It is obvious that the Deep Blood Emperor has the strength to threaten Lu Chen’s life, which can be said to be the most lethal node in the flood calendar at present, which is stronger than the means they originally planned.

But if you can’t figure it out or understand what’s going on, it’s very uncomfortable for taboos.
You know, they have been paying attention to the world situation, but the bottom of their eyelids has become like this, which means that things are out of control and there are unknowns that interfere with their world and they have never known it.
"I understand that the Great Blood Emperor must have neglected the long river when the cave was out of date. He took care of the future!"
Covered with red light taboo exclaimed, what’s going on?
In this era, the deep blood emperor can’t be so strong, but according to the branch trend of ancient history they have deduced, the deep blood emperor did not die in the flood calendar, but was exiled to the later generations with the abyss!
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and forty Back from the dead Deep blood emperor
They naturally know the whole ancient history and what the original history should be like.
It will be tens of thousands of years before the battle for Lingzhu will be launched. Although it is not because of Lu Chen, it is still terran.
Because the Terran has a secret blood warrior, that is, the remains of Emperor Wudi’s immortal martial arts, it is suspected that the ancient remnant chapter has become a strong family.
The vertical and horizontal flood land has swept all the way from the rise of Nanzhanbuzhou, and it has become the ninth strongest tribe in the flood land in just tens of thousands of years since the establishment of Emperor Wudi Palace.
Canada has been on the mainland for years, and the water has also become mixed. According to the screening procedures set by them, the spirit beads will come.
Emperor Yuanxue was exiled by Emperor Wudi’s heart and moon, and the seal spirit bead was stripped because Emperor Yuanxue was separated from the main world, but in the end Emperor Wudi did not win the battle for the spirit bead.
It was because another peerless tianjiao was born with the will of world balance, or because of their behind-the-scenes help, that such a powerful man collided with Emperor Wu.
The end result is that all the strong people in that era have been swept away, and the universe has been completely silenced, reaching a balance between heaven and earth, and all the strong people have returned to the market, and the strong people have also become taboo.
Drama … It should be like this.
The Great Emperor of Deep Blood naturally became a killer after he climbed to the top, but actually became a taboo, except for the communication at the same level. They were not interested in war.
Because life has almost lost its meaning to them, they naturally will not interfere with those meaningless things, unless they sit in the sky and watch the reincarnation to see if new taboos will be born in the future.
"He saw the future and avoided our eyes"
Pangu thought and agreed that the red light taboo analysis may also be the result.
Because a creature can’t become stronger by itself, especially if they have been screened in ancient history and have not been exposed to the deep blood emperor abnormally.
But ancient history has always been like that, or repeated reincarnation. This time, in ancient history, the deep blood emperor saw the future moving towards detachment.
"Are we being set up again … by that dirty and despicable man?"
Nine wings taboo gloomy mouth seems to think of something.
"I’m afraid this is not because we underestimated the ambition and magnanimity of the deep blood emperor in his calculation. He is indeed expected to be promoted to our level."
Pangu shook his head and said, What’s the matter with some white?
There is no outsider or taboo to interfere with the deep blood emperor and give something.
But once a great event happened in this world, which gave some failed strong people a chance to some extent.
The man who claimed to be a magician originated from the virtual hunter who lost the first world war and tried to escape from this world. They used to besiege because at that time, they were still in harmony and it was normal to stop the offenders face to face.
It was when they were distracted that he paid attention to the magician. In a certain era, the blood emperor penetrated the long river and took care of his future.
Because at that time, due to several taboo wars, it was in an unstable situation, and there were many gaps. I wanted to come to the realm of the Great Blood, and I realized some subtle changes, so I quietly stopped and took my future.
Therefore, he will have the present strength, that is to say, many great families are facing the reality that they should not face the deep blood emperor but the future deep blood emperor!
"Ha ha ha is really interesting."
Looking for light also connects the middle button and looks at the long river of time with great interest. "But this is a good thing for you. I am afraid that a new taboo will be born. This is a good thing for the whole world to strengthen."
It’s the eleventh native world. The four taboos are surprised by this situation, but they won’t resent it if it turns out this way.

However, even if the other party is a demon saint in Kyubi no Youko, he even dares to confront Sakyamuni-Kyubi no Youko and tian hu.

He chuckled, "I know who it is. It’s the monster saint of Megatron Kyubi no Youko. No wonder you have this bearing. I already know who you are looking for. Don’t worry, I don’t think you can stay in this world for long. Do you want to find her to go back and continue to shelter you?"
Kyubi no Youko demon saint narrowed her eyes and looked a little dignified and light. "That’s her destiny."
Li Zhichang said, "What will you do if she doesn’t want to go with you?"
Kyubi no Youko demon saint sneered at Li Zhichang coldly, "It doesn’t bother you."
Li Zhichang sighed and said, "For you demons, great power is the truth. The weak have no choice, and I can’t ask you from a human point of view."
Kyubi no Youko demon saint word for word "but what".
Chapter 14: Seek happiness.
Li Zhichang’s partial head and fingers are still tapping on the desktop, and her eyes are crisp and rhythmic. How many peach blossoms float away with the flowing water? In a low voice, she said, "But you underestimate me. You may be better than me in terms of strength, but if you are better than fighting, you may not be able to beat me. Why do you want me to listen to you and hand over people?"
Kyubi no Youko demon saint cold hum a solid didn’t expect this small so unappreciative.
She came out from southern Xinjiang, and one by one, she used the secret method to induce a generation of Kyubi no Youko breath and just searched for Zhezhou.
This secret method requires that anyone or anything that has been in contact with Kyubi no Youko can be sensed by her.
It will take ten years for her to finish the search when she comes to Wan Li in the Great Xia Dynasty. I didn’t expect to find her breath so soon.
It really made her overjoyed to solve the problem of ghost soldiers in Yinshan and not let her heart go.
The four ghost kings of Yinshan add up to put on a big array of ghosts, which may make her scruple. But can they have this chance?
It’s not necessarily a good thing that a powerful monk in Li Zhichang has contacted Dai Kyubi no Youko.
If Li Zhichang domesticated Kyubi no Youko or killed him, it would be a mortal enemy.
Just let Li Zhichang to also look at each other’s attitude.
See Li Zhichang flat and agile will kill a few Yinshan ghost Kyubi no Youko demon saint also know each other is the kind of war determination mind strong person in my heart.
It’s better to be honest and straightforward with such people than to be reasonable and profitable.
And the world’s most earth demon-she is also used to this way.
Kyubi no Youko is the noblest fox. Unlike ordinary foxes, they never love to solve problems by themselves even though they have the perfect appearance.
At present, it seems that the other party seems to be on good terms with Kyubi no Youko. If the other party’s affairs hadn’t provoked several people to protect Kyubi no Youko, of course, it wouldn’t be a problem. She was a little relieved.
However, the other party poked her eyes. Although she was not angry, she would never really give Kyubi no Youko a chance to choose Qingqiushan.
There is absolutely no choice in this matter.
Now that you have become Kyubi no Youko, you have the right to protect the green hills. This is not shirking.
If she doesn’t cooperate with each other, she really doesn’t trust it. It’s a big deal to force each other to cooperate
She’s even killed a Taoist fairy. Is she afraid of you, an uncertified fairy monk?
Even if the seven demon saints are such rising stars as Baishan, she has never looked down on them.
Of course, if it weren’t for the white mountain background, it would be noble. It would be a bit reluctant for him to be ranked among the seven demon saints.
Kyubi no Youko demon saint said coldly, "Since you don’t want to cooperate with me so that you can wake up."
Interest rate huge momentum from her charming body like wind and waves to detain swept the whole restaurant.
The board rattled and the whole restaurant shook.
However, Li Zhichang’s continuous finger tapping is like an anchor needle. Every time he hits the restaurant, it seems to be stable.
Li Zhichang is also like a tough rock in the rainy days and winds.
He is calm and calm, with no horror, no excitement and no unnecessary emotions, just like the moonlight in the middle of the night is clear and clear, which can face everything.
Chang Jian Li Zhichang waist whine for a long time have not met such a powerful opponent.
Or it has never met a demon saint stronger than Kyubi no Youko, except for Sakyamuni.
A sword has militant elements in its bones.

Ask the white big head to flicker and escape directly, leaving two poems and the charming fairy shadow floating away.

"Mo Wen now go to the high bed to sleep …"
After a while, Xiao Pang whispered softly, "Big Brother … is this going to bed?"
"I don’t know anything about sleeping and dreaming … why is any brother sleepy?" Small mirror crisp scolded 1 immediately asked the people.
"Not sleepy not sleepy …"
"Since we’re not sleepy, let’s start. Jing killer can help us take a way to the most powerful magic door first …"
Qingyun’s younger brother is busy, and the Baiyun Building is leisurely in the clouds.
It’s not too slow to miss the gods.
Just now, I was asked by a small mirror for a few words. By the way, I also listened to a few ears of mundane things. Baiyun Building felt that some gods would not be kind after all.
Mindful of Baiyun Tower, a small bamboo building on the edge of a cliff flashed in my mind, and the wind was clear and clear, which made it easy to recite those two poems.
I’m moving, but I’m just halfway through, and a beautiful image comes from the east and goes with me.
It is Ziyan’s younger sister who divides her soul.
"It will only take a moment for the elder brother to accompany the younger sister to a place."
Hearing that it was a moment, Baiyun Tower immediately nodded and went back to the White House yard.
Although the public sentiment has been destroyed, not everything has been forgotten. Since I went back to the Baiyun Tower, I went back to my room to get the Taoist scriptures written backwards.
When I saw Xiaowen, I greeted my father and mother with Ziyan with great interest. I was very close to Baiyun Tower because of the pure spirit innate qi machine.
Before and after a short time, when Ziyan walked out of the room, she left the White House quite casually, saying that she wanted to play with Xiaowen for a while and let her senior brother go back to Qingyun Gate first.
Baiyun tower naturally freely should step on the clouds and spill away.
Ziyan didn’t talk far off the mark. She played with Xiaowen, who was already stumbling, for a while and read more than ten short poems softly.
This little baby is still not very steady in walking, but she speaks and pronounces a lot earlier. Occasionally, it is quite interesting to follow a few grandma words.
Stay well settled Xiaowen Ziyan came to the backyard and told the parents about the senior brother.
Brother Yan said that he had killed the devil and cut off all the people’s feelings, so he was floating in the air.
Upon hearing this, auntie anxiously asked about Xiao Chaoyang, but this time, Dad got up and said that the summer man should stand up and his children’s affair could be put aside for a while.
Niang pushed Bai Torre aside and asked about Xiao Chaoyang’s safety. She learned that Chaoyang was too tired and fell asleep in a cave, so she could rest assured.
Later, Baiyun Tower often lived in Qingyun Cave, a small bamboo building, and was idle and casual.
The years of practice are falling with the passing years.
Months passed by Baiyun Tower in a hurry, and when I read it, I stopped thinking and had a good time.
When you are interested, you will flicker to the sky, hide in the dome, feel the laws of heaven, and repair the cracks in heaven by the way.
Wandering Yunxiao Manor pruning and weeding is also convenient, and you can watch it for half a day when you meet a strange ventilator.
Kunlun Fairyland, Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, and the fiery phoenix tree in Shennan State have all become the places where the White Big Head rises and patronizes.
Follow one’s heart and follow one’s whim
When you are at leisure, you can sit by the window and watch the clouds roll and the fragrance of tea.
Nowadays, the head of Bai Dazhao likes to be quiet. Talking about enlightenment doesn’t like the interference of mundane things.
Visiting old friends and brothers in the door are well known, and their temperament is mostly in line with their wishes.
In Baiyun Tower’s eyes, these visiting Taoist friends are different in temperament and understanding, but they all have their own opinions. It’s also interesting to talk casually.
Ziyan, a fellow martial sister, does not say that her temperament and temperament are very compatible.
Chatting over tea and talking about Tao can also help us understand the laws of heaven through the magic weapon of the sundial. There is a road to happiness.
It’s Ziyan’s martial sister who has suffered a serious mental loss recently. Even if there is a huge amount of immortal spirit, she still has some difficulties in making ends meet.
Baiyun Tower is easy to ask a few words. Sister Ziyan said that it is not the right time to invite colleagues after a period of experience in a secret land.
Since Sister Ziyan responded to Baiyun Tower in this way, she didn’t delve into it any more.
In addition to Ziyan’s frequent visit to Xiaozhulou, there is also a junior sister from Chaoyang
This school sister’s temperament is quite eccentric, and sometimes she can sit for a while, and sometimes she can sink her mind and practice calligraphy, but sometimes she jumps out of her mouth and blurts out words, which often makes Baiyun Tower concentrate on thinking for a while.
In the past six months, among the many visitors to Xiaozhulou, this school sister has talked about trivial matters and never talked about the road.
The original Baiyun Tower is not interested in these mundane things, but this school sister’s sincere and casual views are also quite unique, but it is still a bit interesting.
Besides, every time Sister Chaoyang comes to Xiaozhulou, she will bring some cakes and melons, which are all nice and delicious.
However, some of this school sister’s preferences are sometimes quite unreasonable for Bai Dazhao.
I often spend the night in Xiaozhu Building, but I don’t say that I am interested in playing chess occasionally, but the chess skill is simply a bit difficult to see.
What makes Baiyunlou Nai often play chess halfway, this school sister will be shocked by the thrill of god, and most of them will directly fall into their arms and fall into a deep sleep.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two Learn enlightenment
Fortunately for Baiyun Tower, Junior Sister Chaoyang has gradually lost her chess addiction recently and has also converged.
Occasionally, in addition to tasting food together for half a day, I just sit on my desk and watch it in a daze.
It’s said that his understanding is poor, but he has forgotten his mood. On weekdays, he should look at the head brothers and push forward the Taoist method to practice on the road.
I feel that this school sister is also interested in the Baiyun Tower, and she often deduces the magical power of the wooden line and the aura of the wind to show her.
Recently, the wooden walk in Baiyun Tower and the feeling of the wind and the spiritual path have gathered a lot, and the road to perfection has advanced a lot.
In addition to these two school sisters, his younger brother and younger sister, some fellow practitioners came to Xiaozhulou to discuss Taoism, which also added a lot of help to Baiyun Lou’s practice.
Nowadays, if a few opponents in the repair world of Baiyun Tower directly learn from each other, they will get very little.
However, the white leader has his own magic method, and almost every monk who comes to discuss and learn from each other comes on an impulse and enjoys himself.
With the magic Dao Dacheng, every time he has a discussion, he will directly pull the visiting monks into the cloud dreamland.
In the dreamland, the monks can take advantage of the powerful spirit of the White Leader to exert the magical powers of the perception technique to the extreme, so as to have the strength of World War I.
Not only that, but also the true power of the road is realized by the fact that it is very suitable for one’s own laws of heaven
At the same time, Baiyun Tower will also have a discussion with Taoist supernatural powers, so that the understanding of the changes and operation of the laws of heaven will become more and more transparent.

Dozens of people on both sides of the grand staircase of the hotel crowded into the building and exhibited a gun battle that was almost desperate.

The military personnel in the three major areas prepared to charge for three times, but they were all beaten by the other side. It took only a few seconds for four or five soldiers to rush in front and be screened.
"Damn it!" The head of the district action team immediately turned around and shouted, "Don’t throw mines. They have an explosion-proof shield, a gun and a Grenade launcher."
Voice down three young people end gun touched.
"Rush out of the bunker and face each other’s defensive area, give me three hits" shouted the captain of the action team.
After hearing the order, the three men did not hesitate to grind their teeth and rushed out of the corner of the stairs.
"Dadada …!"
The square gun was fierce, and one of the three people was immediately beaten into a sieve. Before he fell down, his mouth was bleeding and his right hand grabbed the handrail of the stairs and shouted, "Fight!"
"Bang bang!"
Two dull guns and square Grenade launchers spewed long flames and ammunition into the building.
The explosion rang, and three security guards were killed on the spot with explosion-proof shields on the stairs. The building trembled and the walls were cracked, and the rubble fell like a rainstorm.
Yao Jingzhong and others saw that the building was hit by a gap and immediately attacked with a gun.
Jin Taizhu, at the entrance of the hall on the third floor, glanced at the building and immediately shouted, "Evacuate the guests quickly and let them go to the private room on the third floor."
After hearing this, the peripheral security guards immediately turned around and shouted, "Mr. Jin can’t leave without lights. When people get separated, our security guards can’t distinguish gangsters and protect guests."
"Fart don’t run here to die? !” An old man in the house immediately got up and hid behind his bodyguard and urged, "Let’s go!"
In this case, if one person wants to run, it will cause a fierce chain reaction. Most of the guests have panicked and ran to the side door, the small door, the podium and the workers’ door.
Jin Taizhu gritted his teeth in the crowd and said to a security guard, "Zhou Zheng and his assistant are in the lobby. Please take someone to find them and catch them for me."
Security personnel one leng "catch them? !”
"They are likely to be gangsters," Jin Taizhu replied in a hurry.
Chapter 1336 The general trend talks about human nature?
On the third floor corridor, Zhou Zheng sweated his forehead and glanced around at Lin Chengdong and said, "Brother, I’ll give you a hard task. You find a dog leg around Jin Taizhu to lead him."
"I have a few hardships!" Lin Chengdong looked at him cautiously and scolded, "Laojin probably already doubted you. Why don’t you let me lead you?"
"This his mama all what time? When we slept together for so long, you and I were not United? "
"Don’t sayno. We have to be together."
"… I fucking!" Zhou Zheng was about to reply when he vaguely saw a light at the corner of the corridor.
Lin chengdong was nervous and sweaty, so he reached out and touched his waist because he was Zhou Zheng’s assistant and was qualified to enter with a gun.
"Is Lao Zhou Lao Zhou?" The middle-aged man who often gives advice to Jin Taizhu shouted with a hand barrel.
Zhou Zheng eyes a bright motioning with his hand shouted, "what the fuck happened? Why is the building shot and the lights are black? !”

After that, Li Chu came outside and took out the acupuncture needle from his backpack, and then asked Dad Ding for some white wine to sterilize the needle.

Ding Qiunan’s hands are shaking with needles, and her husband’s eyes are a little flustered.
Li Chu smiled and squeezed her hand. "Don’t worry if you are not nervous."
"Can Xiao Chu Nannan tie it?" Ding Ma is also a little worried.
"Mom, you can rest assured that it is because there is no problem that I let Qiu Nan plunge you both into peace of mind."
Say that finish and encouraged a daughter-in-law to walk out of the back room.
Ding Dad has also been paying attention to the movement in the back room. Seeing Li Chu coming out, he is also worried about watching him.
"Dad, don’t worry. Qiu Nan is fine."
Ding Qiunan pricked a needle for others for the first time or pricked a needle for his mother. His palms were sweating and his hands were shaking a little.
But when she heard the sound of Li Chu’s assurance, she seemed to give Ding Ma a needle as soon as she calmed down and went smoothly.
After the tie, she hurried out and took Li Chu to one side, carrying Ding Da himself and pointing out the place where she tied it. She was still a little worried that she had tied it in the wrong place.
"Don’t worry, you’re doing well at it." Li Chu smiled and touched the daughter-in-law’s little face.
"Oh, what are you doing!" Ding Qiunan blushed when her husband touched her face in front of her father and ran into the back room.
Dad Ding turned his head to one side and said nothing when he saw nothing.
"Qiu Nan, look at your watch and twist the needle every five minutes," said Li Chuda.
After that, he sat down in the chair and said to Ding Dad, "Dad, mom, it’s true that it’s a disease, but it’s not a disease. Everyone will have both men and women when they get old, but men generally don’t show women a little."
"At ordinary times, you and Jianguo should follow her as much as possible, and try not to make my mother angry. If you have nothing to do, talk to her and say something on your mind. Don’t let her entertain foolish ideas and it will pass soon."
Hearing Li Chu’s words, Ding Dad and Ding Jianguo nodded.
Dad Ding realized how reassuring it is to have a doctor at home this time.
Half an hour passed quickly until Ding Qiunan got the needle.
I don’t know if it’s psychological or really so. Ding Ma feels that her lower abdomen doesn’t have that kind of falling pain, and her waist is much easier.
Ding Ma smiled and said, "Nannan Xiaochu’s medical skill is really amazing."
"Of course, Mom, other departments in the hospital are looking for him if they have any problems."
Ding Qiunan’s eyes are full of admiration for her husband, that is, she didn’t know when she didn’t work together before she was proud, and she didn’t deeply understand her man’s influence in the hospital until she went to work in the hospital.
Don’t say that she was pregnant and had a baby this time, and she took nearly a year off. Who can do that?
At ordinary times, the owners of those departments in the hospital greeted her with a smile because she was Li Chu’s daughter-in-law.
No one in the hospital has long said anything about Li Chu’s age.
Carrying Ding Ma Li Chu told his daughter-in-law again.
"Qiu Nan, you can tell our mother later that her monthly affairs may be irregular in the past few months, and sometimes the length will change. These are normal and let her not worry."
Ding Qiunan nodded. "Do you have anything else?"
"Nothing. I told my dad and Jianguo that my mom would drink medicine to recuperate this stage and it would be fine soon."
With Li Chu, Ding Qiunan is relieved of her mother’s health.
Holding two children who have woken up, the family sat in the shade of the door and chatted.
Because we have agreed on the way forward today, Ding, Mom and Dad are relieved of heavy pressure, and the afternoon is full of laughter.
Even Ding Jianguo sneaked out to play Ding Ma didn’t care about him.
At noon, after dinner at home, a family of four took Xiao Hei to take a bus from Seimi Zhang and went home.
Li Chu is wiping his daughter-in-law’s hair in the living room in the evening.
When I came back, I was busy with two people. First, I gave two children a bath, and then I washed all three dogs.
Ding Qiunan was too tired to move a finger after taking a bath for herself.
After drying her hair, Li Chu took her daughter-in-law to bed and took a shower herself.
When he came out of the bed after washing, he would have slept soundly for a long time.
Xiaohei also slept on the bed. Since the two puppies lived in the nest, he has been sleeping in the bedroom. Ding Qiunan also sewed a pad for him.
Li Chu didn’t have a bed to rest. He turned and went to the room to sort himself out in various stages of renal failure patients, and took out the indications to prepare a summary.
God, the patient’s examination data should come out. If it is consistent with his own judgment, he will be ready to hand in this report when the data is filled in.

This line of people is the special forces led by General Hawke!

When I was in contact with general Hawke
Mark said …
Death belongs to Mark!
Technology belongs to Hawke!
Although this marvel universe has reached a certain level of technology, it can restrain its ability to some extent.
Technology is a foreign thing after all!
Mark is lazy, even if he plunders so much technology, what’s the point?
Stop it. Can a black technology company crush Stark Industries with greater market value?
"Damn this crazy!"
In the ship, Scarlett looked at the inexplicable collapse of the ice floe base and bit her teeth and said, "We demolished it without even getting a database?"
"Stop complaining. This guy never said that he would wait until we came. Fortunately, General Hawke asked us to leave overnight …" The cover girl next to him shrugged her shoulders and said after adjusting the autopilot!
Dress yourself in a diving suit and heavy artillery at the back. Du said with a dark face, "What’s the temperature of this water? I’m afraid of cold!"
"Our diving suit has a thermostat!" Scarlett took over the control of the ship, took a look at the rapidly collapsing ice floe base and said without looking back, "We are rescuing this base’s science and technology database, and the general is very interested in the nano-worm missile data."
"white!" Du, a heavy artillery, glanced at the water breathing mask. Duke, who joined their team only yesterday, and the umbrella line nodded …
Just then!
At this moment, with the completion of Create’s work, 16 iron pillars supporting the most basic ice floe base are instantaneous like being distorted vigorously and making teeth sour.
Crashing into two pieces!
Moment after the whole ice floe base lost its support, it instantly tilted 90 degrees to the right …
As deep as possible, the sea water poured through several broken glasses and directly submerged all the soldiers controlled by nano-insects in the base!
"Ah …" Washed from side to side by the sea, the medical officer Rexley came out of the water and gave a disgusting cry.
But although the cry is full of strength, it still can’t change the fact that he is like an ant in this deep water!
Pushed aside by the seawater, Rex directly slammed into a raised iron wall …
Rex grabbed the raised iron wall as if he had caught the last straw.
Where his eyes are, the nano-soldier army he worked so hard to build is just like a wreck drifting with the raging sea!
"Mark Louis! ! !”
Eyes bloodshot Rex looked up at the cave on the ground and let out a piercing scream!
One second!
It’s another surge, and the sea is on the way, which will directly affect Rex’s physical strength. Rex is directly involved in the sea and runs towards another section!
At this moment, Rex still can’t believe that Mark dares to be so decisive!
After he got the knowledge of bald doctor and stole his sister.
Whenever he is ready to dedicate his sister to McCullen, Mark’s magical figure will always appear in his mind on time …
It seems that even he doesn’t know what he took from his sister Anna. Although she controlled it, she didn’t do anything out of line
Is to prevent Mark from getting away with it when he kills him one day!
But …

Although the quasi-saint also knows that the female brother is koo, it is obviously calculated by others, but now he has won the reputation of western teaching, but he has to kill it

Compared with the reputation of western teaching, she is still too light to live and die alone.
Besides, dying of western religion is the honor of being a western brother.
Sacrificing her to protect the western Christian name presumably means that the younger brother will feel honored rather than resentful when he knows it.
Wow …
A high-powered force is quietly emerging, and it is coming. The fake Yao Ji completely obliterates her without leaving a trace. Is it the past or the future?
However, if you are prepared, will Zichen Haotian let the quasi-saints obliterate the fake Yao Ji in front of them?
Then their play is not in vain?
I saw that when that force was about to come to the fake Yao Ji, an equally vast force emerged around and evolved into Qionglou Yuyu and Tiangong Temple for 33 days …
In a blink of an eye, a magnificent heaven appears and reflects the heavens and the earth, firmly guarding the fake Yao Ji.
Although the quasi-saint is strong, facing the wind, Zichen and Haotian are also capable of joining hands with him.
All he did was to break the two men’s joint defense and erase the fake Yao Ji.
"Damn it!"
At this time, where can the quasi-saint fail to understand that the two emperors in heaven obviously have already noticed his plan to put this joint hand in hand to play him
After this, the quasi-saint stopped making moves, but walked to the sage’s side.
It is inevitable that the false Yao Ji’s identity will be exposed. The first thing he should do now is to discuss with the sage to minimize the impact.
Picture back to Taoshan!
"Uber still doesn’t show its true colors?"
Seeing the true Yao Ji didn’t answer Yang Jian’s anger at that time, offering up the third eye is a divine light shot to return to its original shape.
But seeing Yang Jian offering the Eye of the Heaven really made Yao Ji suspect even more angry.
Boy, this fake thing is really enough, but even the eye of heaven can imitate it
Then I saw the true Yao Ji’s forehead suddenly appeared with a divine pattern, and Yang Jian’s forehead and eye generally shot a divine light at the same time, and Yang Jian shot a divine light and slammed it together.
Two identical divine lights collided and burst, causing terror waves to break through layers of clouds.
When it’s all over, it turns out …
Regardless of the outcome!
Two shekinah unexpectedly offset at the same time.
"Eye of the Sky?"
"How do you have an eye?"
I noticed that the real Yao Ji’s forehead was exactly the same, and Yang Jian’s face was full of incomprehension and shock.
Not only he, but also the great avatar who noticed this matter looked blank. Isn’t this innate treasure unique? How can there be two identical innate treasures?

See exhausted most of the spirit force after offering ninety-nine sword mans Luo Yu has a wrought iron fan of cutting, and once again spilled fourteen shock wave Xuan mans straight spirit force exhausted before offering the dragon ridge pike body qi and blood churning and kicking up to the sky!

Such a three-game combo can be described as one go. Who can stop it?
Ninety-nine sword mans bear the brunt of the purple fire giant blade bombardment together with the roar of heaven and earth.
Daodao Jianmang collapsed in the semi-flaming purple fire.
The defensive purple fire mantis broke through the layers of swords and awns, but it also fell apart and appeared. It was pushing the giant blade purple Yan people with one hand.
At the moment, his eyes are suddenly and violently open and his mind is trembling!
His body condensed nine layers of the strong to blow this ninety-nine firm but gentle silver mans solved!
But before he was surprised, fourteen dark black firm but gentle waves were spilled around Luoyu’s rotating iron fan ghosting.
Ka ~ bang!
The purple gladiator blade in the spiritual order in front of his palm was scattered and cracked in fear!
The mysterious light of the iron fan suddenly appeared in front of us, and Shangdao Jianmang instantly strangled three places in the abdomen of Ziyan people.
Although there is a purple fire inscription to protect the body, it is difficult to reach a sharp moment.
Lotus flower at first half!
Yan Yan still kept his eyes in awe. He didn’t come to scream at all. He had been torn apart by Daojian Mang, and the inscription of purple fire in vitro.
Looking at the people who have been like blood in front of them, they are generally repelled and rolled back to the purple people.
Luo Yu Guan supported his gun in the middle of the game and roared, "Come to death ~!"
The three-foot spear in the front section of the Dragon Ridge is wrapped in Gangfeng Dragon Swirl and instantly penetrated the chest of Ziyan people!
The lotus flower is as long as rain and fog.
Fang Luoyun saw that Luoyu’s body was shaken, and his feet were now screaming. Xuanlongying swung his gun into a circle and picked Ziyan people to the half.
But before a moment, the dragon’s ridge pike has split and severely lashed the purple inflammation person’s abdomen.
It was not until this time that Ziyan people screamed in despair!
At this time, Yan Yan has smashed Luo Yu towards the ground but didn’t stay for half an hour. He has stepped on Xuanlongying’s huge body and pushed hard to fill it, and like a meteor, he stabbed Yan Yan with his dragon gun in his hands.
In the middle of the pike, once again, the purple people bombarded the earth with screams and screams.
Earth-rock splash, blood and fog.
Los feather hands holding a gun overlooking the eyes suddenly and violently open that face pain almost twisted ZiYan gnashing asked "old man, I have long wanted to dismember you ten thousand pieces! Did you ever think about this when you forced Elder Lu? "
Purple Yan people are covered in red, especially since they grind their teeth and bleed. "You are guilty of sin! Shanhai University, who doesn’t want you to soar in the Five Elements? You ….. Even if you kill the elder, can you resist my family? I dare to assert that once the old lady dies, your identity will be exposed! "
Los feather eyebrows slightly wrinkled but for a moment’s eyes was cold mountain flashing.
Xiao Luoyun immediately shouted at him, "Old thief! Dare to be arrogant when you are dying? "
"Immortality had to die crazy? Ha ha ha ~ "
Looking at coughing and laughing, Luo Yu, a mad Chinese man, hummed.
He grabbed the other side’s unkempt purple hair crown, knelt down with a horizontal sword and sealed his throat. "Today I beheaded this old thief to comfort Elder Lu!"
Xiao Luoyun clenched his fists and glared at him. He laughed wildly, but Yan Yan should drink "Kill!"
Luo Yu should "kill ~!"
Poof ~
Ask the heavenly sword, the silver awn, and the blood splashes five steps, and the madness coughs and laughs suddenly, and everything is quiet again.
Luo Yun beside him finally showed a happy smile after glancing at each other.
Picked up the bloody head in his hand and held it high and laughed in the forest.
Chapter 427 Send the gate to chase the rocks.
Penglai Forest, the Secret Land of the Red Thunder Zun Tomb.
Shortly after Luo Yu’s efforts to slay the Purple Yan people, a shocking news came from all the clansmen’s families.
That iron fan of Tsing Yi, Bu Niuming, is exactly the five elements of Zongdao Yan’s life with soaring skills!
Obviously, your family learned through some special means that Ziyan people had been killed by Luoyu and that Luoyu’s strength had made them feel that Luoyu was not what it used to be. It was by no means that the three of them could be easily captured.
And now it’s been three hours since entering Penglai forest.
But in this short period of three hours, the number of 576 monks who entered Penglai Lin has dropped by less than 300! Nearly half of those who lost their lives can see that Penglai forest is by no means as blessed as the Taoist priest said.
Of course, it is also because almost everyone knows that if they want to kill each other, they can get the red Dan. Killing each other and adding flowers and grass to become the embodiment of bamboo servant Penglai Lin has become another soul-seeking place.
However, compared with the Red Ray Venerable Master, there are two other choices in the hearts of the practitioners at this moment, that is, to stay and leave!
Choose to save your life from nature; But if you risk your life to stay, you have two choices. One is naturally the red thunder honour person; This second is the Luo Yu Ascension.
At the moment, it is close to the bamboo forest in the vast waters.
There is an altar-shaped rock building standing high in the middle of the mountainside, and a triangular star gate stands in the middle of it. The shimmering glow and brilliance of Xiaguang are faintly showing the desert style of Shazhou.
Obviously, this stargate is exactly what the guide said to be the gateway to the outside world.
There is a star monk who heard the news and wanted to leave from now on. After all, if you have a chance, you have to have a life to take it, right? Thousands of people have little chance to enter the country, but now there are only three hundred left, which really makes many people retreat.

Xie Yiming probably heard the noise, too. He gently flattened me out of bed, and I covered my thin quilt again and quietly got into bed.

I opened my eyes and saw that Xie Yiming took out a long black rope wrist from his pocket and went straight to the window to lift the curtain to note the situation.
It’s an emergency. I can’t pretend to sleep anymore
I rolled over the bed and was taken out of my backpack. The soul-eating whip gripped my palm.
Xie Yiming turned to look at me and pointed at my feet, indicating that I should tread lightly and not disturb Lou Meishan.
At this time of the building, I came to Meishan and slowly opened the door of the first house. I went to the window and saw that Meishan was out of the first house and the door was walking in the direction of the old well in the courtyard, carrying a black bag in my hand.
I stared at Meishan and watched him take out seven candles from a black bag in front of his old well. A bowl of white rice was actually ready to start the ghost sacrifice.
I am surprised to look at Yi-ming xie, whose forehead is tight knit at the moment.
When Meishan began to light candles, Xie Yiming took me flying upstairs.
The footsteps of Xie Yiming and I shocked Meishan. When Xie Yiming and I arrived at the main door, Meishan was trying to lock the main door.
Xie Yiming and I were very fast. Xie Yiming knocked down Meishan directly, but failed to lock the door and didn’t let Meishan lock the door.
Yi-ming xie took me to the yard and kicked Meishan just lit a candle.
Meishan surly looked at me and Xie Yiming clenched fists.
"Meishan, tell me the reason why you did this." In the face of such Meishan, I can no longer call out that grandpa felt that his amiable face was too disgusting.
"Is it because of the teacher elder sister? She’s involved in koo and still stubborn. Even if she’s scared out of her wits, she deserves it." I’ll continue to pronounce when Meishan doesn’t talk.
Now that I’ve torn my face, I’ll just put it straight and stop hiding it.
Meishan began to get emotional after my last pronunciation.
Meishan shook his finger and pointed at me, saying that I had never thought that Mei Dai was a poor girl when I saw his daughter’s mistake.
Meishan said that he knew that when his daughter’s ghost school was noisy, he really didn’t have any extra thoughts.
He wants to find a master. After his daughter’s ghost avenges her, she will cross over for his daughter so that her daughter can stop being a lonely ghost and reincarnate as soon as possible.
But it was the master who told him that if he could find a body in which his daughter was born at the same time in the same month and the same second, then when the soul of the body owner left the bone on the seventh day after his death, the master would have a way to let his daughter return to life.
He has asked the master to meet his daughter, and her daughter has agreed to return the body to life.
As soon as he got everything ready and was full of hope for life again, the master couldn’t attract his daughter’s soul on the seventh day.
The master finally told him that his daughter’s soul had been frightened out of her wits by someone.
All these days, he has been looking for who did it to his daughter. Today, he knows that I did it to his daughter.
Meishan shouted at me at the top of his lungs that his daughter had been separated for 20 years, and he finally waited until the time when his daughter could be reunited. It was me who made him fall in love again.
I listened quietly as Meishan complained and frowned at me. What kind of shame was the master in his mouth and where did Meishan get the standard body?
Looking for a body born in the same month, the same day and the same second is really a secret skill. On the seventh day after the body died, it was reborn.
However, due to various conditions, which are too harsh and too negative, few people will actually do such spells.
I want to find such a body to talk about.
Meishan said he was ready, so by what means did he force the man to die and return his body to himself?
Meishan’s appearance at the moment is crazy and violent, and the situation is exactly the same when the ghost of a handsome senior sister is provoked, which reminds me of Wang Dalang’s previous statement that dragons, dragons, phoenixes and mice can make holes.
The crazy and violent nature of the ghost of the handsome senior sister turned out to be a family legacy.
I look on coldly. Meishan looks like it at the moment, and there is no waves in my heart.
When Meishan was emotional and accused me, Xie Yiming had removed the heavy manhole cover and put the black long rope at the wrist into the well.
After the black long rope entered the well, it quickly returned to Xie Yiming’s wrist. Xie Yiming shook his head at me and told me that there was nothing in the well.
Xie Yiming told me to wait for him to return to the second floor in a minute, and quickly took his backpack to pull me straight out of Meishan’s house to stay in Meishan, and a neurotic person in the pestle complained to me.
"Xie Yiming, I seem to be in trouble again." When I left Meishan’s house, Xie Yiming and I walked the streets in the dead of night, and I felt depressed.
What do you mean by a wave of unrest, and what do you mean by double whammy? I have a deep understanding at the moment.
"Nothing will resist." Xie Yiming took my hand with a shallow smile.
"It’s hard to do this easily, but it’s not too annoying." Glancing at Xie Yiming’s face and laughing, I admitted that I was depressed.
I seldom complain, even if I do, I will complain a few words in my heart and never tell anyone, because complaining is useless

Sumo put away her bag, took a deep breath and galloped away toward the snowy ridge without hesitation.

Chapter one thousand nine hundred Fairy Array Broken
The evil wolf army and the goshawk help hundreds of troops to attack the fairy array in turn. It has been seven days and seven nights!
At first, this fairy array was indestructible, but the constant impact of hundreds of troops consumed the energy of Yuan Lingshi in the eyes of all the large arrays of fairy array, and it also decreased sharply.
The brilliance of the fairy array is much dimmer than the original one.
Every impact of the army will make the fairy array shake.
After seven days of self-cultivation, Yue Hao’s abdominal wound has been bandaged to stop bleeding.
Although he is still a legal person, he has recovered his ability to act.
Yue Hao and Xia Qingying looked at the army outside the snow ridge with a dignified look.
The two people know best in their hearts, but once the Yuan Lingshi in this array is exhausted and the fairy array is broken, it is the end of the snow ridge!
There is no spare stone in the snow ridge.
Even if there are two people who don’t know how to replace Tathagata.
This fairy array won’t last long!
Xia Qingying clenched Yue Haoda’s hand.
Two people don’t have to say much in the eye to have empathy.
Even if they die, they will die together!
"Eldest brother, almost all the major forces came, but none of them dared to come out and fight against the Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang."
Shen Fei sighed.
In the past seven days, the powerful forces of Longyuanxing, such as Scorpio Gang and Zhenleitang, have arrived in Fengxueling one after another.
And come here are the leaders of major forces!
Scorpio Sect Leader Zhenlei Hall Leader Dreadwind Gate Leader Xuanyin Mountain Leader Skyfire Hall Leader Xuanguang Gate Leader came in person.
However, neither the Scorpio Sect Leader nor the Thunder Hall Leader nor the leaders of other forces brought many people with them.
Most of them brought hundreds of people.
This has shown their attitude.
These Wang and Tang lords didn’t intend to help Fengxueling when they came to the root, but they came here to watch the excitement.
Some people may still have some thoughts of fishing in troubled waters and throwing stones into the well!
Yuehao shook his head slightly. "They don’t dare but don’t want the strength of major forces. If Qi Xin joins forces with the wolf army and the goshawk gang, how can they resist?"
"But they are all worried that the two major rogue wars will weaken their strength and no one wants to come out."
Kaka, Kaka!
Suddenly, the barriers around the snow ridge burst into waves, and cracks appeared on the surface, spreading and expanding rapidly!
Fairy array is about to break!