Looking at the people leaving the back, Shennong was so excited that he seemed to see the Terran on the top of the universe.

A moment later, Shennong’s excitement calmed down.
"It’s a coincidence that they came."
"In this way, the allocation of the Sunday Temple will be put on hold for the time being, and it’s not bad anyway."
"It’s important to go to the underworld now."
Due to the sudden arrival of the crowd, Shennong had to give up the assignment of the Sunday Temple and go to the underworld first.
When the mind moved, Shennong went to the direction of the underworld.
However, Shennong went to the underworld with the help of Xuanqing instead of feng du’s ghost emperor.
In the underworld
Shennong visited all the high masters of the underworld, such as Xuan Ming Zuwu, feng du Ghost Emperor and Styx Zu, and then returned to the wild.
And this time,
When I visit people again,
It’s almost a hundred years old
Kunlun mountain foot
The ancestral home of the East!
On weekdays, it is quiet than the sacred place of Xiandao. At this time, it is a vast gathering of people.
Such a big noise naturally alarmed the saints and brothers in the Jade Palace in Kunlun Mountain.
It is reasonable to say that so many people gather at the foot of Kunlun Mountain, which disturbs the Saints Dojo and easily pollutes the nearby inspiration.
In this case, the saint brother should expel all of them, but he is more proud than the saint brother on weekdays, but now he dares to show his face to everyone, let alone expel him.
They’re scared!
Because the people gathered here are the heads of the ten thousand families in Shennong, Ren Huang
Not to mention their strength is that the forces behind them are enough to stop the sage brother.
Even if all ethnic groups join hands as saints, they will give in, not to mention their brothers, otherwise it will inevitably lead to a great blow from humanity.
If the sage brother dares to expel all the people, he will be killed by all the people, and Yuan Tianzun can’t find an excuse to take revenge.
"This is where my ancestral veins in the East are located, and it’s also when I want to rearrange my veins."
Shennong at the foot of Kunlun Mountain said to the crowd
As the name suggests, the ancestral vein of the East is the source of all the veins in the East. It is natural to comb the veins from the source.
Laibuzhoushan should be a more suitable place than Kunlun Mountain. After all, it is the ancestral vein of the whole wilderness and Kunlun Mountain is the ancestral vein of the East.
It’s a pity that the ancestral vein of the flood was broken after the collapse of the mountain. Otherwise, heaven and earth would not have happened, and it would be easier to change from the congenital era to the acquired era
"What are we going to do?"
Feel the kunlun mountains looming SAN wei all difficult some guilty to shennong press a way in succession.
"Look, everyone!"
Smile, Shennong’s hand is lifted, and a map of the vast expanse of land is offered.
Suddenly, the border rhyme spread out and slowly formed a stalwart figure in front of everyone.
Pangu virtual shadow!
"Have you seen the meridians of the ancestors and gods?"
"It is what we will do next to comb the vast and desolate veins into this shape against the meridians of the ancestors."
Pointing to Pangu virtual shadow body meridians Shennong explained to all.
"It’s really a big deal!"
When they saw this, they were all shocked. They couldn’t help thinking of this legal person.
As soon as they came to their senses, they left their feelings behind and hurried to observe Pangu’s meridians and collaterals and branded them in their hearts.
Heaven and earth are easier.
Degeneration of ten thousand blood vessels
Heaven and earth is born ShaQi diffuse in fairy road gradually decline.
However, the decline of Xiandao is different from that of Shenmo Daodao, which is a sign of prosperity because of the gradual return of blood to ancestors.
If you want to maintain your own innate blood, you must cultivate the magical way. The new generation of ten thousand families have no choice but to abandon the fairy way and specialize in the magical way to restore their own innate blood.
At this time, it is very important to cultivate the classics of God and Magic Road.
Therefore, every supernatural being can set off a bloody battle after being born, attracting several masters to compete.
It can be seen
The magic road is precious.
And Pangu’s Collateral Diagram is a high-level ancient book of God’s Magic Road. Now it is so swaying in front of everyone’s eyes. Is there any reason why they are not moved?
Naturally, we should try our best to remember.
Shennong did not stop this.
For one thing, it can’t be stopped
Secondly, this move can enhance the prosperity of Shenmo Road.
Third, the Pangu Collateral Map revealed in the flood and flood map is still different from that in Zichen Pangu Collateral Map.
He is more humble.
After many improvements, Feng Zichen’s Pangu Meridian Diagram has already approached perfection, far from being comparable to this one.
And if you want to rely on a pair of Pangu meridians, you want to drown the Terran.

Shuijia Mansion Shuiyue respectfully looked at the middle-aged man whose temples were gradually graying in a few hours. Shuiyun’s expression was more bleak.

"Just come back."
The middle-aged man closed his eyes and his eyes were covered with bloodshot. "Have you ever hated me for sending you to Haoyue this time?"
"How can? Father, it’s our family’s plan for the month. How dare you hold a grudge against you? "
Shui shook his head. "On the contrary, I have to say I’m sorry. My father told me that everything was messed up this time."
"It’s their fault. You don’t have any definite information, even if you are as intelligent as the sea, you should be as blind as a bat."
Looked at the hidden look and sighed, "I can see that although you don’t blame me, you are forced to make moves to your former classmates and friends. Are you somewhat uncomfortable?" “
Hidden silently, his heart is really not very comfortable, which is not hidden from his father.
If it weren’t for the young people in Shuijia’s generation, except for the youngest S-class strong man, others would be able to acquire talents, while the rest of Shuijia’s several key people who know the situation are all carrying conspicuous important positions. It is really impossible to leave lightly, and he is not willing to meet Shen Yingxiong, and they are fighting each other.
"You don’t blame my father for this arrangement. I’m also thinking about how you are. In fact, this time it’s not necessarily necessary for you. Our family is not unable to deploy manpower. Your cousins are not necessarily weak. You are old-fashioned and selfish. It’s a pity that if you leave a good image in those people’s eyes, it will be of great benefit to you and our family."
Shuiyun wry smile looked at the distance.
"Father, this child’s heart is early and white." Shui hurriedly bowed down and said, "The moon really doesn’t complain."
"Although you never hated your father, I can’t help but make it clear to you, knowing that most of the estrangement between father and mother arises from this."
Shuiyun shook his head. "And I will give you the cause and effect of this incident in the future. I also need to explain it."
"Father made this statement?"
Shuiyue looked up in surprise. "My father is only three years old. Can you lead me to Shuijia for a hundred years and say that you want to give me the future of Shuijia?"
In fact, he told me that one day he was confident that the head of Jingyueshui clan would not be a more suitable candidate except him, but it should not be so early.
"indeed! When a mortal is fifty years old, he will reach the age of knowing his destiny. It is not difficult for us to fix the true to cross the threshold of then and live a life of four hundred. "
It was Yun who lamented a pair of words behind Shui Shui but avoided answering. "I told you before that we were cheated by the old son of Qing Xu. Have you already thought about it?"
"It seems that Qingxu real people are paving the way for Ah Xiao to take charge of teaching?" Shui Shui hesitated. Shui Yun thought about that sentence carefully on the way, and the only thought was this possibility.
"Continue to speak your mind." Hidden face shows encouragement. "Jiang Xiaoyi is also a blood power. It is the culmination of his life to take a seat at Tianjue Gate. Would you say that? “
"In fact, as early as a few years ago, the rumor that Ah Xiao was better than the palm of his hand was a little strange when the child was broadcast on the door. It was originally from the desire of those people, but until now he wanted to be afraid of these words and palm of his hand to teach real people some."
Shuiyue mused, "and this time, my father, you said that we turned to think that his old man’s house was going to do this because it was not white that month. Tianquemen can’t be stable without us, the bloodline family, helping the real people. He can’t really want to start work on us. It’s not the time to eradicate us before the big disaster in the fix-true world. The only explanation is that the real people want to weaken our strength and influence. "The more appreciated the hidden eyes,
"-now most of the strength of Tianquemen in Chu is attributed to Jiang Xiao, who has a faint general trend according to his bright moon. Although the strength of those people is really extremely tough, but now Jiang Xiao is still alive and well, and the bright moon is also stable. Instead, he wants to have Lei, a close confidant, eradicated one after another, and they have not come up with the means to turn the situation around for so long, so we can know that Ah Xiao may not have no chance to win. From the point of view of his people who follow him, he is afraid that the strength will be able to rival those people."
"Now, if those people win, it’s just that the water family can be safely ill, and once Ah Xiao succeeds in attacking us, almost all of these blood families have had enough faults to be considered as rebellious. Even if they can escape punishment, they are afraid of the future. It’s not better to combine those rumors mentioned earlier. The real child will have a clear reality, which is paving the way for Ah Xiao to guess that I want to teach the real person in fear that the power of our blood families will sit up one day in the future, and A Xiao will take over and teach the real person. Only then can he calculate this. We have weakened the strength of our gate valves to the extreme before Ah Xiao officially took over Tianque, so as to avoid the imbalance between the ordinary brother of Tianque Gate and the blood-vessel repair in the future. "
"Good guess!" Shuiyun’s face finally gave me a smile. "This incident is actually a big picture from the beginning to the end. Others’ humanitarian emptiness can be regarded as a doctrine of the mean in the palm teaching of Tianquemen. In fact, this person’s scheming and malice are not in the seven generations and the palm teaching is even better. This theory is that I am leaning back with the fierce eagle or those people have been calculated by him for a lifetime! A poor mind not only makes ShuiGu almost desperate, but also makes your future unpredictable. It’s Xuanyuanwang that guy is loyal to Qingxu, and this time he escaped the bullet. "
Hidden again bent over a ceremony "month now the only thing is clear empty reality, he is like let you and uncle Lieshan when-"
"Do you remember that ten generations were taught to die twenty years ago?"
Shuiyun’s eyes are full of memories, but Shuiyue is startled. How did this incident relate to the incident of sealing Chiyou 20 years ago?
"At that time, although our aristocratic families were extremely dissatisfied with the tenth generation, it was impossible to force the tenth generation to a dead end at that time, but at that time, the tenth generation was really forced to pick up and block Chiyou. From then on, I suspected that there was a black hand behind it."
Hidden quietly listening to the tenth generation when he died, he was just born, but he guessed the truth of wisdom, and guessed the unexpected color of Shui Yun’s words in two or three points.
"Later, about ten years ago, Zhang Jiao once told me about my fierce Shan Ying and Wan Yun that the two forces were like self-knowledge and gaffes. Since then, they have stopped this matter, but my fierce Shan Ying and I have been aroused curiosity. People are so strange. The more others keep it from you, the more they want to explore the roots. Although I am called the first wise man in Tianquemen, it has not been vulgar."
Shui Yunnai smiled. "Later, I joined hands with several of their families to secretly investigate, and the deeper I went, the more I was surprised by the unfathomable strength of these two organizations. This time, they tentatively contacted us, and we quickly got in touch with them without any thinking. Is it white for me to say this?"
Shui nodded, and those people looking for partners must first make tentative contact with all parties, and at the beginning, they will not pose their identity, and the goal will never be limited to their families. But when the big families like Shuijia and Lieshan already know that they are there, the result can be imagined.
The process of approaching and finally reaching the desired goal is unexpected. These knowledgeable and more active obedient families naturally give priority to Tianquemen, and other hesitant people will naturally be excluded from the target by those people.
This time, the blood families of Tianquemen are almost wiped out, and even if there are waves involved in this matter, there will be very few people in the ordinary fix true people.
"This time, Qing Xu wants to put Jiang Xiao in the palm of his hand, which can be said to be the most extreme. He knows in his heart that those people will have a change, but he will stop them at all, that is, he will push the Tianquemen Diyi pulse to the wall. Only then will the characters in this pulse be willing to put Jiang Xiao in the usual way. Where can Jiang Xiao be supported by a bloodline to fix the truth? When Jiang Xiao is connected with these people’s interests, he will no longer use my blood to fix the truth to press other opposing sounds. It can be said that all aspects of the heart have taken into account this goal, and even our company has sacrificed in his place. This means that I have to be chilling-"
"But although he means vicious, he can’t help but admit that it is the best choice for Tianquemen. If Jiang Xiao really teaches Tianquemen in his hands, it’s not difficult to unify the fix-up boundary of China. This dead chess game of Tianquemen was actually killed by him, but later generations abruptly revitalized the school of palm teaching. His achievements are better than those of the seven generations and generations than those of the six generations."
Shuiyun sighed. "I’m surprised now that he told us that those people were working just after seeing Jiang Xiaoyi’s battle image, which means that it’s likely that he has been working on the layout since then, but it’s so clear and so certain that Jiang Xiaoyi was a child at that time and would become such a beautiful strong man." You know, at that time, your classmate was just a little better than others, although he was talented. I really don’t understand that today, always thinking or being empty can be regarded as the real first wise man in this world! "

Heaven and earth witnessed Fuxi, the leader of the congenital ten thousand nationalities, making a covenant, and willing to be the first to give orders to pacify the congenital fierce beasts together.

With the establishment of the Covenant, the mysterious and unpredictable river of fate has undergone drastic changes.
The tributary belonging to the long river of Terran destiny suddenly flows rapidly, and at the same time, the tributary of Wan nationality’s fate flows to Terran.
The fate of all ethnic groups has grown stronger and stronger, just like the return of hundreds of rivers to the sea, which has made the fate of all ethnic groups stronger and stronger, gradually surpassing the largest tributary of the long river of destiny.
At this moment, the symbol of Terran’s fate suddenly soared, changing from the previous five colors into hundreds of millions of colors, which looked like a dazzling light from a distance.
At the moment, the Terran’s luck is skyrocketing!
And the fate has skyrocketed, and at the same time, the fate has been fed back.
Almost at the same time, hundreds of Terran Jin Xian were promoted to Taiyi Jin Xian, which greatly increased the Terran heritage.
Friar Yu Xuanxian, Godsworn Fairy, has not become Godsworn Fairy Road, and his promotion is not counted.
There is also a half-step-old Luo Jinxian who finally took the key step by step and became a Luo Jinxian.
This world is the same as the sky.
of course
These are not the most noticeable.
The most noticeable thing is Fuxi.
It is his Terran fortune blessing who directly entered the realm of quasi-holy dzogchen in the mid-quasi-holy period and became the highest magical power in the wild.
At this moment, I am in awe of Fuxi, and I am even more awed by the congenital family.
The deepest source of Gaotiandi has gradually condensed into a water-drop treasure with the gathering of clear light from Fuxi, which is respected by all ethnic groups.
This thing is wrapped around with a strong breath of heaven and earth, and there are several mysterious Taoist patterns looming. It seems that you can see the changes of the Avenue of Evolution of Heaven and Earth from it.
It is the same as heaven, shining with inexplicable luster, interweaving the trajectory of fate, which seems to affect everything.
This is destiny!
Belong to the destiny of the protagonist of heaven and earth!
If the destiny is to be integrated into the Terran destiny, it means that the Terran has become the protagonist of heaven and earth.
It’s a pity that the destiny has just been bred, far from being mature, and it is the destiny that is ready to be cooked. Now, the Terran is doomed to accept the destiny.
All this needs to wait until the Terran becomes stronger and stronger.
Destiny Terran’s breath phase
The stronger the Terran, the faster the destiny condenses.
The Covenant has been established in Fuxi, and it is not polite to directly draw experts from the congenital ten thousand families to form an army to practice the array law.

Suddenly, even Su Li was surprised.

Only to see that with the "Luo Cha" ring, the original closed security door was suddenly hit a gap from the inside.
The door was hit from the inside.
Su Li was shocked that he was going to swing out his fist and stopped. A statue of six-armed demon appeared around his body immediately.
He never thought that there seemed to be something in the security door, and when he was about to destroy it, the door was actually hit from the inside.
Don’t … There are people in it?
The mind moves, and the six-armed demon’s virtual shadow stretches out a virtual shadow-shaped palm and inserts it into the crack of the door, and pulls it out to pull the security door.
He was greeted by the door with a happy face.
At the door is a woman in her thirties wearing an apron and holding a spatula in one hand. It seems that she was just cooking in the kitchen when she heard knocking at the door. The door didn’t even put a spatula in her hand.
There was a bright light in the living room, and a little girl was riding a children’s twister. At the moment, her beautiful eyes were open and she turned to look at him.
"Dad!" The little girl shouted at him.
The woman "Zhong Min" gave him a white look and took a step back to make way for him to come in and complained, "Why did you forget to bring your key again? Come in quickly. "
Su Li still frowned slightly.
In this way, the stars are scattered in the building, and there will be two living people, one big and one small, in any house. They look like ordinary people and they are born here.
How can they call themselves loyal people? Dad?
Besides, it’s been so long since the flood. How can it still be open here? How is this light bright?
"Peep at the symbol pattern" immediately launched an instant to capture this female data and a message appeared in my mind.
"Law peeps without information"
Look at the little girl playing in the living room, and there is no information.
There is a possibility that this big and small female roots will not
"Who is playing tricks?" Su Li’s black-and-white canopy appeared on his head, and the third talent was launched together with the "third eye". This black-and-white energy surged and rushed into the door, and it enveloped the whole living room in an instant.
The original bright living room suddenly went out, but the woman in front of her was not affected at all. Let this energy pass through her body, but in Su Li’s "third eye", she has become a virtual shadow, which is not real.
"So that’s it." Su Li muttered softly and went through the female virtual shadow.
I just saw this scene myself. Maybe it happened in this room once. Once the owner of this house came home without a key, and the hostess was busy in the kitchen. She heard knocking at the door and came to give him the door with a spatula in one hand.
Their daughter is playing on a twister in the living room.
What a happy and warm family of three.
But that was a long time ago, and now nothing.
In his third eye, the living room is dark and dilapidated and full of dust. Because it is soaked in water, it has become very humid and full of musty smell.
Su Li looked back at his "third eye" and the hostess was still full of expectation. She looked at him and seemed to be waiting for his response.
"Who is d give me out-"
Su Li once again gave himself a third talent by drinking low, and ordered that all this could never happen at present. There must be some force behind it that triggered it.
As he read the third talent, he formed a series of python-like black and white points of rolling energy
In the harsh sound, the living room was damaged, and it was immediately drilled into one huge hole after another, followed by these black and white pythons gathered together and blasted into the living room with ceramic tiles.
"Boom", a tile floor immediately collapsed, and the black and white python went all the way to break several floors, and there was a sharp scream in the white spray spilled from the floor.

"Good Kung Fu is a rare master among ordinary people, but I don’t know how to do it in bed?" Huanglong clap laugh wildly way

"Gee, look at that leg strength. He’s strong enough." Cheng Xiang said with a smile.
ChuYuJuan heart can’t help but sink to know that both of them are super almighty, and Yunna Liujia is groggy. At this moment, Yunna is awakened by her earthquake Huanglong words. Yunna is concise and Liujia quickly takes out her mobile phone.
At the same time, Yunna Chuyujuan rose up and struggled to split Yunna’s jade legs and jumped out of her legs to sweep the two women. Yunna knew that if Liu Jia could type this sentence, they would be saved
Who knows that Huanglong didn’t give them a chance? It was Yunna Chuyujuan who was hit by two women, and she was happy in the future. A strong force came from the soles of her feet. Two women cried eggplant gourd and flew out and fell on the bed.
"Good boy, strong flexibility and small ring, blessed are we." Huang Longwang has robbed Liujia’s mobile phone at the moment and crushed it into a ring, laughing and saying.
Into a ring micro a hand will LiuJia also threw it into the bed just nodded "ha good" into a ring talking looking at the bed struggling to think of LiuJia three yin said with a smile "to move reinforcements? It’s a pity that I didn’t call out. Are you disappointed? Small goods, but I promise you won’t be disappointed for a while, because I will let you yu Xian yu die. "
While since ChuYuJuan challenged has been sitting on a stool silly like Jiang Chuan glassy-eyed looking at lying in bed twisting body Liujia three grim-faced murmured "I’m sorry".
Huang Longcheng didn’t even look at him. He smiled at each other, undressed and said, "There is one more than planned. Why don’t we compete with the one who insists on it for a long time?"
"Fuck, I’m afraid you won’t succeed." Cheng Xiang casually dialed Yunna to throw the bedside lamp and sneered, "I don’t know how many people have been pretending? I don’t believe that Mayor Yun Da’s daughter will be a chick? You still throw it away and I’ll see how much strength you have. "
Cheng Xiang actually moved a stool and sat in situ laughing, dialing the things that three women desperately threw.
And gradually Liujia three people don’t have any strength to rise from the bottom of my heart. yu fire will torture the three people and make them hot. It happened that they were sane and sensible, but they seemed to be much more sensitive than before, but they felt lazy and had no strength.
"Rick Fang" three people desperately called Rick Fang’s name and tried to shout out the sound at the same volume as usual.
“? Rick Fang? Who is it? Are you lovers? " Cheng Le laughed and asked, but sneered, "Don’t worry, you will send him a nude photo of you when you play old."
But Huanglong, who has been domineering, listened to the three women’s low calls, but he was stunned and said, "Which Rick Fang?"
"It’s me, this Rick Fang." The door is full of signs and quietly hits a rich and handsome man who looks like a god. A noble man came in with silver hair and a dazzling glare on the crystal lamp on the roof.
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-five
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-five
As soon as Rick Fang appeared, Huanglong’s face turned pale and scary, and his pupil suddenly became a crack. He suddenly pranced up and rushed toward the bed ten meters away. He knew that Rick Fang was the one who would stun himself when he drank low. This master was definitely not able to resist himself. The best way to be safe was to take three women hostage.
His idea is right, but he still underestimates the reaction speed of Rick Fang’s martial arts. Huanglong flew halfway, only to find that a white wall suddenly appeared before the scenery Mo changed, but he panicked and didn’t move, so he suddenly bumped into it. In the bang, Huanglong fell to the ground and struggled to turn over. He didn’t wait for him to understand what was going on, but he saw a black monster flying towards him, and his mind was broken. He didn’t have to be embarrassed. He quickly tried to avoid it.
The monster hit the wall and bounced back to the ground, screaming at Huanglong, only to see that this bloody object turned out to be just now. This bastard didn’t know that Rick Fang was trying to subdue Rick Fang, but he was interrupted by Rick Fang. His limbs were broken, his bones were punctured, and his skin was exposed. Where was he pampered and screamed from childhood? Huanglong was also a typical aristocratic brother who grew up pampered by his parents and elders, although he had a good talent to follow. Master martial arts also practiced well, but he didn’t have much practical experience. At this moment, I saw such a tragic scene. At that time, I was heartbroken. I didn’t even have the courage to get up. I was livid and trembling. I stayed where I was, and I was arrogant and replaced by deep fear before the sound of "Gege".
Rick Fang ignored these two dirty almighty and quickly walked to the bed and pointed out that they were moaning. The eyebrows of the three women were a little strange to say that they kept twisting their bodies and their faces were flushed. The three women suddenly felt that the hot and dry fire seemed to vanish from head to toe and restore calm. The three women rushed to cover up their clothes and hugged Rick Fang at the same time and cried.
"Don’t cry, don’t cry, I will protect you and never let anyone hurt you." Rick Fang repeatedly comforted Rick Fang. At first, he said that he was far from protecting Liujiayunna across from Tianfu Restaurant. That was because he wanted to be lenient with Liujia. They affected the mood of the party because of their own presence. In fact, he followed Liujia and others all the way. After Liujia entered the house, Rick Fang was at the corridor 50 meters away from the door all the time, and a wisp of his knowledge had already firmly locked Jiangchuan’s house. Everyone’s every move was able to escape the supervision of his knowledge.
At the moment, after listening to his soft words, he relieved the three girls that they sobbed and stopped crying. It was just before Rick Fang embraced him and smelled his breath. Then his desire had been controlled and he rose again. Rick Fang saw that he was holding his three girls’ eyes, such as silk and peach blossom breath, and his charming body was gradually heavy and twisted. He was busy again, and he quickly ordered a finger between the eyebrows of the three people to barely suppress the medicinal properties again.
"Rick Fang these bastards gave us medicine" was tempted by Rick Fang’s breath, and Chu Yujuan just couldn’t help but kiss several times in Rick Fang’s face. At this moment, she blushed and held Rick Fang’s jade arm tightly, pointing to the embarrassed Huanglong lying on the ground and moaning in pain to change the subject.
"Don’t worry, just medicine won’t beat me. I’ll treat you later." Rick Fang patted ChuYuJuan’s sweet shoulder and looked confidently at Liu Jiayunna, who was full of anger. Rick Fang coldly swept several people in Huanglong, and the pitfalls in his eyes sank. "I’ll give you vent first."
The three women breathed a sigh of relief. In their minds, if there was Rick Fang in the sky, no one could hurt themselves. When they rest, they looked at Huanglong coldly, just like watching a dead man.
Huanglong saw that Rick Fang turned his attention to himself and couldn’t stop shivering. He found that his mobile phone had become a piece of debris only to find that it was obviously Rick Fang’s means. The fear of death in Huanglong’s heart was used to being arrogant and arrogant for many years. "What are you going to do?" I … I think you are tired of living … and you will dare to talk to us … Do you know me … who we are? Hum, I’ll tell you that Gu Tian, director of the Institute of Power, is my master, and his old man’s house is the famous four saints of China. Is your triangle cat kung fu his opponent? Do you know who my dad is? He is … "Huanglong stammered at first, but when he arrived at Gu Tian, he was very happy. In his mind, Gu Tian was a god, and the thought that he had Gu Tian’s support made him talk more and more slip, and then he thought that he had a position to respect his father’s voice, but he couldn’t help but strut.
"Nonsense" Rick Fang drank it cold and the waves were harsh, such as cutting Huanglong’s chest. Qi and blood churned and he couldn’t help spitting out one mouthful blood. Huanglong was full of disbelief. Looking at the cold Rick Fang, he muttered, "Do you dare to touch me when you know my identity?" In the end, Huanglong looked resentful and floundered over the escape route.
"You this garbage alive will spoil food, you are the Jade Emperor, and I will destroy you." Rick Fang coldly said that Huanglong knew that he would never let go of his sudden rise with one foot kick, lying on the ground and dying into a loud chest, kicking his huge body, flying to Rick Fang and leaping towards the door at the same time.
Huanglong these go at one go and Rick Fang seems to have successfully stopped Huanglong’s body from touching the door panel. A burst of pride’ If I leave the door, I won’t be afraid of your Rick Fang. Dare to fight with me will definitely make you regret being born’.
It was Huanglong who was proud but disappeared at the moment when his body touched the door panel. It is reasonable to say that his body was full of energy, let alone an ordinary door panel or a steel plate. He was also confident that it would be smashed, but it was counterproductive. There was no sound. Huanglong felt that he disappeared at the moment when his body touched the door, and then he saw the last and most horrible strange picture in his life. Rick Fang casually dialed the sound and the dazzling golden light came out of his body. Immediately, he burst in the middle of the room without bloody pieces and saw the endless golden gravel.
But in the eyes of Liu Jia and others, Rick Fang’s left hand is generally empty to the sly and insidious Huanglong in the middle when his right hand is dialed into a ring, and then he hits the door with a light blow. Huanglong doesn’t cause a ring, but it disappears like a moth hitting a flaming flame. It’s not right to say that it disappears. It should be said that it becomes a loose and finely golden gravel like a ring.
"Xu, you … what did you do to them? What’s with the sand? " Liujia since this strange scene to react can’t help but speak asked.
Chu Yujuan Yunna was equally surprised. Although she was used to Rick Fang’s fantastic skills, but her horrible martial arts were so weird, she still let them accept Rick Fang’s words with a smile. "It’s a pity that I was almost unfinished, otherwise they should be empty instead of sand after their amusement."
Although he is annoyed, his words are full of complacency. Rick Fang has every reason to be proud, because he is the first person in Xiaoyao for thousands of years to realize the magical power of silence, and his magical power of silence has now entered the realm of great achievement. Now his skill is to have another Yuantouzhu war. He is also confident that in the event of unscathed damage, the enemy will be completely annihilated in the future, and the martial arts will become higher and higher. After a few days ago, local Xu easily turned a stone with a weight of more than ten tons into yellow sand, his heart was entangled with an inexplicable fear and deep doubt, full of awe. The arrogant tactic can be transformed into this kind of conan the destroyer’s energy-lost magical power. Is it true that you can instantly materialize Fiona Fang’s magic in a mile like the arrogant tactic? Master said that no one in Xiaoyao Gate can understand the magical power. So, is this horrible martial arts created by people? Ao Tian Ji Ji says that the silent magic works and the proud god means that the master controls life and death, so isn’t it a god?
Rick Fang clapped his hands and patted everything that Liujia three people had touched in the house, and all these things in his hands turned into more or less golden sand, even the bed where the three people had been lying was no exception. Finally, Rick Fang’s eyes fell on Jiang Chuan’s face with a dull expression.
ChuYuJuan is look cold at this time in front of Jiang Chuan huffed, "Jiang Chuan you hurt us? Say! " Chu Yujuan, who did not stop Huanglong from ringing in Jiang Chuan, naturally guessed that the three of them were conspired by Jiang Chuan and others, and Liujiayunna also looked at Jiang Chuan with grief and indignation. Obviously, she was extremely disappointed with Jiang Chuan
Jiang Chuan didn’t answer is looked at Rick Fang with a wry smile at this far beyond their cognitive range male muttered "superman? Are you a superman? "
Rick Fang just laughed, but his smiling face was full of hidden dangers. Jiang Chuan knew in his heart that it was hard for him to let himself go, but suddenly he felt a sense of hopelessness. When Huang Longcheng died, he couldn’t escape the dry situation, that is, he couldn’t pursue himself. No one helped save the corruption, and his father himself was a dead end. Just as Huanglong said that he was not even as good as a dog, Jiang Chuan hated himself for the first time. If he was born in an official’s house, it would be too late for academics. Jiang Chuan couldn’t help sighing. Looking out at Liu Jiayunna, Chu Yujuan’s eyes were full of apologetic colors and said with a wry smile, "Jia Jia, Xiao Na, Yuan Yu, I’m sorry that I was too selfish. My father was detained for corruption. He deserved it, but I want to save him. First, he is my father. Second, I have nothing left. My father gave him everything, so I can’t live. I finally don’t want to admit it, but I have to admit it, just like I don’t want to admit that I’m a waste. In fact, I’m really a slut
Jiang Chuan smiled wryly and looked sad like an old man. "I asked Huanglong for help. He is always a senior official of the central government with his grandfather. I won’t say it. Anyway, it shouldn’t be difficult to save my dad. He also promised me that the price was Jiajia Xiao Na. I couldn’t help it, but I didn’t know that Yuan Yu would come."
"What does he want to learn from Jia Jia?" Rick Fang coldly asked this question. He repeatedly thought about some articles in it. Although Liujiayunna is a rare beauty, it seems that it is not worth Huanglong’s move.
Say a word is also say Jiang Chuan simply tell the whole story "Huanglong they want to form their own power, they are not interested in politics, because they are all senior officials’ brothers who know that politics is difficult to play, and the situation changes too quickly, and they are imprisoned in the present. This is a normal thing, so they want money, and this world has everything if they have money. They wantonly collude with the white underworld to develop and accumulate a lot of wealth, and successfully set up their own power, but they also know that once they are old, their wealth will be lost. No one will come to take photos of them when they are broken, so they came up with a trick to control local officials and women to control these officials. Their simple and naive ideas are often very effective. Jia Jia Xiao Na’s father is a senior CZ official and has great potential for promotion. CZ’s financial resources are among the best in the country. They have long wanted to make great achievements in CZ. Today, they first take Jia Jia Xiao Na and then take their nude photos to blackmail them and their parents … "
"That’s enough, you shut up for me." ChuYuJuan thundered that Yunna was shivering and plump with ups and downs, and Liujia was black and cold and couldn’t help crying with Rick Fang.
"Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid of Jia Jia. No one will touch you with me." Rick Fang gently held her plump and charming body and coaxed Liu Jia to stop crying gradually but still fell in Rick Fang’s arms without looking up. Rick Fang felt that Liu Jia’s body temperature was suddenly high and her tentacles were hot, while Liu Jia was holding Rick Fang’s waist and her arms were getting tighter and tighter. She slowly raised her eyes and looked at Rick Fang with an attractive look. From the depths of her throat, she gave a whisper and heard Rick Fang’s whisper. Liujia hands in Rick Fang clothes in his lean body bold touch kept wandering the greasy jade tender hands with limited enthusiasm almost lit Rick Fang’s passion, and with the skin handover Liujia eyes yu fire more passionate, hot and charming body kept twisting in Rick Fang’s arms.
When Yunna Chuyujuan saw Liu Jia’s bold behavior, she couldn’t stop her face from reddening, and the desire suppressed by Fang Xuli rose again.
Strong medicinal properties’ Rick Fang secretly lost his heart again and ordered a finger and three women between the eyebrows of the three people, which restored calm. Rick Fang gently pushed Liujia to Rick Fang’s skin handover. Rick Fang was also his lover. Although the medicinal attack caused yu’s fire to rise, she did not resist medicinal properties and took advantage of it naturally to be so bold. At this moment, she calmed down and remembered clearly her wild behavior. She was ashamed and blushed and did not dare to look at Rick Fang.
Rick Fang coldly looking at Jiang Chuan Jiang Chuan suddenly looked calm and said, "Please kill me, otherwise Huanglong and Cheng Xiang’s parents will not let me go, and Cheng Xiang’s cousin will fall into their hands. I will definitely give you up, and they will definitely be angry with Xiao Na and them. I don’t have the courage to commit suicide. Please kill me."
Rick Fang nodded silently and suddenly clapped his hands in Yunna Chuyujuan’s exclamation. As soon as Jiang Chuanpeng turned into yellow sand, Yunna trembled and said, "Did you kill him?"
"He asked Rick Fang to kill him himself. Let’s treat him as a good friend, but he almost ruined us." ChuYuJuan hated it and looked at Jiang Chuan’s body and turned it into a yellow sand heart, which was somewhat unpleasant.

He sat on the black dragon and also condensed a Yuan Shen hermetic.

Two Yuan gods’ occult skills are destroyed together, and the scourge hits together!
In the middle, Lei Guang arc crackled and rang.
Although the scourge of God is strong, the occult arts of Yuan God, who is strong for more than two generations, are gradually disintegrating.
The first statue of Dragon Riding Half-ancestor looked sarcastically and sneered, "Is that all?"
His smile didn’t disappear, but suddenly he froze and his look changed!
See that dispersed LeiGuangZhong unexpectedly flashed a blue sword mans towards his eyebrows slay the past instantly!
The Soviet-Mexican outbreak is not just a whip to destroy the gods.
There is also a violet sword against the Yuan God!
The Dragon Riding Half-Ancestor stared at his eyes in a hurry, and once again, he suggested that generate, a god of terror, wanted to block the violet sword.
Green mountain flashed
Violet sword directly to the dragon half-ancestor generate trance knowledge into this person’s eyebrows.
Kill him with one sword!
The half-ancestor of the Dragon Rider wore armor without any scars, but his life breath quickly passed away and his eyes dimmed.
One side of this man’s head fell from the black dragon!
This is the danger of Yuan Shen’s rivalry.
A little carelessness is the death of the Yuan God!
Su Mo can kill the dragon riding half-ancestor, except that the whip and violet sword are powerful. More importantly, the dragon half-ancestor knows nothing about Su Mo.
Plus this person’s contempt for Su Mo ended in this ending.
The black dragon perceives the master’s fall and bursts into a roar. It’s crazy and generally collides with Su Mo!
The second dragon riding half-ancestor has also arrived.
It’s like three and a half ancestors of the strong at the same time to have a spent force Su Mo to launch a fierce offensive!
Su Mo relied on his posture to turn around and finally slowed down. He was swept in the chest by a pike and flew out directly!
His thigh was also bitten by the black dragon, a piece of flesh and blood dripping with blood!
Su Mo fell heavily all over his bones and muscles.
At this time, the colorful cave once again had a change.
The third dragon riding half-ancestor rushed out!
Su Mo struggled to get up and his heart sank.
Can’t stop it!
God mainland is far stronger than he imagined!
Long Huang himself at this time, the dragon ancestors closed their practice, and even he couldn’t sense what connection was established.
He can now call Wu Daozun.
But even if he disturb budo statue now, he can’t come!
It will take at least a few days for Wudao Zun to get to Kunlun Market. At that time, I am afraid that the protoss would have stepped over Kunlun Market and entered the wild!
"Worm, you kill my master, and I will let you taste my dragon anger!"
The black dragon spat and stared at the fierce eyes, staring at Su Mo’s mouth with dark sticky dragon saliva flowing.
The black dragon suddenly opened its mouth and spewed a horrible black flame deep in its throat and swept away towards Su Mo!
If it is normal, Su Mo has several means to deal with it.
He can break the black flame with a bow and an arrow.
But at this time, he didn’t even have the strength to break the bow.
Seeing that this flame is about to come, Su Mo’s side of the black dragon suddenly flashed a ghostly figure!

Director Xiao smiled and shook his head. "No, but the nature is similar."

"meaning?" Qiu Ji is a little confused.
"I made a report to the province a few days ago and requested to send someone to help solve the case. The province attached great importance to presenting the report to the Ministry of Public Security. I just called someone to have them in this law enforcer two months later. Even superhuman powers can’t run away, so let him be proud for a few more days." Director Xiao smiled smugly but looked ferocious.
"Two months so long?"
"Yeah, but there’s nothing I can do. That department is understaffed."
"The department is so big that it can catch this martial arts law enforcer?" Qiu Ji asked
Director Xiao didn’t answer and wrote two words on a piece of paper-"power"
Chapter 34 Negotiation
What happened next was a bit unexpected to Rick Fang. The municipal government stopped the media offensive, and occasionally appealed to the public in newspapers not to be easily influenced by law enforcers. His outlook on life demanded that law enforcers surrender themselves for leniency, and then he stopped asking. Rick Fang came a few days late and didn’t meet the police’s actions against him. On the surface, the government adopted a "don’t advocate, don’t ask" attitude towards him.
Although Rick Fang thought that things were not that simple, he couldn’t think that a big conspiracy against him was slowly unfolding. He was still going his own way, probably because he was so bold as an artist. He did a good job in public security in Z city, and many bad people dared not be evil. Of course, the citizens praised him.
Yunna was lying in bed at noon on Friday, staring at the ceiling and thinking. Yunna was very upset these days. After semester study, she didn’t see much of herself in Rick Fang. At ordinary times, it was not convenient for her to have too much contact with Rick Fang. After all, she had a lot of things to do.
Yunna goes to the drugstore every Saturday, but if she wants to see Liu Jiafang Xu talking and laughing together, she will feel cold and her heart will ache like a needle. She is not good at talking with Rick Fang, and she often loses her words after a few words. Before seeing Liu Jiafang Xu laughing and laughing, she was very sad, because she felt that men and women should take things slowly and let Rick Fang gradually understand her mind. However, since the "dumpling storm" happened, Liu Jia has been entangled with Rick Fang, which makes her feel uncertain. I’m even more nervous when I come to my heart, and sometimes when I chat with Ji Lao in the drugstore, I can feel that the other Xu appreciates Liu Jia’s contact with Rick Fang. Her family doesn’t object to it, but she really wants to see it. But what will happen if her parents know? Yunna dare not think about it.
You are a dead pervert. Do I owe you for torturing me like this?’ Yunna groaned with low strength and blushed. The infatuated girl’s feelings in her heart are really’ cutting constantly, reasoning is still chaotic’
In a daze, Yunna saw Rick Fang, and his clear eyes, such as springs, looked at his eyes positively and fixedly, emitting never-ending tenderness.
Xu, I’m so happy that you love me.’ Yunna cried with tears in her eyes and looked at Zhang arms coming towards her. Rick Fang said.
And say,’ This will happen!’ Yunna tore heart crack lung cried can’t believe all this Rick Fang actually walked past her and hugged a girl with a sweet smile on her face turned out to be Liujia!
“? ? Do you want me? " Yunna deeply grieved geological asked Rick Fang.
"I’m sorry" Rick Fang’s eyes are full of apologies but firm. "Xiao Na, your father won’t agree that we are together, but Jiajia’s parents value me very much and don’t care about me. I’m sorry."
"Well, don’t talk to her any more. Let’s go, Xu." Liu Jia snuggled up beside Rick Fang with a sweet face and said that Rick Fang nodded. "Ok, Jiajia, where do you want to play?"
"I’m going to …"
Watching the two men make out and roared off, Yunna fell like a body, and icehouse screamed at Rick Fang’s back, "Don’t come back."
"Xiao Na, wake up, wake up." Yunna was woken up and saw three heart faces beside the bed.
It turned out to be a dream. It’s all a dream. It’s just a dream.’ Yunna gasped and comforted herself in her heart.
"Did Xiao Na have a nightmare, crying and calling’ Don’t go’ and’ Come back’? Who wants to leave you and make you so sad?" Zheng Yan they worry asked
"Oh, I didn’t have a messy dream." Yunna blushed and muttered.
"A dream? It won’t be your mysterious lover meeting, will it? Wrong novel network many words "Zhao Xiaoyue suspicious way she is the most like fantasy girl in the dormitory.
"No, no, how come?" Yunna is still novel, but her face turns pale.
Careful Xie Ruxin found that Yunna was wrong and quietly stabbed Zhao Xiaoyue. This girl also reacted and quickly shut up and stopped talking. The dormitory was quiet and scary for a while.
Zheng Yan said, "Xiao Na ancients once said that people’s dreams are often the mapping of future reality."
Yunna’s face was even more white when she heard this sentence. Zhao Xie and two women were also dissatisfied. Looking at Zheng Yan, who has always been steady and considerate, how could she say such a reckless thing?
Zheng Yan laughed. "I’m not finished yet. This kind of mapping is often true. On the contrary, Xiao Na said that you had a nightmare and it is estimated that you will be lucky in the future."
Zhao Xie two women also sighed and joked, "Yes, Xiao Na, your lover is estimated to surface."
Yunna’s heart was also quite comfortable when she heard this. She teased the girls, shamed and annoyed, and she was covered in anger and stopped talking. The three girls saw that she was back to normal before they went back to bed and continued their nap.
Restore the mood Yunna is still a little bitter about this dream.’ I won’t give up. Maybe it’s time to talk to Liu Jia.’
Bao Li, a small restaurant on the second floor of the evening canteen.
Two stunning beauties looked at each other without saying a word. One was frosty and the other was passionate, but it was Yunna Liu Jia Yunna who ordered the food and left the door open, disappointing many guys who wanted to peek at beauty.
"Come on, what do you want with me?" Liu Jia was all smiles but a little puzzled. When she received Yunna’s words at noon today, she was very puzzled. Supposedly, this adversary would not call her, but now she has not only done so, but the wording in the words is very tactfully said that she has something to discuss with herself-does she have something to say with herself? It can’t be …?
Yunna casually picked up the glass filled with juice in front of her and shook her eyes gently. She hesitated for a long time and gently opened her lips "I’m sorry."
“? You, you say? " Liu Jia is frightened and smiling no longer. Is this what this arrogant person has always said? Did you hear me right?

A few days later, Haikui succeeded in compressing the real element in Dantian again. At this time, the real element in Dantian was like litchi, which was two times larger than once.

Haikui didn’t have any extra thoughts, so he just wanted to prove whether his guess was correct. He absorbed it crazily again, this time it was longer than the first consumption, and the sandstorm on the surface of this planet almost stopped to fill the violent aura and became very weak, but Haikui didn’t pay any attention to this. He wanted to absorb compression, absorb compression!
Li Xian seems to have forgotten Hai Kui here, and the World War I with Wuyang Reality lasted for seven days and seven nights. After the great progress, he always occupied the wind, but the next day, several other disciples of Wuyang Reality came here and broke the cloth magic array of Li Xian, and several people joined hands with Li Xian to get rid of the benefits, so they threw Hai Kui in this star.
On the tenth day, when Haikui succeeded in compressing the voxel to the size of an orange and reabsorbing it, the planet was already full of aura and lifeless. Haikui’s body was still unable to move and was sealed. Haikui tried several times and could not break through the innate seal.
Half a month later, Haikui was chatting and looking at the sky, and he felt that there was a real fluctuation in the distance. It seemed that someone was passing by this planet, and Haikui went to see three monks flying in the star regardless of the willy-nilly. All three of them were in the later stage of Yuanying, and he immediately called out, "Can a friend help?"
The three pilots showed one leng and then looked at each other with a dignified look. All three of them were in the later stage of Yuanying, but they didn’t notice this trance, which proved that this person was not weak and didn’t know that he had a picture!
However, the speed of the three people flying dropped significantly, and they looked at the planet and looked at it carefully.
The three men, two men and one woman, one of whom is in his fifties, and the other one looks in his thirties.
The woman said to the two people beside her, "This planet has almost no aura and is already a death star. Is it our illusion?"
"hallucination?" Next to him, a man about her age sneered and said, "If I am hallucinating, all three of me have heard the woman. That’s it. It’s so innocent and lovely!"
The woman stared at him and looked at the older man.
"Let’s go and have a look," said the older man after two seconds’ silence.
Chapter 212 Kill three people
The three men quickly changed their flight direction and came to Haikui’s planet.
Haikui was so happy when he saw three people coming that he said, "Friend, can you help me?"
The three men found Haikui, but stopped at a height of 100 feet from Haikui and asked, "Taoist friends call me and so on."
"I can’t move now. I want you to do me a favor and move me to a planet." Haikui said to the three men with a kind smile as far as possible.
The three men looked at each other, but the woman asked, "You can’t move."
"I’m blocked. I can’t move temporarily."
After staring at Haikui for a while, the old man said, "You are not inferior to us. We are sealed here and give us a reasonable explanation."
"A few days ago, a scholar caught me and sealed me up, saying that he wanted me to be his magic servant, and then he abandoned me here to fight with others when he met his opponent." Haikui simplified the problem and said.
"Don’t believe him, why don’t we just see if he has a good magic weapon and kill him?" The man in his thirties said, "He looks so young that he has such repairs. Maybe he is a rejuvenation monster. He has more eyes than us. Be careful."
Haikui was depressed and explained, "I’m telling the truth. If I lie, I’ll be thundered five times a day."
The man in his thirties sneered and said, "You can’t trust anyone who swears casually. Don’t believe him."
The older man nodded. "I think it’s killing him, too. He has a bag around his waist and we’ll take it away later." He said that a flying sword appeared in his hand.
Haikui didn’t expect that he was impatient and pushed himself to a dead end. If he cultivated slowly and broke the seal, it would be just around the corner. He quickly thought about seeing the flying sword stab in the man’s hand and hurriedly shouted, "Don’t worry, I have something in me. Don’t kill me for you."
The man asked, "What is it?"
"A fairy was swallowed by me, and now I spit it out and give it to you. You leave me alone, like" Haikui made a big fuss.
Three people’s face suddenly changed into a fairy. What it was like was clear to them.
"Do you know what I was sealed for? It’s because I hold the fairy’s box. He intends to take it out of me. If I die, you can dig my body unless I spit it out."
Three people look at each other, and they also know that some magic weapons that are compatible with life can be directly integrated with the body.
Haikui saw that the three men were heartbroken and hurriedly said, "Put your hands behind my back and spend some real money for me so that I can run and spit out the fairy, or I will give it to you."
The three men took one look at each other with tacit understanding, whether what he said was true or not. Today, this is a small death sentence.
"I’ll come to you, brothers and sisters. Watch out for this little trick."
The 30-year-old man came behind Haikui and put out his palm against Haikui’s back. He just wanted to spend a little real money to let Haikui spit out the fairy. The real money in his body was uncontrolled and rushed towards this little crazy in front of him.
Older men and women saw his face look wrong and asked, "What’s the matter with Lin Jun?"
Lin Jun was questioned by two people, only to react from the surprise. He couldn’t get back. More than half of the blink of an eye had been sucked away, and panic shouted, "Kill this little boy and kill him."
At the same time, the innate seal of Haikui’s body became loose. He sucked the seal crazily and was instantly shattered by the surging impact of Zhenyuan. Haikui’s body sank and disappeared in front of three people.
The elderly male and female flying swords stabbed Haikui, but he suddenly disappeared. Because he was too close, he stabbed Lin Junti. Lin Jun didn’t want to look at the two of them and slowly turned his head.
A baby, the size of a newborn baby, struggled to fly out of his body and hurriedly tried to escape from here, but was caught by a big hand.
Haikui at this time in command sand roll to the remaining two people crazy at the same time.
I feel a rush of pure and true elements rushing to my body. Haikui is delighted. I didn’t expect to be able to absorb it with the help of objects. He thinks he is not a two-person opponent, but it is not certain who will die or live after the two-person real elements have been absorbed.

The man looks ugly and seems to be very ignorant. Haikui is angry and confused and says, "This is a fact that everyone knows."

"If you can really make this elixir, why do you have to practice so hard?" Haikui said that if there is such a thing, he would have to go directly to the immortal himself, which would delay such a long time.
"I just heard about it," the man added.
Haikui turned to Qiu and the middle-aged man for a while, and the direction of fighting could be refined into an elixir tripod. Many people envy and covet it, no matter whether it is true or not, he doesn’t believe it anyway, but it should be refined into an elixir.
The battle between Qiu and the middle-aged man lasted for ten minutes, but there was no winner. The first update made many people stunned. Although it was overwhelming, it was enough to change the color of heaven and earth.
The sea is shining in the night light, but it is hard to hide the black. It keeps rolling and growling, and it gets worse every time it is growled by magic waves.
"Uncle Liang, don’t let me wait too long." Master Yu Jian has retired three times after the battle, but he is not affected by the wave, but he has been frowning and urging because the tie has not been won.
The middle-aged man didn’t answer. He pushed his hands and hands outward, hugged each other, took a deep breath, slammed his clothes, and swelled up like an inflated balloon. He stepped on the waves and rushed toward Qiuchong. Please go to more and faster chapters.
High finger pinch tactic a true qi from the fingers fly out toward the middle-aged man maser.
"Gu Wu" someone low drink a way.
Hai Kui is far away, but this Fiona Fang accent can’t escape his ears. He stared at the middle-aged man. It turns out that this Nangong family is a Gu Wu family with martial arts.
Middle-aged men’s body weapons keep attacking the hills. The body is harder than black iron because of special achievement methods, and the magic weapon can’t be broken.
Qiu fought with him for a while and also found this problem. A dagger with a length of two feet and three inches appeared in his hand and stabbed him between the eyes.
Middle-aged men drink cold and update their fingers to cut a dagger that cuts the hill.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Qiu’s dagger looks ordinary and strange, but after being caught by the middle-aged man’s fingers, it suddenly breaks into pieces and cracks, but it cuts the middle-aged man’s fingers.
Blood left from the middle-aged man’s hand, he quickly retreated and his clothes retracted. He looked at Qiu coldly. "It’s good to break my hard qigong."
Qiu Haha smiled. "It is common sense that this kind of hard qigong is not easy to break the edge and blunt."
Middle-aged people no longer talk, their hands are holding a strange method, and their bodies are constantly shaking in the process.
Haikui sneaked into the front to watch the good position, got out and sat cross-legged on the small pine tree to continue watching.
The middle-aged man’s trembling body suddenly separated into a member who was exactly the same as the middle-aged man, and even his clothes were exactly the same. Haikui was one leng. This is to say that he was divided into two parts. Haikui touched Ba and watched carefully.
Not only Haikui was surprised by all practitioners nearby, but also by the fact that only a master of distraction can show that a man with a child’s mid-term training is a second god.
The so-called second yuan god is strong * Treasure core’s own spiritual thoughts lead to a special achievement method, which eventually differentiates into a second self with the same magical power and mana, and it is a magic weapon. The physical body is powerful far away, and the speed of absorbing the aura of heaven and earth is far faster than the original body. This is the ancient immortal who came to avoid the nine-day lightning robbery method, and the second god bravely rushed to catch it. Even if the magic weapon was abolished, it would be a typical pawn to sacrifice one’s life and protect the handsome, but the second god is often difficult to practice. Not only does it need a magic weapon with excellent quality, but the more tenacious the magic weapon materials are. His physical appearance is even more difficult than going to heaven, and his magic weapon is inferior in quality. He has cultivated the second yuan God for thousands of years, but once he has cultivated it, he is often a means to make great contributions to the characters, not to mention the lack of modern materials and magic weapons.
I didn’t expect this middle-aged man to refine the second yuan God, and he was also a servant of the Nangong family. How tough was this Nangong family?
Haikui is envious of this magical power. If there are two identical selves, it is not clear which one is really walking in the spiritual world. It is much more important to play one of the two.
After this middle-aged man’s incarnation appeared, he was straight. wait for a while looked at Qiu, and one of them moved and punched at Qiu.
Haikui’s knowledge swept through the heart of the middle-aged man who attacked him. It turned out to be the same thing as a magic puppet. The only difference is that there is no difference between appearance, signs and respect
It is the puppet that needs the flesh, and all kinds of magic weapons of the second yuan God can be updated at the first time. When refining the second yuan God, it takes a long time to separate the spirit and constantly control the magic weapon to practice day and night, and then treat the magic weapon as the second self. When the cultivation is successful, you can turn yourself into a spell.
Haikui probably knows something about these things from the memory he acquired before. Various schools have practiced the Dharma for thousands of years, and there are countless ways. What’s more, there are not many roads and trails.
The situation changed when the two men came to a tie, and the middle-aged people became stable in the wind.
Qiu retreated in defense, and his face became more and more dignified. He quickly retreated after blocking the middle-aged man’s palm. At the same time, his hand kept pinching his mouth. In middle age, he suddenly wanted to cover a veil. Generally, the bright moonlight gradually dimmed, and the sea roared more and more. Slowly, there was some light. It was getting dark at night, and everyone held their breath for fear of missing the show.
The sea rolled more and more violently, and finally several hoses circled and quickly came to the hill, surrounded him in the center and blocked the middle-aged man.
Qiu Haikui had seen this trick before, saying it was watery, but Qiu demonstrated that one or two people were not really more powerful than Dou Haikui.
Haikui looks a little weird. He thinks Qiu and middle-aged men have more and faster magic tricks. Please go to the chapters and have great similarities. Is this Sect also an ancient sect?
Several hoses roared toward the middle-aged man at Qiu’s behest and fought with him.
In the ocean, there is the most water, and the water can be replenished continuously. The hills also twist the situation and occupy the wind instead.
Haikui’s mouth slightly evokes, but he is curious instead of laughing. This high-altitude spell is strange but powerful, and it has the same effect as the white ape’s water rope spell at that time.
After nearly twenty minutes, there is still no winner. The young master of Nangong family is very anxious, and the veins stood out on his forehead are all in a hurry, but he didn’t do it. Please go to the chapter more quickly, but he shouted, "You are waiting for an opportunity to help me win this refined tripod. After refining the elixir, I can send a Taoist friend."
Master Nangong is quite despicable. How can you calculate this trick? He won’t suffer anything. Or they can give you a Dan medicine. If you can’t get it, you will die in vain.
Hai Kui felt familiar when he heard the word refined Tianding. Think hard. Isn’t it refined Tianding that Zhou Lin was looking for? It turned out to be refined Tianding. He looked weird and looked at Qiu. It was them and Zhou Lin in the hands of Dao Fei Zong.
Staring at the hill for a while, I turned my eyes to the Nangong master’s heart and cursed his meanness and shame. I was ready to pull others to do the mat.

"Didn’t you see they just faked it?"

"this time it’s true."
"Come on, knock down the pervert"
"Come on, brother pervert, be sure to bring the beauty back."
You can say everything.
Haikui turned a deaf ear to the surrounding directly. Looking at the boy in front of him, he also reported his name "Haikui"
Wang Lin nodded "Wang Lin"
They both looked at each other quietly.
The surrounding students clamored for "hurry up and whoever wins will get the beauty back."
"I am optimistic that you will come on and fight quickly."
They are all afraid that the weather will not be chaotic.
Yang Yulu really wants to scold the boys one by one, but there are also many girls fanning the flames. She really feels that she hopes Haikui will settle this matter as soon as possible.
Haikui looked at Wang Lin a few times and knew that he was an ordinary martial arts practitioner. Although his body was a little angry, it did not run regularly, but his temples were slightly raised. Among ordinary people, it should be regarded as a strong hand with thick hands. That is the reason for practicing palms all the year round.
Wang Lin also looked at Haikui carefully. He didn’t put Haikui in the eye, stretched out his right hand and held out his palm, posing as you come.
Haikui doesn’t want him to wave his feelings and stretch out a finger to move forward. He doesn’t want to hurt Wang Lin and wants him to back down.
In others’ eyes, it seems normal to see this finger pointing towards Wang Linmei, but in Wang Lin’s eyes, this finger locks his whole person’s breath and he talks about which direction to dodge, as if this finger can point his eyebrows.
He went to Gege, only to find that the finger flashed strangely and continued to come to his eyebrow without any pause.
Wang Linshen started up in a cold sweat. He didn’t expect that he could even pick up a recruit from the other side, but he had no doubt that Haikui was sorry for himself after this guidance. Suddenly, he calculated a light in his mind and blurted out, "Are you …"
Haikui seemed to guess what he was going to ask. Suddenly, his eyes flashed and stared at Wang Lin.
At that glance, Wang Lin felt that his three souls and seven spirits seemed to have been dispersed, and he generally had no strength to say anything behind him.
Although Wang Lin fights boxing all the year round, he is an ordinary martial artist, but after all, he has been in the same line for a long time and naturally seen a higher level.
Haikui eyebrows slightly jumped a finger and said nothing to Wang Linmei.
When Wang Lin saw that Haikui didn’t answer, he confirmed that it was absolutely true. If an ordinary person wouldn’t let him feel this way, he sighed, "I lost."
He blew up in front of the students around him in a flash. "Why did you give up when you didn’t do anything? What happened was a fake fight."
"Give us justice, don’t fake it."
"It’s too much. How can you play with our feelings like this?"
Wang Lin ignored the noisy people around him and bowed slightly to Haikui and turned to go.
He went to the door of the Wushu club and immediately a man of about thirty passed by and asked in a low voice, "How did you leave without playing?" Although he was a little unhappy, his tone was quite respectful, and he could see that he was in awe of Wang Lin.
"Don’t say go, I’m no match for him. If you give me a thousand dollars, I’ll pay you back. I can’t help you with this," he said, leaving first.
The man in his thirties was unwilling to chase after him hurriedly. "Then you have to give me a reason. How do you know you can’t handle it if you didn’t fight?"
This 30-year-old man is the man Xie Yan has been asking him to clean up Haikui.
"He’s not an ordinary practitioner, I can’t handle it." Wang Lin said as he walked, his feet were fast and he wanted to leave this place quickly.
"I don’t understand what you mean."
Wang Lin sighed and looked back at him and said, "You don’t understand. If you want to deal with him, I can introduce you to someone who wants too much incense money."
A man in his thirties asked, "How much?"
"At least 200,000" Wang Lin once again glanced at the gate of Wushu Club and said gently.
"Two hundred thousand," the man took a deep breath and said, "This can buy several lives.
Wang Lin sighed, "Yes, human life is cheap. For them, human life is even cheaper." He pointed to the direction of the Wushu club and left a sentence, "I’ll pay you back when I go back."
The 30-year-old man stayed where he was, stunned for a moment, and vanished into thin air.
"Hello, Guo Gong? I’m Lao Dong. Please trouble Guo Gong to prepare another 5,000 yuan." The 30-year-old man said bluntly.
Guo Shuai was furious. I didn’t expect a black fungus to bring so much trouble, but I dared to be angry and didn’t dare to say, "Dong Ge, I really have no money now."
Old Dong snorted, "We believe that you have seen this regardless of our means for three days, and then come up with five thousand yuan quickly or you will weigh it yourself." Then he hung up.
Xie Yan was sitting naked in a man’s body. The man leaned on the sofa. Xie Yan turned his back on him with one leg on the ground and one leg on the sofa.
One by one, the moving mouth constantly sends out a moving * * face expression, which is also rich and enjoyable.
From time to time, I also rub my breasts with my palms.
While enjoying it, her cell phone rang, and Xie Yan scolded in her heart that she didn’t care. After the phone rang for more than ten seconds, she stopped, and Xie Yan swayed back and forth for two times and entered the state again.
But then the phone rang again, and she said, "Answer the phone. If you are upset, you can’t just take the opportunity."
Xie Yan lost her feeling of fullness when she came from his body, which made her feel a little uncomfortable. She picked up the words and glanced at Guo Shuai’s number and didn’t return to the machine directly.
Put your mobile phone aside, hold the man’s penis in your hands and sit down again and enjoy the feeling of * * * *.
Guo Shuai played twice Xie Yan didn’t pick up the words and then played again, which became a machine angry and cursed. "This ten thousand-person-round coquettish bitch is really down with blood and mildew and actually met this kind of thing." He suddenly remembered a sentence, where do you often walk by the river and have wet shoes?
I can’t help it. Guo Shuai tried to get another 5,000 yuan. He refused to get them another 10,000 yuan. I didn’t expect the other party to actually want to give him to baiwan, which frightened him.
Think of their means Guo Shuai chrysanthemum a tight hurriedly to talk to his home for another five thousand dollars.
After Lao Dong called Guo Shuai, he found a passer-by ready to go. He didn’t believe that even if he was good at kung fu, he could ever shoot a gun. He was going to get a gun to make him die and peel off his skin.
The noise around is getting louder and louder. Haikui frowned and said, "It doesn’t matter if you say you want to challenge me, but even if I win."
Look at me and I’ll see if you are hesitating. Although many people covet Yang Yulu’s beauty, they think they are not the material. This is a lively event, and even if they win Yang Yulu, they can’t really follow them.
"Is there anyone else to challenge this classmate? If you don’t have anything to say, you can compete today to get married, but even if Haikui wins," shouted the boy who had been the referee before.
The boys hesitated one by one, and the girls urged "hurry" one by one.
But after waiting for more than a minute, I didn’t see anyone as a referee. The boy shouted, "So today’s winner is this classmate. Congratulations to this classmate." Then he clapped his hands first.
Haikui pretended to wave around and told himself that it was a contest, and if he won, he would be able to hold the beauty back.
"Let the two of them kiss one" I don’t know who shouted one.
As soon as the students heard it, the boys were boiling with blood, and the girls were immediately screaming "kiss a kiss a kiss"
Yang Yulu was pushed by her two traitor sisters to escape but was tightly held.
"I think forget it, after all, it’s a joke." Haikui was a little embarrassed and said to the surrounding classmates.
"Who made a joke? We are all your witnesses. Don’t forget us after the banquet." I don’t know who shouted.