan Mizhai were alive in front of Lin Chong.
Two people meet in "human"
At present,’ human’ has gradually replaced buzhoushan.
Human-to-human information intermediary
In "human", the countermeasure bureau has arranged a table and two chairs standing on a heavy green hill, where there are green scenery everywhere.
"Wan Daoyou said that you remembered the past when you got the word. At that time, it was not the time to discuss it in detail. Now it is." Lin Chong also invited Wan Mizhai to sit down.
"High contact is too secret?" Wan Mizhai asked.
"It’s too split to achieve the only thing. I heard Li Boyang say," Lin Chong asked, "Is the only thing a concept? Is it the predecessor of Gao? "
"This is the opposite." Wan Mizhai shook his head. "It was the collapse of the Buddha and the birth of the Buddha. At that moment, twenty-four unique spirits were highlighted, and one escape was only twenty-four unique saints."
"What do you mean by doing this too much?" Lin asked curiously.
"One life is two, two lives are three, and three lives are all things." Wan Mizhai said with a smile, "It is the most suitable thing for him to do."
"That’s too late?" Lin chong asked again
"I died in a moment after the birth of the heavens," Wan Mizhai said. "After a short brake, I was followed by been followed for about three moments, and then I don’t know because I have been too degraded."
"Since it is lofty and eternal, it is also eternal. So when it was born, it was too high to be born. So?" Lin chong asked again
"Too is from the only height," Wan Mizhai said.
"The only high? Where is the only height when the century of the Buddha has not collapsed? " Lin Chong doubts.
Wan Mizhai dipped his finger in the tea table and drew a circle from beginning to end.
After the round painting, Lin Chong was shocked. "Tianmen? !”
"I guess so, too." Wan Mizhai said with a serious expression.
It should be serious.
According to Wan Mizhai, the first eternity was transformed from the only height, but now the only height has not yet been born, which means that the only height will inevitably be born, and the heavens will form a perfect circle after the birth of the only height like a swallow-tailed snake.
"End to end and last forever …" Lin Chong whispered. "Is this the goal of the immortals?"
"Are you familiar with Gouchen Tiangong and Ziwei Emperor?" Lin Chongwen
"Unfamiliar" Wan Mizhai shook his head
"You are qualified to strive for high places from Taitai when the celestial beings were born. That’s not your name at that time, is it?" Lin Chong asked again, "Which of the spiritual things that could be transported by heaven and earth in the era of God and Buddha were you?"
"Those memories don’t want to" Wan Mizhai laughed. "Just speak on condition of anonymity for fear of contaminating Gao Er."
Wan Mizhai doesn’t want to talk about it.
"Have you ever seen the only tall figure?" Lin chong asked again
"He looks like a mess and orderly lines. Every line is in order and order. At both ends, the Jade Emperor’s original avenue summoned him from the end of everything. When he saw his 24 top deities, he knew that the end had come …" Wan Mizhai recalled.
Described so clearly, Lin Chong believes that Wan Mizhai’s predecessor should be around the Buddha and the Jade Emperor.
"Tianmensheng only changed his wife’s broken Buddha’s land and bred the heavens and the heavens to regenerate Tianmen …" Lin Chong sneered. "This wishful thinking is so loud."
This is reincarnation.
Once the reincarnation is established, the heavens can last forever and ever.
Wan Mizhai meeting ends.
Lin chong’s countermeasures bureau continued to chat
"The Chinese Emperor is dying," Lin Chong told the Countermeasure Bureau.
"Why do you say that?" Experts expressed doubts that the Vientiane immortal emperor was speculating or predicting that he planned to evolve from a’ third-rate’ to a’ prophet’ after mastering the only secret.
"An eternity is about to be born, and this eternity is born out of Tianmen, which is definitely not what Ziwei follows. There can be an eternal rule, and Ziwei is going to die," Lin Chong said.
"What Wan Mizhai said may not be true," said the Bureau of Countermeasures.
"I know" Lin Chong nodded, not to say that Wan Mizhai intentionally lied, but that Wan Mizhai, after all, was not high enough, but what he saw and heard was not necessarily the truth.
"It’s true that I’m dying. I’ve seen the signs in the Metauniverse," said Lin Chong.
In the metaphysical universe

"Brother Jianlou!"

Simon Cher of Yunqi River has rushed to the past in utter amazement.
At this time, Qingyun platform has already dissipated in the dark night, and one of them is slowly collecting the sword and returning to the sheath.
Looking down, he looked down and refused to disdain Yun Jian Building. "Although you and your brother are a word difference, it is a world of difference!"
Obviously, the cold thousand means that although the Yun Jian building can also display the dust of the sword, it has not been perfected after all, and the south of Yun Jian is different from the world
Yun Jian Building was seriously injured. I heard that it was blood and blood that sprayed a mouthful of congestion and then resented syncope!
Leave anxious Cher and glare at Yunqi River.
Han Qian won. He not only defeated the sword of the same order to repair the Yun Jian Building, but also deterred the quartet from trying to benefit everyone.
Now, he has been qualified as a top performer by virtue of his strength
And the cold thousand Yun Jian building has pushed the competition for Qingyun list to a climax, which also made him fight for Qingyun platform enter a key stage
Compared with the face of strong strength, it is too cold to practice, and natural reason has chosen two Qingyun platforms that are relatively good at bullying it.
Mozhuang is not weak now because of his feet and hands at the end of the world. After defeating several tempters, he stabilized the fifth Qingyun Tower. This … did not make people think.
After all, the disciples’ understanding of Mozhuang is just an academic dude, and now they don’t have much spiritual strength, and they don’t think this brother can last long.
But it’s just luck that off the charts is standing still.
And the fourth Qingyun Tower is worthy of a hundred miles of Changfeng. After defeating the full moon and the jade, the Lord has firmly established Qingyun Tower.
Although there are tentative challenges, one person can shake the position.
At this time, the competition for Qingyun Taiwan can be described as the situation gradually.
Wood Yan evil three people covers an area of most people will challenge this past dynasties Qingyun competition is also mostly the case, after all, although these three people this method blessing gas capacity, but that one by one are condensation star dzogchen! And the physical strength is the vigor, and it’s all full of nuclei … What do you think? It’s all bad.
Therefore, this is also the reason why Qingyun leaders can generally successfully stay in the Qingyun list twice in a row, and it is also the only special thing that Yanyu Pavilion gives Qingyun leaders the second competition!
After all, the real purpose of Qingyun List is to rescue Qian Shan Yuhai. If a generation of Qingyun leaders who are familiar with Qian Shan Yuhai are eliminated, once the new Qingyun leaders enter the battlefield of Qian Shan Yuhai, it means that everything is strange!
This doubt will increase the risk of fall and failure, so almost every generation of top performers will be born with a generation of top performers.
Just like the goddess Bai Lianxing is living in two worlds.
Nowadays, except for Luo Yu, Long Qiu Fei Huang, Wei You, Yu Jie and Jia Nan, almost all of the remaining practitioners have taken the stage to challenge.
That is to say, in addition to these people, there are already people who can shake the remaining three Qingyun platforms.
Of course, not to mention’ full of energy’, powerful Muyan evil three people.
Chapter 511 Qingyun Feixue to Munan Feimo Yu
The second day of Qingyun competition has already ended.
The six leaders were born when Qingyun competed for the second day.
That is to say, there are just over two hours left before the end of the competition for Qingyuntai.
At this moment, the six people in Antai will survive this short period of less than three hours, and they can proudly stand at the peak of Qingyun and be blessed by the fate of mountains and seas, which makes Tian Junjie look forward to.
However, the more intense the competition is at the last moment, the more it is beyond everyone’s imagination.
The most surprising thing is that instead of choosing Mo Zhuang and others who are relatively easy to deal with, Na Guying Zongyu Barrier chose to challenge Ning Xing dzogchen’s epiphyllum and Wei Shang!
This really makes people feel confused, and there are many people who sneer at it.
I don’t blame everyone for this. What strength do you have? Don’t you have points? Actually go to challenge Ningxing dzogchen Wei, which is humiliating and different?
But what is even more shocking is that the yoga male saint has stepped into the Qingyun platform of Yanfeixue!
Gu yingzong, the two cattle walkers, really made everyone unable to understand. Are you crazy to say that Gu yingzong is crazy?
However, after the Yun Jian Tower War, Han Qian once again defeated Wei You, and like Yunjian Tower, he defeated the magical power of sealing the ring at night.
This doubt has raised people’s awareness of cold thousand a lot.
At this moment, Wei You is depressed and drooping his head and comes to Luo Yu and others. Luo Yu asks, "Have you found anything?"
"found? Hi ~ "Wei You scratched his head and thought for a moment, then said," It’s dark, and you can’t see the gods as if they were suppressed by a cold chill … How could the Great Sage be defeated if it weren’t for this? "
Los feather lost in thought.
Beside Longqiu Feihuang doubt try to say "doubt? Are you trying to seize this station? Can be on the stage … "
Feather slightly shook his hand and he looked at the nearby Taiwan cold thousand muses, "I think … what’s wrong with this cold thousand is not white at the moment."
As he said this, he looked thoughtfully at the eye. You are hurting me. I went to the Jade Barrier to see a display array, a hundred flowers folding fan to sacrifice the fire spell. It is a good fight, but it also has its own offensive and defensive.
While the Qingyun Terrace in the Swallow Flying Snow House is unusually quiet.
He ….. It’s said that Qingyun contended for the position of male and female, but at the moment, Yan Feixue actually played chess with the yoga male saint!
Such a violation of the picture is surprising to everyone.
Luo Yu saw it and looked back at the side of Longqiu Feihuang. He mused, "At the moment, the situation is getting better and better. Although it occupies one, it consumes a lot of money. The Feihuang Shaozhu can take over the stage."
"It’s the right way to look at me." Emperor Longqiu had already made a hasty ceremony and turned away.
At this time, Baicheng looked at the back of the flying emperor in Longqiu and worried, "Will it be too early for the flying emperor to go on stage at this time?"

Mr. Suoye took more than a dozen people to the ancestral grave to burn paper and incense and kowtow. "May the ancestors show their spirits and seek all the best …!"

Chapter 133 Laojin Happy Life
At 12 o’clock in the morning, Jin Taizhu arrived at the door of the house by bus and got drunk from the car.
"Come and pick me up at half past ten in the morning," Jin Taizhu explained with his tongue banged at the driver next to the car.
"Let’s keep two people?"
"No, it’s safe here." Jin Taizhu waved. "You go."
After the two exchanged three cars, they left along the original road, while Jin Taizhu took a step and rang the doorbell at home.
After a while, Mrs. Kim pushed the door in her pajamas and asked in Korean, "Why is it so late again?"
"Entertainment" People outside Jin Taizhu talk a lot, but when they get home, they cherish words like gold. It is not easy for him to reach this age, and his desires are gradually declining. However, he is deeply mired in the mud and it is difficult to quit. Every day, his mental stress is great.
Mrs. King immediately asked Jin Taizhu to sit in the small chair at the door and help him take off his clothes and shoes.
"I’m going to take a bath upstairs." Jin Taizhu muttered, holding the wall and getting up, I’m going to the bedroom upstairs.
Mrs. King took the dirty clothes and shoes to the laundry and prepared to call the nanny to clean them.
"By the way," Jin Taizhu suddenly stopped the stairs and asked back, "Did you call me back today for something?"
"Oh, there was a visitor at home today. He said that he was General Manager Park and sent two gold bars." Mrs. Kim immediately responded, "I want to attend the Tianfeng Summit and ask you for help."
Jin Taizhu drank a little and recalled it for a long time and asked, "Who’s General Park?"
"He said you knew."
"I know? I don’t have 10,000, but there are thousands. How can I know where to go? "Jin Taizhu held the handrail of the stairs." Didn’t he say which company he was? "
"I didn’t say it, but I kept my business card secretly. Why don’t I contact him one day?" Mrs. King asked.
"Stupid woman summit day is coming. What money do you charge indiscriminately?" Jin Taizhu reprimanded slightly discontentedly, "Don’t be so greedy and get me into trouble."
Mrs. King pursed her lips and didn’t dare to say anything.
"Give him a call and return the gold bars." Jin Taizhu didn’t think much about it. There were too many people who wanted to give him gifts and leave because of Iraq. This kind of thing also happened from time to time. He reprimanded him for two sentences and then stepped downstairs.
late night
Jin Taizhu washed his bed for nothing and got ready for bed.
Next to Mrs. Jin, she stabbed an old golden waist with her finger. "Did you miss me, Oba?"
Jin Taizhu’s hair stood up. "I’m a little tired."
"I miss you …!" Mrs king put her arm around him.
Jin Taizhu hesitated for a long time, got up and hit the bedside table and took out a small stick from the inside. "Come on, hurry up."
"You hate it!"
"I’m too drunk to keep up with my physical strength." Jin Taizhu leaned in and played.
"Buzz …!"
Strange sound
More than ten o’clock the next morning.
Ye Xiao in Nanmu area of Sichuan Province just finished talking and Lao Qi quickly came in "Someone is coming".
Ye Xiaowen looked back. "Is there someone coming across?"
"Yes, a dozen cars stopped in the north just now," Lao Qi said with a frown. "The road was blocked."
"Go to the north to see" Ye Xiao replied and walked outside.
About half an hour later, Ye Xiaozhan Nan Laoqi took more than 20 people to the first and second floors on the north side of Nanmu Life Town and looked out.
More than a dozen cars in the old road have become more than two dozen all-in-one off-road pickup trucks with swinging weapons.
"What do you mean, people don’t fucking move when they come?" Put a young man frown scolded 1.
"It’s crazy to close the door." Zhan Nan said with a black face.
"Do you know which side this is?" Ye Xiao blunt old qi asked
"It should be around the capital," replied Lao Qi’s back hand. "It may be to come and step on the spot."
Ye Xiao was silent for a long time. "Step on a fucking point B, Lao Qi, let people come over!"
"Good" old qi raised his arm and shouted with a walkie-talkie.
There were more and more people on the other side of the road, but they didn’t make a move
Yishi hotel
In front of Zhou Zhengjing, I arranged a suit face expression and asked Lin Chengdong, "Did I tell you what to do in person?"
"Didn’t tell me let’s run with people after the gunshot" Lin Chengdong sat on the sofa and answered.
"Ha ha, the man who was sent here to shoot people didn’t even know if he could go back and let us run with him." Zhou Zheng turned around and said succinctly, "Let’s follow the way I told you."
Lin Chengdong looked up "a little risky."
"Kobayashi believes that I will die if I run with people in one sentence!" Zhou Zheng said somberly, "But there is still a chance to come there according to our agreement."
"Are you so pessimistic about this matter?" Lin chengdong asked

Laughing and laughing, the man shed tears.

How can you not cry?
At the beginning, they left the Terran, away from the wild world because the Terran was in danger of extinction.
The Protector couldn’t bear it, and Ren Huang had to use his great powers to send them to another plane.
However, although they left, the impression that the Terran was about to become extinct was deeply imprinted on their minds, and they were constantly worried about the Terran situation when they came to the world.
Therefore, they all practice hard and dare not slack off at all, because whenever they are free, the sight of Terran being slaughtered by demon race will automatically emerge in their minds, which makes them sleepless at night.
Hatred of the demon race and worry about the compatriots have completely melted the motivation of these Terran Tianjiao, forcing them to strive to gain enough revenge power as soon as possible during their cultivation period.
With hate in your heart, progress is naturally extremely fast.
Almost not many years later, these Terran Tianjiao people have set foot on the realm of Taiyi Jinxian, but they are born with defects in the vast world, which makes them prove that the road is extremely difficult, and almost all of them are stuck in the realm of Taiyi Jin Xian.
It’s a long time to break through revenge, which is even more distant. These Terran Tianjiao are almost desperate.
But then the wind zichen came!
This is different from a bolt from the blue for those Terran Tianjiao.
Followed by a series of ecstasy.
They associate a lot of things with Feng Zichen’s arrival.
Ren Huang incident
Doesn’t that mean terran is also a matter?
After knowing this, the Terran Tianjiao are naturally happier than they are.
That kind of feeling is not white if you haven’t experienced national destruction and death.
God bless the terran
Has not been destroyed by the demon race.
A wave of the earth shook the clouds around the man, and then he rose and flew in the direction of Tianzhu Mountain.
Ren Huang has a letter to him. Why can’t he go?
At the same time, a middle-aged man suddenly paused when he was talking to a friend in a small town located in Bianhuang, and then saw him cry.
"What’s the matter with you?"
Seeing this, his friend around him hurriedly asked.
This is the frontier of the former world of Xuan and Huang, and it is also the forefront of fighting against congenital fierce beasts.
Yes, with the arrival of chaos fiend, there is also a congenital fierce beast disaster in the world.
In order to protect their own world, those innate monsters spontaneously gathered together to repel the innate fierce beasts and built a line of defense in their birthplace.
This Tianjiao, named Yu Terran, is a deity stationed here.
Yes, it may be to protect the world, but it is more important to be stationed here to improve your strength.
After all, fighting, especially life and death, is the fastest way to increase strength.
"What’s the matter with you?"
"Is there a curse?"
Seeing that he didn’t answer, his friend was more worried and gave birth to a bad guess.
At this time, Yu Fang was full of apologies and said to friends around him.
"You have something to leave for. Let’s meet by destiny."
Said the danger figure disappeared in situ before everyone could reply.
There are several spirits in the original Star World of Xuanling Valley. Here lies a powerful family of famous wind makers.
At the moment, the bodhi old zu Fenghua, who had already fallen in the smell, suddenly appeared and looked at the distance with a face of excitement.
Such a scene

Qin Yu nodded. "I know. Before his teacher, he was not the logistics department minister of a war zone."

"Yes," Lin Xiaosong scolded with his neckline down. "When I was stationed in the ninth district, this king egg told me that our forest corps could not keep it and would leave sooner or later. Over the years, many troops secretly detained our brigade and secretly dialed his own troops."
"There is this thing?" Gu Yan also felt a little surprised. "Isn’t your ninth district a fragrant cake?"
"What a fart!" Lin Xiao frowned and said, "Because the Lins are from outside, my dad won’t let the team go too close to either end, but I’m angry that we haven’t been on the team, but we’ve been working hard on the military defense force in the ninth district for so many years." Then can you give less horses and chariots? This is the problem of gas volume. Do you understand? "
Gu Yan smiled and answered, "The Chief of the General Logistics Department of the 9 th District Army is also going back. Shen Wanzhou is also very interested in this position. If you don’t team up, it is not a group. He must give the benefits to one of his own first."
"How many people are there in our nine districts?" Lin Xiao with the wave, "Even if you give benefits to your own people, it won’t be bad for us. I’m telling you, you may not know much about the situation in the ninth district. If Shen Wanzhou can be the commander of a war zone, there must be a pattern, mainly because he independently rowed us to the opposite camp. I’m sick of him. I’m not kidding. I wanted to beat him a long time ago."
"I’m tired of them, too," Gu Yan gritted his teeth and said, "Sha Zhongwei went to Tonghe 100% to support Tang and Zhang’s mother in stabbing when something happened to my dad. It really needs beating!"
Ucg a look at the topic is a bit partial immediately tugged back "dry Shen Yin is a small matter, round table is a big deal, let’s pay close attention to the research conditions how to appropriate"
"Right, right, first, don’t be such a fool." Gu Yan immediately chatted back and looked up at Qin Yu and asked, "How are you going to talk about it at the Brotherhood?"
Qin Yu lit a cigarette. "Four towns are full of stories and blood and tears. I won’t let any of them out."
"It’s not nonsense? If you want to let me out, why are we still here? "Gu Yan sat on the sofa." My dad asked you to come back just to hold Sichuan House to death. "
Ucg thought for a while and said, "If you don’t let me talk, it’s hard to promise me personally that the bottom line across the street is that you don’t have to take the weight, but there is still a certain garrison in Xiaoyu. If you don’t let Shen go, it’s very likely that you will fight this battle. Objectively speaking, Commander Gu just took the area, it takes a certain amount of time to stabilize the fire … It’s also a big loss for you. On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent the resurgence of some parts of the area, and on the other hand, it is difficult to go to Japan for
Chen Feng’s statement is quite objective. What Gu lacks most is that they need to stabilize the district quickly instead of continuing the fire with belligerence, which will lead to a very bad development for the economy, arms consumption and people’s war-weariness
Don’t say that the regional war has been fought for less than ten days, and more than 200,000 people from several regiments have participated in the war. Every day, when the army consumes less, it will cost more than 100 million planes and cannons to smash, not shells, but economic reserves and resources accumulated over the years. This battle has been fought too quickly, but it has been heated up and not warmed up. No matter whether it is the loser or the winner, it is very hurt.
Gu Yan pondered for a long time and said concisely, "We don’t want to fight the general logistics department of the ninth district army, and we don’t want to have any round table meetings. This thing is a psychological game. Whoever is unintelligent will suffer. I can definitely say that I want Shen Wanzhou to dare to shoot the first shot. We are sure that the Sichuan government didn’t lose it before it landed in the company area. This thing is over and we can still let them be fooled." ! The bottom line is very simple. Sichuan government town can’t pay at most one person, but it can give them a certain garrison and cede some economic benefits. If they want to plant flags, let him insert Qin Yubing’s strength is not enough to contain them. The headquarters will transfer Teng Shushi. "
Qin Yuwen was confident. Lin Xiao also took a sip of tea and said, "There is also a key condition, that is, the establishment of Hunchenglv. More than 10 million people in Xiaoyu have also taken a brigade to replenish the army. This is nonsense. If we want to talk about it this time, we must get the treatment well and prepare the ranks."
"This is not easy," Qin Yu shook his head. "The heavy capital problem is like this. The general logistics department of the military looks like a dead child. I just want to dig a hole and bury it. How can I give my rank to HunChengLv? I don’t even think about it now. It’s really …! "
"I want to say that this negotiation will directly talk about you!" Gu Yan looked at Qin Yu with a slight frown and said, "The general logistics department of the army doesn’t like you anymore. What did you say you were doing in the ninth district? Have a chicken feather future? Is it still a problem that you came here for a minute and then the major general won the military establishment supply? Brother! "
Qin Yu rubbed his face "I can’t go"
"What? I don’t understand. Why do you have to guard these rotten garlic in the ninth district? Is it interesting to intrigue every day? " Lin Xiao is not too white. "Your father-in-law is the commander of the war zone. There is something wrong with you. You have to suffer indignities here."
"Now that I’m gone, I’ll pit Commander Zhou and my big brother Di." Qin Yu replied succinctly, "What do you want Wu Peipei to raise me? What is the investment of Digokawa Prefecture? How many times did Commander Zhou speak for me? That’s because when I get up in Sichuan, the words in the World War II area will become tough there and I will get some benefits here, but I’m leaving, which means I’m taking Sichuan away by stealth. After people help me, I’ll grow up, eat and wipe clean and slip away directly. Isn’t this a bit inhuman? There are no soldiers in the Wu family’s hands. They let me accept the enlistment because I want to train my own people in the army. Diego and Wu Shu and I didn’t pick it, but we knew each other. "
Everyone smells silence.
"And commander zhou, I disobeyed several times and mobilized troops without authorization. He helped me to block the fact that I ran away now. The general logistics department of the military department may not use this thing to get the World War II area to death. ! Before you came to the headquarters of World War II, Liu Mi-chang also called me and asked me to talk it over. Well, I have to work out the conditions for going to the area at the negotiating table. "Qin Yu sighed and said," This is not authentic. "
"Also" Gu Yan couldn’t help but nodded his head after listening.
Shen Yin and others in the defense zone of Shen Corps outside Sichuan House also sat in the camp to discuss it.
"Is it time?" A man with a very unfamiliar face looked up at Shen Yin and asked 1.
Chapter 156 Lu Jia He Chong
One day later, a living village near the borderline of the seventh district in Chuanfu was cordoned off, and a battalion of the Shenbingtuan in the ninth district was stationed on the north side of the living village. Similarly, a battalion of Lin Xiaotong’s war brigade was stationed on the south side of the living village, and a food and lodging shop in the center of the village was chartered. Here is the place where the round table meeting was held.
Ten o’clock in the afternoon
Gu Yan Qin Yulin Xiao Ucg Li Zhan Qi Lin and others drove to the meeting place and stepped into the accommodation shop.
"The popularity of Chuanfu is flourishing. There are more than 1,000 living villages." Ucg looked around at the low impact Qin Yu and said, "Brother, you have to do a good job in the steady development of this place for a few years, and then you will have money and people."
"It’s all people. I just want to have some soup with them," Qin Yu replied quietly.
"Mom hypocrisy" ucg pie mouth replied.

This night, Jiang Ziyin slowly spent in the exhibition and wandering.

It was not until dawn that Jiang Ziyin stepped outside the gate and found that his nephew came back with a face of excitement.
Fourth Martial Uncle quickly greeted him and squeezed his nephew’s arm with excitement. "Nothing is good, nothing is good."
Boss Li was touched by patting Fourth Martial Uncle’s hand at this moment and said, "Please, Martial Uncle is worried."
A few powerful bodyguards slammed their mouths behind them. It was such a chat that they stayed in the ring and farted. It was as good as staying in meditation with the magic sword Sect.
Liu big a face of dissatisfaction and muscle trembling.
"Uncle Shi took the trouble to prepare a place for as many people as he could live in," Li Chengzhu said.
"There are still a lot of rooms that can accommodate more than 300 people." Fourth Martial Uncle was excited, and this little boy finally got the hang of it. It is high time for his brother Acacia to make a bright appearance and bring a little hope to the League Magic Sword Sect.
"Three hundred won’t be enough." Pick a night rose pie.
Isn’t it enough for Fourth Martial Uncle to stare at his eyes suddenly?
Jiang Ziyin’s chest was filled with excitement and excitement. This nephew is interesting. Saving his legacy crisis not only brought a few higher immortals but also brought hundreds of younger brothers.
"How many people are there?" Jiang Ziyin wiped a stiff face with a smile and asked
Li Chengzhu put up a finger.
"A thousand?" Jiang Ziyin’s happiness is about to faint. It’s really interesting that one thousand brothers and nephews of Acacia are really interesting. If I guess correctly, this one thousand brothers are definitely the elite of the elite. The whole one of Acacia’s fists has been brought by nephews.
"Ten thousand" Li Chengzhu lightly spit out a number.
Jiang Ziyin suddenly felt that this nephew was … very funny.
"Ha ha" Fourth Martial Uncle smiled a little reluctantly, and there were no ten thousand people in the whole Acacia Sect. He was not a pig.
"But at least you have to be able to stay for five thousand people." Li Chengzhu scratched his face seriously. "There may be ten thousand people."
"Old four, go and vacate those warehouses. Anyway, there’s nothing left." Night Rose said this with a bitter face. "If you can’t do it, just ask your brothers to open a fence."
Jiang Ziyin blinked at his third brother in confusion. Is this raising pigs?
Jiang Ziyin, the warehouse leader, got the news that the top management of Magic Sword Sect got up from the meditation state and surrounded them one by one to ask.
And the brothers of Magic Sword Sect also have a lot to wait and see. It’s really hard to see what tricks this is already the patriarch’s younger brother playing.
Doubts were instantly solved. When Li Chengzhu gave up and released a large pair of immortals, the high-rise body of Magic Sword Sect took a mouthful of air conditioning.
There are thousands of people in it, to say the least, and how do they look like they are besieging the three disciples of Magic Sword Sect?
This thousand people were released from confusion, and they turned their heads and looked around for a moment. When they saw Li Chengzhu’s smiling face and those bodyguards behind him, they quickly pulled out their flying swords and glared at each other.
"Welcome to the Magic Sword Sect that has been besieged by you for nearly a month. This is also my master." Li Chengzhu’s face is smiling, but it seems to be more dangerous than these people’s eyes at the moment.
"When condescending to all of you to stay here for a while, I will naturally let you go when I finish the misunderstanding with your door owner," Li Chengzhu said with his hands around his chest.
"You sneak attack", a younger brother shouted, emboldened and shook his hand and flew his sword.
It’s not a rant about Li Chengzhu’s shameful menstruation that the sound of a thousand waves is instantly chaotic.
"mean?" Li Chengzhu sneered, "If you are always mean, you are either missing arms or legs now. If you whine again, I will waste you."
Liu’s big man took a step forward against the phoenix axe, and the tiger’s eye showed a murderous look.
Nearly a thousand people took a step back and swallowed, with a horrible face.
"On meanness, I don’t want you to be in charge of more than 12,000 people and surround less than 2,000 people with magic swords. If I can save your life, you can burn incense. Now, do you want me to seal my aura myself? Don’t try to cheat. You know that if these things behind me are seen, it will be difficult." Boss Li squinted at nearly 3,000 brothers in the blocked warehouse with his fingers.
No one started work for a long time.
Who wants to seal their aura? After the seal, it is no different from mortals. These brothers have never tried a day without aura.
"why?" Li Chengzhu picked his eyebrows. "Do you want me to do it?" Li Chengzhu smile "if you want me to start work, it’s not that simple" and gestured to Liu.
Liu Sanbiao resisted the phoenix axe with one hand and pinched it with the other. He stared fiercely in front of him, and a younger brother chopped it violently with one hand.
"Crack" was accompanied by the brother’s miserable cry, and everyone’s eyelids jumped.
That palm knife cut this brother’s arm backwards, and it made him shrink into a shrimp-like roll in pain.
"Don’t start work yet?" Li Chengzhu binge drinks.
No one dares to question the truth of Li Chengzhu’s speech again. No one dares to stare at him and listen to a few muffled grunts. Everyone is holding the law to seal his body and meridians.
After Li Chengzhu asked several bodyguards to check it, naturally, he played some tricks on himself, but the strict inspection of boss Li’s bodyguards exposed traces, and one of the foreign countries was completely abolished.
The three brothers are frightened. The character in front of them is not quite the same as the one in the impression. It is even more vicious and difficult than the one in the impression.
"Stay here, darling, and I’ll let you go if I don’t want to die." Li Chengzhu lost a sentence and ordered people to seal the warehouse and put an alarm barrier outside to prevent someone from escaping
"Sixth Martial Uncle, let’s find some brothers to guard here." Li Chengzhu patted him for a night and was covered with dust and said lightly to the DPRK.
"Well," the immortal nodded quickly. The nephew’s means were really high. He didn’t know whether the 1000 people were captured or not.
I don’t quite believe that he relies on those who are of the earth and pick Jin Xian to do it. If he picks Jin Xian, these brothers are afraid that there will be no such good treatment.
After explaining the matter, Li Chengzhu went alone to arrange for his guest room to meditate and rest
Boss Li has calculated that if one night goes well, 1000 people will be captured and 12,000 people will be even worse in 12 days. The forces behind it are afraid that they will have to show up before they can finish capturing their disciples.
There will be another big war then.
Chapter 23 Lin Fan passive
With the illusion and the ring that can hide the living, Li Chengzhu received a bumper harvest for several nights.
Base can get around a thousand people at a time.
Every time Boss Li moves, there is a person who gives him a shoulder to guide him. The little thing with fluctuating mental pressure has good mobility and gives full play to the essence of guerrilla warfare. Shoot one gun and stir up the alliance of the three factions in a different place.
The three brothers often feel that a group of brothers suddenly broke out, and then suddenly disappeared and disappeared together. Every time there were hundreds of brothers.
Qi Zhengdao is having a hard time these days, and Lin Fan is also having a hard time. The main body of Wu Cang Wu Da Men has yet to be conditioned, and the roots are too heavy. After Qi Zhengdao and Lin Fan discussed the resolution, they gathered their brothers together.
The original 200-300 people have become a pile of 500-600 people.
However, Qi Zhengdao and Lin Fan found that the disappearance of the younger brother continued, and the number of people who disappeared because of the gathering of the younger brothers soared.
Qi Zhengdao is to know your own opposite, and to summon your brother with one hand.
Cilong Cave Mountain itself was startled by his skill.
But after thousands of younger brothers disappeared, Qi Zhengdao had some doubts and speculated.
Although the game-writing precept ranks in the top five in the celestial world, it is believed to have the function of hiding the living, but it is impossible to hold thousands of people, right?
Even if the ring is hidden at the top, it can’t be this big.
Although the piles of 500 or 600 brothers can’t be repaired very well, Qi Zhengdao believes that throwing them into the water will still make a sound.
But they just disappeared and didn’t even come out.

After that, Li Chu came outside and took out the acupuncture needle from his backpack, and then asked Dad Ding for some white wine to sterilize the needle.

Ding Qiunan’s hands are shaking with needles, and her husband’s eyes are a little flustered.
Li Chu smiled and squeezed her hand. "Don’t worry if you are not nervous."
"Can Xiao Chu Nannan tie it?" Ding Ma is also a little worried.
"Mom, you can rest assured that it is because there is no problem that I let Qiu Nan plunge you both into peace of mind."
Say that finish and encouraged a daughter-in-law to walk out of the back room.
Ding Dad has also been paying attention to the movement in the back room. Seeing Li Chu coming out, he is also worried about watching him.
"Dad, don’t worry. Qiu Nan is fine."
Ding Qiunan pricked a needle for others for the first time or pricked a needle for his mother. His palms were sweating and his hands were shaking a little.
But when she heard the sound of Li Chu’s assurance, she seemed to give Ding Ma a needle as soon as she calmed down and went smoothly.
After the tie, she hurried out and took Li Chu to one side, carrying Ding Da himself and pointing out the place where she tied it. She was still a little worried that she had tied it in the wrong place.
"Don’t worry, you’re doing well at it." Li Chu smiled and touched the daughter-in-law’s little face.
"Oh, what are you doing!" Ding Qiunan blushed when her husband touched her face in front of her father and ran into the back room.
Dad Ding turned his head to one side and said nothing when he saw nothing.
"Qiu Nan, look at your watch and twist the needle every five minutes," said Li Chuda.
After that, he sat down in the chair and said to Ding Dad, "Dad, mom, it’s true that it’s a disease, but it’s not a disease. Everyone will have both men and women when they get old, but men generally don’t show women a little."
"At ordinary times, you and Jianguo should follow her as much as possible, and try not to make my mother angry. If you have nothing to do, talk to her and say something on your mind. Don’t let her entertain foolish ideas and it will pass soon."
Hearing Li Chu’s words, Ding Dad and Ding Jianguo nodded.
Dad Ding realized how reassuring it is to have a doctor at home this time.
Half an hour passed quickly until Ding Qiunan got the needle.
I don’t know if it’s psychological or really so. Ding Ma feels that her lower abdomen doesn’t have that kind of falling pain, and her waist is much easier.
Ding Ma smiled and said, "Nannan Xiaochu’s medical skill is really amazing."
"Of course, Mom, other departments in the hospital are looking for him if they have any problems."
Ding Qiunan’s eyes are full of admiration for her husband, that is, she didn’t know when she didn’t work together before she was proud, and she didn’t deeply understand her man’s influence in the hospital until she went to work in the hospital.
Don’t say that she was pregnant and had a baby this time, and she took nearly a year off. Who can do that?
At ordinary times, the owners of those departments in the hospital greeted her with a smile because she was Li Chu’s daughter-in-law.
No one in the hospital has long said anything about Li Chu’s age.
Carrying Ding Ma Li Chu told his daughter-in-law again.
"Qiu Nan, you can tell our mother later that her monthly affairs may be irregular in the past few months, and sometimes the length will change. These are normal and let her not worry."
Ding Qiunan nodded. "Do you have anything else?"
"Nothing. I told my dad and Jianguo that my mom would drink medicine to recuperate this stage and it would be fine soon."
With Li Chu, Ding Qiunan is relieved of her mother’s health.
Holding two children who have woken up, the family sat in the shade of the door and chatted.
Because we have agreed on the way forward today, Ding, Mom and Dad are relieved of heavy pressure, and the afternoon is full of laughter.
Even Ding Jianguo sneaked out to play Ding Ma didn’t care about him.
At noon, after dinner at home, a family of four took Xiao Hei to take a bus from Seimi Zhang and went home.
Li Chu is wiping his daughter-in-law’s hair in the living room in the evening.
When I came back, I was busy with two people. First, I gave two children a bath, and then I washed all three dogs.
Ding Qiunan was too tired to move a finger after taking a bath for herself.
After drying her hair, Li Chu took her daughter-in-law to bed and took a shower herself.
When he came out of the bed after washing, he would have slept soundly for a long time.
Xiaohei also slept on the bed. Since the two puppies lived in the nest, he has been sleeping in the bedroom. Ding Qiunan also sewed a pad for him.
Li Chu didn’t have a bed to rest. He turned and went to the room to sort himself out in various stages of renal failure patients, and took out the indications to prepare a summary.
God, the patient’s examination data should come out. If it is consistent with his own judgment, he will be ready to hand in this report when the data is filled in.

Suddenly Shifeixuan saw that there seemed to be a brilliant red sun rising in the wind and rain, and the last ray of dark light before Li was swept away. Heaven never gave birth to a husband, and this sword was deep, which was the ray of Guang Xiao that cut through the night.

A sword from all the villages gives birth to a disease, and the target is directed at Shi Feixuan’s chest. This is a kind of legal metaphor, and it is also the first time that Shi Feixuan gives birth to an irresistible emotional situation in his heart. This sword is actually similar to another peerless swordsman.
It’s just that the sword of Qiao Qiao ruo Zhuo has abandoned the number. There should be no sword potential pointing at people’s hearts. The autumn wind and autumn rain are more sad than the autumn wind and autumn rain.
Shifeixuan took this sword in vain and clearly, and she could still feel that the tip of Chang Jian was cold, firm but gentle, indifferent and affectionate. At this moment, 30 strokes of swordsmanship flowed from her heart, and the first four strokes of swordsmanship were transformed by her. This move included heaven and earth, and she had the strongest pressure of life and death in swordsmanship so far. Shifeixuan integrated what she had learned, which was rare for her talent. Even if there was no Li Zhichang, she could take the other side of swordsmanship further in a few days.
But even so, it’s still impossible to resist Li Zhichang’s main sword move beyond Ci Hang Jing Zhai’s previous dynasties. It seems to pierce the heavens and the earth. The sword Chang Jian and the color sword finally meet for the first time. The color sword let out a moan. Shi Feixuan failed to stop this sword after all, but Li Zhichang won this move and did not pursue it with a folding fan from his right rear side.
Li Zhichang took back the sword backhand sword, folded the fan and crossed the sword, and two people shook Li Zhichang at the same time. This seemingly simple sword contains nine subtle changes. It is impossible for him to defeat Shifeixuan without making efforts. Therefore, at this time, his true qi is not extremely strong and it is difficult to make hasty efforts, but he can judge the timing when he plays Shifeixuan, and people will not be weak.
Therefore, this sword seems to be an understatement, but it contains a very wonderful sword truth. However, it can’t be completely defeated. People teach Li Zhichang to give birth to a stream of talents in this world. People also feel that there is an unspeakable feeling that he has never met ten fans who can stop him from going to his opponent since he debuted. Whether it is a magic giant or a right way, three or five fans often defeat him.
This time, if he hadn’t seen this woman, he would never have done such a sneak attack. He wanted to stop the other side, so he advised this brother not to be enemies with this fairy figure. However, the other side changed his mind with a sword, which is rare in the subtle world, and the strength of one just and one soft attacked his meridians and stirred his true spirit like a knife.
Road flyover haha laughed. "Cihang Sword Canon is really wonderful, and it is really a stunning figure. The little girl has been trapped in the world of mortals since she has this door, and her interest has been exhausted today."
The Taoist priest in white was surprised to be able to fight him with a flash of disease, but he still spoke with great style. He was born a natural and unrestrained person, and it was the same with Wushu. Even if he was killed before he died, he would still be drizzly and not be embarrassed like ordinary people.
The Taoist priest’s behavior is very much in line with his temper. He said, "I don’t want to find a place to have a drink until I meet you."
Road flyover smiled and pulled out from the meeting between the two men as if a light smoke had melted into the sorrow wind and drizzle, and the sword had been sheathed in white and watched Li Zhichang disappear in the mountains.
Shifeixuan said, "Thank you for your help. Feixuan thanked me."
Fair in white "That brother doesn’t seem to have a heart to kill, even if I am immortal, it won’t matter."
Shifeixuan sighed leisurely, "I don’t know how many masters are so powerful, and I don’t know how long it will take to calm down the disputes between heaven and earth." Shifeixuan’s feelings came from her heart. Although she didn’t know Li Zhichang’s thoughts, there was another variable in the disputes between heaven and earth.
Although Li Zhichang didn’t reach the level of master master master like Zhu Yuyan in Yin Dynasty, he just owed the temperature. That’s why Shi Feixuan felt that Li Zhichang suddenly came out of the terrible door. This person may go further and challenge Ning Dodge. Maybe three years or five people will definitely reach Ning Dodge. This is Shi Feixuan’s intuition.
Besides, Li Zhichang’s swordsmanship is not like that of ordinary door masters, but rather like the white swordsman who appeared in the South China Sea five years ago.
Ci Hang Jing Zhai Zhi Kuang Fu Tian It is natural for this world’s masters to have a detailed network. Five years ago, a white swordsman appeared in the South China Sea, but he became a famous master in less than half a year. At the same time, the man took over the South China Sea and influenced the South China Sea Islands to build a tall city, calling himself the Lord of Baiyun.
Over the past few years, Lord Baiyun has become another enemy in the south since the lack of Song Dynasty. However, the two masters of Lingnan in Song Dynasty can live in peace, and the swordsmanship of Lord Baiyun is also very fast, and it is very indifferent from the news.
Li Zhichang is the same. Who would have thought that Li Zhichang would suddenly try his hand with Shi Feixuan in a spring breeze conversation, and the indifference in swordsmanship was also the only moment in Shi Feixuan’s life when Shi Feixuan almost wanted to take out the power released by Choi.
The fourth chapter is famous
If the most important thing in Wulin recently is not that the affectionate public servant Shi Feixuan, the most outstanding person in Jing Zhai of Bai Cihang, traveled with the Three Gorges, then it should be that the story of Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, the eternal mystery, is revealed. Unfortunately, the most important thing in Jianghu recently is that Shi Feixuan, the most outstanding person in the history of Jing Zhai of Ci Hang, has just made his debut and the Three Gorges encountered the first fierce fight. Although the affectionate public servant Xi Bai was rescued, the swordsman who was praised as the top five swordsman in the contemporary era was still slightly injured. This move of carrying Jing Zhai of Ci Hang and Shi Wei and choosing a gentleman between heaven and man cast a shadow
Although Shi Feixuan’s demeanor is extraordinary, it’s a hindrance for Youzi to travel with the affectionate duke Xibai for three days after his injury, but Ci Hang Jing Zhai is mysterious and beyond measure, but it has already lifted a corner. Li Zhichang, who dares to fight with Shi Feixuan, is naturally secretly guarded by the Taoist master of Shi Feixuan, who is jealous of Ci Hang Jing Zhai’s position in the Wulin. Even if the contemporary fasting master Brahma Qinghui has never respected his mouth, there are several Taoist masters who are willing to help.
However, during this period, Li Zhichang had a rather unsettled life. In January, he met twenty-five masters, with the exception of one. Until today, he dared to challenge Li Zhichang with a sword. Less and less, from wanting to capture Li Zhichang Shi Xian most, to now, several masters want to capture Jian Xian. Li Zhichang’s hand passed a trick, but it happened in just one month.
And Li Zhichang, who is a great swordsman, has also been praised as one of the three great masters, who can be compared with the evil king of Yin. The peerless master is Li Zhichang Baita, who is still far from Zhu Yuyan after Yin, let alone unpredictable. Shi Xuan has not been a master of series like Du Fuwei and the four major valve masters this month. This is also due to intentional Li Zhichang’s minor injuries. It is said that Shi Feixuan has doubled his worth, but after all, he is a loner. Most of the masters of this level are famous and shocking, and it is impossible for him to provoke Li Zhichang.
Ci Hang Jing Zhai Bai Dao Wulin is highly respected, but those who are interested in fighting for the sky are both potential allies or future enemies. No hegemon will run around in vain until the ownership of Choi and Ci Hang Jing Zhai is decided. Of course, they will not deliberately go against Ci Hang Jing Zhai.
In January, Li Zhichang, the world of Datang, was little known, and at the same time, it was slowly understood that the general situation of this world now was even more surprising for Ye Gucheng to come five years earlier than him. Li Zhichang was even more surprised than this side, and Li Zhichang was not sure whether Ye Gucheng had become a first-class figure among the three great masters. However, since two years ago, no one in Wulin dared to challenge Lord Baiyun, and in the past two years, Feixian Island in the South China Sea has never been out of Ye Gucheng. Even though Ye Gucheng had many brilliant achievements four or five years ago, it was quickly forgotten or deliberately forgotten.
Li Zhichang is located in a mansion with a row of more than ten tables against the wall. People enjoy a group of guests, and Li Zhichang doesn’t climb the friendship and enjoy wine and food alone. Since then, the owner of the mansion has never revealed that Li Zhichang is a Xu person, so these guests don’t know that this person is the most famous sword fairy in the rivers and lakes. The world is very strong. After Li Zhichang entered the alchemy, he drank clean water in January and absorbed the essence of heaven and earth. In January, he washed himself like glass, but he looked like a man of 30 years old. The younger he looks like a young man in his mid-twenties, the more profound his skill is, the less his hair will grow, and the essence of heaven and earth will wash away his skin, and even a pore will be hard to detect.
However, no one can find the uniqueness of Li Zhichang, and his realm is high. It seems that he usually eats and drinks, but he is meticulous and delicious.
There are three people sitting in a group of sour branch chairs on the side of the hall, but the rest of the guests can reach them but don’t surround them and leave messages for them.
A man with a white hair and a strong bearing is in rags. Although he is sitting, he still makes people feel his majestic figure.
The other man wears a gown with stars and frost on his temples to let people know that he is old, but his appearance is middle-aged, and he is elegant and romantic, giving people a feeling of otherworldly.
Sitting and talking with these two people is like a big official. The middle-aged man is very imposing and gives a bad impression on the child prodigy.
Middle-aged people are not blind, but also an able person. Guests hate Li Zhichang’s rudeness. Because of the owner’s reasons, all prominent people don’t go to reprimand them. However, middle-aged people perceive that Li Zhichang is unusual. If others see Li Zhichang eating and drinking, they will blame him for not being polite. However, this official sees Li Zhichang eating, but he is fascinated. When Li Zhichang eats vegetables, he is very quick. His hands are like arms. When he chooses vegetables at will, his strength is very precise, like a precision machine, and Li Zhichang eats fast, but it is not. Eating a certain kind of food, he picks different foods every time he drops chopsticks. The distance can always be caught for a long time, and after he picks out the food, the food sample does not appear incomplete, which shows the strangeness of Li Zhichang’s food and drinking.
Middle-aged people talk to the two people next to them, but they can’t stop looking at Li Zhichang. He always likes to make friends with strange people. When he sees Li Zhichang’s uniqueness, he can’t help thinking. As before, this man chatted with two colleagues. Although he is good at dancing, he still talks and laughs with them.
The elegant old man laughed. "It’s too hard for a general to be single-minded. You have to be careful if you want to get to know that one. Although he is powerful, he is also a big trouble."
The official looks like a middle-aged man embarrassed and laughs. "The young man who loves to make friends most in his life has a special behavior, but he has made the old man laugh."
The old man in rags and the seemingly middle-aged Confucian scholar are both serious people, and they don’t want to offend them even if they are respected by the official.
The former is called "Yi Min of Huangshan Mountain", Ouyang Xiyi is the first person of the top master Xuanmen who has been famous for at least 40 years, and Ning Dodge is a martial arts figure of the same age who retired many years ago. This trip is to visit the owner of the house occasionally.
In the old Confucian scholars, Wang Tong, the owner of this house, is a contemporary Confucian scholar. On the theory of martial arts, he is also among the first-class masters of Zhai Rang, Dou Jiande, Du Fuwei and Ouyang Xiyi.
Wang Tong said with a smile, "I know that General Wang has always liked young Junjie and elegant people. If you don’t come to my office this time, you are afraid that the general will not be willing to come to me."
Shi Qingxuan is a famous woman whose flute skills shocked the contemporary world. It is said that she has always lived in seclusion. Not many people can appreciate her flute sounds, but if it were not for Wang Tong, a learned scholar, others would not move him. Most of the hundreds of guests in this hall are also rushing for the name of Shi Qingxuan, even eating and drinking Li Zhichang is no exception.
The middle-aged official’s name is Wang Shichong, but he is also an important official in the Sui court. There are several masters in the court who can compete with the four major valve masters. Even Wang Tong has to pay more attention to him. The articles in troubled times are worthless, and Wang Tong can’t find a happy place in Dongping County unless he is well-versed in martial arts and knows friends all over the country.
Wang Shichong flatters, "If you don’t pass the old Qing Xuan, who else will you sell when you return to the East? It’s a pity that people still don’t come to be kind and never pursue one hand to count on it, but you haven’t returned to the East for a long time." Wang Shichong’s words flatter Wang Tong and flatter Yang Guang, the emperor of the Sui Dynasty in Jiangdu, expressing his thoughts on the emperor of the Sui Dynasty, no matter how hard it is to be an official, but it’s already the top of the world to be a man. He is a conference semifinal from the western regions, not a family background, and he can
Wang Tong laughed. "It’s taken a long time for the general to flatter the old man. I’ll tell you his identity. It’s up to the general to make friends or make his own decision."
Wang Shichong said, "But please tell the old man."
Wang Tongdao said, "That man is Li Zhichang, the most famous sword fairy in the Jianghu recently."
Wang Shichong not only creeps out, "I didn’t expect him to be old, so I have to make friends with this man." Not to mention how high Li Zhichang’s martial arts are, but Li Zhichang’s courage is also one of the best in this river’s lake in recent 20 years. The only person who dares to plunder Ci Hang Jing Zhai is bold, but Kuang Ci Hang Jing Zhai has an important weight in competing for the sky, and Ci Hang Jing Zhai doesn’t know how many potential forces there are in the white road, let alone the three great masters, Yi Ning Dodge, and Ci Hang Jing Zhai, who are separated from Buddhism.
And Li Zhichang incredibly dare to say a bold word to Shifeixuan, but even though it makes Li Zhichang famous, it also makes many people secretly rejoice, but at the same time, they dare not make friends with him. Wang Tong actually openly invited Li Zhichang into the house, not afraid to offend Cihang Jingzhai, and even Wang Shichong had to admire his verve.

"In a few days, I can let my mother live at home all the time, but I can’t go to school if I lose my wine." Yang Yulu sobbed and was totally different from just now.

"Are you a student?" Haikui looked at Yang Yulou in surprise. At this time, she sobbed and fell with her chest, but Haikui was not in the mood to enjoy such beautiful scenery at this time, and she could not afford a trace of blasphemy.
"I’m a college student. I’ve been a freshman at Fugang University for a year and I want to go back to school for months." Yang Yulu cried and answered Haikui’s question. She was really at a loss at this time.
Fugang University? Haikui leng didn’t expect to be an alumnus, but look at her age, she is really only about 2012 years old.
This thing is done
Now he is even more in a dilemma, but she is also very pitiful, but what will she think of herself if she takes out the wine herself? What will she think of herself after going to Fugang University, both of which are in the same school? She can’t admit that she can’t take it out if she dies.
Haikui’s face was a problem, and he told himself that he couldn’t hand over the wine at this time.
"I’m Fugang University, too. I’ll go to school tonight. I’ll help you find a way to come with me tonight." Haikui said to Yang Yulu with sincere face.
Yang Yulu raised his eyelids and wait for a while looked at the boy who looked smaller than himself.
Haikui turned to the three men and said, "Let me see your boss when I bought these wines. I told him to tell me where Yang Chen lives."
The three people came to worry that the wine was lost, and their responsibility was also great. I didn’t expect someone to come out and be happy for a while, but one of them went to call the boss.
Another said, "Yang Chen lives in Chuansi Road and usually hangs out in the massage room in the foot washing city or makes out with some pheasants. Yingying knows what he said."
As he spoke, the man turned around and ran wildly to the second floor to find a woman who was a little scared. This woman was the one who had just been naked in the lounge like them
At this time, they all forgot what the sudden identity of Haikui was. Millions of drinks were lost, and it was a common cause.
"How much did Yingying tell this brother about impotence?" The man pushed Yingying.
"I don’t know," Sky said with a bitter face that she couldn’t remember at the moment.
"Ma, haven’t you been fucked by that boy several times? How can you contact without words?" The man was furious.
"Oh, yes," said Yingying Nuo Nuo.
"Take it out quickly," the man shouted. "You’ll be out of your mind if you don’t do it for a while!"
Call the sky female dare not refute rummaging through the Yang Chen dialect.
"Found it." He found out the Yang Chen dialect and handed it to the man beside him. The man hurriedly handed it to Haikui.
Haikui glanced at his astonishment, and his name was Yang Ju.
"When I asked Yang Ju, did I mean that he was very big there?" Haikui looks up and asks
Yingying’s face looked better at this time and she was not shy. She shook her head and said, "Without him, there is a small antonym, so that even if others see it, they will not report it."
"Oh, so that’s it." Haikui’s heart andao startled me. If that little guy is too old, I will help him to waste it.
Chapter 91 Go to dinner
Haikui handed the words to Yingying. He also knew that these people in the bar were used to watching eroticism. There was nothing to hide from her and said, "Call him about sex."
Sky eyes instantly stare big as if they didn’t understand.
Yingying looks ordinary but has a good figure, and her height is about 1.65 meters, which also belongs to that kind of figure.
"Just ask him to come to the bar. Of course, his brothers can also ask them to come. Just say that you have several sisters waiting," Haikui said flatly.
"Bah, rogue" Yang Yulou heard Haikui invite a man named Chen Yang, who couldn’t bear to spit lightly. At this time, her eyes were still in tears and her face was reddish, and it was very lovable.
Haikui looked back at her a little dull. This beautiful woman is really killing me, but she just said that she is still the eldest daughter of Huanghua. Is this place complete? Haikui was very interested in her at the moment.
"That this brother", the man who called the bar boss, had finished talking with the boss and shouted to Haikui.
Haikui took back his reluctant eyes and gave him a friendly smile and said, "Call me Kuishao."
"Oh, Kui Shao, our boss said to come at six o’clock." The man said with a flattering smile.
Haikui: Oh, it’s still early to take out a cellular phone and watch it.
"Go ahead and make an appointment with Yang Chen at 7: 00 p.m." Haikui looked up at Yingying and said.
Yingying called Yang Chen according to Haikui’s meaning, and said, "Brother Yang, I’m Yingying … Well, I miss you too … Call your brothers to the group P later."
She finished the phone call quickly and then looked up at Haikui.
Haikui got goose bumps all over when she talked, and she said, "Okay, I’ll come over at six o’clock tonight. Now I’m going to eat, and I’m telling you to be careful to get sick."
Those people are all white. What does he mean? Shan Shan didn’t speak.
"Are you going to eat?" Haikui turned to look at Yang Yulu.
Yang Yulu stopped crying at this time, but his face was red and his eyes were swollen. He looked at Haikui and said, "Where is the mood to eat so much wine? At least I have to work here for five years to pay it off."
Haikui laughed. "I told you this wine. When I buy it, if you believe me, you will go to dinner with me. I will arrange it. If you plan to go to Fugang with me, I promise you will come with me later."
Haikui said with a strong self-confidence.
Yang Yulu gawked at Haikui, a little boy who looked better than himself. The confident and smug smile at the corner of her mouth made her at a loss for a moment, and she didn’t know whether to believe it or not.
"So you still want to stay here?" Haikui look unchanged asked
"Who wants to stay here? I don’t want to go to dinner with you. I believe you once. If you lie to me, you are a complete rogue bastard." She gnashed her teeth and looked at Haikui.

Heaven and earth witnessed Fuxi, the leader of the congenital ten thousand nationalities, making a covenant, and willing to be the first to give orders to pacify the congenital fierce beasts together.

With the establishment of the Covenant, the mysterious and unpredictable river of fate has undergone drastic changes.
The tributary belonging to the long river of Terran destiny suddenly flows rapidly, and at the same time, the tributary of Wan nationality’s fate flows to Terran.
The fate of all ethnic groups has grown stronger and stronger, just like the return of hundreds of rivers to the sea, which has made the fate of all ethnic groups stronger and stronger, gradually surpassing the largest tributary of the long river of destiny.
At this moment, the symbol of Terran’s fate suddenly soared, changing from the previous five colors into hundreds of millions of colors, which looked like a dazzling light from a distance.
At the moment, the Terran’s luck is skyrocketing!
And the fate has skyrocketed, and at the same time, the fate has been fed back.
Almost at the same time, hundreds of Terran Jin Xian were promoted to Taiyi Jin Xian, which greatly increased the Terran heritage.
Friar Yu Xuanxian, Godsworn Fairy, has not become Godsworn Fairy Road, and his promotion is not counted.
There is also a half-step-old Luo Jinxian who finally took the key step by step and became a Luo Jinxian.
This world is the same as the sky.
of course
These are not the most noticeable.
The most noticeable thing is Fuxi.
It is his Terran fortune blessing who directly entered the realm of quasi-holy dzogchen in the mid-quasi-holy period and became the highest magical power in the wild.
At this moment, I am in awe of Fuxi, and I am even more awed by the congenital family.
The deepest source of Gaotiandi has gradually condensed into a water-drop treasure with the gathering of clear light from Fuxi, which is respected by all ethnic groups.
This thing is wrapped around with a strong breath of heaven and earth, and there are several mysterious Taoist patterns looming. It seems that you can see the changes of the Avenue of Evolution of Heaven and Earth from it.
It is the same as heaven, shining with inexplicable luster, interweaving the trajectory of fate, which seems to affect everything.
This is destiny!
Belong to the destiny of the protagonist of heaven and earth!
If the destiny is to be integrated into the Terran destiny, it means that the Terran has become the protagonist of heaven and earth.
It’s a pity that the destiny has just been bred, far from being mature, and it is the destiny that is ready to be cooked. Now, the Terran is doomed to accept the destiny.
All this needs to wait until the Terran becomes stronger and stronger.
Destiny Terran’s breath phase
The stronger the Terran, the faster the destiny condenses.
The Covenant has been established in Fuxi, and it is not polite to directly draw experts from the congenital ten thousand families to form an army to practice the array law.