Rick Fang didn’t answer. Looking up at the window for a long time, he turned back and smiled faintly. "People always change." There seems to be a little sadness in the words.

Shuaike one leng worried about looking at Rick Fang way "xu you nothing in your home? Wrong novel network many words "Liu Tian also looked at him.
Rick Fang laughed. "Don’t think about it. It’s okay. I just met someone at home. Okay, who’s buying dinner at noon today?"
"Xiaotian, of course." ShuaiKeda laughed.
"By me?" Liu Tian retorted.
"Cut" Shuaike didn’t "dump" him. He turned to Rick Fang and shouted, "We are talking about democracy and now we vote to raise our hands." As soon as the voice fell, Shuaike in Rick Fang had raised his hands.
Liu Tianda "scold" way "by this? I’m unlucky to know you two. I’ll go to the second canteen for a meal. "
Then three people walked out of the dormitory and went to the canteen with a few laughs.
After dinner, the three of them went back to the dormitory to continue chatting, and the Shuaike lazy walked over and picked it up. The lazy color suddenly disappeared and the whole person was refreshed.
"really! ? Shit, you’re really a timely help. Where do you think I’m listening? Yeah, yeah, remember it well. No problem? Well, hang up first and invite you to dinner later. "Shuaike kept rubbing his hands and smirking.
"What’s the matter, handsome boy? Excited into this kind of good news "Liu Tian laughed.
"Gnome male-"Areva snoring this little girl who was playing basketball just now met a girl who was in the same class as Lanxin’s son and knew the specific address of Lanxin’s home. "The handsome boy grinned and laughed.
"oh? Lan Xiner is Z city? " Rick Fang Qidao
"Is Areva also said that Lan Xin’s mother recovered from a serious illness a few days ago, and she has been at home for illness for more than a month? Lan Xin’s female classmates are going to visit her mother. Hey, hey, it’s a godsend." Shuaike was so excited.
"What’s the matter? Are you going to pay homage to your future mother-in-law to increase your position in the eyes of beautiful women? " Liu Tian laughed
"Yeah, I’m going to prepare for a while and then I’ll leave a good impression on her old man’s house." Shuaike said excitedly hitting his box to get ready to change clothes. After a busy time, he dressed up well and waved his hand at the two people and turned to go out. They both looked at his eager expression and laughed.
Rick Fang chatted with Liu Tian for a while and played games. At first glance, it was almost two o’clock. Rick Fang called the pharmacy and learned that Ji Lao would come to work in the pharmacy soon, so he got up and left.
Rick Fang left the school and went home with a few things. He took the bus to Jiren Pharmacy and entered the store. The old man and others all said hello to each other in Rick Fang and moved a chair to sit beside him.
Ji Lao asked kindly, "When will Xiaoxu come back?"
"Yesterday afternoon," Rick Fang replied, "How was Master and Jenny?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"It’s good that you have a heart. Your Jenny has been chanting about you these days, saying that you should come back." Ji Lao laughed.
"Thank you, Master. My mistress is right. This is my home. Let me give my parents a little gift. Please accept it." Rick Fang put the things in his hand beside Ji Lao. "Some local products are not a tribute."
"You this child let me say hello?" Old Nai laughed. "I’ll accept your Jenny and say that I’m old-fashioned and don’t understand the way of the world. By the way, Xiaoxu, let’s go to Master’s house for dinner tonight. Your Jenny misses you very much."
"Good, then I’ll bother you." Rick Fang laughed.
"It’s all right to bother you, but it’s a little more polite. Do you have to be so polite to Master?" Wrong novel network don’t jump word meter old walked over and said
In the evening, Rick Fang went home with Ji Lao for Jenny, and he was very happy. Naturally, he looked at it carefully and then repeatedly asked how the summer vacation was. Are parents and elders in good health? Rick Fang answered one by one. Finally, Rick Fang was planning his hometown dinner table. I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional. I asked Rick Fang about his impression of Liujia.
Rick Fang way "senior? Senior sister is very nice. She’s beautiful and handy. "
Ji Lao sighed, "Don’t look at us. Jia Jia always smiles in front of people. In fact, her heart is actually very bitter."
Rick Fang froze and connected, "Senior is so miserable because she has a favorite person in her heart, but that person has never appeared."
Meter old paused looks at Rick Fang way "Xiaoxu this matter how do you know? Jia Jia told you? "
Rick Fang said, "It’s half what the teacher elder sister said and half what I guessed."
The old silent language is another sigh and shakes his head. Jenny no longer sees Rick Fang wearing a headband and smiles. "Jiajia has a good impression of you, too. You two should help each other in school."
Rick Fang one leng laughs "that is that is"
Finally, Rick Fang said goodbye to the two old people and went home. Looking at the stars outside the window, Rick Fang kept thinking about the words of the two old people. He always felt that there was something in the words of the two old people. It seemed that he really wanted to see himself get along with Liu Jia.’ But the senior had a lover and he already had a if.’ Rick Fang all thought about it, but there was a little inexplicable sadness in his heart.
The fifth chapter internship! extraordinary ability
Rick Fang metalworking internship these days fitter, lathe worker, milling worker, welder four types of work, everything should be busy enough for seven days for a month. Architecture students are uniformly equipped with wide and thick workers in their clothes every day. Going to’ labor’ under the scorching sun (Shuaike jokes should be called labor reform) Rick Fang is a little better. He is strong. This level of temperature is a piece of cake for him, but Shuaike they are sad. Although there are high-powered fans in the small factory, the sweat still keeps coming out. According to Shuaike’s words, the weight is a few pounds lighter when they come to work every day. Which brothers with eyes complain all day about the reason? His glasses have been slipping down the sweat to the nasal attention root method. It’s really annoying.
In the third week, Rick Fang held a locksmith internship. This locksmith is the most tiring of several types of work. Because the intern teacher ordered five days to make a cylindrical iron bar with a diameter of 4mm and a length of about 15mm into a small hammer with the size specified in the drawing (there is a 30-degree groove in front of the square), equipped with tools, a handyman’s iron saw, a pile of saw blades, an iron chisel and a vise (to clamp the iron bar), which is quite a bit like grinding an iron pestle into a needle.
When they received these tools, these poor students were dumbfounded. Although they had heard from the interns how hard the fitter was, they were still a little unbelievable when they came to experience it for themselves. After the teacher assigned them to pat their asses and leave, everyone was sad one by one, and some of them were hot-tempered and could not help cursing, but the scolding was still to be completed, so everyone swore.
According to the experience taught by the predecessors, we first scribe the iron bar (of course, this is a very important step, which can save a lot of energy). According to the scribing, we first saw it into a rough die, and then we kept hammering and flattening it to achieve dimensional accuracy and form and position tolerance. surface accuracy asked that this was easier said than done, but it was tiring. However, it was absolutely hard work, of course, and it also required strength.
During the work, the boys took off their jobs one after another, wearing only a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. Everyone held back their strength and saw that they were sweating like rain for a while. It was really’ sweat and iron filings, and Qi Fei was the same color as a cloth’. In the Arabic words, it was a rag in a drugstore-it was bitter
Speaking of which, this boy is a little better. He is a great guy who is about 2 years old. Most of them like sports at ordinary times. Although some buddies are a little spoiled at home, they are not willing to be compared with a bunch of classmates now. So this hard-working spirit has been well interpreted among boys. It is also fruitful to work hard for a few days. Mastering several skills and mastering boys such as A Hai and others will arrive at the final dresser at noon on the third day. It is estimated that Rick Fang will be alive on Thursday. Naturally, the speed is even faster. His skill is also the best, and his strength is super scary. His hammer was finished as early as the next afternoon. Many people watched him wearing a tight shirt and working hard. He was deeply shocked. His muscles were constantly encouraged to expand and contract with his strength, and his facial expression was not as explosive as that of many boys, but his face was calm. But everyone was working hard and didn’t have much leisure to observe others. There were a few little girls who didn’t know they were professionals who had been here several times and held a camera at them. A bunch of hard-working boys clicked and snapped a bunch of photos. For this matter, the boys either ignored it or looked at the girl’s good appearance. Simply put on a few pose and pull a few smiles to show a few little girls the elegance of an architectural elite.
Speaking of fitter internship girls, it’s much worse. No, don’t just limit their speed because of their small strength and slow pace. Boys saw three moves. It’s good for them to move. There are 32 girls in Rick Fang’s class. One girl sees that girls are slower to enter the country. Usually, they are good with them or faster. Boys take time out to help for a while. Of course, there are also a few girls who are boyfriends (outside the class or outside) all the time. It’s really envious of others.
Although Rick Fang usually doesn’t have much contact with the girls in his class, he can’t bear to see many girls pouting and busy there. After the second day’s lunch, he has been helping the girls, watching the first handsome guy sweat profusely and working hard to help himself. Every girl who has been helped is grateful, and her little vanity has been satisfied. So she helped Rick Fang wipe the sweat and handed a tea drink from time to time. Looking at several sisters beside Rick Fang, many boys were "jealous", but there was no way that they could not compete with Rick Fang in speed.
On Thursday afternoon, Rick Fang was busy helping the class girl Yang Leyin, but she heard a commotion from the boy near the door. Then she heard Shuaike’s surprise and shouted, "Xin ‘er, you are here."
Rick Fang curiously looked up at Shuaike but saw Shuaike grinning and giggling in front of a very beautiful girl.


You can hear a rag in the cloth bag. The speed of the ordinary dragon has reached the extreme. Finally, the ordinary cloth is the head of the real dragon and rushes to the edge of the cloth bag at the same time.
Black-and-white mask on the outside of Gankun bag. Male eyes can’t be checked and shrunk. His speed still can’t keep up with the constant flying speed of bag impact.
Finally, Bu Pingfan tore the cloth bag like a piece of paper, and his hand was torn.
"No …"
The black-and-white masked man suddenly disappeared, and his speed was unprecedented. He wanted to grab the Gankun bag cloth without completely destroying it.
At this time, a real dragon covered with red flames rushed out of the dry Kun bag. This is a bloody inflammation that eats the magic, and the virtual shadow of energy is also a big trick.
Black-and-white masked man put all his thoughts into Kun’s bag. He disdains ordinary killing tactics.
It’s a pity that he was still a step behind. He tore the dry Kun bag and rushed out of it. His figure gradually became bigger when he was exposed from several inches. Finally, he became the same and suddenly held a cloth piece similar to a cloth bag in his hand.
"mom! Are you always trapped by this rag? It’s a shame … "Cloth ordinary heart angry, he casually threw the dry bag to the red dragon over there.
Suddenly a fire broke out, and this dry Kun bag was completely burned by the ordinary cloth.
As early as the ordinary cloth tore this bag apart, it lost its spirituality and was no longer protected by magic. It was completely incinerated by fire.
The black-and-white masked man went crazy to bombard the ordinary cloth when he saw the dry Kun bag burned out. He hit the ordinary cloth with a crushing breath.
He rushed out and suddenly his body became bigger, just like a huge Peng bird. All its feathers were black, and it was so big that it spread its wings and covered the whole sky and the earth.
Cloth ordinary escape quickly by his display, the real dragon has been gathered to those fine magic flash also rushed into his body.
Now he is like a stray dog whose home can be returned to, and he can’t hide anywhere. Peng bird can’t attack him as fast as this Peng bird.
"Can’t you really escape from its spreading distance without shrinking navigation?"
A wing can cover the sun, making the cloth feel cold on the back and the hair stand on end.
"What are you? How can you have this skill? "
Bu Pingfan also questioned this Peng bird, but this Peng bird couldn’t finish it. He just hit a fan, and a hurricane that was even more terrible than a category 10 hurricane suddenly rushed out to Bu Pingfan and swept away.
The wind and cranes swept across the sky. As soon as this hurricane appeared, the heavens and the earth reversed. There was a trace of the laws of heaven and the earth in it, otherwise a hurricane could not be turned upside down like this.
The hurricane whirled rapidly, sweeping the high mountains and dense forests, even rolling up the soil.
Cloth ordinary roots can’t escape the impact of this force. Cloth ordinary is like a sand.
"Navigation without shrinking can’t get out of its attack range"
Cloth ordinary looked at the huge Peng bird that covered the sun and was surprised. At the same time, the screen next to Yuan God was ready to enter the name of a place for navigation.
Before Bu Pingfan could respond, he was suddenly swept up by the hurricane, and he couldn’t move in the hurricane vortex, let alone prepare for navigation and escape.
As soon as he screamed, the huge black Dapeng bird suddenly flapped its wings and took the hurricane off completely. Finally, it took the ordinary body of the cloth and photographed it directly for thousands of meters before stopping sliding.
Cloth touched the place and set off a big pit. All the mountains around Wan Li were destroyed, and the earth and stone splashed to form a huge pit covering the sky.
Cough cough cough.
Cloth ordinary all the way by that force cling to general could not move.
"This is the gap? Can’t you really defeat a Mahayana realm cultivator in the middle of the fit? "
His eyes are dim, and this kind of trauma is very fatal. Ordinary people have been killed hundreds of times, but ordinary cloth is rough and rough, so let him carry the blow. He keeps coughing up blood and his brain keeps trying to find ways.
"Fit mid-term Mahayana realm cultivate immortality who arrived almost what? Why can’t I beat him? "
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Resurrection
The giant Dapeng bird keeps spinning like a giant eagle looking for its prey chicken.
Bu Pingfan, a small prey, has been badly hurt, and it is difficult to move. It is also embedded in a huge rock and its action is blocked.
"The owner’s adult is some kind of creature, and the chance of hitting it hard is slim. Besides, you don’t understand the laws of heaven and earth, and it is difficult to drive some laws."
Ji Xiantong said that this is the ordinary cloth. At present, it has not mastered the power, and it is relatively poor for the ordinary man with black and white mask in front.
"The law of force? Cloning a doppelganger will make the law force? Then put the clone in two places at once and the elf-eating beast out to kill this black and white masked man together. "
Cloth ordinary told Ji Xian Tong to release the cloned member and devouring the elves and beasts together.
A long whistle, a flash, a torn figure, a virtual appearance, a cloth ordinary party, this is a black and white mask man
He is almost crazy now, and there is no discipline to say that he attaches great importance to that dry bag.
"Give me my bag! Return my land … "
Yelling and screaming, black and white mask, the man’s face is almost distorted. He didn’t expect that his dry Kun bag turned out to be a paradise, and there was another aura in it that was close to the spiritual world.
This is one of the reasons why he didn’t step into the spiritual world with the dragon and tiger creatures.
Moreover, he still has enemies in the spiritual world. He can practice with this cave and seize the opportunity to break through the bottleneck and create a true fairy, so that he can swim in the sky and wander outside things.
The sudden appearance of the black-and-white masked man brought great surprise to Bu Pingfan. He was also watching the black-and-white masked man in high school. He didn’t expect that he would appear next to him less than 100 meters away!
"Life! You die without pity … "
Black-and-white masked man seems to kill red-eyed black Dapeng bird, and his eyes are blown clean, which is the essence of anger and annihilates the ordinary cloth.
He has now put aside everything about ordinary cloth and baby, so he will be so determined, otherwise he wouldn’t be so rude and play against the rules.
Cloth ordinary was wrapped in a naked shirt and then fell into a state of immobility again. He was imprisoned and couldn’t make any effort.
(of the tongue) click
Cloth ordinary collapsed again with his back to the ground. The black-and-white mask man has instilled his strength into it. He wants cloth ordinary to die anyway, which is a big kill.
Boom a cloth of ordinary body sticking to the surface and flying backwards, splashing thousands of layers of flying sand, leaving stones, mud and dust rolling.
The Mahayana realm is far more powerful than this. Bu Pingfan has suffered from bloody nose and mouth and many fractures in his body. Fortunately, he had already emerged the equipment for killing immortals, otherwise his body would be torn apart.
Cloth ordinary body has been flying backwards against the surface of the earth, crashing and collapsing all the bottom strata along the way, blasting out a gully with a size of 100 meters, which is almost a sci-fi area, and the earth is distorted.
"[Full Blood Resurrection], [Full Blood Resurrection], [Full Blood Resurrection] …"

Linchen and Bruce Lee looked at each other and enjoyed it together, sitting beside Haikui.

It was the first time for them to appreciate it, and soon they were fascinated. Haikui looked at them stupidly, hey hey.
When I flashed, I flew through the clouds and cherished the moon unconsciously. Three people also came back, carrying bags and things in their hands. Lin Chen and Bruce Lee saw that the three people came back and hurriedly got embarrassed.
Cloud precious little moon and Stephane looked at the blink of an eye, blushing after reading it, and blushing like a red apple. Looking at Haikui, she still looked at Shizuka before enjoying it.
"What are you doing?" Haikui said unwillingly.
"What do you see that doesn’t look good at this!" Shizuka stared at him.
"Don’t you think I’m a big pervert? Shouldn’t a pervert watch this!" Haikui stretching his legs and said
"Don’t you blush?" Cloud precious little month can’t listen to nu way
"Stop it" Stephane fell to see a few people quarreling again and hurriedly urged.
"That’s right," said Haikui, who didn’t cherish the moon and argued against Stephane.
"That brother Hai bought you a mobile phone." Lin Chen handed Haikui a new mobile phone.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Haikui boxed "Ah, it’s still a new mobile phone. Thanks, Brother Chen."
"Don’t thank me for being Miss Yunda’s money." Then he turned to Yunxiyue and said, "Miss Yunda, don’t worry, I will pay you back this money."
"I am willing to buy jade money, but you must give it back to me when you buy a mobile phone!" Cloud precious little month staring at HaiKui said
"What? Do you still care about this little money? " Haikui is not willing to say
"I don’t care, but I have to get it back even if you spend a penny on me." Yunxiyue gnashed her teeth.
Chapter 65 Dan
"What medicine did you take wrong today, bitch?" Haikui was upset at the bottom of the pool. "How many times have you changed your face today?"
"Hum, you forced me."
"I force you? Don’t be funny. "Haikui laughed as if he had heard a funny joke.
Cloud precious little month flushed nu way "you know"
"It’s not because you just looked at it, is it?" Haikui laughed and laughed.
"I just don’t like you again." Yunxi Moon stared at Haikui.
"I found that you really took the wrong medicine. I didn’t provoke you today. You saw thousands of dollars. Are you going to make trouble like that?" Haikui is not willing to say
"Forget it, I don’t care about you as a girl." Haikui said with a wave of his hand.
"Who are you talking about?" Cloud precious little month nu way
"What’s the matter with you two? How to quarrel again? "Shizuka feels headache. Are these two natural enemies?
"Forget it. I won’t argue with you when I look at Shizuka noodles." Haikui decided to ignore the clouds and cherish the moon
This girl must have been stimulated by something today, otherwise she wouldn’t have been targeting herself all the time.
"Cherish the moon for business matters. Don’t argue with him. He hates people like this." See the clouds and cherish the moon and want to get angry and hurriedly pull her to persuade.
Yunxiyue doesn’t know what’s wrong with herself today. She always wants to get angry with Haikui, but Haikui really gets angry, so she regrets it again, but as soon as he doesn’t get angry, she wants to provoke him again.
"Let the feather fall and eat XuanYuanDan first, which saves big sleep." Shizuka looked at the feather fall and said.
It’s strange that the clouds cherish the moon and put away their sexuality, and Haikui won’t really care about the beauty.
"Lin Chen, why don’t you put these jade articles into a spirit gathering array?" Clouds cherish the moon and ask Lin Chen.
"I will," said Lin Chen, picking up a sack of jade. "Which room?"
"Pick one yourself," said Yunxi Yue.
"Teach me how to gather the spirit array" Haikui hurriedly said to Linchen.
"You can’t even gather the spirit array?" Cloud precious little moon scoffs.
"No, why not? I’m just taller than you." Haikui muttered.
"Who knows if you’re cheating and stealing?" Yunxi said casually.
"Ice dog is right" Haikui laughed.
Lin Chen walked into Qunying, Longsnake, Wolong and House of Flying Daggers according to the five elements of hexagrams.
Haikui carefully watched him put those beautifully carved jade pieces bit by bit and asked, "What should I do with these jade pieces after they are finished? Do I sell them or share the spoils?"
Lin Chen said awkwardly, "These jade articles are all Miss Yun Da. Besides, after they are made, these jade articles will be abolished and their aura will be sucked up completely."
"Don’t worry, it’s good to have a photo. At least you can collect some money, not three million. This is all." Haikui’s excitement is grandpa red hair
Lin Chen smiled and didn’t speak, and then arranged the spirit array according to the direction of Jiugong hexagrams, according to the principle of life, two, two, two, three, three, and three.
Linchen taught Haikui while laying it.
Although Haikui built a high school, many things won’t. Lin Chengang was surprised, but now it’s normal.
After ten minutes, Lin Chen set up the gathering array, and there was a guardian plus psychedelic array and a simple defense array when he first entered the door.
Now that Ling Yunzong and Wu Renxing have come, there is no way to detect the worse situation for a short time, and Hai Kui is in charge.
"I’ll call Feather Fall." Lin Chen wiped his forehead and sweated for a short time. It was a waste of energy to set up three arrays.
Haikui carefully looked at Linchen and carefully remembered all the places.
But I still have to ask Yunxi Moon for a while to have a look.
Stephane came in with Yunxi Moon, and the rest of the people didn’t show up. Stephane left her hand holding a white porcelain bottle and changed her clothes. She wore a light color dress and now she has changed into a dark color dress.
Stephane fell directly to the law central sit cross-legged.
"You go and sit behind the feather." Yunxi Moon commanded Haikui and said.
Haikui stared at Yunxi Moon and then went to sit cross-legged behind Stephane.

One day passed quickly, and when the third person didn’t come out, many people speculated that there might be no one alive, but seeing that Tang Shaoyuan, the fifth-class clan, had not left, he waited patiently.

Another day, Tang Shaoyuan, who was meditating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the mouth of the cave.
Haikui meditates cross-legged like everyone else.
Breathing heavily out of the cave is like breathing on the deathbed of a very old man. The last breath is very strong.
Haikui stopped at the cave like everyone else.
A vague figure in the dark of the cave gradually became clear from far and near.
"It was her" Haikui surprised a heart.
It’s Su Lan. She actually came out. It’s her shortness of breath. You can’t tell what’s wrong with her just by observing.
Star Rohm waited outside for people to hurry, but he was stopped by Tang Shaoyuan’s hand before he arrived near.
They turned their attention to Tang Shaoyuan.
Tang Shaoyuan said, "Look, she is also seriously injured. If you take it back by yourself, I’m afraid it will be delayed. When she is cured, you will naturally let her come back."
Then Sulan was taken away.
Haikui was hidden in the crowd, but if he was not seen by the Xingluomen, no one would know that he had been in the Dragon Hall, right? Su Lan was beaten away, and his life and death were even more uncertain.
"There are already three people," Tang Shaoyuan whispered.
There are two others. He closed his eyes and continued to wait.
This time, after five days, the people waiting outside, except those brought by Tang Shaoyuan, have almost dispersed. There are a lot of people coming to see the treasures, and all of them are lost and left, hoping that their master will come back alive.
The sky was dim, and the cave gave off a flickering light. Tang Shaoyuan suddenly opened his eyes if he felt something.
Several black silk flies out of the cave, the lux light disappears to the mouth of the cave, and the black silk gathers and turns into a human figure and rushes out.
Tang Shaoyuan said to the black shadow, "When Taoist friends die physically, Yuan Shen is seriously injured. Please go to my fifth-class clan, Liuyun Sect, for treatment first!"
The black shadow went crazy and roared forward to take him away and attacked.
Everyone in the valley is staring, and Haikui is staring.
This man escaped from the secret way to leave the dark light of Yuan Shen Yuan Shen. Either his cultivation skill is strange or Tang Shaoyuan said that this man Yuan Shen was seriously injured.
He was seriously injured by Yuan Shen and was taken away by Tang Shaoyuan.
Haikui’s eyes twinkled and his head bowed.
"There’s another one," Tang Shaoyuan whispered, and then continued to close his eyes and wait patiently.
This time, after waiting for several days, Tang Shaoyuan couldn’t sit still and wandered around the mouth of the cave.
There are fewer and fewer people waiting in the valley, and all the first-class clansmen are disheartened. None of them came out alive in previous years, and four of them came out alive this time, which is not bad.
Haikui will retreat if he wants to, and if he doesn’t leave, I’m afraid he will be exposed soon after waiting for people in this valley.
He didn’t know where those people were taken and what would happen.
Since the Five-level Cloud Sect can become a Five-level Clan, the strength is naturally not weak, and the number is ten times that of the majority of Xing Luomen.
Star Solomon’s status as a master in Liuyunzong is quite an ordinary master, and it is precisely because he is a first-class master that even a fifth-class master looks down on him.
On this day, Haikui estimated that there were less than 100 people left in the valley, so he planned to find a place to hide for two days before returning to the star Rohm. But when he was in this mood, six people flew in from afar.
These six leading players have not reached the immortal level, but Li Zhiyong may be the reason for practicing immortality all the year round. Although Li Zhiyong is over 1,000 years old, he doesn’t look old. He looks extraordinary, but he is more like a middle-aged man around lent.
Li Zhiyong’s cultivation is not stronger than Tang Shaoyuan’s, but he has always been valued by the elders. Li Zhiyong, a well-regarded Sect in Liuyun, is revered by his disciples.
Tang Shaoyuan, like a cat on hot bricks, looked up and saw Li Zhiyong with people. His brow wrinkled and he hurriedly saluted, "Please forgive my brother for coming."
Li Zhiyong reached out to stop Tang Shaoyuan and said politely, "Brother Tang is very unhappy this time!"
Tang Shaoyuan’s face suddenly turned ugly. "Brother Li, is this what you said?"
"The elder pushed five people to perform, and you sent back four people, but you haven’t seen the remaining one back to the elder these days. After deduction again, it was found that that person had left the Dragon Hall from other places and this person was the most important!" Li Zhiyong black face said
Although the conversation between the two people was light, they didn’t deliberately avoid the crowd. There was no sound alone. The others in the valley listened to it clearly, even Haikui heard it clearly.
Haikui lowered his head for fear that six people would find him later.
Tang Shaoyuan’s face changed. "Before I came, the elder told me to stay at the mouth of the cave!"
Li Zhiyong chuckled, "Brother Tang, don’t explain this matter. It’s always bad for you to take it away!"
He made Tang Shaoyuan caught by two people and dared not resist and took it away.
The cloud Sect soon left without paying attention to the people in the valley.
Haikui saw that everyone had left, and he was wondering whether to go back to Xingluomen first or not. As soon as his eyes turned, he had an idea.
Star Romain is going to climb a small mountain peak in front of the cave, that is, to return to Star Romain Haikui and go to the cave where the door owner is located first.
The master didn’t close the door. Hai Kui shouted "Master, I’m back" outside the door.
"who?" Door Lord asked strangely.
"It’s me. I’m Ye Sheng!"
The door owner walked out of the cave and saw Haikui suspicious. "You’re not dead?"
Haikui said, "What? The master wants me dead? "
The door owner frowned and looked at Haikui and outside. "Let’s talk inside!"
The door owner substituted Haikui into the cave and covered the cave door. He asked, "Those who entered the Dragon Temple and finally came out alive were taken away by the Liuyun Sect of the Five Clans. What didn’t you take away?"
"On the day of returning to the door, today, the cave in front of the Dragon Temple was guarded by Xianbing Xianbao to check whether the seal of the cave array was in a state of play. When I was ranked last that day and the remaining people were close to 300, Xianbao lit up. Those of us who were less than 300 were not allowed to enter!"
The door owner looked at Haikui suspiciously. "Then why don’t you go back to Xingluomen first?"
"I have no face to come back without entering the Dragon Hall!"
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Chapter 552 dumb luck
Haikui continued, "On that day, I didn’t enter the Dragon Hall and many people who didn’t enter the Dragon Hall were very angry and wanted to wait for the opportunity to enter the Dragon Hall again. Who knows that it will be such a long time until the cloud Sect people come out of the Dragon Hall. I don’t think there is a chance to enter the Dragon Hall again, so I will come back. After all, Ye Sheng has a negative commitment."
The door owner’s face softened. "Let’s forget it. My star Solomon is scarce. If we lose two more people, it will be a heavy blow. Su Lan has also come out of the Dragon Hall this time. I am very pleased!"
"The door owner Yemou wants to ask one."
The door owner motioned for Haikui to sit down. "What do you want to ask?"
"Those senior clansmen will allow the lower clansmen to be there?"
The Lord of the door sneered at "for example, there is more than one floating cloud clan in the five-level clan. It is naturally impossible for all the low-level clan clan to be annexed by the high-level clan."
Haikui nodded and got it.
"It’s just that it’s our turn when you come back in two days. We have two places for the patrol of Xianbing. The place to get Xianbing Xianbao is in Xiandi Tiangong. Everyone wants to see the Xiandi Tiangong. We will draw lots to decide who will go to Sulan for a short time, so we will draw lots early in the morning and you will also participate." The door owner said to Haikui.

Chapter 165 Bet

"But what can be put in? And how can it be put in so big?" She suddenly asked, blushing and too ashamed to lift her head. She just said what she was thinking, saying that it was because she saw Ma Liang.
It’s impossible to see anyone here. She’s like a deer bumping around in her heart.
"People can even give birth to children. The size is not a problem." Ma Liang smiled.
"Teacher Ma, should I ask these questions?" Pepe wrote in a mosquito-like novel.
"It’s okay. Many people have such doubts, especially in our villages, and many children in the city know a lot. It’s normal for you to come out of school although you are a teacher."
"How do you know that teacher Ma?" Pepe finally became less shy.
"Look at some of those, it’s quite embarrassing." Ma Liang seemed to be at home for a few minutes.
"I’ve seen that," Pepe suddenly realized. "I, I mean, I’ve seen someone else holding it. I haven’t seen it." She was shy, and her face looked like a ripe apple with a girl’s original whiteness.
Ma Liang couldn’t help but think of Su Yuyao’s liking to see it before. I wonder if she still wants that thing to pass the time. Anyway, Ma Liang forgot to eat the rice in one breath.
"Whether to put it in or not?" Pepe asked again.
"You don’t have to move."
"What’s going to move?" Pepe continued. She was curious and didn’t even care about her stomachache.
"Pepe, I feel like I’ll tell you directly. If you feel uncomfortable or can’t listen, please tell me." Ma Liang feels that it’s difficult to explain clearly because Pepe is ten years old and an adult. Can you know this after you finish?
"Good" Pepe also feels that she has asked too many questions, but of course she has to find out.
"That is, when a man inserts that thing into a woman, he has to move back and forth, so that both of them will be very comfortable. Even if they don’t have children, men and women will do the same thing. The day you saw me, it was almost like that, but her mouth was convenient for me."
"When the male is very comfortable, the sperm will be injected, and then it will go to the female body, and then it will gradually become a fetus, and finally it will be born in October."
"What men like about women with good bodies is that they feel comfortable when they do it, not necessarily because they have children."
Pepe was dumbfounded. It was like opening the door to a new world for her. No wonder some men are always trying to do that.
"It’s just a matter of getting comfortable. No matter what, there are some places where men and women are comfortable."
Ma Liang went on talking, but seeing Pepe’s gawk was terrible, and from time to time she said that she was too angry, which frightened her.
"Pepe Pepe" Ma Liang hurriedly shouted a few times.
"Ah" Pepe, return to absolute being to see Ma Liangche looked at himself.
"Are you all right?"
"Nothing’s all right" Pepe felt a little guilty because she remembered rubbing her chest occasionally when she took a shower. It was really a little comfortable, but she was too scared to touch it again. I didn’t expect it to be such a place.
"It’s good to be okay. It’s very difficult to accept this kind of thing, which may be different from what you thought before." Ma Liangsong was relieved. "But sooner or later, you have to understand it, or you will make a joke when you get married."
"There was a couple who didn’t get pregnant for more than a year after they got married. As a result, they went to the hospital for examination and found that both of them had no problems. It turned out that both of them could get pregnant by sleeping together under the covers."
Pepe realized that there are others who think so. It is really a problem that she is not a student, and she has gradually become an adult and a teacher. She has a lot to learn.
"Thank you, Teacher Ma, for letting me know so much." Pepe said sincerely.
"Nothing, just ask me if you don’t understand anything. I won’t tell anyone about these things." Ma Liang seems to be really studying.
"It’s getting late, you have a good rest." Ma Liang got up and Pepe followed him and sent him away. He waited for his motorcycle back to disappear before lying in bed and resting.
In her feeling, Ma Liang is quite gentle, and the girl’s mind is difficult to think.
That girl is not in love with spring
It seems that he has broken up with that beautiful Miss Su. What? Doesn’t he like Miss Su’s type? What does he like?
She covered her face when footsteps outside the door.
"Pepe, how are you feeling?" is the old backup voice of President Zhang. Just as Ma Lianglu met her, she told about Pepe.
"No, it’s okay. I’ll just lie down for a while."
"Just now, Teacher Ma gave me some money to buy you chicken stew, so you can take a rest and I’ll go out."
Pepe, what are you doing? Ma Liang, why do you want to buy yourself chicken stew?
In fact, Ma Liang is also purely doing good deeds, so that President Zhang and his family can eat, but Pepe will not consider it alone.
When Ma Liang returned to school, she was asked by Su Yuyao where she had been. She answered honestly, and she was satisfied. She also remembered that she had taken good care of her when she was in pain, especially that night.
Looking back now, I feel a little silly.
"I have already discussed it with President Zhang. The first batch of money is to buy materials, and the second batch of money is to repair houses and add some infrastructure to the playground."
"You just say yes."
"This is your money." Su Yuyao frowned. "Don’t you care what happened to your money?"
"I don’t know much about money," Ma Liang said truthfully.
"I’ll take care of all the money afterwards," Su Yuyao said quite stuffy.
Ma Liang nodded. At this time, it’s almost time for lunch. I have to get ready.
Su Yu Yao was quite proud of his obedience, but then he thought about what he had become. He was a wife in charge of money. No wonder he deserved it so neatly and took advantage.
I really want to pinch him a few, but it’s not easy to send them. President Zhang is ready to ring the bell.
In the afternoon, it happened to be extracurricular activities in two classes, and Su Yuyao wanted to make the students more United, so he proposed to tug-of-war and choose twelve people in one class, and the others were cheering.
Tug-of-war ropes are ready-made, and students are preparing.
"What do you say if our class wins?" Su Yuyao asked beside Ma Liang.
"What do you want to do?" Ma Liang didn’t see that he would lose. After all, the sixth-grade classmates are all bigger and naturally stronger, and Ma Liang has two more men here and is very interested in making a bet with her.
"People who lose like this have to promise to win everything." Su Yuyao looked at him Gherardini.
"Wait, that kind of thing is not allowed yesterday." Su Yuyao immediately said that she looked at Ma Liang with beautiful eyes.
Actually, Ma Liang didn’t even think of that at all.
"and don’t do anything that embarrass me."
This kind of thing is the woman’s call, and Ma Liang has nothing to say. He went directly to his class to guide him. In fact, these little guys also tug-of-war in case they lose it, and Su Yuyao whispered something for fear that others would hear him. Look at Ma Liang from time to time.
Tug-of-war is also a team sport, which must be twisted into a rope. The rhythm is particularly important. One person is needed to direct it. This is the key, and Ma Liang is the commander in chief.
Both sides are ready. Ma Liang is confident, but Su Yuyao seems quite mysterious.
At this time, Ma Liang put the rope in the middle position and shouted.
Tug-of-war is a close state because the power is the strongest and the power is the neatest.
"Come on, come on, come on, come on." People on both sides shouted at the top of their voices, while Ma Liang kept gesturing, so that everyone could see his gestures and take a forceful approach.
And this method will soon have an effect. Little by little, Ma Liang’s heart is happy, but he doesn’t notice Su Yuyao quietly leaning over.
And several little girls in her class are slowly approaching.
Then Ma Liang was suddenly hugged by Su Yuyao from behind, and the little girls directly interfered with Ma Liangban’s tug of war.
Ma Liang lost when he was still in a daze.
"We won." Su Yuyao’s valet cheered and looked quite heart-warming.
"Teacher, this doesn’t count."

Director Xiao smiled and shook his head. "No, but the nature is similar."

"meaning?" Qiu Ji is a little confused.
"I made a report to the province a few days ago and requested to send someone to help solve the case. The province attached great importance to presenting the report to the Ministry of Public Security. I just called someone to have them in this law enforcer two months later. Even superhuman powers can’t run away, so let him be proud for a few more days." Director Xiao smiled smugly but looked ferocious.
"Two months so long?"
"Yeah, but there’s nothing I can do. That department is understaffed."
"The department is so big that it can catch this martial arts law enforcer?" Qiu Ji asked
Director Xiao didn’t answer and wrote two words on a piece of paper-"power"
Chapter 34 Negotiation
What happened next was a bit unexpected to Rick Fang. The municipal government stopped the media offensive, and occasionally appealed to the public in newspapers not to be easily influenced by law enforcers. His outlook on life demanded that law enforcers surrender themselves for leniency, and then he stopped asking. Rick Fang came a few days late and didn’t meet the police’s actions against him. On the surface, the government adopted a "don’t advocate, don’t ask" attitude towards him.
Although Rick Fang thought that things were not that simple, he couldn’t think that a big conspiracy against him was slowly unfolding. He was still going his own way, probably because he was so bold as an artist. He did a good job in public security in Z city, and many bad people dared not be evil. Of course, the citizens praised him.
Yunna was lying in bed at noon on Friday, staring at the ceiling and thinking. Yunna was very upset these days. After semester study, she didn’t see much of herself in Rick Fang. At ordinary times, it was not convenient for her to have too much contact with Rick Fang. After all, she had a lot of things to do.
Yunna goes to the drugstore every Saturday, but if she wants to see Liu Jiafang Xu talking and laughing together, she will feel cold and her heart will ache like a needle. She is not good at talking with Rick Fang, and she often loses her words after a few words. Before seeing Liu Jiafang Xu laughing and laughing, she was very sad, because she felt that men and women should take things slowly and let Rick Fang gradually understand her mind. However, since the "dumpling storm" happened, Liu Jia has been entangled with Rick Fang, which makes her feel uncertain. I’m even more nervous when I come to my heart, and sometimes when I chat with Ji Lao in the drugstore, I can feel that the other Xu appreciates Liu Jia’s contact with Rick Fang. Her family doesn’t object to it, but she really wants to see it. But what will happen if her parents know? Yunna dare not think about it.
You are a dead pervert. Do I owe you for torturing me like this?’ Yunna groaned with low strength and blushed. The infatuated girl’s feelings in her heart are really’ cutting constantly, reasoning is still chaotic’
In a daze, Yunna saw Rick Fang, and his clear eyes, such as springs, looked at his eyes positively and fixedly, emitting never-ending tenderness.
Xu, I’m so happy that you love me.’ Yunna cried with tears in her eyes and looked at Zhang arms coming towards her. Rick Fang said.
And say,’ This will happen!’ Yunna tore heart crack lung cried can’t believe all this Rick Fang actually walked past her and hugged a girl with a sweet smile on her face turned out to be Liujia!
“? ? Do you want me? " Yunna deeply grieved geological asked Rick Fang.
"I’m sorry" Rick Fang’s eyes are full of apologies but firm. "Xiao Na, your father won’t agree that we are together, but Jiajia’s parents value me very much and don’t care about me. I’m sorry."
"Well, don’t talk to her any more. Let’s go, Xu." Liu Jia snuggled up beside Rick Fang with a sweet face and said that Rick Fang nodded. "Ok, Jiajia, where do you want to play?"
"I’m going to …"
Watching the two men make out and roared off, Yunna fell like a body, and icehouse screamed at Rick Fang’s back, "Don’t come back."
"Xiao Na, wake up, wake up." Yunna was woken up and saw three heart faces beside the bed.
It turned out to be a dream. It’s all a dream. It’s just a dream.’ Yunna gasped and comforted herself in her heart.
"Did Xiao Na have a nightmare, crying and calling’ Don’t go’ and’ Come back’? Who wants to leave you and make you so sad?" Zheng Yan they worry asked
"Oh, I didn’t have a messy dream." Yunna blushed and muttered.
"A dream? It won’t be your mysterious lover meeting, will it? Wrong novel network many words "Zhao Xiaoyue suspicious way she is the most like fantasy girl in the dormitory.
"No, no, how come?" Yunna is still novel, but her face turns pale.
Careful Xie Ruxin found that Yunna was wrong and quietly stabbed Zhao Xiaoyue. This girl also reacted and quickly shut up and stopped talking. The dormitory was quiet and scary for a while.
Zheng Yan said, "Xiao Na ancients once said that people’s dreams are often the mapping of future reality."
Yunna’s face was even more white when she heard this sentence. Zhao Xie and two women were also dissatisfied. Looking at Zheng Yan, who has always been steady and considerate, how could she say such a reckless thing?
Zheng Yan laughed. "I’m not finished yet. This kind of mapping is often true. On the contrary, Xiao Na said that you had a nightmare and it is estimated that you will be lucky in the future."
Zhao Xie two women also sighed and joked, "Yes, Xiao Na, your lover is estimated to surface."
Yunna’s heart was also quite comfortable when she heard this. She teased the girls, shamed and annoyed, and she was covered in anger and stopped talking. The three girls saw that she was back to normal before they went back to bed and continued their nap.
Restore the mood Yunna is still a little bitter about this dream.’ I won’t give up. Maybe it’s time to talk to Liu Jia.’
Bao Li, a small restaurant on the second floor of the evening canteen.
Two stunning beauties looked at each other without saying a word. One was frosty and the other was passionate, but it was Yunna Liu Jia Yunna who ordered the food and left the door open, disappointing many guys who wanted to peek at beauty.
"Come on, what do you want with me?" Liu Jia was all smiles but a little puzzled. When she received Yunna’s words at noon today, she was very puzzled. Supposedly, this adversary would not call her, but now she has not only done so, but the wording in the words is very tactfully said that she has something to discuss with herself-does she have something to say with herself? It can’t be …?
Yunna casually picked up the glass filled with juice in front of her and shook her eyes gently. She hesitated for a long time and gently opened her lips "I’m sorry."
“? You, you say? " Liu Jia is frightened and smiling no longer. Is this what this arrogant person has always said? Did you hear me right?

"Sister Xiang Lanjie can’t take a baby with her in her arms," Ma Liang said.

It’s true that although that kind of motorcycle is cool, it’s limited to sit on the same level in the back, and two people have to squeeze their children to hold it and take up some space, so there is no way to sit at the back.
Xia Xue is busy with dinner. Ma Liang feels that Mengmeng has to talk to her about things. Now Mengmeng has been sticking to it.
Eating and talking, Ma Liang is used to this feeling of several people together.
It’s almost time for Ma Liang to get a motorcycle, and Xianglan came out with her children. Xia Xue Su Yuyao and Mengmeng watched at the door and waited for the motorcycle’s back to disappear completely before entering the house.
"Brother, slow down," said Xiang Lan, while Ma Liang slowed down.
"Did you miss me these days?" asked Xiang Lan, but with a hint of a woman’s unique style.
"Yes," Ma Liang nodded truthfully. He also specially asked Xia Xue.
"But I miss you very much. I’ll find a place to have a good time later." Vanilla did hold back her words a little, boldly and directly.
"I know you’re talking to the county beauty now. She looks at me like an enemy. I’m always thinking about your bad thing," said Xianglan.
"Sister, when I was asleep alone, I honestly thought about your big things coming in and out, thinking that my shorts were wet, and rubbing my hands for a while was always better than not rubbing your big things." Xianglan said more boldly and Ma Liang was a little teased by her words.
Vanilla’s plump body has a unique taste, soft and elastic, and she is somewhat charming and attractive.
"Good brother let my sister relax a few times, otherwise I won’t be able to eat, but I didn’t have so many opportunities to get busy after I came back to get together with you today." She nodded in the same pleading tone, but the two men and women were just happy and emotional, and they didn’t have that lingering dependence
"Sister Xianglan, where are we going?"
"It’s getting dark, of course, we can go to the mountains and forget where we went last time."
Ma Liang remembered that it was Grape Mountain.
"A woman of my age can’t help it." Vanilla sighed at the key, knowing that Ma Liang’s taste was over.
At this time, there were few people everywhere, and Ma Liang also made a bold attempt to ride a motorcycle directly to this road, which was fairly regular. The motorcycle performance was good in the long run, but it was really ineffective to get to the mountain.
It’s still that place, and the night is hazy, and you can still see that the smoke from the kitchen in the small village is full of simplicity, and the people here are actually very simple about men and women
Most of them just stay and get refreshed, but they don’t enjoy themselves so much. If they want to get it, they just go to bed and finish sleeping, while many people in the city pay attention to the atmosphere, candlelight dinner and so on
In fact, it’s a bit casual in this respect. Of course, this kind of thing is still very enviable, but some people know it well if they don’t get out. After all, their daughter-in-law who works outside all year round is not a nun. These people themselves often have to steal food and play with a young lady.
In this mountain, the two people are not in a hurry. Xianglan coaxed the kids to slowly close their eyes and put them beside her.
"I’m not attractive if I’m used to sleeping with city people." Xiang Lan looked at Ma Liang and laughed like that.
"It’s not Sister Xiang Lanjie. I’m thinking about something. I don’t know how to do it for Yu Yao’s birthday in a few days."
"It turns out that women in the city are very particular about hearing about the popular candlelight dinner. I have seen it several times to eat the western food with candles," said Xianglan.
Candlelight Dinner Ma Liang has certainly heard that she is now a candlelight dinner because there is no light, but how can she be very happy? Money feels that she doesn’t care so much about clothes and shoes.
"Don’t think about her yet, I’m right in front of you." Vanilla took a charming look at him and took off her clothes. The soft white rabbit bounced out and had a charming radian, so Ma Liang’s hands could not be caught.
Smell the other breath Ma Liang is also a little tempted.
"Come on, I’m all wet." Xiang Lan held me and Ma Liang grabbed her nephrite with one hand, and it filled the whole palm and kneaded it, while Xiang Lan met the hum.
And vanilla also unceremoniously caught Ma Liang’s big things and rubbed them directly and let them out.
"I miss you so much," she couldn’t help but say.
"Come from behind" She directly turned around and faded her loose pants, revealing her chubby ass, white and dazzling. She probably really wanted to directly pull her small pants aside and reveal the fat meat mound, holding Ma Liang’s big things and gathering up her tender meat, scraping and grinding her body, and she couldn’t help shaking.
Slowly, she stepped back and squeezed "Good brother, please push", which was too tight, she could not help but say.
Ma Liang put her arms around her and moved it directly, and it went in. Vanilla’s long charming songs were extremely satisfying, and she actually took the initiative to move:
Chapter 24 The difference between wearing and not wearing
Soon vanilla will die. If Ma Liang hadn’t held her, she would have been soft to the ground directly.
And Ma Liang also picked up speed. After all, you can’t go back too late and snore. You have hardly stopped. Vanilla is in a semi-coma and sings for many times.
"Sister Xianglan, I’m coming." Ma Liang couldn’t help it.
"Don’t get it in," said Xiang Lan. "Now Ma Liang can’t have other children if she wants to marry Su Yuyao later."
"What should I do?" Ma Liang stopped.
Vanilla is sweating, and it’s too comfortable to move forward. The two of them are separated, and then she directly turns and sits on the ground facing Ma Liang, holding the shiny big thing in one hand and holding it in one bite.
Don’t be so attractive. It’s just been pulled out of her body and stuck with a lot of her own lotion.
Ma Liang couldn’t help but sigh.
"Elder sister won’t make you feel bad." Although Xianglan was full of strength, she still cheered up and gave her little brother Ma Liang a good tongue. Soon Ma Liang couldn’t help it.
She knows more than Su Yuyao, knowing that he is coming, and directly speeding up Ma Liang, there is no need to hold her head.
She actually sucked her tongue and stirred Ma Liang. She couldn’t help but explain.
"Sister Xianglan" Ma Liang felt a strange feeling, mainly because of the suction.
And vanilla whined and ate it and cleaned it up.
"Xianglanjie you ate" Ma Liang was surprised.
Vanilla gave him a charming look. "This thing is a tonic for men. What are you looking at? My legs are soft and you don’t know how to pull me up."
Ma Liang quickly pulled her up.
While vanilla tidied up her clothes and slowly recovered.
"Well, I finally feel comfortable. I really envy Teacher Su for enjoying it every day." Vanilla smiled and picked up the child.
"It’s a pity that after this, my relatives are going to set up a small workshop in the village to do this specially. Then I have to help. You don’t have to lock the door at home, so help yourself." Xianglan sighed.
"Sister Xiang Lanjie, do you need money? I can give you the vegetable plot, which occupies your place." Ma Liang said.
"No, I want to enrich the day, but it’s up to you, uncle, to give your niece some clothes after her talk." Actually, Xianglan really doesn’t like dragging her feet.
"I must leave a copy for Chu Chu" Ma Liangzheng nodded.
"It’s still a little soft when you hold my leg after I go," said Xianglan.

A few days later, Haikui succeeded in compressing the real element in Dantian again. At this time, the real element in Dantian was like litchi, which was two times larger than once.

Haikui didn’t have any extra thoughts, so he just wanted to prove whether his guess was correct. He absorbed it crazily again, this time it was longer than the first consumption, and the sandstorm on the surface of this planet almost stopped to fill the violent aura and became very weak, but Haikui didn’t pay any attention to this. He wanted to absorb compression, absorb compression!
Li Xian seems to have forgotten Hai Kui here, and the World War I with Wuyang Reality lasted for seven days and seven nights. After the great progress, he always occupied the wind, but the next day, several other disciples of Wuyang Reality came here and broke the cloth magic array of Li Xian, and several people joined hands with Li Xian to get rid of the benefits, so they threw Hai Kui in this star.
On the tenth day, when Haikui succeeded in compressing the voxel to the size of an orange and reabsorbing it, the planet was already full of aura and lifeless. Haikui’s body was still unable to move and was sealed. Haikui tried several times and could not break through the innate seal.
Half a month later, Haikui was chatting and looking at the sky, and he felt that there was a real fluctuation in the distance. It seemed that someone was passing by this planet, and Haikui went to see three monks flying in the star regardless of the willy-nilly. All three of them were in the later stage of Yuanying, and he immediately called out, "Can a friend help?"
The three pilots showed one leng and then looked at each other with a dignified look. All three of them were in the later stage of Yuanying, but they didn’t notice this trance, which proved that this person was not weak and didn’t know that he had a picture!
However, the speed of the three people flying dropped significantly, and they looked at the planet and looked at it carefully.
The three men, two men and one woman, one of whom is in his fifties, and the other one looks in his thirties.
The woman said to the two people beside her, "This planet has almost no aura and is already a death star. Is it our illusion?"
"hallucination?" Next to him, a man about her age sneered and said, "If I am hallucinating, all three of me have heard the woman. That’s it. It’s so innocent and lovely!"
The woman stared at him and looked at the older man.
"Let’s go and have a look," said the older man after two seconds’ silence.
Chapter 212 Kill three people
The three men quickly changed their flight direction and came to Haikui’s planet.
Haikui was so happy when he saw three people coming that he said, "Friend, can you help me?"
The three men found Haikui, but stopped at a height of 100 feet from Haikui and asked, "Taoist friends call me and so on."
"I can’t move now. I want you to do me a favor and move me to a planet." Haikui said to the three men with a kind smile as far as possible.
The three men looked at each other, but the woman asked, "You can’t move."
"I’m blocked. I can’t move temporarily."
After staring at Haikui for a while, the old man said, "You are not inferior to us. We are sealed here and give us a reasonable explanation."
"A few days ago, a scholar caught me and sealed me up, saying that he wanted me to be his magic servant, and then he abandoned me here to fight with others when he met his opponent." Haikui simplified the problem and said.
"Don’t believe him, why don’t we just see if he has a good magic weapon and kill him?" The man in his thirties said, "He looks so young that he has such repairs. Maybe he is a rejuvenation monster. He has more eyes than us. Be careful."
Haikui was depressed and explained, "I’m telling the truth. If I lie, I’ll be thundered five times a day."
The man in his thirties sneered and said, "You can’t trust anyone who swears casually. Don’t believe him."
The older man nodded. "I think it’s killing him, too. He has a bag around his waist and we’ll take it away later." He said that a flying sword appeared in his hand.
Haikui didn’t expect that he was impatient and pushed himself to a dead end. If he cultivated slowly and broke the seal, it would be just around the corner. He quickly thought about seeing the flying sword stab in the man’s hand and hurriedly shouted, "Don’t worry, I have something in me. Don’t kill me for you."
The man asked, "What is it?"
"A fairy was swallowed by me, and now I spit it out and give it to you. You leave me alone, like" Haikui made a big fuss.
Three people’s face suddenly changed into a fairy. What it was like was clear to them.
"Do you know what I was sealed for? It’s because I hold the fairy’s box. He intends to take it out of me. If I die, you can dig my body unless I spit it out."
Three people look at each other, and they also know that some magic weapons that are compatible with life can be directly integrated with the body.
Haikui saw that the three men were heartbroken and hurriedly said, "Put your hands behind my back and spend some real money for me so that I can run and spit out the fairy, or I will give it to you."
The three men took one look at each other with tacit understanding, whether what he said was true or not. Today, this is a small death sentence.
"I’ll come to you, brothers and sisters. Watch out for this little trick."
The 30-year-old man came behind Haikui and put out his palm against Haikui’s back. He just wanted to spend a little real money to let Haikui spit out the fairy. The real money in his body was uncontrolled and rushed towards this little crazy in front of him.
Older men and women saw his face look wrong and asked, "What’s the matter with Lin Jun?"
Lin Jun was questioned by two people, only to react from the surprise. He couldn’t get back. More than half of the blink of an eye had been sucked away, and panic shouted, "Kill this little boy and kill him."
At the same time, the innate seal of Haikui’s body became loose. He sucked the seal crazily and was instantly shattered by the surging impact of Zhenyuan. Haikui’s body sank and disappeared in front of three people.
The elderly male and female flying swords stabbed Haikui, but he suddenly disappeared. Because he was too close, he stabbed Lin Junti. Lin Jun didn’t want to look at the two of them and slowly turned his head.
A baby, the size of a newborn baby, struggled to fly out of his body and hurriedly tried to escape from here, but was caught by a big hand.
Haikui at this time in command sand roll to the remaining two people crazy at the same time.
I feel a rush of pure and true elements rushing to my body. Haikui is delighted. I didn’t expect to be able to absorb it with the help of objects. He thinks he is not a two-person opponent, but it is not certain who will die or live after the two-person real elements have been absorbed.

"What about them?" Shizuka looked at several people who fainted and asked

"This is the fast lane. You can’t just park in this fast lane. Naturally, someone will call the police to deal with them. Let’s go first." Haikui said as she walked with Jingxiang’s soft hand.
I went to the train and bought two train tickets to Fugang. Haikui didn’t worry about it. Jingxiang didn’t ask anything all the way. In her opinion, she should follow Haikui. After all, she is his girlfriend and can’t remember anything, so she should follow him.
"Come on, let’s go to eat a big meal." We haven’t eaten anything all day. There are still more than two hours before the train. Haikui suggested going to eat a big meal.
"Listen to you." Shizuka is like a married woman who follows her little mother.
I have traveled all over the country because I am a stranger, and Haikui still likes this kind of atmosphere. There are many young people. He doesn’t know if Shizuka’s predecessor, the magic woman, often comes to this place, but now she has lost her memory. Haikui still wants to have this kind of atmosphere to enhance the relationship between the two.
Although I haven’t thought about base play, it’s best to really develop her into a girlfriend instead of this form of deception, but willingly.
After ordering two packages, Haikui sat opposite Jingxiang and asked, "Jingxiang, you will live with me. Although I don’t have much money now, I will try to make money to make you live a good life. Are you willing?"
Shizuka curled her lips. "I don’t remember anything. Where else do you want me to go?"
Suddenly her eyes lit up and asked, "You must know where I come from, don’t you?"
"This ….." Haikui embarrassed smile don’t know how to make up at the moment.
"What’s the matter? Can’t you say it? " Shizuka press a way
Mom, how do I know where you are from? Holy shit, isn’t this forcing me to do my best? It seems that it is impossible to make a big move.
Haikui looked sad and said lightly, "In fact, you are an orphan. I didn’t expect to remind you of the past in mulberry heart. I’m sorry." Haikui also pretended to squeeze out a few tears.
"Come?" Shizuka asked ungrateful.
Why don’t I just stun the orphans and ask them to keep me from doing big things?
"You and I grew up together," Haikui said faintly.
"Grow up together? Are you an orphan too? " Shizuka looked at Haikui with a face of koo and said
Haikui’s head is low. "My parents are still alive, ok?"
"Are you? Then you continue to speak. "
Really? I’m dizzy. You don’t even say an apology. Hai Kui looks at the beautiful woman in front of him, her eyes soften, and she says to her parents, don’t blame them, don’t blame them. It’s unfilial.
"Come on, the two of us have shared many good memories since childhood, and I am very happy when I think about it now." Haikui shamefully made up her face and pretended to be intoxicated.
"Are you? What are your memories? " Shizuka took a sip of Coke and said lightly
What is this memory? Haikui didn’t expect Shizuka to break the sand and ask what comes next. It seems that she didn’t suppress this big move for a long time. How do you feel that she doesn’t believe me?
Haikui deliberately pretended to be unhappy and said, "You don’t believe me?"
"I believe that I don’t remember anything and I want to hear something from you." Shizuka looked at Haikui with a face of eyes flying.
Haikui felt his heart twitching and screaming in his heart. Please don’t look at me with such a cute expression that men will stop their hearts. "I can’t stand it" and accidentally blurt it out.
"Why can’t you stand it?" Shizuka asked nothing.
"This? This? " Haikui’s mind is crazy about how I can’t stand it. Oh, by the way, "Because I can’t stand being apart from you, I want to be with you all my life. I think of our separation day, and I feel miserable."
"How do we separate?" Shizuka continued to ask
"Ah," Haikui sighed, "When we were young, we were together every day. We were together when we were naked. I can see you every day. Sometimes we share a bed. We are the two closest people except my parents, but …" Haikui deliberately paused.
"But what?" Shizuka’s curiosity was aroused.
"But one day a couple adopted you." Haikui looked up at the ceiling at 45 degrees. "I think you have a good place. You have a mother, a father and a home, just like me." Haikui Jingxiang created identity and childhood.
"We saw that the couple were very kind and agreed to let them take you away. Who knows they are crazy?" Haikui said that mulberry heart’s expression was constantly sucking his nose.
Shizuka frowned and listened. She didn’t continue to ask questions like that just now, as if she were suddenly listening to other people’s stories at this moment.
"I didn’t expect them to let you make money at an early age and not let you learn from them. After treating you as a daughter, they want you to make money and let you make money to support both of them."
"Hum" Jing Xiang cold hum a but no comments.
"You were only five years old that year. You had to take five jobs to support them. Your back was bent, your hands were calluses, and you didn’t even know that I was shocked when I saw you because of lack of sleep." Hai Kui said more and more, and she felt that this was Jingxiang’s poor life experience.
"These two unscrupulous guys didn’t give you a meal. You didn’t know you were hungry at that time. You were all skin and bones." But you said to yourself, of course, everyone is skin and bones, but some people are just a little thicker.
"Then what?" Shizuka said impatiently. She didn’t care how mad they were or how Haikui was in mulberry heart. She wanted to know her past.
"Then and then, of course, I saved you, and I took you out of that fire pit. I …" Haikui had a short circuit at the moment and picked up the hamburger and chewed the buffer.
"I rushed to your new home in a high wind and night for a month and taught both of them a lesson. They are not allowed to treat you like this again. Of course, I don’t trust you. I couldn’t bear to be separated from you and watch you suffer, so I brought you back to my home to live with me. This life is more than ten years. My parents are your parents and I am your dear fiance." Haikui suddenly upgraded her identity to her fiance
However, I immediately thought that if she saw Ma Mengmeng or my parents, she would definitely be ruined. She quickly said, "Because family planning is not right, because my family has children, I can’t adopt another one, otherwise you will be taken away. Others have never known that you live in my house, and my parents will not admit it. If you see someone who has doubts about it or my parents don’t admit it, it is good that you know what happened."
Haikui is full of hype. Give her a vaccination before Hu Kan stops.
Shizuka frowned and listened to the story, but she looked at Haikui’s expression and nodded without speaking, eating the set meal in front of her.
Haikui felt a sigh of relief when she saw that she believed, and said goodbye to me. I didn’t mean to finish it on purpose. I didn’t mean it. It was all my thoughts. I wanted to turn you into my fiancee. I will treat you well after I respect you.
In this way, Haikui Jingxiang fabricated an identity and won’t leave him until she regains her memory. According to Haikui’s tearful speech, he is the only thing she cares about and relies on in the world.
"What about those two people?" Is eating in Shizuka suddenly asked.
"Which two people?" Haikui looked confused.
"Are you talking about a couple who are crazy?"
"Oh, they later adopted another child and went abroad to make money from that child." Haikui shamed nonsense again.
"You didn’t kill them?" Shizuka said lightly as if killing people was casual for her.
Haikui was stupefied. "Why do you want to kill them? They can’t die."
Chapter 42 Robbing bad guys
"Don’t die? They lied to me and lied to another child to kill." Shizuka said coldly.
The witch is not the kui is a witch who has lost her memory and doesn’t forget to kill people.
"I didn’t expect to kill them at that time." Haikui pie pie said.
"Then where are they now? Let me kill them."
Haikui looks around. Fortunately, it’s not the time to eat. There aren’t too many people and no one pays attention to their talk path. "Killing people is illegal."
"breaking the law?" Shizuka sneered at a sudden confusion in her eyes. "Is it illegal? How do I feel that I really want to kill many people before? " Suddenly she held her head in her arms and looked miserable.
"You’ve seen too many horror novels and often have nightmares. I’m by your side now. Don’t think too much." Haikui hurriedly sat down next to her and held her charming body in her arms.
Shizuka didn’t refuse to close her eyes, shortness of breath, falling on her chest, and Haikui looked down at her for some time.

If the words sound just fell, Yunyiyi blushed with the pupil’s face, especially Yunyiyi, who was so ashamed that she said, "I hate my sister."

Pupils are better. Hehe smiled and pointed to Rick Fang’s strange way, "Ruo Ruo Jie, who is he?"
If the cloud sighed, the rim of the eye was a little red and hesitant. "His name is Rick Fang, my sister’s ex-boyfriend."
If Yunruo took a deep breath and looked at the pupil, he added, "I asked you what you two did the day before yesterday afternoon?"
Pupil one leng said, "After I had a meal at noon and slept, I called Yiyi to stroll around the city center for a while and then returned to the hotel at five o’clock. You and Sister Xiang Yu took us to the RT Mart shopping mall to buy a life. If this is elder sister, you all know."
Rick Fang asked quickly, "Is that girl you hugged at four o’clock this Miss Yiyi?"
A red pupil face to Rick Fang gave him a bad first impression, and if Ting Yun said that Rick Fang was her ex-boyfriend and the pupil always respected Yun Re Pei, the impression on this silver-haired guy was really bad to the extreme. He gave him a cold hum, "You fart matter, I don’t hold Yiyi, why should I hold you?"
Rick Fang listened to the cold sweat on his forehead, and if he saw that his eyes were full of apologies and anxiety, there were still many questions. He was ignored by his cruel heart, but he looked at the cloud and said softly, "You two go out to play for a while first. I have something to say to him."
Yun Yiyi cleverly nodded and took the pupil to the door and cried, "If elder sister Yiyi and I stay at the door, if this Chinese Pulsatilla dares to bully you, you can call one."
Pupil shoving the door with cloud if sighed, "I know you still have a lot of questions you ask? Wrong novel network many words "
Rick Fang looked rather embarrassed and apologetic, "If this is me"
If Yunruo added, "You ask."
Rick Fang sighed. "If I really didn’t expect it, didn’t you say you were an only child at home? How can there be a sister just like you? "
If Yun Ruo said lightly, "Yiyi’s father and my father are twin brothers, and her mother and my mother are twin sisters. Although we are seven years old apart, we are surprisingly similar. It is not surprising that you admit your mistake. In fact, we are also very easy to recognize whether we can easily tell by listening to the sound."
Rick Fang said with a wry smile, "At that time, I was too far away and I didn’t know that you had a place so similar to what my sister saw."
Cloud if the back of hand gently wiped her eyes and added, "Pupil and Yiyi arrived in Z on Monday. I settled them in the hotel. You gave me that Gabrielle dress. I kept it in the locker in my office. On Tuesday afternoon, Yiyi came to me and saw it. She liked it very much. Yiyi and I had a good relationship. She asked me for something. I didn’t give it to her. You gave it to me. Although I didn’t want to give it up, I still gave it to her."
"We are poor children and you are the master of a rich family. I am afraid that after telling you, you will look down on Yiyi, and at the same time, you will look down on what I have done. I didn’t tell you." If Yunruo bit his lip, tears flowed again.
Rick Fang’s heart is full of pity. She goes to Yunruo’s side and puts her arm around her waist. Yunruo can’t earn it if she earns it, so she puts her arm around her and says, "When Pupil and Yiyi were just born, both parents gave them a young marriage, and the two of them played together in the big school. Even if they are a little too intimate, you don’t have to look down on people."
Rick Fang mumbled something, "I didn’t, didn’t … What if you said something the other day that you would do something sorry for me? I didn’t misunderstand what I said, so I went to wipe Yunruo’s tears. Yunruo’s head tilted and stretched out his hand and pulled out a paper towel. He wiped it at random and sobbed, "The pupil came with Yiyi in my hometown to study in the third year of high school, where the teachers were in poor conditions and the atmosphere was not good. I heard that I had a little career here, so let me do something. I gave them some money to send Yiyi to key high schools in the city, but because Yiyi’s grades were poor, people didn’t want to accept it, and my uncle was afraid that Yiyi would go to the city to study, and no one I was begged by my mother and them, but I contacted Z No.3 high school principal privately without saying hello. The principal wanted Yiyi to borrow here. The principal was Lan Xiangyu’s aunt. It was very polite to hear that I was the general manager of the Golden Emperor. However, due to trivial matters, I didn’t have any other friends here to do it with Xiang Yu bit by bit. At that time, those days were the busiest time for the company. If it weren’t for my family’s urging me, alas, I felt that my family would not have the heart to seek benefits. I’m sorry for your letter. You were so worried about me in those days. I felt guilty in my heart. In fact, after I said that, I regretted it myself for fear that you might misunderstand. "
Rick Fang heart regret way "if if you this where is I’m sorry? Your family is my family. You … You stop crying, okay? It’s my fault, it’s my fault, it’s my narrow-mindedness and I’m jealous at random. Will you forgive me? " Rick Fang hugged the cloud tightly, for fear that the beauty in his arms would disappear if he was not careful.
If Yunruo shed tears for a while and listened to the local Xu to comfort her heart a little more, she added, "I transferred Yiyi to Z, so there are a lot of teachers here. Secondly, I can also take care of her parents who have a good pupil with my dad. I led Yiyi to play with them when I was a child. By the way, I led him to the school the day before yesterday afternoon. At 5: 30, my former shift asked Xiang Yu to help them set up a salute. They went to school on Monday and I was in RT Mart to pick you up when you called me.
Rick Fang a pain in the heart tightly hug if cloud quiver "silly wench, how can I blame you?"
Cloud if don’t face to say "late I also eat with yiyi them not letter you can ask.
Xiang Yu, she has been with me. "
"I believe it. In fact, I knew I was wrong when Yiyi came in just now."
"In fact, I’m really stupid. You asked me about that Gabrielle the night before yesterday.
You should feel that something is wrong. I think you should have no reason to meet Yiyi. The next day, I hurried to Yiyi to get my clothes back to make you happy. "
"Who knows that you will not only ignore others today, but also drive them away indiscriminately …" If Yun is talking, she feels that the tears in her heart are falling out of control again and she can escape Fang Xu’s powerful bondage without twisting her charming body.
"If not if you know? Do you know how sad I was when I first saw Pupil and Yiyi? I … "Rick Fang saw Yunruoyu’s heart was even more ashamed. She gently kissed her mouth and hung on Yunruoyu’s face with tears, but her mouth was slightly bitter.’ If she was misunderstood by herself, her heart must be as bitter as these tears.’ Fang Xu was thinking about her heart and kissed Yunruoyu’s face with trembling guilt. Yunruoyu first tried every means to dodge Rick Fang’s mouth and kissed her lips. If Yunruoyu suddenly did not move, then she violently responded to the lilac uvula. Rick Fang’s tongue was tightly intertwined for a long time, and the momentum was never bold and violent.
If the cloud is burning and beautiful, Rick Fang will stare at it for a long time. If the cloud is charming, "If Xu is all you, you can’t get rid of it. If I will never betray you, I hope you can believe me."
The second volume Chapter 36 Activities
The second volume Chapter 36 Activities
Rick Fang and YunRe returned to their residence at nearly ten o’clock at night. As soon as YunRe just got home, he pushed Fang Xuhuan around his waist and arms to clear the table. Rick Fang looked at the busy YunRe and said with a smile, "If you rest first, I’ll clean it up."
If Yunruo doesn’t talk, he gently shakes his head and continues to remember Rick Fang. If Yunruo still ignores Yunruo, though he forgave Rick Fang just now, he can return to his residence at this time and look at the property transfer scattered all over the place. His heart is somewhat sad and his attitude is somewhat cold. Of course, if Yunruo is not really playing something, although she is jealous because of Rick Fang, she can also be extended to care about herself. If Yunruo thinks that he was bullied by Rick Fang too hard tonight, he deliberately wants to torture Rick Fang a little.
Misunderstanding clarifies that Rick Fang’s heart is comfortable and refreshing, but it happened that he was quite embarrassed. He looked at Rick Fang’s heart and knew that Yunruo still had some blame on himself.’ It’s no wonder that if I was too much, if I was angry,’ when Nai smiled and Yunruo was cleaning up together.
Two people silently finish home cloud if said’ good night’ and turned to go to rest but fierce might as well be Rick Fang gently grabbed the Hao bowl.
If the cloud doesn’t break free but doesn’t look back, it’s light to say, "It’s getting late in the morning. Please rest quickly. Isn’t there an activity to be held tomorrow?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Rick Fang well a but still didn’t let go instead of micro dint will cloud if dragged into his arms around.
Rick Fang gently kissed Yunre’s lips and kissed her jiao Ji, and then moved her fiery lips to Yunre’s white pink neck. Yunre’s heart was like a deer, and her face was red. The sound also trembled. "Xu Xu, stop that now."
Rick Fang gently blocked her lips and pried Yunruobei’s teeth, grabbed the clove uvula and sucked it gently. At the same time, a pair of palms also swam gently in Yunruobei’s body.