"Good le drink!"

The two of them didn’t continue the topic just now, and talked about gossip for a change.
After drinking for about half an hour, Lin Chengdong felt almost the same and rushed to Xiaoliang and said, "You sit down for a while and I’ll go to the toilet!"
Xiaoliang knew that Lin Chengdong was going to pay the bill, but he didn’t stop nodding and replied, "Hehe, go ahead!"
Lin Chengdong conveniently hit the desktop carry-on bag and pulled out two steps from the inside, then walked towards health.
Xiaoliang sat in situ, drank two mouthfuls of wine and ate two dishes. With the strength of wine, he always deliberately swept to Lin Chengdong to put the table bag. When the latter took the money just now, he saw what was inside and somehow had an impulse in his heart.
I don’t know whether it’s the desire of the heart or the curiosity. Xiaoliang grabbed chopsticks and gently picked a bag.
The bag is very bulging, and Xiaoliang picks it up with chopsticks, revealing five or six stacks of cash inside.
The wine poured in and the lights lit up. Looking at the money in the bag, I paused for a long time and then put the chopsticks away. Then I couldn’t help thinking, What is Lin Chengdong doing now? Seems to be doing well …
At the bar, Lin Chengdong came back after buying the bill and said with a smile, "Come and let’s dry the wine in the cup. Today is almost the same."
"Have you finished buying the bill?" Xiaoliang asked
"Well conveniently bought" Lin Chengdong nodded.
"Oh, I thought I’d invite you today. I’m embarrassed that you always pay the bill."
"It’s all the same, then let you invite me, hehe." Lin Chengdong didn’t look at the handbag and sat down and continued to drink with Xiaoliang.
After Feng Beiying Daya came back, he first called to thank the head of the division and others, and then went to the clinic to hang up the intravenous drip.
After being tossed for two days in a row, Daya was too tired to add medicine, which made him sleepy. He fell asleep in the hospital bed after a while.
At nine o’clock in the evening, the needle had been pulled out. In a daze, he heard a fierce step outside the door. As soon as he turned his side and opened his eyes, he saw the second company commander of Li Ying coming out.
"You two are back." Daya sat up slowly and quipped with a smile. "How did you suffer? !”
"Theway is in the hospital," said Deputy Li Ying directly.
Daya zheng "in the hospital?"
"Beaten" Li Ying nodded and replied "Just sent to the city hospital by the picket!"
"fuck! What are they doing at me to hit Theway? " Fang ass thought it was also a picket. He immediately got into bed and asked, "What about that hospital?"
"221 Hospital!"
"Go and see him by car!" Daya picked up his coat and stepped out the door.
After more than an hour.
Theway, a company commander, was seen in the Daya ward of the surgical inpatient department of the hospital. He suffered from two fractures all over his body and bruised his whole cheek. There was no good place left.
The feelings of comrades-in-arms are different from those of ordinary people. When they are together, it is more than when they are with relatives. If only they rolled over the shop and carried the gun, it would be like brothers.
The fangs at the sight of Theway was so angry on the spot "how fucking electrocuting? To beat people like this? !”
"He … they caught me first and kept asking … if you made a gun at the door of the hotel one day, if you deliberately took the soldiers to where … to clear Qin Yu …!" Theway lay in bed and gasped, "They beat me for a fucking day and a night without telling me!"
The veins stood out suddenly and violently on his forehead.
"What are you than we come out after? Isn’t the regimental headquarters working together? " Li camp deputy asked.
"One day in Tailai Hotel, it’s mainly because we shot me in a row. My mouth is more important. He wants me to bite the battalion commander. I don’t even spit when I die … I always say that it’s a soldier’s spontaneous gun because I don’t know how you said it can kill this." Theway gasped and replied, "So they have been messing with me and have dealt with it according to discipline … Fuck me, I may be stripped, and I may have to be taken to the military waiting court."
"ah? !” Deputy Li Ying asked incredulously, "Is there still a court session?"
"He gave me all the information. I didn’t bite the battalion commander. They couldn’t finish. They could buckle the pot to my head." Theway licked his chapped lips. "Fuck it. Everyone knew that our camp had been the whole party, government and regimental headquarters by default, but it was done by one of our own … OK, I can’t recognize the boss and quit!"
Changing jobs and being forcibly stripped of clothes are two different things. What’s worse, Theway may be sued by the Ministry of Justice. This kind of treatment is equivalent to having recognized that Zhang Wei returned to the place after committing a crime during his service, and the army will not give him any benefits!
As a result of such disgusting treatment, Daya’s mentality was completely blown up. He looked at Theway’s words and said concisely, "… I can find you a good home even if you undress! But this thing is not over! "
Say that finish fangs turned and left the room.
Deputy Li Ying felt wrong and immediately chased out and shouted, "Don’t be impulsive! What are you doing?"
"Fuck you, you can’t be a soldier without this evil spirit!" Daya glared at her eyes and scolded, "The Japanese dog supervision bureau can’t clean up you and I will clean up you!"
"You don’t impulse you get him …!"
"I’ve long wanted to leave without this. Fuck him!" Daya kept stepping towards the ladder.
"I’ll fucking go!" The second company commander also came running.
urban district
Sha Xuan shrugged his eyelids and yawned at Sha Yong and asked, "Which side is going to come? Is the frame so big? "
"Can you sit quietly for a while and keep your mouth shut! Can you close it? !” ShaYong irritable replied.
"Not we have what enemy? Can’t I fucking say a word now? " Sha Xuan is in a hurry.
ShaYong swept his one eye, "how do you like cerebral palsy? ! There are so many people waiting for that person who is no higher than you. What are you trying to force? !”
"You fucking scold me!"

"Didi Lingling!"

When the bell rang, Qin Yu immediately picked it up. "Hey, commander!"
"It’s estimated that it’s almost over. Are you ready to chat with Pu Blind?" Gu Taian Audio started.
Chapter 1766 cocktail party
The main force of the first fleet in the fifth district, Waigang, unleashed heavy artillery and violently attacked Pu’s offensive zone to cover the evacuation of Wu Junsheng rebels like no money.
Three 570,000-ton troop carriers near the port entered the dock to meet the evacuation of Wu Junsheng rebels.
At the moment, the South Shanghai Fleet has not yet arrived in the war zone, and there is no support on the sea surface of Sopu, and the existing firepower can’t reach others. The fleet can try its best to avoid the enemy’s sea fire and clean up from the surrounding area, and Wu rebels have not yet run out.
After four hours of fierce fighting between the enemy and the enemy, the war drew to a close.
After paying a painful price, the new government forces in Wu Junsheng left the old triangle area by troop carrier.
In this battle, there were nearly 40,000 rebels in Wu Junsheng. However, after Puxing committed suicide, some anti-war troops of the Yugoslav capital brigade turned their backs on Pu, and less than 20,000 people actually participated in the war.
After two days of fierce fighting, there were less than 20,000 troops, more than 1,000 people died, nearly 10,000 people were defeated, the prisoners were disarmed, and finally they boarded the ship and fled, leaving more than 7,000 people, which was a terrible scene.
After the troop transport ship left the port, the first fleet of Area 5 quickly evacuated under the cover of it.
The next day, the South Shanghai Fleet arrived near the mouth of the river and symbolically chased the waters of Area 5. After seeing each other’s deep-rooted love war, they could finally retreat.
In addition to Gu Chen’s gains in Chuanfu District, the cheapest thing in this Pu War was that the General Political Department of the Seventh District Army Department opposed Pai Cheng in World War II.
They did send out the navy, but after a circle along the estuary, they removed it, burning a little oil roots inside and outside, but in the end they got 10% shares from Han Sanqian without his investment.
This is the first time that the anti-Chen forces in Area 7 have taken advantage of the salt island problem, but there is nothing to defend Qin Yu’s side. Because the South Shanghai fleet is not moving, Area 5 will definitely not go and the war will continue.
All I can say is that the military and political officials in the seventh district are not given away for nothing. Too fucking will seize the opportunity.
As soon as the rebels in Wu Junsheng fled from the old triangle, there would be no oil and water to take. Qin Yu and Teng Pang added up, and they all felt that it was not good for their troops to wander around. They immediately transferred their troops back to three san.
Three days later.
Pu blind after finishing the finishing work immediately met Qin Yu Gu Yan Teng Pang and other 20 "friendly" main officers.
The old triangle area won the battle, and everyone must be flattered by it. They immediately returned to the appointment with pleasure.
Saturday noon
Menghan town martial law Qin Yu Gu Yan Teng Pang and others each sat in a whole Yugoslav capital regiment surrounded by generals and military vehicles.
Qin Yu, a car colleague, looked at wearing a school coat and licked his sentence with alacrity. "Big brother, you look a little head-on now!"
"Ha ha! After the battle in the old triangle, Gu Yan Teng is fat. They are all halo-added. It’s not good for this old dog to hang a lieutenant." Qin Yu said sourly. "What about me? I followed up with a lively army establishment or division rank and didn’t go … There was a Mao head meaning. "
"That’s not the same. Gu Yan is the commander-in-chief of the northwest, and he will be sooner or later," Daya said with a smile. "But he’s too fierce again, and you’ve actually ascended the throne. This rank establishment is nothing. If you really want a birthright, why don’t you just declare independence?"
Qin Yu waved his hand, "It’s still early to leave that step."
"Then you can endure it, hehe." Daya replied naively.
Pu deliberately let the "friendly" group show up in front of the local people. The speed of the motorcade was arranged according to the process of receiving the regional delegation, and it took more than 40 minutes to go to the office building.
The main generals of the Houpu Command of the People’s Car came out to meet the people of the Office of the Old Triangle Area Autonomy.
A list of complicated and boring reception etiquette will not describe what happened at the reception dinner after the meeting between the people’s offices in the afternoon.
More minutes late.
The host of the gathering hall of the civil affairs office shouted softly, "Welcome the commander-in-chief of Pu Corps to speak!"
A burst of enthusiasm in the palm of your hand, Pu blindly dressed in the commander’s army, although not tall, but with a strong aura, stepped into the venue and waved at everyone.
Qin Yu Gu Yan whispered around him, "Commander Pu is still quite elegant!"


Suddenly, I saw the wind Zichen here, even if it was a star fiend, I didn’t have a moment’s shock, but soon he reacted and made a fist directly towards the wind Zichen.
For Feng Zichen, the Star Devil has a deep memory, especially since he got out of trouble from the bad mountain, but he suffered several big losses in succession.
Three points of the true spirit, he has already had two true spirits destroyed by the wind Zichen, which makes the plan of the star fiend come to an end before the universe is planned.
In addition, because the true spirit was destroyed, the strength of the star fiend was not affected, and it fell from the original top chaotic fiend level to the first-class level.
Feng Zichen’s hand has suffered so much. Can the Star Devil not hate him?
If you can’t see the wind, Zichen will be fine.
But now, when he woke up, he suddenly found that he had missed his enemy so much that he appeared in front of him.
This feeling is really expressive.
Joy, grief, hatred …
Maybe both!
All kinds of emotions flow in the heart of the star fiend, and finally all of them are transformed into the fiercest anger, which is vented by killing a word.
"Come on!"
See the stars fiend that a punch from the wind zichen not shine at the moment directly Pangu Taoist body for boxing to meet.
Two punches stand for the winner!
Is the star fiend lost to the wind zichen was severely hit to fly out and fall away toward the outside world.
At the same time, there are terrorist forces from the place where the two men fought and swept away in all directions.
Suddenly, the mountains collapsed and the earth overturned … There was fire, water and wind surging wildly, interweaving with marginal destruction.
This is a sign that heaven and earth can’t bear this force and will soon collapse.
Yu Wei alone makes this world unbearable and has a tendency to collapse. I don’t know whether the world is too weak or the wind is too strong.
Maybe both!
The situation of heaven and earth can’t be concealed from the wind. Zichen felt that he shook his head and waved patiently.
Suddenly a drop of purple and golden blood flew out of his fingertips and fell towards the world.
The purple blood fell with mysterious fluctuations, and the rules of numbers blossomed from his body and quickly merged into that world.
The trend of collapse day by day has been contained, and the destructive force that is raging everywhere has disappeared with it. Some rules of heaven and earth have emerged and are slowly repairing the broken void.
The world is slowly returning to its original state!
Is it because of my own reasons that this world is almost broken? How can Zichen sit back and watch it go to destruction?
Therefore, he had to force a drop of Jingxue to repair this broken world.
At this time, Feng Zichen really realized the meaning of the sentence that destruction is far easier than creation.
He was the driving force to destroy the world, but he was forced to force a drop of Jingxue to repair the world. There is no difference between them.
"Grass!" (noun a plant)
"If I can’t get the star fiend today, I will lose a lot."
Dark scold a wind Zichen rushed to the star fiend who fell outside the world. This drop of JingXie loss is counted as his body.
Zichen, who jumped into the wind, came to the star fiend, and before he could get a firm foothold, he was blasted out with one punch, and then he flew out far away again.
This place is still too close to the world. If they are really desperate to go shopping, the aftermath will definitely destroy the world if they are so close.
This kind of situation is that Feng Zichen is absolutely not allowed to happen.
Star fiend, he wants the world. Let’s call it the world of stars. So does he.
We must pull the battlefield far to the point of Fabo Star World.
Boom Boom Boom
Feng Zichen’s crazy offensive, fighting and retreating, finally came to an unknown time when I don’t know how far away from the world of stars.
Here, Feng Zichen can finally be sure that the destructive power generated by their struggle will not reach the world of stars.
So he is relieved.

He is familiar with the road here, even with his eyes closed, he can pass a steep plank road without going wrong.

A mountain valley appears, and several paddy fields are surrounded by a stone house, and bamboo pipes are connected to form a canal. Spring water is drawn from the edge of the cliff to irrigate the stone house in the field. Planting pine on the left side of the stone house and planting cypress on the right side. After the house, several acres of tea trees are green, oily, green, gorgeous and fresh.
Gu Zhen walked to the front of the stone house and said respectfully, "Master ACTS has come to see you."
But there is no response in the room.
He pushed the door and saw the rest of the stone couch and table. He was a little disappointed and said, "It seems that the master has left."
At this time, I heard a familiar voice, "Gu Zhen, didn’t I tell you that we should never meet again in this life?"
Gu Zhen couldn’t help turning around and looking back, there stood in front of him a man with a green cloth gown of 40-year-old, washed white and a hoe basket, tall and thin, with a little cinnabar mole on his left eyebrow. Although it is not handsome, it is not handsome, but it is not stained with any earthly turbidity.
This is his master.
Gu Zhen said, "I don’t forget that the master told me that there are some things I need to come back to find the master."
Tsing Yi people sighed and said, "It seems that this is all a natural meaning. Do you believe in reincarnation?"
Gu Zhen suddenly felt a little cold when he heard this sentence, as if the world had become so strange, but the familiar faces of Tsing Yi people had also become unfamiliar, and the earthly world suddenly became elusive.
Gu Zhen said, "Even if there is reincarnation, I don’t want it to happen. I have my own body, my own body and my own memory to form a complete self. If reincarnation keeps the same memory, it’s not me after all."
Tsing Yi people sighed, "What’s the matter if I am not? I told you not to come back until you were dead, and you refused to listen to anything."
-dividing line-
Lu gradually is at a loss at the moment, and his mood is not calm because of the faint dusk of a boat.
Think about how much she has suffered in the past three years, and take a look at her again.
In the early spring night, it gets dark earlier and the boat goes downstream without realizing that the lights are dim. Looking back, it has long been a dark night, and the night wind blows gently.
After a long journey, the two sides of the strait suddenly became busy and lively. The boatman was a man wearing Tsing Yi. He laughed. "Liu Xiaoge, these two shores are famous for selling gold caves in Qinhuai. I think that Li Yishan’s’ smoke cage, cold water, moonlight sand, night parking near Qinhuai restaurant; Businessmen don’t know how to subjugate their country and hate singing backyard flowers across the river.’ That’s where it is.’
Lu gradually said, "Big Brother, this poem is really good, but I have never heard of it."
The ferryman burst into laughter and entered another touching world through a small boat in Shuikou. In front of the misty water, there was a painting boat left in the world, which was not far away from the high Nanjing wall.
According to this tall and majestic impregnable wall, it was built at the expense of Shen Wansan, the richest man in the world. Even so, Shen Wansan didn’t escape Zhu Yuanzhang.
And I don’t know how much material and human resources it took, but Cao Guogong and Li Jinglong ordered the Yongle Emperor to enter the city, so that his inheritance was destroyed from now on.
Of course, all Lu gradually knew about these things was that he saw a girl with a gown sweeping the floor like a fairy on the bow deck of the original boat in front of him, but she was not the person he missed so much.
The ferryman stopped the boat and led the landing gradually. The original came behind the girl. Lu gradually wondered, "Eldest brother, didn’t you say that Miss Yao is here?"
The woman whispered, "Are you Lu gradually?"
The sound is cold and clear, like a cold spring hitting jade. Although it is somewhat cold, it is also better than pleasing to the ear.
Lu gradually felt a little ashamed when he heard such a fairy sound. "I … just … yes," he stammered.
The woman gave a sloped smile and then said lightly, "I know you are an important person in Yao Qing’s heart. You will meet her later, but I have something to ask you."
Lu gradually hesitated, "What is it?"
The woman sighed leisurely and said, "What is the origin of the extraordinary master who walked with you before? I ask myself, I almost lost to heaven, but I can’t grasp it better than him. That’s all. I don’t know what martial arts he practiced, but I can’t see it. Can you answer my question?"
Chapter 40 Wind and rain
It suddenly occurred to Lu that this girl was up to no good to Li Zhenren.
He knew that he was stupid. Even Yao Qing, he couldn’t do anything to betray Li Zhichang. If Yao Qing’s face and habits were clearly described by the other party, and Gu Zhen knew each other, he would never come so casually.
Because I don’t know that he met Gu Zhen, he was very close and believed in him.
Lu was silent, and he was only silent.
After a while, the woman added, "This first spring rain is coming."
Good rain knows the season when spring occurs, and it sneaks into the night with the wind to moisten things, fine fields, fine trails and clouds, and the black river boat is on fire, and the flowers in the red and wet places are heavy in Jinguan City.
Although it is a rainy scene in Qinhuai, it is not inferior to Chengdu.
Spring rain is like a cow’s capillary needle and smoke water. Gradually, I feel that my body is changing from real to virtual, and I can vaguely see the misty lights in Qinhuai.
The rain turns into a mystery, and finally Tianshui meets in the vast world.
A downpour of oblique wind and drizzle turned the lights into thousands of lights.
Lu gradually felt surprised and could not help but exert his hand to mend the sky. Although there were many raindrops, they were not as fast as others, but how could he grasp the shape of smoke and water? Finally, his feet showed a pool of water.
The woman slowly turned around and the veil was covered with jade, which made it even more misty and dreamy.
A slender and beautiful body, she has a moving body, but a pair of water-cutting and clear eyes is colder than this cold spring.
Lu gradually realized that it was the wind and rain that didn’t wet her clothes and didn’t touch her jade hair like dark clouds and light ink.
Such a beautiful woman shouldn’t appear in the world, even if it’s ups and downs, how can she have the heart to destroy this beauty?
The female faint sighed, "I didn’t expect that your robbery was actually a day-robbing hand, and I also thought that he would teach you martial arts moves. So how can the world’s moves be wonderful? He doesn’t want you to do other moves."
Lu gradually realized that the storm just now was no accident. Maybe she was testing his martial arts.
He said frankly, "Girl, let me meet Miss Yao Qing. If you tricked me into coming here, I’m leaving now."
Qingyue sounds leisurely from the Suzaku Bridge in front, saying, "If you want to know my martial arts foundation, you will come to me directly, and you will have to find a fish to find this small one."
Hearing this, the girl sighed, "It came so quickly."
She also said to Lu, "Yao Qing will meet your old friends in the cabin."
After that, she curled up her socks and lit up the vast smoke and water, pointing out circles and circles of ripples, and the whole person slipped to Suzaku Bridge.
The rain flowed around her and didn’t stay for a minute. She was invisible and the wind and rain swept over her hair.
In a moment, Suzaku Bridge suddenly appeared in her sight. After thousands of years of wind and rain, the bridge was abandoned several times and crossed the Qinhuai River. In the misty rain, it became very unreal.

"What?" Qin yuwen

"You read it first!" Malaoerhui
"ok!" Qin Yu nodded
five minutes later
Through the war, the private brain received the information from Ma Laoer and watched it with Qin Yu after the fight.
This is a piece of information that is not difficult to put away, but it makes Qin Yu and Li Zhan very shocked!
In this intelligence report, when the early background of Huncheng Brigade was established, when it was expanded and expanded, it was compiled. Who was equipped with firepower in each unit? When was it supplemented? What was the style of the military chief officer? What was his education? Did he have any experience in participating in the war? The personal information of officers in each battalion and platoon was recorded completely, and the order of information recording was very user-friendly, so that he could understand it at a glance.
Qin Yu stayed in wait for a while and looked at this very detailed military information and unconsciously sighed, "No wonder people are playing so well! It turned out that the bottom of my hometown was clearly touched by others! "
"I finally know what the second division of the new army fought with Wang Tianhui’s troops." After reading the data, I also analyzed it from a military perspective. "In this data, Wang Tianhui’s troops have the lowest comprehensive score and the best defeat! I’m really dying now. If Xinyang isn’t the Lins’ garrison, the new army is worried, then they will continue to pursue one who is sure to fight Ou Xiaobin and Xiaobaituan … With this information, they know how to cooperate and cut into the battlefield from which point! "
"Yes" Qin Yu nodded heavily.
After watching and studying for about twenty minutes, Qin Yu’s mobile phone rang again.
"hello? !”
"Are you finished?" Ma Laoer asked
"Where did you get this information? Very energetic, right? " Qin Yu immediately asked
"strength? That’s fucking awesome! I spent hundreds of dollars to buy this information from an intelligence dealer. As soon as I got it, the market price outside instantly became thirty thousand. It is estimated that no one will give it to others for a while. "Ma Laoer replied sarcastically.
Qin Yu forced "this information is worth 100 thousand?"
"You haven’t fought for HunChengLv intelligence, but some people in the district stared at them and bid for it. Naturally, some people are willing to sort it out." Ma Laoer said concisely, "The intelligence in this direction is very expensive, but now that the first collision is over, the intelligence value of HunChengLv is not great, or what you should know is already known! Estimate that you have a new army high-level conference room should be a "
Qin yuyan is right
"Xiaoyu really lost this battle!" Ma Laoer continued, "In addition to the fangs, the officers in our army are almost half-way monks, and there may be advantages in gesticulating with the Erdao players in Chuanfu! But what advantages do you have when you meet such a senior officer who specializes in war? You’re not equipped, you’re not qualified, you’re not even intelligent. How do you fight? ! I also became a monk halfway here, and I did military intelligence, which really taught the noodle people a lesson! My mind is still stuck in the stage of burying information, and people have already played big circle and big information sharing! !”
Qin Yu instantly understood Ma Laoer’s meaning and quickly asked, "Our Hunchenglv situation has been dug up. Is there any circulation in the new army intelligence?"
"Yes, the highest bid is also very high, but you don’t buy the main rivals of the new army. Can others be willing to be suckers? ! I asked that there was not much information flow in the new army, that is, Gu Jialin’s family and some forces outside the region had taken it! " Malaoerhui
Qin Yu licked his lips. "Second, your horse helped me get a higher grade. The information of the new army should be very detailed!"
"This is your account? I had already done it before I called you. "Ma Laoer immediately replied," I have sent people to Yanbei Fengbei, including Nanhu, and I have received the information of the new army! "
Qin Yuwen is gratified that he is his own mother and an old brother. He can always think of his own family affairs and have a sense of urgency in his heart. You are like Gu Gu’s military intelligence unit. Although you have also given a lot of news to HunChengLv, their side is even more chaotic. Gu Taixian has to take care of too many things. It is impossible for everything to be given to HunChengLv. The military intelligence department is also temporarily formed. It will not be long before you are so concerned as Ma Er.
"I not only sent people to collect the information, but I’m also going to meet people in Yanbei circle to see if I can buy some officers in the new army." Ma Laoer said in a low voice, "How many officers are there in the 30,000-40,000-strong army? I don’t believe that they don’t like money and they are very firm! "
"The idea is powerful!" Qin Yu agreed and realized that "this place is worth spending money!"
"You should be careful, too. I can buy you face to face." Ma Laoer immediately woke up.
"I am white!"
"In this way, I will tell you if there is something here!"
After finishing the conversation, Qin Yu continued to look at the information and sighed, "Mom’s decision to become a monk halfway is forward-looking … If you can’t give this job to outsiders, you have to do it yourself!"
"Then you have to train him!" Through the war looked up and said
"I must train him and feed him with the best breast!" Qin Yu nodded heavily.
Gujia Corps Headquarters outside Qufu City
Gu Taixian rested on her hips and asked, "What Tan Zhongshi hasn’t gone yet? !”
"I have sent a letter to Tan Zhongshi several times. They promised to support Teng Pang but never moved!" Deputy chief of staff replied.
Gu Taixian pondered for a long time and immediately said, "You call Teng Pang and ask him to retreat!"
"Yes!" Deputy chief of staff nodded.
Gu Taixian twist a head looked around stepped directly into his lounge to consider after a long time dialed a number "hello? This is the case …! "

After all, Pei Wende was dead at that time in Geng Shen’s night, and when he woke up, he found that the death was a mandrill.

It doesn’t need to be said that Pei Wende saw the little green snake beside the entrenched mandrill and knew at the first sight that it was the other side who saved himself.
Therefore, after knowing the specific situation of Lu Fu, Pei Wende first thought of the thick thigh of Little Green Snake.
If you can successfully fool the little green snake into his trip this time, it will be considered as an increase of "insurance"
Of course, considering that the little green snake showed the character of keeping strangers away and rejecting strangers during this period, Pei Wende felt that the possibility of his success in fooling was not high.
Although he couldn’t understand the little green snake’s "snake language", Pei Wende heard a little impatience from its expression and tone.
-say something quickly and fart quickly. Don’t delay my time.
Understand the little green snake like a heart, and Pei Wende immediately scratched his head in embarrassment.
"It’s not really a big deal, is it?"
"Isn’t there a pilgrim in the temple during the day?"
"Something happened to her family not long ago, so I have to go to the mountain these two days."
A brief summary of the cause and effect Pei Wende immediately looked forward to seeing the little green snake.
"Do you want to go with me to the mountain? I heard that Changsha County is a famous’ food town’! "
Pei Wende doesn’t know whether Changsha is a "gourmet town" in this era, but this doesn’t prevent him from fooling Little Green Snake with this.
And the ending was not expected by Pei Wende. The little green snake disdained to leave him, and was not coaxed by the naive deception of the other party at all.
Is there a so-called "food town" in Tanzhou, a deserted place?
Although the little green snake is a monster, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t understand that human society constitutes cheating "ghosts". Isn’t it so cheating?
"PSST …"
I was looking at Pei Wende’s vowed expression. I wanted to dive directly into the water, but the little green snake hesitated
Maybe I don’t know much about human society?
Is there really a so-called "gourmet town" in Tanzhou area?
Chapter 15 All things
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Tang Dynasty has a vast territory and numerous buffer regions, which can be roughly divided into 10 prefectures and 360 states.
Tanzhou is a remote state town that is not rich and located in Jiangnan Road.
According to some unreliable official records, Zongyuan and Niantan Prefecture belong to six counties and sixty-nine townships, with about 15,444 families.
And Changsha county, or Changsha county, is Tanzhou, which belongs to six counties and one.
"This should be the first time I have traveled far in my life?"
Light muttered to see Pei Wende walking alone the only road leading to Changsha, and also looked at pedestrians on both sides from time to time.
I used to take those mountain trails differently.
The official road of Tang Dynasty is paved with pebbles and bluestone slabs, which are built and maintained by the government.
Thanks to this, Pei Wende felt that his steps were brisk for a few minutes, and there was no such difficulty and pain as when he shuttled through the mountains before.
"The road of this era is much more difficult than I thought."
Pei Wende’s past life in the 21st century is only a few hours’ drive from Weishan to Changsha at most.
Influenced by this inherent impression of past lives, Pei Wende didn’t think how far the journey was at first.
Therefore, he also deliberately ignored Li Yanran’s surprise and admiration when he heard that he was going to Changsha alone.
When Pei Wende officially acted in two ways, he realized that he seemed to underestimate the difficulty of this road.
In this era, the Tang Dynasty is no better than China in the 21st century.
It would be nice to have an official road built and maintained all the year round in this remote place of Tanzhou.
Most of the remaining country roads are not even sufficient, that is, pedestrians abruptly step on some traces.
A few local governments build their own roads, but they don’t talk about the materials. Compared with the lack of funds for maintenance all the year round, it is very lucky to be able to leave.
It can be said that all the way from the mountains, those rural roads and wild roads, Rao is physically amazing, and Pei Wende has some support.
However, Pei Wende knows in his heart that he has just stepped out of the Weishan boundary, and there is still nearly a hundred kilometers to reach Changsha.
"It’s not an exaggeration to say that there are different sounds and customs in a hundred miles."
I couldn’t help sighing. Pei Wende finally knew that there was a saying in ancient China that "a hundred miles of different sounds and a hundred miles of different customs"
Just look at the road conditions. Besides those businessmen who want to go to Beijing to catch candidates and travel all the year round, which ordinary people will go out?
Not to mention the possibility of encountering wild animals and robbers along the way, which is absolutely disastrous.
Think of this Pei Wende and especially admire the Zen master who was still a baby and walked all the way.
Only after personal experience can we know how hard Zen master Lingyou was at that time.
[So you can relax and celebrate the old age in Tongqing Temple! 】
【 these monsters suddenly come out of nowhere and leave them to me and Hui Ji! 】
Considering that Li Yanran’s health has not yet recovered, someone must stay at Tongqing Temple to watch the house.
I have long noticed that Zen master Lingyou may have been seriously injured when he was young, leaving a sequela. Pei Wende insisted on letting him stay in the mountain despite the opposition of the other party
What he said at that time was that all the old men had to be old and stop learning young people to run around.

Ask the white big head to flicker and escape directly, leaving two poems and the charming fairy shadow floating away.

"Mo Wen now go to the high bed to sleep …"
After a while, Xiao Pang whispered softly, "Big Brother … is this going to bed?"
"I don’t know anything about sleeping and dreaming … why is any brother sleepy?" Small mirror crisp scolded 1 immediately asked the people.
"Not sleepy not sleepy …"
"Since we’re not sleepy, let’s start. Jing killer can help us take a way to the most powerful magic door first …"
Qingyun’s younger brother is busy, and the Baiyun Building is leisurely in the clouds.
It’s not too slow to miss the gods.
Just now, I was asked by a small mirror for a few words. By the way, I also listened to a few ears of mundane things. Baiyun Building felt that some gods would not be kind after all.
Mindful of Baiyun Tower, a small bamboo building on the edge of a cliff flashed in my mind, and the wind was clear and clear, which made it easy to recite those two poems.
I’m moving, but I’m just halfway through, and a beautiful image comes from the east and goes with me.
It is Ziyan’s younger sister who divides her soul.
"It will only take a moment for the elder brother to accompany the younger sister to a place."
Hearing that it was a moment, Baiyun Tower immediately nodded and went back to the White House yard.
Although the public sentiment has been destroyed, not everything has been forgotten. Since I went back to the Baiyun Tower, I went back to my room to get the Taoist scriptures written backwards.
When I saw Xiaowen, I greeted my father and mother with Ziyan with great interest. I was very close to Baiyun Tower because of the pure spirit innate qi machine.
Before and after a short time, when Ziyan walked out of the room, she left the White House quite casually, saying that she wanted to play with Xiaowen for a while and let her senior brother go back to Qingyun Gate first.
Baiyun tower naturally freely should step on the clouds and spill away.
Ziyan didn’t talk far off the mark. She played with Xiaowen, who was already stumbling, for a while and read more than ten short poems softly.
This little baby is still not very steady in walking, but she speaks and pronounces a lot earlier. Occasionally, it is quite interesting to follow a few grandma words.
Stay well settled Xiaowen Ziyan came to the backyard and told the parents about the senior brother.
Brother Yan said that he had killed the devil and cut off all the people’s feelings, so he was floating in the air.
Upon hearing this, auntie anxiously asked about Xiao Chaoyang, but this time, Dad got up and said that the summer man should stand up and his children’s affair could be put aside for a while.
Niang pushed Bai Torre aside and asked about Xiao Chaoyang’s safety. She learned that Chaoyang was too tired and fell asleep in a cave, so she could rest assured.
Later, Baiyun Tower often lived in Qingyun Cave, a small bamboo building, and was idle and casual.
The years of practice are falling with the passing years.
Months passed by Baiyun Tower in a hurry, and when I read it, I stopped thinking and had a good time.
When you are interested, you will flicker to the sky, hide in the dome, feel the laws of heaven, and repair the cracks in heaven by the way.
Wandering Yunxiao Manor pruning and weeding is also convenient, and you can watch it for half a day when you meet a strange ventilator.
Kunlun Fairyland, Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, and the fiery phoenix tree in Shennan State have all become the places where the White Big Head rises and patronizes.
Follow one’s heart and follow one’s whim
When you are at leisure, you can sit by the window and watch the clouds roll and the fragrance of tea.
Nowadays, the head of Bai Dazhao likes to be quiet. Talking about enlightenment doesn’t like the interference of mundane things.
Visiting old friends and brothers in the door are well known, and their temperament is mostly in line with their wishes.
In Baiyun Tower’s eyes, these visiting Taoist friends are different in temperament and understanding, but they all have their own opinions. It’s also interesting to talk casually.
Ziyan, a fellow martial sister, does not say that her temperament and temperament are very compatible.
Chatting over tea and talking about Tao can also help us understand the laws of heaven through the magic weapon of the sundial. There is a road to happiness.
It’s Ziyan’s martial sister who has suffered a serious mental loss recently. Even if there is a huge amount of immortal spirit, she still has some difficulties in making ends meet.
Baiyun Tower is easy to ask a few words. Sister Ziyan said that it is not the right time to invite colleagues after a period of experience in a secret land.
Since Sister Ziyan responded to Baiyun Tower in this way, she didn’t delve into it any more.
In addition to Ziyan’s frequent visit to Xiaozhulou, there is also a junior sister from Chaoyang
This school sister’s temperament is quite eccentric, and sometimes she can sit for a while, and sometimes she can sink her mind and practice calligraphy, but sometimes she jumps out of her mouth and blurts out words, which often makes Baiyun Tower concentrate on thinking for a while.
In the past six months, among the many visitors to Xiaozhulou, this school sister has talked about trivial matters and never talked about the road.
The original Baiyun Tower is not interested in these mundane things, but this school sister’s sincere and casual views are also quite unique, but it is still a bit interesting.
Besides, every time Sister Chaoyang comes to Xiaozhulou, she will bring some cakes and melons, which are all nice and delicious.
However, some of this school sister’s preferences are sometimes quite unreasonable for Bai Dazhao.
I often spend the night in Xiaozhu Building, but I don’t say that I am interested in playing chess occasionally, but the chess skill is simply a bit difficult to see.
What makes Baiyunlou Nai often play chess halfway, this school sister will be shocked by the thrill of god, and most of them will directly fall into their arms and fall into a deep sleep.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two Learn enlightenment
Fortunately for Baiyun Tower, Junior Sister Chaoyang has gradually lost her chess addiction recently and has also converged.
Occasionally, in addition to tasting food together for half a day, I just sit on my desk and watch it in a daze.
It’s said that his understanding is poor, but he has forgotten his mood. On weekdays, he should look at the head brothers and push forward the Taoist method to practice on the road.
I feel that this school sister is also interested in the Baiyun Tower, and she often deduces the magical power of the wooden line and the aura of the wind to show her.
Recently, the wooden walk in Baiyun Tower and the feeling of the wind and the spiritual path have gathered a lot, and the road to perfection has advanced a lot.
In addition to these two school sisters, his younger brother and younger sister, some fellow practitioners came to Xiaozhulou to discuss Taoism, which also added a lot of help to Baiyun Lou’s practice.
Nowadays, if a few opponents in the repair world of Baiyun Tower directly learn from each other, they will get very little.
However, the white leader has his own magic method, and almost every monk who comes to discuss and learn from each other comes on an impulse and enjoys himself.
With the magic Dao Dacheng, every time he has a discussion, he will directly pull the visiting monks into the cloud dreamland.
In the dreamland, the monks can take advantage of the powerful spirit of the White Leader to exert the magical powers of the perception technique to the extreme, so as to have the strength of World War I.
Not only that, but also the true power of the road is realized by the fact that it is very suitable for one’s own laws of heaven
At the same time, Baiyun Tower will also have a discussion with Taoist supernatural powers, so that the understanding of the changes and operation of the laws of heaven will become more and more transparent.

Although the quasi-saint also knows that the female brother is koo, it is obviously calculated by others, but now he has won the reputation of western teaching, but he has to kill it

Compared with the reputation of western teaching, she is still too light to live and die alone.
Besides, dying of western religion is the honor of being a western brother.
Sacrificing her to protect the western Christian name presumably means that the younger brother will feel honored rather than resentful when he knows it.
Wow …
A high-powered force is quietly emerging, and it is coming. The fake Yao Ji completely obliterates her without leaving a trace. Is it the past or the future?
However, if you are prepared, will Zichen Haotian let the quasi-saints obliterate the fake Yao Ji in front of them?
Then their play is not in vain?
I saw that when that force was about to come to the fake Yao Ji, an equally vast force emerged around and evolved into Qionglou Yuyu and Tiangong Temple for 33 days …
In a blink of an eye, a magnificent heaven appears and reflects the heavens and the earth, firmly guarding the fake Yao Ji.
Although the quasi-saint is strong, facing the wind, Zichen and Haotian are also capable of joining hands with him.
All he did was to break the two men’s joint defense and erase the fake Yao Ji.
"Damn it!"
At this time, where can the quasi-saint fail to understand that the two emperors in heaven obviously have already noticed his plan to put this joint hand in hand to play him
After this, the quasi-saint stopped making moves, but walked to the sage’s side.
It is inevitable that the false Yao Ji’s identity will be exposed. The first thing he should do now is to discuss with the sage to minimize the impact.
Picture back to Taoshan!
"Uber still doesn’t show its true colors?"
Seeing the true Yao Ji didn’t answer Yang Jian’s anger at that time, offering up the third eye is a divine light shot to return to its original shape.
But seeing Yang Jian offering the Eye of the Heaven really made Yao Ji suspect even more angry.
Boy, this fake thing is really enough, but even the eye of heaven can imitate it
Then I saw the true Yao Ji’s forehead suddenly appeared with a divine pattern, and Yang Jian’s forehead and eye generally shot a divine light at the same time, and Yang Jian shot a divine light and slammed it together.
Two identical divine lights collided and burst, causing terror waves to break through layers of clouds.
When it’s all over, it turns out …
Regardless of the outcome!
Two shekinah unexpectedly offset at the same time.
"Eye of the Sky?"
"How do you have an eye?"
I noticed that the real Yao Ji’s forehead was exactly the same, and Yang Jian’s face was full of incomprehension and shock.
Not only he, but also the great avatar who noticed this matter looked blank. Isn’t this innate treasure unique? How can there be two identical innate treasures?

Clea’s charming body trembled and immediately returned to normal, and her face was flat. "I secretly got in close contact with Yunruo today and found that Yunruo really had strong energy fluctuations, but later she found out that she had lunch."

Male zheng look a little nervous busy way "if not aware of your body energy? Wrong novel network many words "
Clea shook her head and said, "I hid it well. Her mind is not on this side. I don’t think I found it."
Claria paused and added, "In terms of energy intensity alone, if there should be at least a B level, and you know that she was really an ordinary person three years ago, I found that her energy control is very good. It depends on the situation, just like practicing for more than ten years, which can rule out sudden awakening of power or artificial work."
Male one leng said, "Isn’t it true that China’s super almighty has mastered cloning technology? I have to report it to the Bishop immediately. If it is true, that would be terrible. By the way, you must keep an eye on Yunruo these days. If you watch her contact with people, oh, and you should change it to protect her now. Don’t let people hurt her. I will go and see her if I have." The male suddenly flashed a soft charm in his eyes.
Clea suddenly laughed. "You’d better not go to see her."
The man looked stunned and shouted, "What do you mean?"
Claria said lightly, "It’s normal that you didn’t know these things when you just arrived in Z last night. If you live with your boyfriend now, wouldn’t it be boring for you to go? And I learned today that if you should have had it with your boyfriend," Claria flashed a sarcastic smile at her mouth.
Male smell speech look a tight quiver "you say? How can she not love herself so much? "
When Clea heard this, her eyebrows slightly wrinkled and she said, "I didn’t expect that a holy warrior, Fario, would be so distressing to a woman. But when you courted Ruoruo in college, she refused without mercy. Now people are with people they like, and there is nothing with you. You can say that she doesn’t love herself."
Fario’s chest fluctuated sharply, his hair became bluer, and suddenly his eyes flashed. "What about living with my boyfriend?"
Clea didn’t make a scene at the moment. He thought a little and exclaimed, "Don’t mess around. If your boyfriend is a very ordinary boy, don’t mess around, or the China law enforcement team will deal with you and the Vatican will not protect you. If you hate your generation more."
Fario sneered. "You’re nervous. I didn’t say anything about the man."? I mean, I won’t give up if if. Well, there are several masters of underwater power coming this afternoon. Ask Jerry to lead them to Taihu Lake for exploration. "
Clea looked at him and nodded silently.
The second volume Chapter 52 Solicit
The second volume Chapter 52 Solicit
Stuart Night took good care of his injury in Rick Fang. The hospital inspection report said that he could be discharged in three or two days. Stuart Night Heart Rick Fang urged him to go back to school to learn and pick himself up when he was discharged.
After Rick Fang returned to school, he was naturally questioned by Shuaike and others about the specific situation of saving lives. Where have you been these days? Are you communicating with beautiful women? Rick Fang looked at Shuaike and others with enthusiasm and strength, and his scalp was numb and numb. It was not that he didn’t answer, nor that he actually saved Stuart’s night in Rick Fang. If Yunruo accidentally learned from the newspaper that Rick Fang saved Stuart’s night, it was that Yunruo was in bed and her mind was occupied by another thing at that time. Rick Fang answered her casually and she couldn’t remember.
It’s the picture of Yan Shuaike and others asking what comes next that makes Rick Fang very resistant to the stalemate. Help came to the counselor Sun Lu, who was ordered to call Rick Fang to the principal’s office, to solve the problem of Rick Fang.
"Principal Rick Fang’s classmate has arrived." Sun Lu led Rick Fang to the office and reported to an old man sitting at his desk with a full aroma. After that, he nodded to Rick Fang and left the door without extra trouble.
Fang Xuli looked at an office in the middle of the office. In addition to the principal, there were three people, a middle-aged man of about forty years old sitting opposite the principal. It was also peaceful when he looked at it. It was in his eyes that he stood behind the middle-aged man with a look that made people look a little uncomfortable. Two men in ordinary clothes were of medium height, but Rick Fang saw that the seemingly ordinary body contained not weak energy.’ It turned out that the level of the yogi was not high.’
"The headmaster, this is Rick Fang’s classmate, right?" The middle-aged population inquired.
"Yes," the headmaster nodded and said to Rick Fang, "Rick Fang, let me introduce you. This is Li, director of the Ministry of National Security, who has been waiting for you here for three days."
Rick Fang casually’ Oh’ looked dull and surprised. The headmaster secretly wondered that Director Li’s face had changed color. He was a very vain person. The attitude of this young man was very sloppy. After listening to his position, he didn’t have any respect. It was really hateful and he didn’t take the initiative to ask himself what he had come for. This little guy must have been fighting with a little martial arts. He looked at his file (in fact, Director Li was browsing the eyes. Rick Fang was in the school public security bureau file. He wouldn’t be such a little guy. Spend effort), that is, a small frog at the bottom of a well in an ordinary township has little knowledge. It is no wonder that he has attracted you to see how I can tidy up. You think of this, Director Li. Hey hey, a smile said, "President Hu, I have a face-to-face conversation with Rick Fang, which involves confidentiality."
Director Li held a long tone, and President Hu nodded in his heart and said lightly, "Well, Rick Fang, you talk to Director Li, and I still have some things to deal with."
Director Li didn’t get up and just sat there with a big smile, nodding at will and motioning with his hand, saying, "President Hu is busy."
President Hu got up and left. Rick Fang’s impression of Director Li was so bad that he turned against the guest and ordered the principal to walk away. This kind of bossing made Rick Fang very uncomfortable.’ Now officials are really arrogant.’
Director Li looked at Rick Fang carefully at this time and said with a smile after a long time, "It is true that Fang’s classmates showed their talents in downtown ten days ago to save the Fang group Stuart Night?"
Rick Fang nodded at random and saw that Director Li didn’t give up his seat at all. In his heart, he said with a smile, "Director Li, if you don’t mind, I want to sit and talk."
Director Li’s complexion has changed again. The general governor has to be polite when he sees him, and others are arrogant. Even those senior government officials have to do that if they don’t ask each other to sit down in front of him. It’s unexpected that this young man is so bold. At this moment, two bodyguards behind Director Li will reprimand and export. Director Li will raise his hand to stop their actions and suppress their dissatisfaction. He smiled at each other and said, "Okay, please" and pointed to the opposite principal’s seat.
Rick Fang smiled to pull a chair to sit light way "I don’t know director li to find me? Isn’t that right? Commend me for being brave? Wrong novel network many words "
Director Li ha ha smiled. "Rick Fang really loves to joke. That’s something for other departments." Director Li suddenly stopped and stared at Rick Fang. "I’m interested in recruiting talents, especially powers or practitioners."
Rick Fang slightly one leng will know that it must be that he showed his kung fu when saving Stuart night, which attracted the attention of these guys. Director Li at this time is ha ha a smile. "Rick Fang, do you know that if we hadn’t put pressure on the media, the specific situation of saving people would have been known by passers-by? Alas, for so many years, you are the first person who dared to openly display power in the street." Director Li shook his head repeatedly and seemed to admire Rick Fang’s courage, but his eyes were full of ridicule.
Rick Fang’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, but there was no answer. Director Li added, "Let’s put it straight. Our department specializes in exploring and absorbing talents like you. Now welcome you into our big family."
Rick Fang suddenly felt a little puzzled when the government added such an organization. Was it because Rick Fang was linked to the power research institute? thought silently for a while, but Director Li saw that he didn’t speak and mistook him for agreeing. Ha ha a smile. "Now I’ll appoint your representative in Z, and I’ll send you treatment. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely make you rich and famous. Of course, before that, I’ll take you back to the Ministry for a month-long training in school."
Rick Fang one leng busy way "wait, director li I think you are misunderstood, I didn’t say to join your department".
Li, director of the smell speech zheng to react face a heavy way "?" Tone is extremely unhappy.
Rick Fang ignored his face and smiled faintly. "I’m not interested in joining the organization, whether it’s the Alliance Democratic League (a small super-almighty organization created by Lu Xuantian) or the Institute of Power or your organization. I don’t like being bound and want to live happily." Rick Fang’s tone is plain and free and easy.
Director Li was surprised’ Yi’ and looked at Rick Fang’s way. "I didn’t expect you to know the alliance of these organizations." Then cold hum a drink a way. "You are good at martial arts, don’t you just want to be so ordinary for life? Besides, it is an ideal for all young people to work for the government. Don’t you want the country to contribute to national glory? I, the Chinese nation, have risen again to exert our own strength. "Although this is mostly reprimanded, it is also very firm and impassioned. The two young bodyguards behind him also flashed a look in their eyes. They were moved by these words at the beginning, and now they always sound excited.
Director Li finished speaking in one breath, and a touch of red appeared on his face. Obviously, he was also very excited. Rick Fang listened to Director Li’s speech with a light smile. At the end, he looked at Director Li and asked with a smile, "Is it necessary to join a government department to be considered a national effect?"

Sumo put away her bag, took a deep breath and galloped away toward the snowy ridge without hesitation.

Chapter one thousand nine hundred Fairy Array Broken
The evil wolf army and the goshawk help hundreds of troops to attack the fairy array in turn. It has been seven days and seven nights!
At first, this fairy array was indestructible, but the constant impact of hundreds of troops consumed the energy of Yuan Lingshi in the eyes of all the large arrays of fairy array, and it also decreased sharply.
The brilliance of the fairy array is much dimmer than the original one.
Every impact of the army will make the fairy array shake.
After seven days of self-cultivation, Yue Hao’s abdominal wound has been bandaged to stop bleeding.
Although he is still a legal person, he has recovered his ability to act.
Yue Hao and Xia Qingying looked at the army outside the snow ridge with a dignified look.
The two people know best in their hearts, but once the Yuan Lingshi in this array is exhausted and the fairy array is broken, it is the end of the snow ridge!
There is no spare stone in the snow ridge.
Even if there are two people who don’t know how to replace Tathagata.
This fairy array won’t last long!
Xia Qingying clenched Yue Haoda’s hand.
Two people don’t have to say much in the eye to have empathy.
Even if they die, they will die together!
"Eldest brother, almost all the major forces came, but none of them dared to come out and fight against the Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang."
Shen Fei sighed.
In the past seven days, the powerful forces of Longyuanxing, such as Scorpio Gang and Zhenleitang, have arrived in Fengxueling one after another.
And come here are the leaders of major forces!
Scorpio Sect Leader Zhenlei Hall Leader Dreadwind Gate Leader Xuanyin Mountain Leader Skyfire Hall Leader Xuanguang Gate Leader came in person.
However, neither the Scorpio Sect Leader nor the Thunder Hall Leader nor the leaders of other forces brought many people with them.
Most of them brought hundreds of people.
This has shown their attitude.
These Wang and Tang lords didn’t intend to help Fengxueling when they came to the root, but they came here to watch the excitement.
Some people may still have some thoughts of fishing in troubled waters and throwing stones into the well!
Yuehao shook his head slightly. "They don’t dare but don’t want the strength of major forces. If Qi Xin joins forces with the wolf army and the goshawk gang, how can they resist?"
"But they are all worried that the two major rogue wars will weaken their strength and no one wants to come out."
Kaka, Kaka!
Suddenly, the barriers around the snow ridge burst into waves, and cracks appeared on the surface, spreading and expanding rapidly!
Fairy array is about to break!