In a second, Pei Hui, who had returned to the mysterious side, had already disappeared, as if she had never appeared in this air.

In fact, Pei Hui didn’t appear here either. The reason for her appearance here is an illusion and projection of her.
-daoist magic, thousands of miles of magic!
"yeah! Has it recovered to this extent? "
I watched Pei Hui disappear directly before my eyes, and I realized that the "Pei Hui" who had been talking to myself was actually a fake body.
"But you are still affected by the host …"
"Otherwise, you wouldn’t have paid so much attention to a mortal before."
Eyes can’t hide is jealousy and nai xuan never know his impeded tactics must be not to go.
Pei Hui, who struggled to maintain himself, had no good image. Pei Wende had to live and not lose a hair.
"However, you still underestimate Pei Wende after all. He is not the kind of guy who needs our help to live."
When saying this sentence, Xuan never thought that Pei Wende showed that calm and clear after learning about Mandrill.
It’s like knowing all this or being prepared for a similar situation …
Pei Wende didn’t show surprise at all because he revealed the news, but he seemed to be quilted with a lot of information in the process.
Pei Wende’s performance alone will know that the other party is absolutely qualified to be an equal "novice"
"Don’t call Loka. He deserves this name and title."
Chapter 31 A bloody rescue
When Pei Wende arrived at the door of Zhang Tu’s house as quickly as possible, the whole village was already in a strange silence.
Only Zhang Tu, holding a butcher’s knife, stands proudly at his door, smelling amazing Shaqi and blood gas, as if he had fought with something unknown.
"Ahem …"
Being awakened by Pei Wende’s call, Zhang Tu barely looked up and stared at each other for a long time before he recovered.
"Let’s go! You are no match for it! "
There was a butcher who seemed to have done all his strength and could no longer support the forward dumping.
"Uncle? !”
Surprised Pei Wende didn’t even consider too much. He hurriedly held Zhang Tu, who was about to fall on the ground.
At this moment, the intense high temperature spread rapidly from the place where two people contacted.
Pei Wende felt as if he were holding not a person but a burning charcoal fire, which was hot and burning.
Fighting back the burning sensation from both hands, Pei Wende reluctantly put Zhang Tu slowly on the threshold, so that he could have a chance to look at the gate yard.
"These … everyone …"
Pei Wende didn’t realize what Zhang Tu would hold the door until then.
Because Zhang Tu’s family is not a big compound, it is crowded with twenty or thirty people.
At this moment, almost all the living people in Zhangjiacun have gathered at Zhang Tu’s home.
Judging from the state of these villagers, their present state is not right, as if their bodies were disturbed by some evil thing.
"Big Brother!"
Pei Wende was shocked by what happened in front of him. Zhang Chusheng’s slightly crying voice suddenly came from the crack of the door.
Looking around, Pei Wende can vaguely see that a woman is blocking the door of the house by herself, protecting the house Zhang Chusheng.
"Chu Sheng?"
With the back door slowly pushed open and a baby in her arms, Zhang Chusheng stumbled to Pei Wende in three steps and two steps.
"Eldest brother! Please help my sister! "

"It’s too cruel. Some Fengmingfeng’s nearly a thousand brothers actually lived."

Rock sighed. Although this ability is powerful, in the past, he would be surprised to have such a killer in his door.
But now more than a thousand people who died in Fengming Peak are Tianque’s younger brothers. They have deep roots! Although they are enemies now, everyone knows in their hearts that most of them are not voluntary, but are held hostage by desire.
"I think that kid has done his best in righteousness. He has such means in his hand, but he has waited for two hours to give these people a chance. It’s no wonder that these people hesitate to cut off their vitality."
At this time, Qingcheng’s face is not so good-looking. In his sense of god’s knowledge, more than a thousand bodies in Fengming Peak have been cooked and scattered with meat, and they are covered in huge blisters. It looks disgusting and vaguely recognizable. Their faces are full of pain. I really don’t know how they suffered before they died.
Around him, he is used to this kind of scene. He has some traces in his heart, Fengming Peak Theory and Practice, and he dies the same way. There are a lot of Taoist symbols scattered around two real people, and there are also many forces around him. Sanskrit seems to be struggling to the death before his death, but it seems that they have no resistance to the strange attack means of Su Bing City.
I heard this clearly, and everyone’s heart was contemptuous. Since that day, I personally chopped my lover into pieces, and the performance of Qingcheng City has repeatedly made them ugly. The old guys with the same status in the door are constantly fawning in front of the teenager. It’s not like Jiang Xiao depending on the elders, but like the young slave flow.
Although I know that Qingcheng has his own difficulties, his feelings are hard for them to accept.
But at this time, no matter how despised they are in their hearts, they have to admit that there is some truth in what he said. If he didn’t want to get away with it, the boy wouldn’t have shown his cards until now.
"No wonder that child is so confident that he will step on the zenith today and have such ability to stop him in the so-called protective array."
Qingyun shook his head with a wry smile. "Today, the battle has been settled, and a few days later, the course of this battle will certainly shake the whole world of fixing the truth. Now I hope that there will be fewer casualties in the process of attacking the mountains."
All of a sudden, there was a silence, and the ability of Ice City was sharper than that of this method to control different attacks, but it made them frown straight in their hearts. They wouldn’t feel wrong in others, but now they have to deal with their own people. You know, Tianquemen’s more than 10,000 brothers are also the essence of sects, and fenglin town’s hundreds of family members, Tianyuan Feng, and those students are also involved.
"I don’t think I’m worried that the other six peaks have already responded."
Looking for a sudden smile, "The boy’s first choice is the least number of people. Feng Mingfeng really has a good heart. He is going to promote change and show his own strength. This is nothing that can be done. The two ends of the big family rats will never take the initiative to defect unless they knock first."
They took their eyes and saw that Tianyuan and Tianzhu Mountain Protection Array had some sluggish and chaotic operation. Supposedly, these two peaks were well-staffed and there were too many spar preparations, and they were not hit by the ability of the clock in the plain ice city. It should not be so, but the barrier strength of the force field is still visible to the naked eye. The only explanation is that it has changed in the rapid decline.
"These so-called aristocratic valves are really the source of trouble!"
Rock and black clouds are all a cold hum. Since thousands of younger brothers died in Fengming Peak, I can blame Jiang Xiao for it. Then I can count my anger in the fierce mountain. If they had moved this thousand younger brothers earlier, they would not have died. If they hadn’t helped each other half a month ago, it would not have been so smooth to take the mountain as the headquarters of Tianquemen Mountain Gate.
Is it really best to be stationed by Fengming Peak?
It is somewhat suspicious that Fengming Peak is the brother where Tianque Gate-controlled Crane Hall headquarters is located. Besides wanting to be close to his cronies, members of the Crane Hall associate it with the recent Tianque Gate’s intelligence mistakes as many as several times. It is of great significance to be afraid of Jiang Xiaoyi’s move.
It’s easier to destroy and rebuild than to take over this rotten stall!
Tianyuan and Tianzhu two peaks are located on the ground. Jiang Xiaoyi and Shen Yingxiong are also seen in the eye, and both of them are in order to reveal a vaguely sorry color.
"What a pity!"
Looking up thousands of feet away at the peak of clouds, Shen Yingxiong sighed, "If the reaction is slower, the ice city can justify the punishment of the peak."
Day punishment peak is a member of the punishment hall headquarters, second only to Fengming peak. If the four big families are a little more stubborn, then it is natural for the ice city to crack down on the day punishment peak.
"You and the city have understood what I mean. If it doesn’t work this time, forget it. Let the city stop."
Jiang Xiao leaned back and shook his head and smiled.
If you want to hold on to the teaching position and don’t want to be constrained, you must first master the change, but it’s natural not to worry that his wife and mother are unusual.
And secondly, naturally, it is accused of Crane Hall. Without this information hall, it helps him to teach this palm, which is tantamount to deafness and blindness. Although the ability to get close to him is slightly insufficient, most of the brothers accused of Crane Hall are unreliable, destroying and rebuilding are more provincial.
The second is to master the punishment of the punishment hall. This is the seat to which the Presbyterian Church belongs and the only high-ranking person who is not taught by the palm of his hand. After the punishment hall was hit hard, the personnel life, although he can’t intervene and look at the sand mixed inside, can still do it. In another period, it can have a certain impact on the punishment hall.
Of course, he can ignore Tianquemen now that his power is over. These rules can force the Presbyterian Church to bend at his feet. But if we consider that hundreds of years later, it will not be a wise move, but a family future and sects. Instead of breaking the rules, he will make them more perfect. He can try his best to grasp Tianquemen’s benefits in the rules.
For him who is not deeply rooted in Tianquemen, there is no faster way than to clear these two people and rebuild them.
However, Fengming Peak and Tianxun Peak Brother can be regarded as enemies at this time, but because the mentoring faction is more or less involved with Tianquemen or related to relatives and friends, if they slaughter others like this, they will have some bumps in their hearts, although they will not say anything.
In fact, the other five peaks and fenglin town are similar, which is the biggest obstacle for him to attack the mountain today
At the meeting yesterday, he revealed that the four big families had promised to defect, but nothing happened for half a day today until they were forced to kill people with emotion and reason. Naturally, others would no longer blame him, but turned to hate these big families.
To some extent, these big families can be regarded as his sacrifice even if they defect.
The core array of Ice City stopped working in the sky and landed on the ground again, which made Tianquemen feel relieved at this moment that all those who can probe the first or second-order fix the true in Fengming Peak with gods’ knowledge. Jiang Xiaoyi suspected that he had shown the ability of Ice City and this array to everyone, and he would never make it again unless he had to.
While the day candle and Tianyuan peak changes also finally have the result.

One day passed quickly, and when the third person didn’t come out, many people speculated that there might be no one alive, but seeing that Tang Shaoyuan, the fifth-class clan, had not left, he waited patiently.

Another day, Tang Shaoyuan, who was meditating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the mouth of the cave.
Haikui meditates cross-legged like everyone else.
Breathing heavily out of the cave is like breathing on the deathbed of a very old man. The last breath is very strong.
Haikui stopped at the cave like everyone else.
A vague figure in the dark of the cave gradually became clear from far and near.
"It was her" Haikui surprised a heart.
It’s Su Lan. She actually came out. It’s her shortness of breath. You can’t tell what’s wrong with her just by observing.
Star Rohm waited outside for people to hurry, but he was stopped by Tang Shaoyuan’s hand before he arrived near.
They turned their attention to Tang Shaoyuan.
Tang Shaoyuan said, "Look, she is also seriously injured. If you take it back by yourself, I’m afraid it will be delayed. When she is cured, you will naturally let her come back."
Then Sulan was taken away.
Haikui was hidden in the crowd, but if he was not seen by the Xingluomen, no one would know that he had been in the Dragon Hall, right? Su Lan was beaten away, and his life and death were even more uncertain.
"There are already three people," Tang Shaoyuan whispered.
There are two others. He closed his eyes and continued to wait.
This time, after five days, the people waiting outside, except those brought by Tang Shaoyuan, have almost dispersed. There are a lot of people coming to see the treasures, and all of them are lost and left, hoping that their master will come back alive.
The sky was dim, and the cave gave off a flickering light. Tang Shaoyuan suddenly opened his eyes if he felt something.
Several black silk flies out of the cave, the lux light disappears to the mouth of the cave, and the black silk gathers and turns into a human figure and rushes out.
Tang Shaoyuan said to the black shadow, "When Taoist friends die physically, Yuan Shen is seriously injured. Please go to my fifth-class clan, Liuyun Sect, for treatment first!"
The black shadow went crazy and roared forward to take him away and attacked.
Everyone in the valley is staring, and Haikui is staring.
This man escaped from the secret way to leave the dark light of Yuan Shen Yuan Shen. Either his cultivation skill is strange or Tang Shaoyuan said that this man Yuan Shen was seriously injured.
He was seriously injured by Yuan Shen and was taken away by Tang Shaoyuan.
Haikui’s eyes twinkled and his head bowed.
"There’s another one," Tang Shaoyuan whispered, and then continued to close his eyes and wait patiently.
This time, after waiting for several days, Tang Shaoyuan couldn’t sit still and wandered around the mouth of the cave.
There are fewer and fewer people waiting in the valley, and all the first-class clansmen are disheartened. None of them came out alive in previous years, and four of them came out alive this time, which is not bad.
Haikui will retreat if he wants to, and if he doesn’t leave, I’m afraid he will be exposed soon after waiting for people in this valley.
He didn’t know where those people were taken and what would happen.
Since the Five-level Cloud Sect can become a Five-level Clan, the strength is naturally not weak, and the number is ten times that of the majority of Xing Luomen.
Star Solomon’s status as a master in Liuyunzong is quite an ordinary master, and it is precisely because he is a first-class master that even a fifth-class master looks down on him.
On this day, Haikui estimated that there were less than 100 people left in the valley, so he planned to find a place to hide for two days before returning to the star Rohm. But when he was in this mood, six people flew in from afar.
These six leading players have not reached the immortal level, but Li Zhiyong may be the reason for practicing immortality all the year round. Although Li Zhiyong is over 1,000 years old, he doesn’t look old. He looks extraordinary, but he is more like a middle-aged man around lent.
Li Zhiyong’s cultivation is not stronger than Tang Shaoyuan’s, but he has always been valued by the elders. Li Zhiyong, a well-regarded Sect in Liuyun, is revered by his disciples.
Tang Shaoyuan, like a cat on hot bricks, looked up and saw Li Zhiyong with people. His brow wrinkled and he hurriedly saluted, "Please forgive my brother for coming."
Li Zhiyong reached out to stop Tang Shaoyuan and said politely, "Brother Tang is very unhappy this time!"
Tang Shaoyuan’s face suddenly turned ugly. "Brother Li, is this what you said?"
"The elder pushed five people to perform, and you sent back four people, but you haven’t seen the remaining one back to the elder these days. After deduction again, it was found that that person had left the Dragon Hall from other places and this person was the most important!" Li Zhiyong black face said
Although the conversation between the two people was light, they didn’t deliberately avoid the crowd. There was no sound alone. The others in the valley listened to it clearly, even Haikui heard it clearly.
Haikui lowered his head for fear that six people would find him later.
Tang Shaoyuan’s face changed. "Before I came, the elder told me to stay at the mouth of the cave!"
Li Zhiyong chuckled, "Brother Tang, don’t explain this matter. It’s always bad for you to take it away!"
He made Tang Shaoyuan caught by two people and dared not resist and took it away.
The cloud Sect soon left without paying attention to the people in the valley.
Haikui saw that everyone had left, and he was wondering whether to go back to Xingluomen first or not. As soon as his eyes turned, he had an idea.
Star Romain is going to climb a small mountain peak in front of the cave, that is, to return to Star Romain Haikui and go to the cave where the door owner is located first.
The master didn’t close the door. Hai Kui shouted "Master, I’m back" outside the door.
"who?" Door Lord asked strangely.
"It’s me. I’m Ye Sheng!"
The door owner walked out of the cave and saw Haikui suspicious. "You’re not dead?"
Haikui said, "What? The master wants me dead? "
The door owner frowned and looked at Haikui and outside. "Let’s talk inside!"
The door owner substituted Haikui into the cave and covered the cave door. He asked, "Those who entered the Dragon Temple and finally came out alive were taken away by the Liuyun Sect of the Five Clans. What didn’t you take away?"
"On the day of returning to the door, today, the cave in front of the Dragon Temple was guarded by Xianbing Xianbao to check whether the seal of the cave array was in a state of play. When I was ranked last that day and the remaining people were close to 300, Xianbao lit up. Those of us who were less than 300 were not allowed to enter!"
The door owner looked at Haikui suspiciously. "Then why don’t you go back to Xingluomen first?"
"I have no face to come back without entering the Dragon Hall!"
[starting from the first time! ]
Chapter 552 dumb luck
Haikui continued, "On that day, I didn’t enter the Dragon Hall and many people who didn’t enter the Dragon Hall were very angry and wanted to wait for the opportunity to enter the Dragon Hall again. Who knows that it will be such a long time until the cloud Sect people come out of the Dragon Hall. I don’t think there is a chance to enter the Dragon Hall again, so I will come back. After all, Ye Sheng has a negative commitment."
The door owner’s face softened. "Let’s forget it. My star Solomon is scarce. If we lose two more people, it will be a heavy blow. Su Lan has also come out of the Dragon Hall this time. I am very pleased!"
"The door owner Yemou wants to ask one."
The door owner motioned for Haikui to sit down. "What do you want to ask?"
"Those senior clansmen will allow the lower clansmen to be there?"
The Lord of the door sneered at "for example, there is more than one floating cloud clan in the five-level clan. It is naturally impossible for all the low-level clan clan to be annexed by the high-level clan."
Haikui nodded and got it.
"It’s just that it’s our turn when you come back in two days. We have two places for the patrol of Xianbing. The place to get Xianbing Xianbao is in Xiandi Tiangong. Everyone wants to see the Xiandi Tiangong. We will draw lots to decide who will go to Sulan for a short time, so we will draw lots early in the morning and you will also participate." The door owner said to Haikui.

If the words sound just fell, Yunyiyi blushed with the pupil’s face, especially Yunyiyi, who was so ashamed that she said, "I hate my sister."

Pupils are better. Hehe smiled and pointed to Rick Fang’s strange way, "Ruo Ruo Jie, who is he?"
If the cloud sighed, the rim of the eye was a little red and hesitant. "His name is Rick Fang, my sister’s ex-boyfriend."
If Yunruo took a deep breath and looked at the pupil, he added, "I asked you what you two did the day before yesterday afternoon?"
Pupil one leng said, "After I had a meal at noon and slept, I called Yiyi to stroll around the city center for a while and then returned to the hotel at five o’clock. You and Sister Xiang Yu took us to the RT Mart shopping mall to buy a life. If this is elder sister, you all know."
Rick Fang asked quickly, "Is that girl you hugged at four o’clock this Miss Yiyi?"
A red pupil face to Rick Fang gave him a bad first impression, and if Ting Yun said that Rick Fang was her ex-boyfriend and the pupil always respected Yun Re Pei, the impression on this silver-haired guy was really bad to the extreme. He gave him a cold hum, "You fart matter, I don’t hold Yiyi, why should I hold you?"
Rick Fang listened to the cold sweat on his forehead, and if he saw that his eyes were full of apologies and anxiety, there were still many questions. He was ignored by his cruel heart, but he looked at the cloud and said softly, "You two go out to play for a while first. I have something to say to him."
Yun Yiyi cleverly nodded and took the pupil to the door and cried, "If elder sister Yiyi and I stay at the door, if this Chinese Pulsatilla dares to bully you, you can call one."
Pupil shoving the door with cloud if sighed, "I know you still have a lot of questions you ask? Wrong novel network many words "
Rick Fang looked rather embarrassed and apologetic, "If this is me"
If Yunruo added, "You ask."
Rick Fang sighed. "If I really didn’t expect it, didn’t you say you were an only child at home? How can there be a sister just like you? "
If Yun Ruo said lightly, "Yiyi’s father and my father are twin brothers, and her mother and my mother are twin sisters. Although we are seven years old apart, we are surprisingly similar. It is not surprising that you admit your mistake. In fact, we are also very easy to recognize whether we can easily tell by listening to the sound."
Rick Fang said with a wry smile, "At that time, I was too far away and I didn’t know that you had a place so similar to what my sister saw."
Cloud if the back of hand gently wiped her eyes and added, "Pupil and Yiyi arrived in Z on Monday. I settled them in the hotel. You gave me that Gabrielle dress. I kept it in the locker in my office. On Tuesday afternoon, Yiyi came to me and saw it. She liked it very much. Yiyi and I had a good relationship. She asked me for something. I didn’t give it to her. You gave it to me. Although I didn’t want to give it up, I still gave it to her."
"We are poor children and you are the master of a rich family. I am afraid that after telling you, you will look down on Yiyi, and at the same time, you will look down on what I have done. I didn’t tell you." If Yunruo bit his lip, tears flowed again.
Rick Fang’s heart is full of pity. She goes to Yunruo’s side and puts her arm around her waist. Yunruo can’t earn it if she earns it, so she puts her arm around her and says, "When Pupil and Yiyi were just born, both parents gave them a young marriage, and the two of them played together in the big school. Even if they are a little too intimate, you don’t have to look down on people."
Rick Fang mumbled something, "I didn’t, didn’t … What if you said something the other day that you would do something sorry for me? I didn’t misunderstand what I said, so I went to wipe Yunruo’s tears. Yunruo’s head tilted and stretched out his hand and pulled out a paper towel. He wiped it at random and sobbed, "The pupil came with Yiyi in my hometown to study in the third year of high school, where the teachers were in poor conditions and the atmosphere was not good. I heard that I had a little career here, so let me do something. I gave them some money to send Yiyi to key high schools in the city, but because Yiyi’s grades were poor, people didn’t want to accept it, and my uncle was afraid that Yiyi would go to the city to study, and no one I was begged by my mother and them, but I contacted Z No.3 high school principal privately without saying hello. The principal wanted Yiyi to borrow here. The principal was Lan Xiangyu’s aunt. It was very polite to hear that I was the general manager of the Golden Emperor. However, due to trivial matters, I didn’t have any other friends here to do it with Xiang Yu bit by bit. At that time, those days were the busiest time for the company. If it weren’t for my family’s urging me, alas, I felt that my family would not have the heart to seek benefits. I’m sorry for your letter. You were so worried about me in those days. I felt guilty in my heart. In fact, after I said that, I regretted it myself for fear that you might misunderstand. "
Rick Fang heart regret way "if if you this where is I’m sorry? Your family is my family. You … You stop crying, okay? It’s my fault, it’s my fault, it’s my narrow-mindedness and I’m jealous at random. Will you forgive me? " Rick Fang hugged the cloud tightly, for fear that the beauty in his arms would disappear if he was not careful.
If Yunruo shed tears for a while and listened to the local Xu to comfort her heart a little more, she added, "I transferred Yiyi to Z, so there are a lot of teachers here. Secondly, I can also take care of her parents who have a good pupil with my dad. I led Yiyi to play with them when I was a child. By the way, I led him to the school the day before yesterday afternoon. At 5: 30, my former shift asked Xiang Yu to help them set up a salute. They went to school on Monday and I was in RT Mart to pick you up when you called me.
Rick Fang a pain in the heart tightly hug if cloud quiver "silly wench, how can I blame you?"
Cloud if don’t face to say "late I also eat with yiyi them not letter you can ask.
Xiang Yu, she has been with me. "
"I believe it. In fact, I knew I was wrong when Yiyi came in just now."
"In fact, I’m really stupid. You asked me about that Gabrielle the night before yesterday.
You should feel that something is wrong. I think you should have no reason to meet Yiyi. The next day, I hurried to Yiyi to get my clothes back to make you happy. "
"Who knows that you will not only ignore others today, but also drive them away indiscriminately …" If Yun is talking, she feels that the tears in her heart are falling out of control again and she can escape Fang Xu’s powerful bondage without twisting her charming body.
"If not if you know? Do you know how sad I was when I first saw Pupil and Yiyi? I … "Rick Fang saw Yunruoyu’s heart was even more ashamed. She gently kissed her mouth and hung on Yunruoyu’s face with tears, but her mouth was slightly bitter.’ If she was misunderstood by herself, her heart must be as bitter as these tears.’ Fang Xu was thinking about her heart and kissed Yunruoyu’s face with trembling guilt. Yunruoyu first tried every means to dodge Rick Fang’s mouth and kissed her lips. If Yunruoyu suddenly did not move, then she violently responded to the lilac uvula. Rick Fang’s tongue was tightly intertwined for a long time, and the momentum was never bold and violent.
If the cloud is burning and beautiful, Rick Fang will stare at it for a long time. If the cloud is charming, "If Xu is all you, you can’t get rid of it. If I will never betray you, I hope you can believe me."
The second volume Chapter 36 Activities
The second volume Chapter 36 Activities
Rick Fang and YunRe returned to their residence at nearly ten o’clock at night. As soon as YunRe just got home, he pushed Fang Xuhuan around his waist and arms to clear the table. Rick Fang looked at the busy YunRe and said with a smile, "If you rest first, I’ll clean it up."
If Yunruo doesn’t talk, he gently shakes his head and continues to remember Rick Fang. If Yunruo still ignores Yunruo, though he forgave Rick Fang just now, he can return to his residence at this time and look at the property transfer scattered all over the place. His heart is somewhat sad and his attitude is somewhat cold. Of course, if Yunruo is not really playing something, although she is jealous because of Rick Fang, she can also be extended to care about herself. If Yunruo thinks that he was bullied by Rick Fang too hard tonight, he deliberately wants to torture Rick Fang a little.
Misunderstanding clarifies that Rick Fang’s heart is comfortable and refreshing, but it happened that he was quite embarrassed. He looked at Rick Fang’s heart and knew that Yunruo still had some blame on himself.’ It’s no wonder that if I was too much, if I was angry,’ when Nai smiled and Yunruo was cleaning up together.
Two people silently finish home cloud if said’ good night’ and turned to go to rest but fierce might as well be Rick Fang gently grabbed the Hao bowl.
If the cloud doesn’t break free but doesn’t look back, it’s light to say, "It’s getting late in the morning. Please rest quickly. Isn’t there an activity to be held tomorrow?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Rick Fang well a but still didn’t let go instead of micro dint will cloud if dragged into his arms around.
Rick Fang gently kissed Yunre’s lips and kissed her jiao Ji, and then moved her fiery lips to Yunre’s white pink neck. Yunre’s heart was like a deer, and her face was red. The sound also trembled. "Xu Xu, stop that now."
Rick Fang gently blocked her lips and pried Yunruobei’s teeth, grabbed the clove uvula and sucked it gently. At the same time, a pair of palms also swam gently in Yunruobei’s body.

Haikui looked stunned,

Beside Haikui, the doctor’s eyes did not stay in Yu Lin’s face, but looked directly at the patient in bed. After all, he was old and had a certain epidemic power for women. Of course, he did not rule out the old pervert.
The doctor stepped forward quickly and said to Yu Lin, "Girl, you let me."
Yu Lin asked the doctor to put his hand on the old lady’s right wrist.
The old lady tilted her head slightly, but she didn’t seem to have enough strength, so she turned her head around. She asked Yu Lin, "Is the baby back?"
"Old man, don’t say a few words, relax and breathe quietly," the doctor said to the old lady.
Yu Lin looked at Haikui a few times and said to the old lady, "Grandma, Brother Sheng is back."
Haikui didn’t speak,
The old lady suddenly became more excited.
"Old man, you are calm, you will aggravate your illness," said the doctor in a hurry.
Yu Lin also hurriedly stretched out his hand and took the old lady’s hand. "Grandma, don’t get excited first. Brother Sheng has brought the doctor. When the doctor has finished seeing you, we will chat with Brother Sheng again."
"Have a baby, have a baby," the old lady ignored it and whispered.
Haikui sighed and went to the old lady. "Grandma, I’m back."
"Good to be back, good to be back," the old lady smiled.
"Hey," the doctor was shocked.
Haikui seems to feel bad, and he sees that the old lady’s complexion is getting better and better. Haikui’s heart is thumped. He has heard the word "dead to shine", but he feels that this is the case with the old lady now. Is it that the old lady is dying?
Haikui couldn’t bear it for a moment. Before he left, he whispered, "Grandma, I’m back. You should live well."
"Of course, my good grandson," the old lady shed tears in her eyes.
The doctor sighed lightly, and when others didn’t notice him, he withdrew.
Yu Lin and Haikui are in front of the old lady’s bed, smiling at her.
Suddenly, the old lady said, "Son, grandma is relieved when you come back. I feel like I’m going to another place."
Yu Lin blurted out, "Where?"
"It is full of all kinds of flowers, and it looks beautiful, like a garden. People there are beautiful, happy and light when they walk," the old lady looked at Fang with a yearning face.
If Haikui guessed correctly, the old lady said that the place should be heaven. It is said that when people die, they can see where they are going, so beautiful, not where heaven is.
Haikui blessed the old lady,
The old lady smiled, slowly closed her eyes and looked happy.
Yu Lin exclaimed, "Grandma,"
Haikui grabbed Yu Lin and shook his head. "Grandma is gone, so don’t disturb her to go to heaven."
Yu Lin sobbed at Haikui and suddenly turned to the door. "Brother Sheng, didn’t you bring the doctor?"
Haikui pulled her again. "Yu Lin, let grandma go. She is old, which is happiness for her, but it is painful to go away."
But Yu Lin didn’t listen. He shook Haikui’s hand and rushed out of the door, shouting, "Doctor, doctor, come in and see grandma."
Haikui felt that the doctor should light a cigarette and take a sip at this time. He was anxious and calm in Yu Lin and said, "Girl, your grandmother is dying. I saw it just now. I’m sorry for your loss."
However, the doctor sighed, "Look at it, girl."
Simple things are on display,
Maybe Haikui didn’t really feel like an old woman, and he couldn’t understand the mood. Yu Lin was heartbroken and continued to ask the doctor, "Doctor, please, please help grandma."
The doctor sighed again, "Girl, this gentleman has said just now, you’d better let your grandmother go so happily."
"No, no, I want grandma to attend my wedding," Yu Lin said, shaking his head.
Haikui suddenly discovered how good the earth photography technology is. At this time, he gave grandma a smiling face and took a picture for Yu Lin. It is estimated that this girl can feel much better.
Sighed, everything can’t go well, Haikui glanced at the old lady with her eyes closed with a smile on her face, and then walked to Yu Lin, holding handfuls of Lin Yulou in her arms, comforting, "Don’t be sad."
Haikui feels strange. At this time, Yu Lin should come to comfort him. He is the old grandson (fake), and I don’t take advantage of you.
Yu Lin cried, tore heart crack lung,
Haikui suddenly felt a little pain,
Looking down at this beautiful woman with pear blossoms and rain, Haikui sighed in her heart.
No wonder the hero is sad about the beauty. This painful feeling makes Haikui want to do everything to protect her.
The doctor shook his head and went out with his things, probably because he didn’t want to be a light bulb.
Haikui just hugged Yu Lin and let her in his arms. I don’t know how long it took. Yu Lin finally stopped crying and looked up. "What about grandma?"
Haikui looked everywhere, and there were few people around here.
"Why don’t you buy a coffin and bury grandma next to the running water of the bridge?" Haikui said.
Yu Lin’s eyes followed Haikui’s eyes, looked at the side of the bridge, and seemed to himself, "How did Brother Sheng choose that place?"
"I think that place is beautiful. Have you ever heard a poem?"
"What poem?" Yu Lin looked up at Haikui with big eyes.
"A dead vine and an old tree faint crow, a small bridge and a flowing water family, an ancient road with a thin horse and a west wind, and a heartbroken man is at the end of the world," Hai Kui recited the poem leisurely.
After studying for several years, few poems can be remembered, which is the same as weeding at noon and moonlight in bed.
Yu Lin listened to Haikui’s poetry reading, and was temporarily infatuated.
Haikui see Yu Lin that seems to be worship eyes, especially this level of beauty to worship eyes, Haikui some airy at the moment,
What’s the lyrics? I float proudly, I float proudly ~ I float proudly.
"Yu Lin, younger sister, younger sister," Haikui shouted several times for Lin Yucai to return to her soul and looked at Haikui shyly.
Haikui gave a dry cough. "Don’t look at me like that."
Yu Lin turned around and smiled, but Ma’s face turned ugly.
At that time, I forgot my grandmother’s death. Yu Lin felt very ashamed and said to Haikui, "Brother Sheng, am I a bad girl? I was very worried just now."
Haikui looked very familiar with her mood. "Sister, this is normal. You are still young. You can make people understand if you forget yourself for a while. Don’t feel guilty."

The three-legged sun found this door!

Haikui doesn’t want the three-legged sun to come in. The three-legged sun is too strong to come in. This is a catastrophe! The flying sword in his hand flew like a golden light, but it was like scratching on the sun!
The three-legged sun leaned his head and opened his mouth, and a sharp scream immediately stunned four young people, but the door of the wheel clan stopped at a third place and then closed half a minute!
Three-legged sun and two-footed grasp at the left and right doors, and the wings are also propped at the doors, as if to push the doors again. When the patriarch sees something bad, he immediately throws something out and mumbles!
Chapter 319 Enjoy this life well
A piece of Yu Pei appeared in front of the three-legged sun, conjured a giant axe from the Yu Pei and cut it off toward the three-legged sun.
"chirp! It’s actually a fairy! " The three-legged sun spits people’s words, but he has to return it. As soon as he loosens the giant door, the patriarch and the old man work together to knock the door shut with a loud noise.
But before the door disappeared, there was another loud bang that shook the whole world!
But fortunately, the door slowly disappeared for a moment, and then it resumed and flashed. This is out of bounds, which means that the door completely disappeared!
The patriarch took a long breath, "What a powerful demon!"
Haikui is also frowning. The three-legged sun is so powerful!
The old man went to see the faint four heads of families and came to Haikui. "Since you came back, the agreement came into effect three years ago!" "
Haikui threw his fist. "The patriarch really believes people!"
The patriarch ha ha smiled, "Don’t fool me with this sentence when you are young!"
Haikui embarrassed smile.
"But that Xu Daoyou came to wait for you early!" The patriarch’s face disappeared with laughter.
"Xu Daoyou?" Haikui can’t remember who it is at the moment!
"You’d better be careful if that friend Xu Daoyou doesn’t come well!" The patriarch wakes up
Haikui thought for a long time and suddenly sounded if he was chasing his old man!
More think more feel is made to seal fairy expression of eyes, seal fairy nodded and disappeared a black smoke.
The patriarch glanced at Li Fengxian and said to Haikui, "Let’s go and I’ll help you resurrect your parents!" "
Haikui primly said, "Thank you, my Lord!"
"Let’s go. You deserve a reward!" The heads of the fathers said, turning around and carrying their hands in front to lead the way slowly.
Haikui waited for this day, and he felt that he had waited for a long time. But at this moment, he had nothing to be excited about, and he was calm and calm, so that he thought slowly and slowly in his mind!
The patriarch took Haikui all the way to the tallest igloo in the family. "This is it. Come in!" Say through the door and push in!
At the moment Haikui stepped into the door, he suddenly felt a little scared. What should be the first sentence he said to his parents?
"Put your parents’ bodies on this ice!" The heads of the families entered the room and said to Haikui
Haikui did so and took out two freezers in the bag. The ice in the freezers was originally three meters thick, and now there are only a few centimeters left. Fortunately, it was taken out at this time.
Put the hard flesh on the plane, take out two jade bottles, and put them on the ice!
Then he took two steps back and looked at the patriarch!
"You go out. I’ll call you later!" The patriarch waved his hand.
Haikui’s lips moved and the patriarch’s eyebrows stood up and said, "This is my secret!"
Haikui Fahao walked out of the igloo.
After coming out and waiting for a while, Feng Xian turned back and whispered behind Hai Kui, "You are the old man who chased you after taking the leafy meat outside the Life Wheel clan!"
"It was him!" Haikui frowned slightly. "He’s here to avenge the Hao family. We must get rid of him first!"
"Now that you have stabilized, I have also concentrated on the physical body. It is not difficult for me to beat him!" Seal fairy corners of the mouth hung sneer at and said
Haikui glanced at the igloo. "Go!" Two people a flicker disappear.
When he appeared, he came to the entrance of the life wheel family, where two huge icicles still stood. Xu Gaoyuan waited for him outside with a black face. He was a little impatient!
He doesn’t know if Xue Zhengxiu killed Haikui. He has been waiting here for five days.
Suddenly, two figures appeared in front of my eyes. When I saw them clearly, Xu Gaoyuan frowned.
I didn’t expect Xue Zhengxiu didn’t kill Haikui. I’m afraid Xue Zhengxiu was run, and he was a little surprised to see Haikui’s small body breath become stronger!
I didn’t expect to be good at this three-year course!
Curse Xue Zhengxiu in a low voice. Xu Gaoyuanlang said, "Hai Kui!"
"The old man doesn’t know what you and the Hao family have been pushing me hard?" Haikui coldly looking at Xu Gaoyuan said
"The Hao family was kind to me, and the bodhi old zu of the Hao family begged me to do anything. I had to kill you and let you breathe for three years. Today, you will die honestly!"
Xu Gaoyuan said slowly that he didn’t recognize that Haikui Xiu could be taller than him for three years, so it was too short to break through.
"I see. It’s really rare for people like you to be affectionate and righteous now, but I don’t like people pestering me. If I don’t kill people, I’ll kill them, so I’ll get rid of the roots and save trouble!" Haikui said step by step from the wheel clan enchantment.
This enchantment prevents people from entering but not from coming out!

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!