"Although the immortal emperor ordered immortals not to intervene in the cultivation of immortals, many immortals died at the hands of immortals every year. For one reason or another, I, Li Chengzhu, today, if you are bullied by any immortal, you can come to Acacia to find me."

Boss Li’s eyes stared straight at Luo Sihai’s desk with a strange smile on his face.
Lota Shuai’s face became more ugly. Li Pian-yu looked at Luo Sihai and then at Ye Zhiqiu and closed his eyes after taking a few breaths.
The situation is not so good today. Luo Sihai saw it, and Li Pian-yu also saw it.
This so-called celebration of the first direct promotion of Luo Tianxian in the celestial world has another meaning.
One gave this newly established new strength a chance to snare the most basic personnel.
Boss Li spouted saliva and stars tried to stir up the emotions of the bosses and castellans. When reporters were used to those sensational means stained with yellow-haired stars, Li Chengzhu set up an enemy image with his powerful power and this time, which easily made the blood of these people boil.
Li Chengzhu, the duke of the so-called celestial cities, naturally knows that these people are the lowest level personnel in the fairy hierarchy, just like Gu Linglong at the beginning.
No immortal wants to stay in a city and be troubled by the worldly affairs of the immortals all day long, so he can’t practice quietly. Although he can get a certain reward, the reward is not proportional to the effort.
But there is no shortage of people who can be promoted to high-level immortals in these cities.
Besides, these casters are a big force when they unite
Boss Li knows that if we grasp half of the 4,000 people present, this force will be full of unknown struggles and remain invincible in the future.
Anyone who suspects that Boss Li is evil or selfish can see it, including those bosses who have been ignited to cultivate immortality.
After practicing for hundreds of years, people who are not stupid and excited will also think of what kind of purpose this murderous and acacia patriarch will have if he changes his past arrogance and affability.
If you really want to say that this person has a sense of justice, these most important and lowest-level immortals will not believe it.
Shame on big boss Li, he has opened his sleeves and untied his robe, revealing glistening belly, reflecting and showing color, and some of them have been forced to sweat out of their bodies. Big boss Li wants to carry out the sensation to the end.
From time to time, the female brothers of Hehuan Sect stole a peek at a patriarch’s adult and leaked their hearts in spring.
The bosses asked their own questions, which revolved around the available benefits and the cost.
When you know that you don’t need to pay for justice on your side, you will conditionally fight evil. After that, the leaders are excited and step by step into the condom set by Boss Li.
At this moment, the eyes of these immortal owners are like giants who maintain peace in the immortal world and generally represent justice and light.
When all kinds of questions and mood swings passed, Boss Li was thirsty.
A mind brother hurriedly brought a cup of tea to Li Chengzhu and took a bite to kill it. At the end, he said thank you to his brother with a smile.
The female brother bit his lip with a blush on his face and stumbled off the stage with excitement.
That thank you is habitually said, but the bosses can see some information from it.
How can a Luo Tianxian who is so peaceful to his younger brother be as murderous as he smells?
No matter what purpose he brought, it is a good thing that he will devote himself to maintaining peace in the world of cultivating immortals after the death of Albizia.
The title of Acacia Sect has no longer broken through the whole world of cultivating immortals, and no sect has ever been so loud.
And the Luo Tianxian nature also can’t get any benefits from yourself.
After much thought, the bosses didn’t find anything for Luo Tianxian to covet.
Property? If he wants to, he can take it by force and then return his property to Hehuan Zongmen.
Talent? There are so many talented people in the Acacia Sect that there are countless people who want to join the Acacia Sect to cultivate immortality.
"On the whole," Li Chengzhu made a final summary with a wipe of his mouth. "I, who belong to Acacia Sect, will not let my own people suffer or make my enemy better than even if the enemy is an immortal or a higher immortal, I, Li Chengzhu, are not afraid!"
Boss Li has finally revealed his true purpose, and the masters of the company have sniffed out a little taste.
Everything revolves around the last three words.
Only when one of our own is one of our own, can we really pay conditionally.
But who cares?
All these leaders need to do is get the promise of the patriarch who dares to go against the sky and ask for help. If he can really help them in the most crisis as he said, these leaders will already be grateful to Germany.
"Li Zongzhu, I propose to set up an alliance to cultivate immortals, and Li Zongzhu will lead us all." A voice rang out in the crowd, although it was not big, but it was full of the whole venue.
Boss Li swore that he had never asked for help.
It’s beyond my expectation to achieve such results.
Luo Sihai and Li Pian’s feathers are blue in the face. They know that if they don’t take some measures to make this shameful person agree to come, then all the bottom members of the whole cultivation world can belong to him.
The three major forces in the celestial world dare not boldly woo Jin Xianren, but they can secretly control a sect founder and then control this sect. But who would have thought that there is still a soldier in the celestial world who is not afraid of being punished by the immortals, and his ambition has been recognized by the immortal world?
It all sounds so ironic and crazy now, but it really happened.
The propagandist is also well-known in the field of cultivating immortals, and the strength of his sect theory can also rank among the top ten in the field of cultivating immortals.
Such a person’s sincere shouting of this remark is naturally more frightening than that of others.

"No outsiders sit down, Xiaofei." Shen Wanzhou waved his hand with great vigor.

"Well" Shen Fei bent down to sit.
"There’s something you need to do." Shen Wanzhou looked at Shen Fei and said flatly.
Chapter 231 Blind date
Yan Bei bie yuan
Because Wu Di and his party arrived very late, it was not very convenient to travel with Qin Yu and others, so everyone sat in the living room and chatted for a while, so that the host prepared some supper and had a simple meal.
When eating, Wu Di’s performance has been a little obvious. He has been pulling the old cat to sit with him and Zheng Yazhong, while the old cat Cheng cares about Hu Lie and doesn’t seem to find anything unusual
After the dinner, it was already past 11 o’clock in the middle of the night. Because there were still things to do, Wu Di and others got up and left for the next villa to rest.
After going back
Zheng Ya immediately went into his room to wash, while Zheng Gan sat on the sofa in the living room and asked Wu Di, "Did you tell them?"
"I told Xiaoyu," Wu Di replied lazily, smoking a cigarette.
"What does Mr. Qin mean?" Zheng gan face seriously asked
"He didn’t object," Wu Di answered truthfully, "but he can’t arrange the blind date between the old cat and his peers. If the old cat doesn’t have any different opinions, the two sides will try to get in touch with each other."
"That means Mr. Qin doesn’t object?"
"Well, he didn’t say anything against it," Wu Di nodded. "But we can’t make decisions about it. It’s up to them."
"My sister’s personality is also quite stubborn." Zheng Gan rubbed his face with some fire. "If it weren’t for my mother and I had to let her estimate, she wouldn’t be able to accept any blind date."
"Why don’t you ask her?" Wu Di tried to answer the question.
Zheng Gan scratched his head. "Ok, I’ll go to her and ask you to go to bed early."
"Well, I went." Zheng Gan got up and pointed to the floor.
"You go ahead. I’ll sleep after smoking this cigarette." Wu Di nodded.
Two minutes later, Zheng Gan knocked on his sister’s door, and his face showed shame. Laugh.
Shi Zhengya has changed her pajamas, removed her light makeup and applied a light gel mask to her white cheeks.
"Why?" Zheng Ya asked 1
Zheng Gan stepped into the room and asked, "What do you think?"
"How about what?" Zheng ya replied gracefully.
"Just … just introduce that to you. What do you think of him?" Zheng gan asked a little nervously
Zheng Ya glanced at his younger brother, but calmly replied, "What can you see when you just come into contact? It’s okay. He looks okay, but … but he’s just too talkative. He said he didn’t look like the chief of police headquarters when he was eating. "
"You don’t understand this," Zheng Gan immediately persuaded. "The old cat worker is very capable. He pulled up the Sichuan police system by himself. In other words, Mr. Qin said that he took the least handling and did the most practical things. Don’t look at the old cat’s willingness to joke with us. That’s because all the people sitting at the table are old friends and he likes people, but in fact, he has a good personality. At the beginning, Songjiang police system was also a famous gun barrel conference, and he and Feng Yunian dared to swear."
Zheng Ya sat in front of the dressing table and lightly answered "Well"
"Why didn’t you respond if I didn’t say so much?" Zheng gan is a little worried.
Zheng Ya slowly turned her head and asked with a smile, "Do you want to sell me so much?"
Zheng Gan heard this stupid "what selling? This word is too cold-blooded. "
"Do you think I can’t see political marriage?" Zheng ya no hurry no slow tunnel
"Not really," Zheng Gan immediately explained. "It’s really interesting to strengthen the relationship with the Sichuan government at home, but I also think that the old cat is in good condition, both in family background and education and social status."

His soul-stabbing pike with ShaQi is pointing to the rushing son’s good baby. "Bah ~ where are you from?" Is there any reason to rob by car? Hum ~ My master wants to find a mount for cattle and beasts for a long time, but he doesn’t send it as soon as possible, so he will kill a soul hunting gun! "

How can you show weakness when you see each other so arrogant when you suddenly wake up?
Seeing a good baby is not to be outdone, but also wants to find some momentum. "It turns out that the pavilion wants to be a cow and a beast. It’s just that we need to ride a black horse … It’s not as good as taking the equivalent exchange according to the rules, and it hurts the gas."
Obviously, this good baby is pretending to pass by evil forces and wants cattle and beasts in exchange for each other’s black riding monsters.
"Exchange …?" The bearer first one leng seems to be some material.
Then he secretly said, "Oh, do you really want a cow and beast to change to a black ride?"
As soon as this remark fell, I smelled that the quiet car had come, and the man coughed lightly!
People looked suspiciously at the car curtain to cover the car, and the demons turned sharply to think about it
I’m afraid that this group of people are rare and unique. I’m afraid it’s unusual to be a rickshaw man. I’m not sure which way will pass the strong one.
Is this cow and beast so rare that black riding can be compared? I don’t know … Are they really going to change or are they cheating?
As this person thinks, there are a lot of mixed forces in the ghost gate and the mountains of Wan Li are intertwined, so all forces can get a rare one-horned ox and beast mount and feel complacent, which shows their identity!
The cow and beast, this ghost gate, Sichuan is not only hard to find money, but also hard to ask for it.
How can you be a general celebrity if you can drive a car with an ox cart?
Obviously, when I grew up watching cows and beasts grow up, my good baby didn’t think of this. Because cows and beasts, their water curtain cave Xia heart is not a rarity at all.
There are always people robbing them along the way, and one of them must have seen this cow and beast and doubted their identity.
But who knows … Get this rare one-horned ox and beast in Ghost Gate!
If they knew that cattle and beasts were so precious and scarce, they would have been happy.
But at the moment, the good baby is still ignorant.
It’s like people who live by the sea are used to eating seafood, but seafood is rare to land people, especially when the roads are blocked and the traffic is inconvenient.
At the moment, the good baby seems to be impressed by his wise proposal. He has proudly said, "Nature and nature are the so-called strong local strongmen. Now that you have passed your treasure, we have to respect three points, so you rob me of cattle and beasts, and I rob you of black riding, which neither weakens your prestige nor loses our fairness and rationality."
The man a listen to some not letter in my heart.
But the smell of the car gently coughed again.
Good baby smells Luo Yu as if coughing, but when Luo Yu has something to say, she takes credit as if asking lightly, "Is this business like me?"
Los feather nai wry smile seems to be some strength "you … you really do a good job …!"
Good Eva and Paopaoer turned to look at the bearer as soon as they listened to the flowers and stopped listening to Luo Yuwen.
Seeing Paopaoer’s thumbs up, he couldn’t wait to draw back. "Did you hear that my family agreed to this deal?"
When I heard this, I saw the sincerity in the eyes of the two men, and the man held the gun and solemnly admired, "Sure enough, there are people outside the thief. It’s really admirable!"
Said he also don’t forget to hand in the direction of the carriage a ritual way "one is the soul hunting gun of the elders of Luo Cha Gate thirty miles ahead. Tong Yuan was so generous and grateful today that he dared to ask your name …"
It doesn’t take a moment after a hasty ceremony.
The elder Tong Yuan of Luo Cha Gate rushed across the cattle and beasts without looking back and left his magnificent mount and a bag of solid soul stones.
Good Eva two people see that Tong Yuan leave is relieved to reveal a happy smile.
Paopaoer is happily tying the frame to recognize the Lord and riding black, while Haowa is proud with the Tong Yuan stone bag. "Gee … Look at this. It’s called wisdom."
Then he came to the front of the frame and boasted through the curtain, saying, "Did you all see Gong Yingying?" The man also left a lot of soul stones … "
See the car for a long time without any response. The baby is puzzled and pulls the curtain.
See around by sitting bully wave son swim ying ying is squinting at him with a straight face is very angry.
While Luo Yu is sitting in the innermost place, holding the sleeping Anu in one hand and holding his heavy forehead in the other, which is quite nerve-racking and sad.
Seeing this good baby, she was shocked to understand, "What’s wrong with your head?"
Luo Yu took a deep breath and sighed with depression in his heart. "Good baby, this business is not suitable for you … Let’s just say it’s a little overqualified."
Good Eva when los feather kua he immediately scratched his head hey hey laugh.

Wang Zong hesitated for a long time and then asked directly, "We people alone can’t do it. What if we really get out of control?"

"If we do a good job, we really can’t get the main force to enter the arena." Wang Zongtang replied briefly, "Xiaoyu has already prepared."
"That’s fine," Wang Zong nodded and waved his hand at the five-room man. "Don’t be blocked here and get ready!"
At about two o’clock in the afternoon, Ruan Jingshan, Director Geng Qiuxin and others went to the city to announce the details of the case to the public.
Thousands of people on both sides of the street gathered spontaneously to see what the police station would give you.
This time, it’s not just the people in Pingdao District, the black block of Xinyuan District. Most of them are living in a relatively difficult life. Songjiang’s life is not stable, and ordinary people have both Yuanyuan District and Jiangnan District.
In front of the media building, military pickup trucks, armed off-road explosion-proof high-pressure water jets, and thousands of police officers and security personnel were on alert with live ammunition.
There are dark clouds in the sky, and the scene is very noisy, which is somewhat depressing.
More than a dozen living villages near Xinxiang, the south exit of Songjiang, also came to a large number of people. They surrounded themselves with vigilance or watched the live broadcast on the LCD wall of the SAR or watched the media reports with their mobile phones, which was neither noisy nor noisy.
The supervisor in charge of the afternoon shift in the lobby kept wiping sweat and communicating with the police station. "At least thousands of people came spontaneously and blocked the outside door. If we can’t hold it down, we may be able to maintain order."
There is no exaggeration in this statement. Wu Wenqun and others are the backbone of the Wangs’ Three Rooms. The living village outside the area has an extraordinary influence. In addition, at present, the police station has detained hundreds of leaders, so after the video of their abuse was exposed, the living village outside the area naturally bombed relatives, families, clansmen and interests allies, and all of them put pressure on the outside.
At 2: 30 pm, the police station press conference was officially held.
The secret chief of Fengbei Police Headquarters frowned and said, "Miller can’t be punished in Songjiang, but he can be suspended, but people must come back. You must remember that there are nearly two million white people in the ninth district and they are social elites. If this matter is not handled well, once European-funded enterprises go on strike, what will be the consequences?" !”
Chapter 114 Huge waves shoot Songjiang
The lobby on the first floor of the publicity department
Hundreds of journalists from hundreds of media outlets have been seated in the audience.
Director Ruan Jingshan Geng Qiuxin has been protected by four or five leading police officers at the police station and walked to the rostrum.
Director Xin helped the receiver and smiled at Ruan Jingshan and said, "Mayor Ruan, would you like to say something first?"
"I’m here to attend the speech on behalf of the people, so I won’t talk about it," Ruan Jingshan said with a wave of his hand. "Get down to business as soon as possible so that the media and people can understand this matter."
"Well," Xin nodded nervously, wiped his hands and sweated, looked up at the media and said, "The press conference will take about two hours. You can go to our midway if you need convenience. Try not to be interrupted."
Some people in Taiwan echoed the laughter and applause, while others looked at the leader’s silence coldly.
Director Xin talked a few words with everyone in an attempt to narrow the distance between himself and the media, but the effect was not very satisfactory. Songjiang is responsible for this, but the government is more responsible for paying taxes to you, and all kinds of decrees have been coordinated, but you don’t even have the ability to deal with emergencies. Why do you still listen to your chatter?
Director Xin talked about the topic. "First of all, it is true that all the arrested suspects are actually involved in and directing the riots. They are the leaders and backbones who have plunged Songjiang into a panic and chaos situation. We have carried out two large-scale arrests in accordance with the orders of the North Police Headquarters and achieved great success. At present, about 45 suspects have truthfully admitted their criminal facts. Our police station has not violated the law to arrest people marching in Koo. All actions are based on legal basis and have regular procedures. It is also to maintain the stability of Songjiang. In the second video, it was exposed that Deputy Director Miller has been ordered to be suspended by the North General Administration and the police supervision department also intervened in this matter two hours ago. Currently, it is under investigation …! "
"Don’t pull this miller how didn’t come? !” A young man at Sudden Station got up to drink and asked, "He is the party. Why didn’t he come?"? He killed three suspects in Songjiang who have not yet been tried. Why should he be transferred back to Fengbei General Administration? This is in accordance with the provisions of that law? "
Director Xin leng one.
"There will be Songjiang to ten thousand security company members who have law enforcement? If so, who gave them benefits? Songjiang government or Fengbei government? Do they really have the qualities of police officers in arresting and controlling workers? Can they beat these? ! If the security guards arrest or control the demonstrators during the period, causing casualties, how should the judiciary and the existing laws determine the responsibility? ! Can they not accept legal sanctions? " Another middle-aged woman also got up and HeWen replied.
As soon as the words started, two media reporters did not know which one sent out a soul query, and every word was hidden!
"His mama didn’t come to the press conference and what’s the point? ! Torture is a fact. Do you have any power to announce the suspect population? ! That’s the way to play and abuse. Everyone will do what you say, right? Who dares to kill directly without admitting it? Who won’t compromise! " A middle-aged man in the corner seat got up and pointed to the Taiwan leader and scolded, "Songjiang can prove that you people can be useless if you make this bear!" Why don’t you go and see how many small businesses in Singapore have suffered from the parade for three days? ! Why didn’t you hit Tai Ji Chuan Miller at this time? ! What? "
"Everybody be quiet!" Mayor Nguyen looked up at the old Singen and asked, "Which media are you?"
"You don’t care which media I am," the middle-aged man shouted directly. "No one listens to your blind BB to let the client Miller come here! Today we are coming for him! "
Next to the four police officers immediately came up with guns, and the live picture was instantly cut to the rostrum and the sound was quiet.
"Get up!"
"Don’t move!"

Ghost saint ha ha a smile in the eyes of cold light shot two wings of meat, a fan jumped directly from it, rolled up a black whirlwind, and the horror was worse than a sharp fingernail, and the cold light was harsh.

Xiao Yu’s face was malicious, and he turned to the ghost saint to smash his physical strength to the extreme. His body was glowing and his blood was surging. Bang, the magic pestle smashed the ghost saint’s arms and gave a muffled sound, and blood flew.
The ghost saint grinned with pain and his arm was broken. He roared with surprise and anger, "Xiao Man, I’ll kill your family!"
"Give me death!"
Xiao Yu’s face was solemnity. After a successful blow, the magic pestle danced like the wind and hit the ghost body again and again. He snorted and blood flew all over his body. The conjoined table, golden thread and jade clothes were beaten to pieces, flying wildly.
The ghost saint’s face turned miserable and hurriedly shook his wings to the sky.
Xiao Yu’s knees bent and jumped, and the whole person rocketed into the sky and rose and fell. The magic pestle behind the ghost saint waved and chopped hard at his back.
Ghost saint cursed a hurriedly turned around to resist a bang. His arms were directly smashed by Xiao Yu to melt the blood fog, and his whole person was directly dropped from Gao Zhen.
The ghost saint was frightened and hurriedly rushed to a bronze hall, and the flesh and blood peristalsis at the shoulder soon emerged two intact arms.
Xiao Yu’s hair is flying wildly to kill.
Ghost holy a super hall with a square painting halberd waving murderous Xiao Yu fight together.
Bang bang bang!
Two people fight together in an instant, and the fire splashes, and the hall shakes, and the artifact collides with the flesh, and the flesh collides and rolls vertically and horizontally. It’s like there are two behemoths fighting.
The whole bronze temple was the first to bear the storm of two people fighting, and it was directly blown to pieces flying around.
The ghost saint snorted and was knocked away by Xiao Yu. The blood flowed in his hand, and his heart was cold and he rushed to the sky and fled to the distance.
"Where to go!"
Xiao Yuli jumped into the sky and waved the magic pestle toward the ghost saint. Suddenly, he hit the ghost saint and screamed. A meat wing was broken by Xiao Yu.
His body fell into another hall half-quickly, and he rushed out with a big iron sword. Xiao Yu fought together and broke into a crevasse, cursing, "Xiao Man, you are bad at my body and I will never die!"
Suddenly, the earth shook, and the earth trembled again and again. The bodies of gods and demons were unsteady and wobbly. Even the bronze hall here was shaking, and terrible cracks appeared on the ground.
Is war two people are facial expression, a flurried points looked around thick black magic gas rushed out from the ground with rolling straight like a chimney towards high smoke.
A low roar suddenly came out of the ground, as if there was something particularly terrible and a monster was waking up, and the earth shook more violently.
Click, click!
A series of bottomless ravines are constantly cracking from the surface of the earth, and the demons and bronze halls that suppress the surface are shaking violently, and many of them have collapsed and been swallowed up by the huge ravines.
Those artifacts have sent out bright light in an attempt to suppress the ground movement, but there is no such thing as the huge ravines spewing out pieces of terror, and the dark light has enveloped many artifacts, so it can be clearly seen that the light of those artifacts is dim, and it seems that all the essence has been absorbed, and cracks are densely covered in an instant.
Dark and dead rushed up from the ground and turned into huge tornadoes, stirring as high as half of Wan Li.
"Oh, no, the resentment in the underground heaven is really not dead. It’s out of trouble."
Xiao Yu’s forehead was cold and sweaty.
The ghost saint is also a sudden change in his face. "How did this happen?"
The earth shook, the ravines were bottomless, and many bronze temples were swallowed up in the cracks, and some petrochemical ghosts and gods shed bright red blood and tears in their eyes.
"Let’s go and stay here for a long time!"
Xiao Yu jumped into the distance without thinking.
The ghost saint’s face changed greedily. He looked at the artifacts that had not been corrupted in the bronze temple. Suddenly, he saw a raven spit out all those artifacts, and his face changed and he quickly fled to the distance.
As soon as he rose to the sky, Xiao Yu’s hand dropped the magic pestle, and the ghost saint’s face changed greatly, and he hurriedly resisted the anger and shouted, "Xiao Man, I grass your grandmother!" "
He was smashed down by Xiao Yu, and was immediately corroded by a magic gas. He couldn’t help but scream and shake the meat wings and rise to the sky again.
Xiao Yu holding a magic pestle smashed again and the ghost saint thundered with one hand and waved his iron sword to resist him. "Xiao Man, are you fucking dead?" Heaven here complains that the horse will get out of trouble, and if you don’t get entangled, both of us will die here! "
"Kill is you!"
Xiao Yu jumped vertically and horizontally, and the magic pestle danced like rain, but the potential was strong and fierce, and the ghost’s body shook and his hands and arms were bloody.
Two people violently collide and blink of an eye and have collided thousands of times in a row!
The ghost saint was hit by Xiao Yu again in the shoulder, and the whole shoulder was blown up with blood. He couldn’t help but shout angrily, "Little beast has put up with you for a long time. You want me to die, then everyone will die together!"
He reached out his hand to the eyebrows and dug out a coffin. He held the coffin in his hand and called Xiao Yu to press the coffin plate to automatically knock Mao, and then Xiao Yu buckled it in the coffin and then the coffin plate quickly fell to the side again.
"Go to hell, you don’t want to be old!"
The ghost shook his wings and rose rapidly to leave here.
Suddenly, as soon as the coffin was blown up, Xiao Yu broke the coffin and went up into the sky, holding a magic pestle and chopping it hard behind the ghost saint.
The ghost saint screamed and was caught off guard by Xiao Yu. The whole back was blown up and a huge blood hole appeared. One arm was directly shocked and flew out.
Ghost SAN horrified way "how is it possible? Xiao Man, you “` "
Xiao Yu’s face was cold, and he waved the magic pestle towards his forehead with a heavy split, and a peach blossom blossomed into a ghost skull, which was directly broken and blood mixed with brains flying all over the sky.
His head and body struggled for a while and then quickly fell to the side.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-seven Troll was born to devour heaven and earth
Here, the earth shakes upside down, several gullies tear out, and there are still terrible resentment and rage in the earth, like the emergence of the nine realms of the underworld.
Xiao Yu’s face was changing, and he quickly rushed to the distance in a hurry. He turned around and caught a glimpse of a huge shadow slowly emerging from the ground, and his eyes were red and radiant, which made people appall
There are several chains around this shadow body, and it vibrates as he comes out.
Xiao Yu’s face is pale and the speed is not reduced. He muttered in his mouth, "This is really going to be turned upside down."
Heaven’s resentment has been suppressed for several years, and hatred has been unwilling to extricate itself for an era, and it will surely wash away the heavens, and the vast mainland will be his first foothold and will directly face the violent erosion of heaven’s resentment.
Xiao Yuli flew away without considering the collapse of the bronze temple and the flying treasures. She rushed out of the ancient temple and immediately spread the wheel to fly in the distance.
That strange tree is still a steady stream of monks rushing to offer a powerful magic weapon from a distance, trying to resist the strange tree’s power to enter the ancient temple. Suddenly, when everyone saw Xiao Yu fleeing from the ancient temple, they couldn’t help a slight ash.
"It’s Xiao Man!"
"When did he enter the temple?"
"What happened? Xiao Man seems to be running for his life! "
A monk boldly asked, "Xiao Man, what do you see in it?"
Xiao Yu ran away from this strange tree quickly and sank. "Run for your lives! The horse will be in chaos!"
What? Big chaos?
They looked at each other.
Xiao Man’s words are too alarmist, aren’t they? What can be so serious that it makes a big mess?
After Xiao Yuchong, the strange black tree suddenly shook its trunk and revealed a huge face. His face moved in the direction of the ancient temple and looked at it. "This breath is him. He is out of trouble. Heaven is going to get out of trouble again!"
Boom, it rises from the ground, its roots are interlaced, and its two thick thighs fly away in the distance. It rushes across the branches and leaves and dances will stop it. In front of it, monks have penetrated and hung branches.
The big scary hurriedly fled to the distance.
"This strange tree is refined!"
"Run! If it becomes fine, it will kill!"

It is obvious that the Deep Blood Emperor has the strength to threaten Lu Chen’s life, which can be said to be the most lethal node in the flood calendar at present, which is stronger than the means they originally planned.

But if you can’t figure it out or understand what’s going on, it’s very uncomfortable for taboos.
You know, they have been paying attention to the world situation, but the bottom of their eyelids has become like this, which means that things are out of control and there are unknowns that interfere with their world and they have never known it.
"I understand that the Great Blood Emperor must have neglected the long river when the cave was out of date. He took care of the future!"
Covered with red light taboo exclaimed, what’s going on?
In this era, the deep blood emperor can’t be so strong, but according to the branch trend of ancient history they have deduced, the deep blood emperor did not die in the flood calendar, but was exiled to the later generations with the abyss!
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and forty Back from the dead Deep blood emperor
They naturally know the whole ancient history and what the original history should be like.
It will be tens of thousands of years before the battle for Lingzhu will be launched. Although it is not because of Lu Chen, it is still terran.
Because the Terran has a secret blood warrior, that is, the remains of Emperor Wudi’s immortal martial arts, it is suspected that the ancient remnant chapter has become a strong family.
The vertical and horizontal flood land has swept all the way from the rise of Nanzhanbuzhou, and it has become the ninth strongest tribe in the flood land in just tens of thousands of years since the establishment of Emperor Wudi Palace.
Canada has been on the mainland for years, and the water has also become mixed. According to the screening procedures set by them, the spirit beads will come.
Emperor Yuanxue was exiled by Emperor Wudi’s heart and moon, and the seal spirit bead was stripped because Emperor Yuanxue was separated from the main world, but in the end Emperor Wudi did not win the battle for the spirit bead.
It was because another peerless tianjiao was born with the will of world balance, or because of their behind-the-scenes help, that such a powerful man collided with Emperor Wu.
The end result is that all the strong people in that era have been swept away, and the universe has been completely silenced, reaching a balance between heaven and earth, and all the strong people have returned to the market, and the strong people have also become taboo.
Drama … It should be like this.
The Great Emperor of Deep Blood naturally became a killer after he climbed to the top, but actually became a taboo, except for the communication at the same level. They were not interested in war.
Because life has almost lost its meaning to them, they naturally will not interfere with those meaningless things, unless they sit in the sky and watch the reincarnation to see if new taboos will be born in the future.
"He saw the future and avoided our eyes"
Pangu thought and agreed that the red light taboo analysis may also be the result.
Because a creature can’t become stronger by itself, especially if they have been screened in ancient history and have not been exposed to the deep blood emperor abnormally.
But ancient history has always been like that, or repeated reincarnation. This time, in ancient history, the deep blood emperor saw the future moving towards detachment.
"Are we being set up again … by that dirty and despicable man?"
Nine wings taboo gloomy mouth seems to think of something.
"I’m afraid this is not because we underestimated the ambition and magnanimity of the deep blood emperor in his calculation. He is indeed expected to be promoted to our level."
Pangu shook his head and said, What’s the matter with some white?
There is no outsider or taboo to interfere with the deep blood emperor and give something.
But once a great event happened in this world, which gave some failed strong people a chance to some extent.
The man who claimed to be a magician originated from the virtual hunter who lost the first world war and tried to escape from this world. They used to besiege because at that time, they were still in harmony and it was normal to stop the offenders face to face.
It was when they were distracted that he paid attention to the magician. In a certain era, the blood emperor penetrated the long river and took care of his future.
Because at that time, due to several taboo wars, it was in an unstable situation, and there were many gaps. I wanted to come to the realm of the Great Blood, and I realized some subtle changes, so I quietly stopped and took my future.
Therefore, he will have the present strength, that is to say, many great families are facing the reality that they should not face the deep blood emperor but the future deep blood emperor!
"Ha ha ha is really interesting."
Looking for light also connects the middle button and looks at the long river of time with great interest. "But this is a good thing for you. I am afraid that a new taboo will be born. This is a good thing for the whole world to strengthen."
It’s the eleventh native world. The four taboos are surprised by this situation, but they won’t resent it if it turns out this way.

There was another riot at the auction house, and the ghost monks at the scene of the horse took action to call friends to find Sun Hao’s need for ghost milk and lotus.

Ghost milk and lotus are the specialties of ghost domain, but most of the ghost kings have never heard of these two things.
But if you think about it, you know that if these two things are so easy to get, people will not exchange them for the extremely clever ghost.
Sun Hao is not in a hurry. The trading desk is quietly looking forward to it.
It is self-evident that the extremely spiritual ghost can greatly increase the speed of cultivation for ghost repair, and its value is immeasurable especially for new ghost repair heirs.
It is difficult for ghosts to cultivate their children, and every child is very precious. If there are extremely spiritual children paving the way, they will probably pave the way for practicing Tongtian Avenue.
Sun Hao is full of confidence in this barter because he knows the extreme importance of extremely clever ghosts to ghost practice.
The auction house is not in a hurry. For the auction house, the higher the value of the things auctioned here, the bigger the auction house is. I didn’t expect that there would be a ghost today, or we would have started advertising long ago. There are more than just a few monks here.
However, after the appearance of the ghost, the auction house has quickly spread the news, depending on whether several big customers are interested in it.
Extremely clever ghosts stir kangbashi’s new ghost town. It takes less than the auction house to make tea. Several ghost kings come in a hurry, and two of them are very peak like Yunyew. After the ghost king came in, the ghost repair in the auction house got up and handed over to the two ghost kings.
Two peak ghost kings, one surnamed Kang and the other surnamed Ba, are the representatives of two families in kangbashi’s new ghost town. Zhongkang Fu Wang is directly the current Lord of kangbashi’s new ghost town, and Ba Yu Wang is also the owner of Ba Jia’s family. Their identity and strength are all different. When they arrive, they suspect that the specifications of this auction have risen by an unknown amount.
King Kang Fu first spoke loudly and said, "A thousand years of dripping Yin wears away the stone for thousands of years, and the milk is really a rare spirit in my ghost domain. The whole ghost domain is afraid that there will be nine deep and remote ghost domains before it can be produced …"
Jiuyou Ghost Domain! The ghost practitioners at the scene talked together.
Jiuyou Ghost Domain is a ghost domain where Jedi ghosts dare not go. It is too dangerous. The ghost milk comes from Jiuyou Ghost Domain, so the ordinary ghost king is not qualified to set foot in it at all.
King Kang Fu spoke and shocked the scene.
Not to be outdone, King Ba also quickly said, "Bihe gives birth to a beautiful spring, and the fresh lotus is a treasure of all ages, even if there is a dead pool, it is possible to pick it."
Dead pool! On-site ghost practitioners are talking again.
Fallen leaves can sink in the dead pool, and the ghost of the dead spring can invade and dissolve. It is also a ghost domain Jedi. At first glance, it is quite difficult to get a lotus.
Finally, I learned the exact news of the ghost milk lotus. Sun Hao was a little relieved in his heart. Finally, he made a real effort. His face smiled indifferently. Sun Hao said, "There is a ghost milk or lotus here that can be exchanged immediately."
Two peak ghost king looked at each other, Kang Fu Wang body momentum up to Sun Hao pressure.
Sun Hao stood unmoved and indifferent.
Cloud yew cold hum a momentum together rushed Kang Fu Wang hit Sun Hao front hit a ring.
Kang Fu Wang accidentally looked at Sun Hao and then accidentally looked at Yunyew and laughed. "It turned out that it was no wonder that Luo Cha Fairy entourage could come up with the ghost to barter." When laughing, the body momentum was a little loose, and then he said, "I have no ready-made ghost milk to exchange, but our Kang family can send someone to lead you to Jiuyou Ghost Domain to get the ghost milk."
It’s a good idea for Sun Hao to move in his heart.
King Kang Fu’s voice just fell on the other side, and King Ba took the words very rudely and said, "There are nine ghost dragons guarding the ghost milk in Jiuyou Ghost Domain, but it’s the ration of nine ghost dragon cubs. Hahahaha, can you take it if you say so?"
Sun Hao slightly one leng in my heart.
In the past two days, there are nine ghost dragons in the catch-up knowledge. Nine ghost dragons are the top creatures in the ghost domain. An adult ghost dragon is not a ghost emperor, but it is not Sun Hao who can compete now. If what King Ba said is true, it is quite difficult to get ghost milk.
King Ba Fu satirized King Kang Fu for a few words, but before King Kang Fu spoke, he quickly said, "There is indeed a lotus friend in the nether world. If you agree with me, your family is willing to take you to pick the lotus …"
Kang Fu Wang also smiled at this moment and said, "Is it so easy to go in? I’m afraid you’ve already been turned into a pool of blood before you see the lotus. "
These two people are tit-for-tat, but Sun Hao has come for nothing. Even these two things are quite rare (~ ~).
Chapter five hundred and fifty Yellow pool
Laughed at by King Kang Fu, King Ba said with confidence, "This is not the case that the duke is worried that if I dare to go out and pick lotus, I won’t shoot at you. Although the water is terrible, it’s not impossible for my friends to choose me to trade. My family naturally has the means to let you get the lotus."
Sun Hao can’t help but move in his heart. Two things are as rare as each other. If you can change to the same thing first, it’s not bad. Ma Sunhao nodded and agreed to exchange.
Kang Fu Wang interrupted Sun Hao with a wave of his hand and said loudly and quickly, "Ha, ha, ha, you have the means, don’t I have the means?" Little friends want you to agree to exchange with me. My Kang family naturally has the assurance to help you change back to ghost milk. "
"You", King Ba, was interrupted by King Kang Fu when he saw that he was about to get the ghost. He couldn’t help but blow his nose and stare at King Kang Fu with great anger.
Kang Fu Wang also showed no weakness to stare.
Both of them are rubbing their hands, and they don’t like the upcoming war.
Sun Hao gave Yunyew a wink. Yunyew stood up and got up. A shock shook the opposing momentum of the two demons. A jade bottle flew past Sun Hao in his hands.
Sun Hao took the jade bottle lang’s nonsense in one hand. "I want the ghost milk and the lotus, and I want both. My Lord doesn’t want the two kings to argue, but there is another’ Luo Cha Baodan’ that can also exchange the ghost milk or the lotus."
Luo Cha Baodan? This is pure nonsense.
Yunyew, a panacea in South China, is a rare commodity, but it is not very big. It is a yang-attribute elixir refined from Jiuyang Dan, and its function is to drive away cold toxin, yin, yang, blood circulation and granulation.
Sun Haoyin asked Yunyew to come up with this panacea because Sun Hao found that the Yang-attribute panacea in the ghost domain is of high value, but I just don’t know if this Yang-attribute panacea will be of high value.
Seeing that the two ghost kings are contending, Sun Hao simply asked Yunyew to take out a Jiuyang Dan, which is called "Luo Cha Baodan", in exchange for ghost milk or lotus.
The auction house immediately hired another appraiser to begin to identify the so-called "Luo Cha Baodan" in Sun Hao’s hand. Moments later, the Appraisal Normal University announced that "the value of the rare myogenic cast in Baodanyang, Luo Cha is incalculable enough to match the hidden lotus".
On-site ghost repair is another burst of discussion. It’s even unimaginable that Luo Cha Fairy was born and brought such Baodan with him.
Luo Cha Baodan Sun Haoyi took out two extremely rare treasures, both of which were quite rare enough to exchange the ghost milk lotus.
To this Sun Hao, I vaguely feel that the ghost land environment is very different from that of the southern mainland, and the value of many materials is very unequal. Although Jiuyang Dan is a rare commodity in the eastern and western southern continents, its value will not be so high.
Sun Hao really wants to know if he can benefit from the secret passage of the small white fox to and from the ghost domain and the southern mainland, so he must earn a lot of money from reselling business.
Extremely clever ghost Luo Cha Baodan
I want both of these things.
Both of these things are priceless, and the ghost has more stamina, but it will not help the family or individuals much for the length of time.
Luo Cha Baodan, but not Luo Cha Baodan, can quickly help the Ghost King to complete the physical recasting of the family and add a fighting force. However, Luo Cha Baodan is a one-time event, and in the long run, it may not be more promising than the extremely spiritual ghost monk.
And as far as the cultivation of younger brothers is concerned, the value of the extremely clever ghost is even greater.
One is to focus on the long-term and the other is to focus on the present.
Two ghosts, Lord Wang, look at me. I look at you. You hesitate for a while.
Sun Hao is in no hurry to wait quietly.
A moment later, the two householders made a choice according to their own needs.
The overall strength of the Kang family is stronger than that of the Ba family, and there are direct descendants who have just chosen to exchange ghost milk, while the Ba family is slightly weak and there is no suitable younger brother to cultivate and choose to exchange lotus.
Because neither of the two companies had any physical hands, there was no deal on the spot. The auction house witnessed that the two sides reached a trading intention. The Kangba two companies promised to lead Sun Hao and Yun Yeshu to collect the hidden lotus, and Sun Hao also promised to make a deal after they got them.
The auction officially ended shortly after Sun Haotai’s foreign body.
Back in the ghost shop, Brother Ghost King has come to the Kangba family to discuss the details of the operation.
Sun Hao believes that if it weren’t for Yunyew’s Luo Cha status and the peak ghost king Kangba, it would be hard to say whether the two families were so accommodating.

See exhausted most of the spirit force after offering ninety-nine sword mans Luo Yu has a wrought iron fan of cutting, and once again spilled fourteen shock wave Xuan mans straight spirit force exhausted before offering the dragon ridge pike body qi and blood churning and kicking up to the sky!

Such a three-game combo can be described as one go. Who can stop it?
Ninety-nine sword mans bear the brunt of the purple fire giant blade bombardment together with the roar of heaven and earth.
Daodao Jianmang collapsed in the semi-flaming purple fire.
The defensive purple fire mantis broke through the layers of swords and awns, but it also fell apart and appeared. It was pushing the giant blade purple Yan people with one hand.
At the moment, his eyes are suddenly and violently open and his mind is trembling!
His body condensed nine layers of the strong to blow this ninety-nine firm but gentle silver mans solved!
But before he was surprised, fourteen dark black firm but gentle waves were spilled around Luoyu’s rotating iron fan ghosting.
Ka ~ bang!
The purple gladiator blade in the spiritual order in front of his palm was scattered and cracked in fear!
The mysterious light of the iron fan suddenly appeared in front of us, and Shangdao Jianmang instantly strangled three places in the abdomen of Ziyan people.
Although there is a purple fire inscription to protect the body, it is difficult to reach a sharp moment.
Lotus flower at first half!
Yan Yan still kept his eyes in awe. He didn’t come to scream at all. He had been torn apart by Daojian Mang, and the inscription of purple fire in vitro.
Looking at the people who have been like blood in front of them, they are generally repelled and rolled back to the purple people.
Luo Yu Guan supported his gun in the middle of the game and roared, "Come to death ~!"
The three-foot spear in the front section of the Dragon Ridge is wrapped in Gangfeng Dragon Swirl and instantly penetrated the chest of Ziyan people!
The lotus flower is as long as rain and fog.
Fang Luoyun saw that Luoyu’s body was shaken, and his feet were now screaming. Xuanlongying swung his gun into a circle and picked Ziyan people to the half.
But before a moment, the dragon’s ridge pike has split and severely lashed the purple inflammation person’s abdomen.
It was not until this time that Ziyan people screamed in despair!
At this time, Yan Yan has smashed Luo Yu towards the ground but didn’t stay for half an hour. He has stepped on Xuanlongying’s huge body and pushed hard to fill it, and like a meteor, he stabbed Yan Yan with his dragon gun in his hands.
In the middle of the pike, once again, the purple people bombarded the earth with screams and screams.
Earth-rock splash, blood and fog.
Los feather hands holding a gun overlooking the eyes suddenly and violently open that face pain almost twisted ZiYan gnashing asked "old man, I have long wanted to dismember you ten thousand pieces! Did you ever think about this when you forced Elder Lu? "
Purple Yan people are covered in red, especially since they grind their teeth and bleed. "You are guilty of sin! Shanhai University, who doesn’t want you to soar in the Five Elements? You ….. Even if you kill the elder, can you resist my family? I dare to assert that once the old lady dies, your identity will be exposed! "
Los feather eyebrows slightly wrinkled but for a moment’s eyes was cold mountain flashing.
Xiao Luoyun immediately shouted at him, "Old thief! Dare to be arrogant when you are dying? "
"Immortality had to die crazy? Ha ha ha ~ "
Looking at coughing and laughing, Luo Yu, a mad Chinese man, hummed.
He grabbed the other side’s unkempt purple hair crown, knelt down with a horizontal sword and sealed his throat. "Today I beheaded this old thief to comfort Elder Lu!"
Xiao Luoyun clenched his fists and glared at him. He laughed wildly, but Yan Yan should drink "Kill!"
Luo Yu should "kill ~!"
Poof ~
Ask the heavenly sword, the silver awn, and the blood splashes five steps, and the madness coughs and laughs suddenly, and everything is quiet again.
Luo Yun beside him finally showed a happy smile after glancing at each other.
Picked up the bloody head in his hand and held it high and laughed in the forest.
Chapter 427 Send the gate to chase the rocks.
Penglai Forest, the Secret Land of the Red Thunder Zun Tomb.
Shortly after Luo Yu’s efforts to slay the Purple Yan people, a shocking news came from all the clansmen’s families.
That iron fan of Tsing Yi, Bu Niuming, is exactly the five elements of Zongdao Yan’s life with soaring skills!
Obviously, your family learned through some special means that Ziyan people had been killed by Luoyu and that Luoyu’s strength had made them feel that Luoyu was not what it used to be. It was by no means that the three of them could be easily captured.
And now it’s been three hours since entering Penglai forest.
But in this short period of three hours, the number of 576 monks who entered Penglai Lin has dropped by less than 300! Nearly half of those who lost their lives can see that Penglai forest is by no means as blessed as the Taoist priest said.
Of course, it is also because almost everyone knows that if they want to kill each other, they can get the red Dan. Killing each other and adding flowers and grass to become the embodiment of bamboo servant Penglai Lin has become another soul-seeking place.
However, compared with the Red Ray Venerable Master, there are two other choices in the hearts of the practitioners at this moment, that is, to stay and leave!
Choose to save your life from nature; But if you risk your life to stay, you have two choices. One is naturally the red thunder honour person; This second is the Luo Yu Ascension.
At the moment, it is close to the bamboo forest in the vast waters.
There is an altar-shaped rock building standing high in the middle of the mountainside, and a triangular star gate stands in the middle of it. The shimmering glow and brilliance of Xiaguang are faintly showing the desert style of Shazhou.
Obviously, this stargate is exactly what the guide said to be the gateway to the outside world.
There is a star monk who heard the news and wanted to leave from now on. After all, if you have a chance, you have to have a life to take it, right? Thousands of people have little chance to enter the country, but now there are only three hundred left, which really makes many people retreat.

Lazio players are relaxed and free to play on the pitch.

Just kick when you are in a good mood.
Lazio scored the first goal in the 30th minute.
When they were celebrating the goal, the stadium in Meazza rang with boos again.
Influenced by the constant victory, Lazio players now feel that their opponents’ booing is not so scary.
Just take shh as a compliment and cheer for yourself.
At home, the home team fans support themselves and cheer.
When away from home, the fans of the visiting team support them and boo.
How simple it is
Such a thought makes me feel that big boo is nothing.
After the game resumed, Inter Milan fell behind by one goal, and still had no intention of getting up.
Lazio naturally won’t show mercy when the other side is so polite.
Lazio scored two more goals at half time.
Inter Milan booed Mei Acha into a saving goal at the last minute.
Finally, Lazio beat Inter Milan 31 away.
Completed the double kill of Inter Milan.
After the game, "Gazzetta dello Sport" angrily denounced Inter Milan’s humiliation and enterprising spirit.
Surrender at your own home!
While Corriere dello Sport praised Lazio’s performance.
After enjoying the welcome salute from Inter Milan, the Lazio season has been mainly completed.
The winner of the remaining two rounds of the league intends to let the substitute team play.
The main players rest.
Actually, even before the holiday.
Chilazio’s 2627 season is over.
Lazio vs Parma in the 37th round.
The two sides tied.
But neither the score nor the result matters.
After the game, the Italian Football Association awarded Lazio the season championship trophy.
The Olympic Stadium has become a sea of joy.
The team then went to Spain Square to celebrate their league title with the fans.
However, when players and fans enjoy the joy brought by the championship, they often win, but they are in the corner with Lotito to discuss the team plan for the season.
"Will you continue to sell people this season?" Lotito asked Chang Sheng.
Chang Sheng paused and laughed. "I think this sentence should be asked by me, Mr. Chairman."
Lotito smiled and realized the problem.
It depends on the club’s finances. If the club’s finances are healthy, it will continue to sell players. How to say, he has worked hard to cultivate himself.
Lotito shook his head. "I’m afraid you still have to sell players."
"But we can’t have another big sale." Changsheng was not surprised by this answer. He nodded and said.
Really can’t have a big sale.

Looking at the people leaving the back, Shennong was so excited that he seemed to see the Terran on the top of the universe.

A moment later, Shennong’s excitement calmed down.
"It’s a coincidence that they came."
"In this way, the allocation of the Sunday Temple will be put on hold for the time being, and it’s not bad anyway."
"It’s important to go to the underworld now."
Due to the sudden arrival of the crowd, Shennong had to give up the assignment of the Sunday Temple and go to the underworld first.
When the mind moved, Shennong went to the direction of the underworld.
However, Shennong went to the underworld with the help of Xuanqing instead of feng du’s ghost emperor.
In the underworld
Shennong visited all the high masters of the underworld, such as Xuan Ming Zuwu, feng du Ghost Emperor and Styx Zu, and then returned to the wild.
And this time,
When I visit people again,
It’s almost a hundred years old
Kunlun mountain foot
The ancestral home of the East!
On weekdays, it is quiet than the sacred place of Xiandao. At this time, it is a vast gathering of people.
Such a big noise naturally alarmed the saints and brothers in the Jade Palace in Kunlun Mountain.
It is reasonable to say that so many people gather at the foot of Kunlun Mountain, which disturbs the Saints Dojo and easily pollutes the nearby inspiration.
In this case, the saint brother should expel all of them, but he is more proud than the saint brother on weekdays, but now he dares to show his face to everyone, let alone expel him.
They’re scared!
Because the people gathered here are the heads of the ten thousand families in Shennong, Ren Huang
Not to mention their strength is that the forces behind them are enough to stop the sage brother.
Even if all ethnic groups join hands as saints, they will give in, not to mention their brothers, otherwise it will inevitably lead to a great blow from humanity.
If the sage brother dares to expel all the people, he will be killed by all the people, and Yuan Tianzun can’t find an excuse to take revenge.
"This is where my ancestral veins in the East are located, and it’s also when I want to rearrange my veins."
Shennong at the foot of Kunlun Mountain said to the crowd
As the name suggests, the ancestral vein of the East is the source of all the veins in the East. It is natural to comb the veins from the source.
Laibuzhoushan should be a more suitable place than Kunlun Mountain. After all, it is the ancestral vein of the whole wilderness and Kunlun Mountain is the ancestral vein of the East.
It’s a pity that the ancestral vein of the flood was broken after the collapse of the mountain. Otherwise, heaven and earth would not have happened, and it would be easier to change from the congenital era to the acquired era
"What are we going to do?"
Feel the kunlun mountains looming SAN wei all difficult some guilty to shennong press a way in succession.
"Look, everyone!"
Smile, Shennong’s hand is lifted, and a map of the vast expanse of land is offered.
Suddenly, the border rhyme spread out and slowly formed a stalwart figure in front of everyone.
Pangu virtual shadow!
"Have you seen the meridians of the ancestors and gods?"
"It is what we will do next to comb the vast and desolate veins into this shape against the meridians of the ancestors."
Pointing to Pangu virtual shadow body meridians Shennong explained to all.
"It’s really a big deal!"
When they saw this, they were all shocked. They couldn’t help thinking of this legal person.
As soon as they came to their senses, they left their feelings behind and hurried to observe Pangu’s meridians and collaterals and branded them in their hearts.
Heaven and earth are easier.
Degeneration of ten thousand blood vessels
Heaven and earth is born ShaQi diffuse in fairy road gradually decline.
However, the decline of Xiandao is different from that of Shenmo Daodao, which is a sign of prosperity because of the gradual return of blood to ancestors.
If you want to maintain your own innate blood, you must cultivate the magical way. The new generation of ten thousand families have no choice but to abandon the fairy way and specialize in the magical way to restore their own innate blood.
At this time, it is very important to cultivate the classics of God and Magic Road.
Therefore, every supernatural being can set off a bloody battle after being born, attracting several masters to compete.
It can be seen
The magic road is precious.
And Pangu’s Collateral Diagram is a high-level ancient book of God’s Magic Road. Now it is so swaying in front of everyone’s eyes. Is there any reason why they are not moved?
Naturally, we should try our best to remember.
Shennong did not stop this.
For one thing, it can’t be stopped
Secondly, this move can enhance the prosperity of Shenmo Road.
Third, the Pangu Collateral Map revealed in the flood and flood map is still different from that in Zichen Pangu Collateral Map.
He is more humble.
After many improvements, Feng Zichen’s Pangu Meridian Diagram has already approached perfection, far from being comparable to this one.
And if you want to rely on a pair of Pangu meridians, you want to drown the Terran.